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Panel approves Bitcoin for use in political contribution.


The 6-member panel voted unanimously to allow the contributions, a move that could open the floodgates for donors to make political contributions with the digital currency in the upcoming midterm elections.

The decision means that political groups or candidates can accept Bitcoin if they abide by the same guidelines that the political group Make Your Laws set forth when it asked for the commission’s approval. Bitcoin political contributions would be clearly identified and limited.

Proponents say it’s a sign of increased acceptance of the upstart currency, as more businesses and individuals are starting to embrace Bitcoin payments as an alternative to credit cards.

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“It’s still a pretty good step, we’ll be allowed to accept Bitcoin in the way we proposed,” said Sai, who runs the political group Make Your Laws. “It’s probably good for the Bitcoin economy as well.”

Sai is his full legal name, and his Make Your Laws is a nonpartisan group. Its website says its aim is to use technology to give individuals a louder voice in elections and democracy.

The decision was monitored by the Bitcoin Foundation, a lobbying group that also asked the commission to approve the use of Bitcoin for political fundraising.

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Bitcoin OK for politics, with $100 limit

US taxpayers would need to pay an average of $1,259 more a year to make up the federal and state taxes lost to corporations and individuals sheltering money in overseas tax havens, according to a report. "Tax haven abusers benefit…

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Havens leave US taxpayers $1,259 tab each – report

Feb. 21, 2014, 7:03 a.m.

The world’s finance ministers must use the G20 meeting in Sydney this weekend to crack down on tax avoidance by multinational corporations, Oxfam says.

The world’s finance ministers must use the G20 meeting in Sydney this weekend to crack down on tax avoidance by multinational corporations, Oxfam says.

It says national governments lose billions of dollars each year to tax loopholes and avoidance, and that money could be used to reduce developing countries’ dependence on foreign aid and lift people out of poverty.

Dr Helen Szoke, Oxfam Australia’s chief executive, said the international tax regime was ”broken” and needed fixing.

“This is contributing to widening income inequality and the scandal that we see today of the 85 richest people owning the same amount of wealth as half the world’s population,” she said.

“Rich corporations and individuals cannot be allowed to keep squirreling their profits away in tax havens in order to dodge their tax responsibilities.”

The Abbott government has made international tax reform a priority issue for its 2014 presidency of the G20 Leaders Summit in November.

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting, being held in Sydney this weekend, is an important precursor to that event.

Dr Szoke said this weekend’s meeting had “great potential” to set the scene for the G20 meeting in November.

Oxfam calls on G20 ministers to rein in multinational tax rorters

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Source: Search Engine Land, Twitter launches its version of universal search results, Matt McGee, August 1, 2013.

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Orange County SEO Announces Help with Twitter’s New Universal Search

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Website Design and Internet Marketing Company – Video

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By: Endza50

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Secret Societies the String Pullers. Full-HD "Documentary". – Video

A study by the Illinois Public Interest Research Group finds that tax havens cost the state more than $2 billion in revenue in 2011. (Handout / February 5, 2013)

11:25 a.m. CST, February 5, 2013

California topped the list, with an estimated $7.1 billion in lost corporate and personal income taxes, followed by New York, at $4.3 billion, and New Jersey, at $2.8 billion.

Some corporations and individuals shift earnings to financial institutions in countries or jurisdictions with minimal or no taxes to avoid U.S. income tax liabilities, the organization said. These tactics deprive state governments of revenue too because states typically use the same definitions of income as those in the federal tax code.

The organization estimates the federal government loses $150 billion a year. It estimates states collectively lost $39.8 billion in 2011, with multinational corporations accounting for $26 billion of the total.

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Tax havens cost Illinois $2.5B in 2011, group finds

The Internet Defense League (IDL), a collection of organizations and individuals promoting Internet freedom across the world, wants to make its mid-July launch something special.

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Internet Defense League Lighting 'Catsignal' for Web Freedom

In advance of Independence Day, a host of groups and individuals have launched the Declaration of Internet Freedom, fighting for a free and open Internet.

Do you believe the Internet needs protection against censorship and other threats? If so, then you may want to join in on the new Declaration of Internet Freedom.

Launched by a large coalition of privacy groups, Web sites, and individuals, the Declaration of Internet Freedom is the start of a process striving to keep the Internet free and open. The organizations and people who kicked off this process are looking for other Internet users to discuss the ideas, share their own thoughts, and sign the declaration.

“We’ve seen how the Internet has been under attack from various directions, and we recognize that it’s time to make that stop,” said TechDirt, one of the Web sites involved in the new movement. “The Internet is an incredible platform that we want to grow and to thrive, and thus, a very large coalition got together to produce the following document as a starting point, hoping to kick off a much larger discussion which we hope you’ll join in.”

At this point, the Declaration of Internet Freedom advocates five basic principles:

People who want to sign the petition or share their opinions can do so at any number of Web sites, including TechDirt, Freepress, Accessnow, and the declaration’s own site.

For now, the declaration and its principles are still in the discussion stage, inviting people to debate the issues and offer their own opinions.

But the groups behind this cause are clearly hoping the power of Internet users and Web sites can have an effect on Washington, especially in light of the defeat of the SOPA bill earlier this year.

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Will you sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom?

Groups and individuals interested in freedom of expression, free speech and the Internet are being urged to make submissions to the Law Commission’s report on the new media and rights and responsibilities in the digital age.

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Review seeks views on free speech in digital age

One reason for the rapid growth of smaller businesses and individuals forming offshore companies particularly in Gibraltar but also in similar jurisdictions, is the development of the banking systems abroad. ..

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Gibraltar Company Formations – Save Money With A Gibraltar …

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unbeloiseau – hawaii news: Become 'Lawsuit-Proof' With an Offshore …

Established in 1977, 1-800-Company serves businesses and individuals with incorporating services, establishing LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), creating offshore companies , offshore banking services, tax reduction …

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Expert Offers Tips to Build Business Credit and Form a LLC or …

Already, foreign banking — or, currently more popularly known today, “ offshore banking ” — is almost certainly a tool for several legitimate and highly successful businesses and individuals. And in today’s advanced computerized …

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Why Ä°nstalling An Offshore Check account Like the fundamental …

Farewell to Freedom : What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas!. In Farewell to Freedom , a heartbroken woman seeks love in a place called Freedom unaware that the elements and individuals she meets along the way may …

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Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn't Necessarily …

Already, overseas banking — or, as it’s more popularly known right now, “ offshore banking ” — has grow to be an vital device for 1000?s of respectable and extremely profitable companies and individuals. And in at present’s excessive tech …

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Study From The Wealthy: Having An Offshore Bank Account | Mortgage …

ACLU – Since 9/11, law enforcement agencies across America have continued to monitor and harass groups and individuals for doing little more than peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights.

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How the police squelch free speech

Farewell to Freedom : What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas!.

See the article here:
Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Necessarily …

In short, Free Speech is Not for Sale concluded that the current English (and Welsh) libel laws are extremely hostile to writers, while being unreasonably friendly towards powerful corporations and individuals who want to silence …

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Fight for Free Speech! – consider, evaluate, act

he’s placed a call that all bloggers, alternative news websites and individuals to come together to fight what many believe will ultimately lead to the end of free speech on the internet, possibly shutting it down all together.

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Digital Media Copyright Act Dmca – Free Speech for a Price …

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