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Liberty Advocate Framed by FBI? – The Schaeffer Cox Story
Today we bring you the story of a group “seeking resolutions to America's woes” and we'll shed new light on a story of a man who some feel was set up by the government to silence him from speaking…

By: NextNewsNetwork

Liberty Advocate Framed by FBI? – The Schaeffer Cox Story – Video

Obama Sides With Japan In China Islands Dispute
Michelle Kosinski reports from Tokyo where President Obama has weighed in on a territory dispute between China and Japan. President Barack Obama confirmed America's support of Japan in an…

By: Incredible Channel

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Obama Sides With Japan In China Islands Dispute – Video

Kyle Pomerleau on U.S. “Tax Freedom Day”
“Tax Freedom Day” is the day when the U.S. as a whole has earned enough money to pay off its total tax bill for the year. CCTV's Phillip Yin interviews Kyle …

By: CCTV America

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Kyle Pomerleau on U.S. "Tax Freedom Day" – Video

TOKYO (AP) President Barack Obama confirmed Wednesday that America's mutual security treaty with Japan applies to the islands at the center of a territorial dispute between China and Japan.

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Obama: US-Japan treaty applies to disputed islands

From its inception, America has welcomed the best and brightest to its shores, and we have the worlds largest economy to show for it. Similarly, foreign direct investment has been an essential driver of our economic growth. Unfortunately, America is losing its competitive advantage in attracting global investment and the well-paying jobs it provides.

Maine, which ranks ninth in the nation in the number of workers per capita employed by foreign companies, is in a global race for jobs. At a time when most lawmakers are doing all they can to encourage job creation, however, the Maine Legislature has passed a tax haven bill that will ultimately discourage foreign investment in the Pine Tree State.

Insourcing companies, foreign companies that operate in the United States, are bringing investment and jobs to our country from abroad. In Maine alone, insourcing companies employ 30,500 people more than 6 percent of the states private-sector workforce.

To ensure insourcing companies have the best opportunity to grow business and workforce in the United States, policymakers must recognize how the global economy works. The tax haven legislation may seem like it is going after abusive tax practices, but in reality, it misses the mark completely in understanding the 21st-century complexities of how global businesses operate. This could spell bad news for Maines efforts to retain and attract insourcing companies, which would have a negative impact on the states economy overall.

In fact, the Organization for International Investment recently released an economic report providing a first-ever analysis of the role insourcing companies have played in the U.S. economy over the past decade. The findings were striking. Insourcing companies, as a group, outperformed the economy-wide average in nearly every relevant economic indicator, including increasing their contribution to U.S. gross domestic product by 25.2 percent, nearly double the private sectors 14.3 percent increase. The report also showed that these companies charitable giving has grown by 44 percent over the past decade, compared to an economy-wide contraction of nearly 5 percent.

Insourcing companies raise their industries economic performance, invest heavily in research and development, buy materials locally, establish innovative workforce training programs, and increase compensation and benefits for Americans by paying them a 22 percent premium above the U.S. private-sector average. In short, when insourcing companies invest in America, families prosper and communities thrive.

At the state level, Maine ranks 45th in the nation in corporate tax rate competitiveness, according to the Tax Foundation. Instead of working to modernize the tax code, lawmakers in Augusta recently passed legislation that would blacklist certain countries by deeming them tax havens and arbitrarily penalize employers in the state who have operations in these jurisdictions. The flawed premise behind tax haven legislation is that if a global company has operations in any number of jurisdictions, it must be doing so to avoid paying taxes. This legislation completely overlooks legitimate business decisions such as reaching new customers or streamlining supply chains.

The bills premise is a false assumption that misrepresents the value global companies provide, and it conflicts with the longstanding agreements that America has negotiated with other countries to ensure global companies pay the taxes owed in an equitable manner.

Take Luxembourg as an example: America has had a tax treaty in force with Luxembourg for more than a decade. Even though Maines population is 2.5 times larger than this European country, Luxembourg has invested more than $202 billion in the United States. In fact, last year alone, its investment in the United States outpaced those from Germany, France, China, and Mexico, to name a few.

Simply put, states that do not respect the obligations of our nations tax treaties and protocols risk losing the investments that directly support 5.6 million jobs in America. States that align with these international norms position themselves to capture global investment and jobs in the future. Gov. Paul LePage should veto the tax haven legislation that will only make Maine less competitive in the global race for job creation.

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Tax haven legislation is misguided, will make Maine even less competitive

Make No Law: A History of Free Speech in America – The Supreme Court Civil Rights (1991)
New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964), was a United States Supreme Court case that established the actual malice standard, which has to be met …

By: The Film Archives

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Make No Law: A History of Free Speech in America – The Supreme Court & Civil Rights (1991) – Video

Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Members of the House of Representatives from both parties have submitted a letter to U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, urging a revision to Air Force regulations to allow greater religious freedom in the Air Force.

The joint letter states: “We are concerned that the Air Force has not updated its regulations on religious freedom and appears to have the most restrictive policy of any military service.” In addition, it expresses concern that “Air Force religious freedom regulations and practices are inconsistent with the Constitution and with current law.” The letter also demands that the Air Force “correct this immediately” by revising Air Force regulations to ensure that the Air Force protects the religious freedom of all Airmen.

Mike Berry, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel and Director of Military Affairs, praised the policymakers’ initiative. “We are grateful that our elected officials responded so quickly and decisively to this issue,” he said. “They are rightfully concerned that the Air Force is not acting in accordance with Department of Defense policy. History demonstrates that religious freedom is vital to a strong military. With this letter, Congress is asking the Air Force to protect religious freedom in accordance with the Constitution and Department of Defense policy, which will ensure that we continue to have a strong military.”

Recently, the Air Force has been at the center of numerous controversies related to religious hostility within the military. Liberty Institute compiled many of those instances of religious hostility and, in January, provided them to the House Armed Services Committee as part of its written testimony.

Liberty Institute describes itself as “a national law firm dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty across America in our schools, for our churches, in our military and throughout the public arena. Liberty’s vision is to reestablish religious liberty in accordance with the principles of our Founding Fathers.”

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Liberty Institute: Congress Urges Air Force To Support Religious Freedom

U.S. taxpayers would need to pay an average of $1,259 more a year to make up the federal and state taxes lost to corporations and individuals sheltering money in overseas tax havens, according to a report.

“Tax haven abusers benefit from America’s markets, public infrastructure, educated workforce, security and rule of law – all supported in one way or another by tax dollars – but they avoid paying for these benefits,” U.S. Public Interest Research Group said in the report released today, the deadline for filing 2013 taxes.

“Instead, ordinary taxpayers end up picking up the tab, either in the form of higher taxes, cuts to public spending priorities, or increases to the federal debt,” it said.

In total, the U.S. loses $150 billion in federal revenue and another $34 billion in state revenue annually because of money parked in tax havens, the Boston-based consumer advocacy group concluded.

That’s almost 5 percent of total federal revenue. The U.S. is projected to raise $3.032 trillion this year, up from $2.775 trillion for fiscal year 2013, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

U.S. PIRG released the report as it tries to increase pressure on lawmakers to change how companies pay taxes on income credited to foreign subsidiaries.

Offshore Accumulations

The largest U.S.-based companies have accumulated $1.95 trillion outside the U.S., up 11.8 percent from a year earlier, according to securities filings from 307 corporations reviewed by Bloomberg News.

Together, they added $206 billion to their stockpiles of offshore profits last year, leaving earnings in low-tax countries until Congress gives them a reason not to. Three multinational firms — Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. — added $37.5 billion, or 18.2 percent of the total increase.

Prospects have dimmed for a revision of the U.S. tax code this year that would have addressed offshore havens.

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Tax havens leave US filers with $1,259 tab each

Captain America Winter Soldier. Spoilers. Illuminati Freemason . WW3 NWO Nazis.
An investigative Look into the New Capt America Movie Showing Hydra trying to create the NWO. The Evidence Shows this is really happening and Most of the Wor…

By: TheGroxt1

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Captain America Winter Soldier. Spoilers. Illuminati Freemason . WW3 NWO Nazis. – Video

On Morning Joe Tuesday morning, the panel considered the Cliven Bundy scandal, in which a rancher who has refused two decades worth of court orders to pay land grazing fees to the government for his use of public land mounted a standoff against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Host Joe Scarborough said that the BLM could have handled this much better, but that those criticizing the government needed to criticize Bundy as well.

If you had the idea anyone that has cattle could just let them off grazing anywhere, its not libertarianism, MJ-regular Katty Kay said. Its anarchy.

RELATED: Ari Melber: Right-Wing Political Culture Wrong to Celebrate Gun-Toting, Anti-Govt Rancher

For some reason this guy thinks that the laws that apply to every other rancher in the United States of America dont apply to him, Scarborough said. Even people on the further boundaries of the right and the conservative movement think that if this guy is going to use federal land, then this guy should actually pay the fees.

Theres no doubt the Bureau of Land Management overreacted, Scarborough added. This could have been handled much betterYou dont go around tasing people or sticking guns in peoples faces. But at the same time I would like to hear some people that are criticizing the Bureau of Land Management also suggest to this man he does what every other rancher in the United States of America does.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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[Image via screengrab]

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MSNBCers Tackle Bundy Standoff: Thats Not Libertarianism, Its Anarchy

The Feds Vanishing “Free Speech” Zones
Infowars is on the scene in Eastern Nevada the site near the Bundy Ranch to show the rest of America how our god given rights are being eroded by the ever en…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

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The Feds Vanishing "Free Speech" Zones – Video

Excellent piece in the Washington Post yesterdayfrom retiredAssociate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Paul Stevens on the Second Amendment, how its original intent has been twisted by the gun lobby, and the five word additionthat could clear up a blurry bit of the language that has allowed the NRA to get a philosophical toehold. The column is an excerpt from Stevens’ new book,”Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution.”I won’t steal Stevens’ thunder by telling youwhat the five words are, but it’s a solid fix and his thoughts in support of that fix are well worth reading, even if you’ll never see it implemented in your lifetime.

Lest you think the reliably liberal Stevens’ argument is just an example of his gun-grabbin’ politics, Stevens hearkens back to the days before the NRA sold the American public on the idea that Thomas Jefferson supporteda God-Given Right to Bear Flamethrowers,recalling his owntime on the bench and a comment by former Chief Justice Warren Burger a long-time Republican and strict Constitutional constructionist, nominated to the court by noted liberal pinko Richard M. Nixon to make his point about how drastically America’s interpretation of the Second Amendment has been changed by pro-gun propaganda in the past thirty years or so:

When I joined the court in 1975, that holding was generally understood as limiting the scope of the Second Amendment to uses of arms that were related to military activities. During the years when Warren Burger was chief justice, from 1969 to 1986, no judge or justice expressed any doubt about the limited coverage of the amendment, and I cannot recall any judge suggesting that the amendment might place any limit on state authority to do anything.

Organizations such as the National Rifle Association disagreed with that position and mounted a vigorous campaign claiming that federal regulation of the use of firearms severely curtailed Americans Second Amendment rights. Five years after his retirement, during a 1991 appearance on The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, Burger himself remarked that the Second Amendment has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

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Former SCOTUS Justice Stevens: five little words can fix the Second Amendment

OBAMA SCANDALS “some” of them
Obama by far America's biggest failure. Help support our second amendment by simply joining your local gun clubs and shooting ranges also Gun Owners of Ameri…

By: Lisa Ann

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OBAMA SCANDALS "some" of them – Video

Las Vegas, NV — First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC: OTCQB), an innovative and diversified exploration, development and mining company focused on "Mined in America" strategic industrial minerals, …

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First Liberty Power Announces Arabia Property Purchase

Beaches of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa
Video tour from Luxury Latin America ( of several beaches from Playa la Ropa in Zihuatanejo to Ixtapa and the i…

By: luxurylatinamerica

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Beaches of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa – Video

Hobby Lobby: How Far Should Religious Liberty Extend in America?
Right-Wing Ideology Run Wild: Hopeless Extremism Has Taken Over The GOP — and Could Destroy It Forever:…

By: politicalarticles

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Hobby Lobby: How Far Should Religious Liberty Extend in America? – Video

CU Talks: Voice of the Conservative Union ep.1412
Join hosts James Pisano, Nikolaos Dimopoulos, and Leslie P for an hour of Conservative Discussion with real people from real places in America, NOT DC and NO…

By: Liberty's Torch

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CU Talks: Voice of the Conservative Union ep.1412 – Video

Meat producers including Hormel Foods Group Inc. (HRL) will get another chance to challenge country-of-origin labeling rules in a case pitting corporate free-speech rights against the governments regulatory reach.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington today threw out a March 28 ruling by a three-judge panel upholding the Department of Agricultures labeling requirements so all 11 judges on the court can reconsider a constitutional question of corporate free speech: Can regulators require labels only that correct a deception such as false advertising or can they demand data for other purposes such as addressing consumer confusion?

The regulations, which were adopted in May and took full effect in November, require producers to specify the country or countries where an animal was born, raised and slaughtered. Retail packages cant mix muscle cuts from different countries under a general label.

Country-of-origin labeling forces meat producers to segregate animals and raises costs, according to the American Meat Institute and other opponents. They also argue the government doesnt have a good enough reason to override their free speech rights and force them to make statements against their will, a contention the appeals court panel rejected.

Admittedly, theres consumer curiosity about the origin of meat products, said Mark Dopp, general counsel of the meat institute, the Washington-based meat industry group leading the challenge to the rules. But we dont feel that rises to the level of a compelling government interest that would be needed to justify the labeling mandate, he said.

The Consumer Federation of America argued in court papers supporting the government that the rules aim to lessen confusion is enough reason to compel labels that put factual statements on packages.

Congress recognized that such confusion was particularly acute in the case of meat products, the group said.

Allison Price, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, which is defending the rule, declined to comment in an e-mail.

In deciding to re-hear the free speech issue, the court followed the panels urging that the entire court resolve which of two earlier cases should set the standard on corporate free speech in the circuit.

The panels ruling sustained a decision by U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in September rejecting the meat groups bid to block the rules pending a trial on the merits of their case.

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Meat Groups Get Second Crack in Court at Label Rules

Obama vs America's Founding Fathers Second Amendment RIghts
cana 8 tv, A protestor dressed and known only as Lord Vader is running for Ukraine President through the Ukraine Internet Party. ukraine,ukraine protest 2014,ukraine russia,ukraine crisis,ukr…


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Obama vs America’s Founding Fathers Second Amendment RIghts – Video


By: Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

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MEDIPOST America – Video

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