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The Illuminati Fire Ice Challenges 'Purifying America' before the 'Great Human Sacrifice
The Illuminati Fire Ice Challenges 'Purifying America' before the 'Great Human Sacrifice.

By: Austin Ray

The Illuminati Fire & Ice Challenges ‘Purifying America’ before the ‘Great Human Sacrifice – Video

The Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority and the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands today filed a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit seeking punitive and compensatory damages for the failure of its law firm Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC, and its financial advisor, Bank of America, to properly advise the PFA and GVI in its issuance of over $219 million worth of bonds in 2006.

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Virgin Islands and Its Public Finance Authority File Suit against Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney and Bank of America …

Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – F F
Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn't Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – Fox Friends =========================================== **Pleas…

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Brad Pitt Is Packing – Brad Says He Doesn’t Feel Safe Without A Gun – Second Amendment – F&F – Video

Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – “Houston We Have A Problem” – Attack On First Amendment
Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – “Houston We Have A Problem” – Attack On First Amendment – Freedom Of Religion! =========================================== **Please Click Below to …

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – "Houston We Have A Problem" – Attack On First Amendment – Video

Blame game: NATO expanded to Russia, or Russia moved towards NATO?
Rear Adm. John Kirby battled with Associated Press reporter Matt Lee at the State Department's daily press briefing on Thursday. The Pentagon press secretary stated by positioning forces…

By: RT America

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Blame game: NATO expanded to Russia, or Russia moved towards NATO? – Video

Huston Pastors' Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File
Huston Pastors' Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More “NSTP” Videos: …

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Huston Pastors’ Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File – Video

Poptropica Forgotten Islands 3DS Launch Trailer [North America]
Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, the brand-new adventure based on the massively popular virtual world for kids, now available on Nintendo 3DS. Customize your…

By: Ubisoft

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Poptropica Forgotten Islands 3DS Launch Trailer [North America] – Video

Sarasotas cultural attractions, breathtaking beaches and fun entertainment
Exploring Sarasota's famous Ringling Brothers circus museum, taking in a show, shopping and dining and soaking up the Florida sun.

By: Discover America

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Sarasotas cultural attractions, breathtaking beaches and fun entertainment – Video

Summary: The latest Snowden leaks suggest the NSA has access to well-placed staff whose mission is to infiltrate companies to gather secret and sensitive corporate data.

New documents leaked by Edward Snowden suggest the National Security Agency (NSA) has agents working under deep cover in US and foreign companies.

First published by The Intercept on Friday, the highly-classified document points to the NSA having a small group of well-placed and heavily-vetted insiders, whose mission is to infiltrate commercial companies and work from within.

“How do you know the NSA is not sending people into your data centers?” the publication cited the American Civil Liberties Union’sChris Soghoian as saying.

The collection of six programs, under the umbrella “Sentry Eagle” program, is said to be the “core” part of the NSA’s secret mission to “protect America’s cyberspace.”

In doing that, previous leaks have shown the US intelligence agency will work to weaken encryption standards, intercept technology for bugging once its out for delivery to customers, and conduct network exploitation and espionage.

The NSA has infiltrated a number of companies critical to its mission of targeted exploitation (TATEX). These agents, whose names are not disclosed, are said to be working in companies based in adversarial nations like China, but also allied and friendly countries, notably South Korea and Germany.

Some of the documents also suggest that some agents may be working for US-based firms, or companies that are owned by US corporations.

The 2004-dated document says the contents “constitute a combination of the greatest number of highly sensitive facts related to NSA/CSS’s overall cryptologic,” referring also to theCentral Security Service, the NSA’s sister agency.

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NSA 'Core Secrets' leak points to spies working within companies

01.Brainwashing America: Satanic Illuminati Mind Control (2014)
Dedicated to my friend Marta. Did you know a majority of the music you listen to is satanic, and is controlled by the illuminati? You have been brainwashed into Satanism through music. Watch…

By: Illuminaty-jessica

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01.Brainwashing America: Satanic Illuminati Mind Control (2014) – Video

Ex-NSA chief admits govt secrets are cover-ups
Australia's The Canberra Times just ran an article called “Government secrecy cannot disinfect, or hide, dirty laundry.” It focuses on how governments keep information secret from the press…

By: RT America

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Ex-NSA chief admits govt secrets are cover-ups – Video

Taliban attack Kabul NATO supply compound, at least 7 dead
Four Taliban militants have been killed during an attack on a NATO base in Afghanistan that destroyed 37 trucks full of fuel and supplies. The assault took p. World News USA News America…

By: Juli Sanderes

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Taliban attack Kabul NATO supply compound, at least 7 dead – Video

Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

Top Silicon Valley execs have warned that the NSA’s continued surveillance of innocent people will rupture the internet which is bad news for business.

Oh, and bad news for hundreds of thousands of workers, and America’s moral authority, too.

The suits were speaking at a roundtable organized by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) in Palo Alto, California, on Wednesday. Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt and John Lilly, a partner at venerable VC firm Greylock Partners, were on the panel, along with Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith and his counterpart at Facebook, Colin Stretch, and Dropbox, Ramsey Homsany.

“It is time to end the digital dragnet, which harms American liberty and the American economy without making the country safer. The US government should stop requiring American companies to participate in the suspicionless collection of their customers data, and begin the process of rebuilding trust both at home and abroad,” said Senator Wyden.

“The United States here in Silicon Valley, up in the Silicon Forest of the State of Oregon that I am so proud to represent, and in tech campuses and garage start-ups across the country has the best technologies and the best ideas to drive high-tech innovation. It is policy malpractice to squander that capital for no clear security gain.”

The assembled speakers echoed Wyden’s sentiments, and agreed that unless the US government reined in its intelligence agencies, American business would suffer badly.

“The simplest outcome [of NSA spying] is that we end up breaking the internet,” Google’s Schmidt said.

“What’s going to happen is that governments will bring in bad laws and say ‘we want our own internet and we dont want to work with others.’ The cost of that is huge to knowledge and science, and has huge implications.”

Schmidt said he had spent the summer in Germany talking to, among others, Chancellor Angela Merkel. She had told him of her youth growing up in East Germany and said that the knowledge that the NSA were listening to her calls to her mother reminded her of chilling Cold War surveillance.

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NSA spying will shatter the internet, Silicon Valley bosses warn

Afghanistan political crisis casts shadow over NATO summit
Despite a UN-led audit of votes from June's disputed presidential election, the threat of further turmoil in Afghanistan hangs over this week's NATO summit. . World News USA News America…

By: Juli Sanderes

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Afghanistan political crisis casts shadow over NATO summit – Video

DENVER (CBS4) -Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner skirmished over their visions for Colorados economy during a prickly debate on Tuesday that featured aggressive attacks from both candidates.

The wide-ranging one-hour debate touched on womens issues, the Islamic State and the Second Amendment. But bickering about the economy and intertwining issues like the Affordable Care Act, the Keystone XL pipeline, jobs reports and U.S. debt dominated.

Gardner, who is challenging Udall for his U.S. Senate seat,broadly hammered the incumbentfor backing a government-intensive approach to the economy. Udall, meanwhile, accused Gardner of hands-off policies that would ensure the middle class suffers while companies increase profits.

Udall said the government should raise the minimum wage, pass the Paycheck Fairness Act that would largely ensure gender-pay equality, make college more affordable and create incentives for companies to keep jobs in the country.

Why do I bring this up? Its because Congressman Gardner has a different point of view on all of those issues, Udall said. If we dont respond, we run the risk of the middle class not being the strong part of our society that its always been.

Gardner countered that a more laissez-faire economic approach would benefit Colorado.

It is beyond time we got government out of the way and let America work, he said. We must unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of this county.

Gardner attacked Udalls economic record with a bevy of statistics: that Coloradans are earning $4,000 less in median household income than they were several years ago, that the labor force participation rate is at its lowest percentage in 36 years and that Udall isnt firmly backing the construction of the Keystone pipeline, which Gardner said would bring thousands of $20 and $30 jobs.

Thats whats happening under the failed leadership of Mark Udall, Gardner said. We need more Colorado in Washington and less Washington in Colorado. Unfortunately our economy is stuck in reverse.

Udall countered that Gardner was sour on the state.

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Udall, Gardner Spar Over Economy In Fiery Debate

Christian conservatives are often the subject of study by academics, who seem to find their culture as foreign as that of Borneo tribesmen. And this is a particularly interesting time for brave social scientists to put on their pith helmets and head to Wheaton, Ill., or unexplored regions of the South. They will find communities under external and internal cultural stress.

It is fair to say some cultural views traditionally held by evangelicals are in retreat. Whatever the future of political libertarianism, moral libertarianism has been on the rise. This is perhaps the natural outworking of an enlightenment political philosophy that puts individual rights at its center. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy described this view as the right to define ones own concept of existence.

Traditional religious views involve a belief that existence comes pre-defined. Purpose is discovered, not exerted. And scripture and institutions a community of believers extended back in time are essential to that discovery. This is not the spirit of the age.

It was not really the spirit of any age. But many evangelicals believe it was, subscribing to the myth of a lost American Eden. There has certainly been a cultural shift in America on religion and public life. But it has largely been from congenial contradiction to less-sympathetic contradiction. There is more criticism of the veneer of Protestant spirituality in public places. There is also a growing belief that individual rights need to be protected, not only from the state but from religious institutions that dont share public values.

The reaction of evangelicals to these trends varies widely. They can accommodate to the prevailing culture, as many evangelicals have already done on issues such as contraception, divorce and the role of women. Or they can try to fight for their political and cultural place at the table, as other interest groups do.

A recent study, Sowing the Seeds of Discord, by a group of scholars associated with the Public Religion Research Institute, describes a mix of reactions. There is some evidence that younger evangelicals are more socially accepting of social outgroups, including gays and lesbians. But there is no evidence this shift is changing political allegiances. White evangelicals remain reliably and monolithically Republican.

My interpretation: Even as some evangelical cultural views change along with broader norms, the Democratic Party is still viewed as a hostile instrument of secularization.

But the most interesting finding of the study concerns where disaffection with conservative politics is developing among evangelicals. On a number of questions Should under God be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance? Does religion solve more social problems than it creates? evangelical millennials expressed more negative views on the social role of religion according to an unexpected pattern. Those who lack friends and ties outside evangelicalism are more critical of traditional evangelical views.

My interpretation: A desperate, angry, apocalyptic tone of social engagement alienates many people, including some of the children of those who practice it.

Conservative evangelicals are responding to a culture that does not always share their values. But a purely reactive model of politics is not attractive, even internally. And the problem is not only strategic but theological. A Christian vision of social engagement that is defined by resentment for lost social position and a scramble for group advantage is not particularly Christian.

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Michael Gerson: Introspection time for evangelicals

FBI arrests, indicts creator of smartphone surveillance app (and its not the NSA)
The FBI arrested the maker of the stealthGenie app, charging the CEO with conspiracy and sale of a surreptitious surveillance device. The software is desig…

By: RT America

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FBI arrests, indicts creator of smartphone surveillance app (and its not the NSA) – Video

The libertarian sentiment reflects the pitchfork politics that gave rise to the Tea Party on the right and the Occupy movements on the left that were both fuelled by public disillusion with the power of conventional politics to deliver anything other than the stagnant status quo.

Measuring the potential electoral impact of libertarianism is difficult precisely because it cuts across traditional party lines, which is both its protean strength and political weakness in an era of big money politics.

Put a capital ‘L’ on libertarianism and it largely evaporates Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate in 2012, won only 1 per cent of the popular vote (1.2m people), but research by the Cato Institute, the libertarian think-thank, points a much deeper pool of Americans with libertarian leanings.

When they asked voters if they considered themselves “fiscally conservative and socially liberal also known as libertarian”, some 44 per cent of Americans were happy to be placed in that category.

The politician most obviously trying to capitalise on the idea that Americans aren’t quite so easily pigeonholed into red and blue boxes is Rand Paul, a Republican senator from Kentucky who the bookies rate as a leading contender for 2016.

As the son of veteran libertarian Ron Paul, his formula will be to bring libertarian ideas off the fringe where his cranky dad always languished and into the mainstream, tapping that well of disaffection that resonates across party lines.

The younger Paul has demonstrated a knack for cutting through when it comes to popular issues.

When riot police overstepped the mark in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of a black teenager this summer, it was Mr Paul who spoke out about the obscene militarisation of American police forces, hitting a sweet spot with both young liberals and conservative anti-big government types.

In the same vein and in a rare moment of bipartisanship, Mr Paul is working with a Democrat colleague to end the mandatory sentencing laws that are clogging up America’s bloated and broken jail system with non-violent offenders, at vast cost and to little good effect.

It is a bold gambit that could resonate both with minorities particularly African-Americans who are disproportionately sentenced and the young drug decriminalisation lobby which has gathered strength since Colorado and Washington state legalised marijuana in 2012.

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American Way: between Democrats and Republicans, a libertarian "third force" is emerging

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Gun Seizure Law – Second Amendment – Stuart Varney
California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Gun Seizure Law – Attack On Second Amendment – Judge Andrew Napolitano- Stuart Varney =========================================== **Please Click…

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Gun Seizure Law – Second Amendment – Stuart Varney – Video

Your freedom of speech on campus is under attack
Are America's institutions of higher learning are becoming hostile environments for freedom of speech? Do students lose their freedom of expression when they enter a public institution of…

By: American Enterprise Institute

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Your freedom of speech on campus is under attack – Video

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