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Free speech hypocrites Dixie Chicks, Duck Dynasty and America's pointless shell arguments #News…

By: HotNews

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Free speech hypocrites Dixie Chicks, Duck Dynasty and America’s pointless shell arguments #News – Video

History of the NSA Surveillance Program
Is the NSA spying on us? Are our rights being violated? Is the program even legal? This program is one of the most controversial government operations ever undertaken in AmericaI think…

By: Conjecture

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History of the NSA Surveillance Program – Video

VOICES OF LIBERTY When You Wish Upon A Star Enhanced 5.1 Sound Epcot America
I am a big VOICES OF LIBERTY fan and I requested they sing WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR. They had to okay it with their Soprano who ends the song amazingly. I w. Part 2 of our Magical Moment…

By: baybmoney

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VOICES OF LIBERTY When You Wish Upon A Star Enhanced 5.1 Sound Epcot America – Video

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. Image: Courtesy NSA

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would end the NSAs mass collection of Americans phone records. Unfortunately, it may not end the NSAs mass collection of Americans phone records.

The House voted 303 to 121 Thursday in favor of the USA Freedom Act, broad legislation aimed at reforming the NSAs surveillance powers exposed by Edward Snowden. The central provision of the bill, which now moves on to debate in the Senate, is intended to limit what the intelligence community calls bulk collectionthe indiscriminate vacuuming up of citizens phone and internet records. But privacy advocates and civil libertarians say last-minute changes to the legislation supported by the White House added ambiguous language that could essentially give the NSA a generous loophole through which it can continue its massive domestic data collection.

In the Houses final version of the bill, the NSA would be stripped of the power to collect all Americans phone records for metadata analysis, a practice revealed in the firstGuardian story about Snowdens leaks published last year. It instead would be required to limit its collection to specific terms. The problem is that those terms may not be nearly specific enough, and could still include massive lists of target phone numbers or entire ranges of IP addresses.

The core problem is that this only ends bulk collection in the sense the intelligence community uses that term, says Julian Sanchez, a researcher at the Cato Institute. As long as theres some kind of target, they dont call that bulk collection, even if youre still collecting millions of recordsIf they say give us the record of everyone who visited these thousand websites, thats not bulk collection, because they have a list of targets.

To any normal person, he adds, thats still pretty bulky.

Specifically, the House changed the definition of a search term from a term used to uniquely describe a person, entity, or account to a discrete term, such as a term specifically identifying a person, entity, account, address, or device. That shift, particularly the removal of the word unique and addition of such as, might be enough to enable nearly the same sort of mass surveillance the NSA now conducts, according to a statement from the New America Foundations Open Technology Institute.

Taken together, the Institute wrote, the changes to this definition may still allow for massive collection of millions of Americans private information based on very broad selection terms such as a zip code, an area code, the physical address of a particular email provider or financial institution, or the IP address of a web hosting service that hosts thousands of web sites.

Of course, how those specific terms are defined in practice will be decided by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which must approve NSA requests for data collection under the 214 and 215 provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But after a year of revelations that have showed how the NSA uses word games to expand its legal powers, Kevin Bankston of the the Open Technology Institute says the court cant be fully trusted to interpret the law strictly. The danger is that its ambiguous, and if the FISA court and the NSA has showed us anything, its that any ambiguity in these laws is dangerous, Bankston says.

In fact, the watered-down version of the Freedom Act passed by the House also weakens early provisions that would have provided more resistance against the NSA in its FISA arguments, Sanchez says. The earlier version of the bill would have established a public advocate to argue against the NSA in FISA proceedings; the current bill has only a weaker amicus option, something closer to an outside adviser to the court.

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NSA Reform Bill Passes the HouseWith a Gaping Loophole

House passes NSA 'reforming' USA Freedom Act
In a move to reform the National Security Agency's surveillance practices, the House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act Thursday morning, with 303 representatives voting in favor…

By: RT America

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House passes NSA ‘reforming’ USA Freedom Act – Video

May 23, 2014 – Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) New York Liberty NEW YORK, NY – May 23, 2014 – The New York Liberty and the Garden of Dreams Foundation will honor children and families from veterans service organization Wounded Warrior Project during a special halftime ceremony on Hoops for Troops Night recognizing servicemen and women on Tuesday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m. Wounded Warrior Project is a partner organization of the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which works with all areas of The Madison Square Garden Company to make dreams come true for children facing obstacles.

Liberty legend Kym Hampton will join the families at center court where each armed forces member will receive a commemorative “Challenge Coin” branded with Garden of Dreams, Knicks and Liberty logos. The children of each family will receive a Liberty jersey.

The Liberty invited members of various military organizations throughout the tri-state area to attend Tuesday’s game, including Services for the Underserved Inc., Veterans Association of America, Inc., The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, United War Veterans Council, Veteran Ticket Foundation, Samaritan Village, National Military Family Association and New Era Veterans Inc. Over 500 servicemen and women, and their families are scheduled to be in attendance.

The Liberty initiative is part of the WNBA’s larger Hoops for Troops program that honors military members this Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Hoops for Troops will take center stage for the Liberty at Madison Square Garden when New York faces the Minnesota Lynx on July 6 at 2:00 p.m. in the first game of a doubleheader aired on ESPN2. The court will be adorned with WNBA Hoops for Troops logos while the Liberty and the Lynx will both be donning special shooting shirts and red, white and blue sneakers from Nike for the event.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation works with The Madison Square Garden Company to positively impact the lives of children facing obstacles. Through ongoing programs that use the magic of MSG – including the Rangers, the Knicks, the Liberty, MSG Entertainment and MSG Networks – the Foundation develops strong, long-term relationships that truly change lives. Since its inception in September 2006, Garden of Dreams has created thousands of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that have brought joy and happiness to more than 250,000 children and their families, including those facing homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care.

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Liberty Honor Armed Forces During Hoops for Troops Night May 27

Letter: Wag a finger

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May 232014

Published: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 17:46 PM.

I too must wag a finger at Mr. Krauss, for stating that Regis Houllions anti-gay language was inflammatory and disrespectful. He was only exercising his First Amendment right to express his bigotry and favorable views of inequality. Was Clippers owner Don Sterling merely exercising his First Amendment right with his views on inequality? Was rancher Clive Bundy merely exercising his First Amendment right with his racists views and bigotry? And cant the Grand Dragon of the KKK spew his hatred of blacks via the First Amendment? The answer to all the above is yes.

So to you Mr. Krauss, I say shame on you. This is America dagnabbit, not Russia or North Korea. We are free to say any hateful, disrespectful, bigoted, racist or inflammatory words we wish.

On a side note … never yell fire in a crowded theater or yell hi to your friend Jack, on a crowded airplane. Never ever!

Daniel McCauley, Trent Woods

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Letter: Wag a finger

Paul Craig Roberts : The Obama Administration's Hypocrisy on Free Speech Twitter Faceb
Paul Craig Roberts and The Resistance. V For Victory. Alex talks with economist Paul Craig Roberts about his article, The Year America Dissolved. Roberts served as an Assistant Secretary…

By: henry

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Paul Craig Roberts : The Obama Administration’s Hypocrisy on Free Speech & Twitter & Faceb – Video

MODESTO, Calif., May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Liberty Creek Wines has joined forces with Operation Homefront in honoring America's heroes to award five mortgage-free, move-in ready homes to military families. Beginning in May and continuing through November 31, consumers can text the word LIBERTY to 313131, and Liberty Creek will donate $5 for every verified text message, up to $48,000. "All of …

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Liberty Creek Wines Supports Veterans And Their Families By Partnering With Operation Homefront To Award Five Mortgage …

Superbowl Half Time Illuminati Bruno Mars Performance Had Warning To America more Last D
In this broadcast Evangelist Anita exposes Superbowl Half-Time Bruno Mars Performance which Shows A Clear Warning Illuminati Message To America from the N.W.. This year's show was rather tame…

By: Jada Patel

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Superbowl Half Time Illuminati Bruno Mars Performance Had Warning To America & more Last D – Video

May 222014

Condoleeze Rice, Robert Bigeneau and Christine Lagarde all withdrew from giving the commencement speech at three highly regarded universities. Student protests led to their decision not to appear on campus. These are three highly respected people who have given their views across America and the world.

What a setback to have free speech universities cave in to a few protesters that didn’t approve of something these speakers said or did in the past. Free speech created a civil rights revolution, it ended the Vietnam War and it is the one thing more than any other factor that determines real democracy. God help us if we only want views that preserve the status quo.

A democracy encourages diverse views and a genuine exchange of ideas. These speakers who felt they had to withdraw so the protests did not distract from the honoring of students are truly acting at a high ethical level, but how embarrassing to the university and all Americans who value speech that opposes their thinking.

The best way to stop creative change and encourage conformity is to limit new ideas and limit free speech zones. We have enough problems with surveillance in this country without adding to the problem by driving away smart, accomplished people from free expression of thought. What a step backwards. Keep in mind, there was a time when many universities did not want Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at their institutions of higher learning. Enough said.

Darrel Collins,

La Crescent

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Colleges and free speech

NSA Paedophiles intercept computers ordered from America bug them
Satanic Jew World Order Political Religious Extremism – Satanic child snuff, rape, murder – Prince Andrew The Q…

By: Gaia Militia

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NSA Paedophiles intercept computers ordered from America & bug them – Video

An in-depth analysis of Stanley Kubrick's haunting and mysterious last film and its relation to occult practices, fallen angels, and the Illuminati.

By: Toxic States Of America

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Bank of America tops the list of Charlotte-based companies avoiding big tax bills by keeping profits offshore, according to a new report by a nonprofit tax research and advocacy group.

Citizens for Tax Justice found that 301 U.S. Fortune 500 companies disclosed holding nearly $2 trillion in profits offshore. By holding this income overseas, those companies are saving nearly $550 billion in estimated taxes, according to the report.

The group said the findings show that a wide variety of companies are using offshore tax havens, not just a select few companies such as Apple that have faced congressional scrutiny in recent years.

The study is based on the disclosures companies make in annual securities filings, but some disclose more than others.

Among Charlotte companies, Bank of America and Duke Energy were among only 58 companies that disclosed how much they would have to pay in taxes if their income was repatriated and brought back to the U.S.

Bank of America said it would owe $4.3 billion in taxes on $17 billion of income, while Duke said it would owe $288 million on $1.7 billion of income, according to the report. The companies with the largest estimated tax bills if they brought profits home were Apple ($36.4 billion) and Microsoft ($24.4 billion).

Bank of America spokesman Jerry Dubrowski noted that the Charlotte bank has paid more than $25 billion in federal income taxes over the last 10 years.

There are a variety of reasons and factors involved in the decision to create a subsidiary in a specific geographic locale including legal, regulatory and accounting requirements, as well as the need to serve the business needs of a particular client or customer, he said.

Duke spokesman Tom Williams said 10 to 15 percent of the companys earnings are generated overseas. The company has advocated that the federal government find a tax-efficient way for companies like Duke to bring profits back to the U.S., he said.

Three other Charlotte-area companies disclosed unrepatriated income but not their estimated tax bill. Industrial conglomerate SPX said it had $1.6 billion in profits overseas, followed by steel maker Nucor with $222 million and home improvement retailer Lowes with $51 million. Representatives of Lowes and SPX declined comment, and Nucor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Report: Bank of America among US companies saving on taxes by keeping profits offshore

cult manipulators part 7 and the end of the world, first Amendment destroying America
Who is going to sort the madness out? God, and Satan before God pretending to be God ie the Antichrist.

By: Religious mind control cults

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cult manipulators part 7 and the end of the world, first Amendment destroying America – Video

How to Buy Bitcoin with Debit or Credit Card – accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash deposit at Bank of America, OKPay, Payeer, EgoPay, SWIFT Transfers/Bank wire, Perfect…

By: BitSource

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Debit or Credit Card – Video

The First Street in America Where You Can Pay for Everything in Bitcoin (Fusion)

By: BankerWorstFear

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The First Street in America Where You Can Pay for Everything in Bitcoin (Fusion) – Video

Have we lost free speech in America?

Our First Amendment right for all Americans is free speech.

Protesters, journalists Civil-rights advocates, street preachers and all Americans

have enjoyed the right of free speech.

Free speech gets on our nerves if the language doesn’t fit

our philosophy, religious teachings, traditions or political views.

Free speech can inspire, encourage, help, teach and motivate but it can also

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Speech is not so free in America

Susan Rice implicated in latest NSA documents
New documents released this week by journalist Glenn Greenwald give more insight into the measures the NSA used to give US diplomats an advantage at the UN. Implicated in this latest document…

By: RT America

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Susan Rice implicated in latest NSA documents – Video

Syracuse punks Perfect Pussy caught up with called JODY MACGREGOR via Skype to chat about touring, their rough-hewen sound and Nardwuars place in the Illuminati.

Jarvis Cocker put this note in the liners of Pulps albums: Please do not read the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings. He wanted listeners to come to the words as part of the songs first, not as poetry on a page. When youre listening to Perfect Pussy though, reading the lyrics is recommended. The New York state punk band play the kind of noise rock where figuring out the words is difficult, but their frontwoman Meredith Graves makes putting in the effort more worthwhile than most. She might sound like shes just screaming, but actually shes screaming deeply personal stories for instance, about how her best friend blew her ex-boyfriend, and how she learnt to be OK with that, all while building to a cathartic wail.

Graves voice is kept low in the mix by Shaun Sutkus, Perfect Pussys producer and keyboard player, making their recordings sound more like a live show than most bands. Their album Say Yes To Love sounds like its coming direct from a dingy punk club like the ones theyre touring now, currently on the road in the US with fellow New York state punks Green Dreams. When I talk to them Sutkus is backstage with guitar player Ray McAndrew, waiting for their next show to start.


What do you normally do to kill time when youre on the road between gigs? Shaun Sutkus: We skateboard sometimes, throw around a football. Ray McAndrew: Hacky sack! SS: Hacky sack. But in the van I read and work on music and do emails. We have a PlayStation 2 so we can play Tony Hawk. RM: Watch some movies. Kids In The Hall, Mr. Show. SS: I dont really watch the movies in the van but Ill play video games. We listen to music too.

Who gets to decide what you listen to in the van? SS: Its actually a pretty chill group. Whoever wants to play music, they get to play whatever. RM: We all have headphones so if we dont want to listen to it we can just have our own stuff.

When will we get to see you in Australia? Ive heard great stuff about your live show. SS: I dont know if we can say but I think next year, very soon. RM: I think next year. SS: Very, very soon. I dont know if we can announce it yet but I know something is definitely in the works. Thats gonna be fun.

Have you done many shows outside America? SS: Just Canada and Mexico.

I saw your interview with Nardwuar which was hilarious when you were in Canada. You were on your way to play at a hot dog place. How did that show go? RM: It was a good show but SS: The venue was cool, some of the people there were questionable, but it was all in all a fun show. The hot dogs were really good. RM: They were really nice to us. SS: Nardwuar is definitely very cool and is like the shit just really nice. Interesting guy to talk to. The interview I think was only 14 or 20 minutes that he showed, but we hung out with him for two hours. That was amazing.

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Feature: We caught up with Perfect Pussy on Skype

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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