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Sep 192013

Although there are varying ways to destabilize the organic visibility of a website on Google, this article will focus on the most common attack: when a competitor buys and points low-quality links to website to diminish the rankings of the said website by causing it to be filtered or receive a manual action (penalty) from Google.

Let’s look at some common features and distinctions of link-based negative SEO attacks, illustrative examples, and preventative steps and ideas for what to do if your site is affected.

Although negative SEO is a well explored and controversial topic, there is some vagueness about low-quality link buying as a negative SEO tactic. The fact is, low-quality link buying to a competitor actually takes a number of different forms and there are several important distinctions to be aware of. Here are a few:

Some aggressive agents will only seek to take down a certain page. In this case they will build the low-quality links to a subpage. Generally speaking, subpages have historically had a greater tolerance for anchor text rich links, so generally more links are built into subpages to try to take them down.

Often times, spam attacks tend to be in the form of single attacks. A single attack occurs when a large number of low-quality backlinks with a single phrase as an anchor are pointed to a website on one day. However, multiple attacks also occur. These are cases where for about 3 – 6 months, a homepage or subpage gets thousands for backlinks for a single phrase as an anchor.

Is your website new and does it have just a few natural backlinks? Or is your website well-established and does it have a healthy backlink profile with thousands of natural links? More established website tend to have more established backlink profiles and are much harder to successfully target with a negative SEO attack than a new website.

Taking down a competitor website isn’t the only motive for building low-quality links to a website. Occasionally, spammers will build low-quality links to help boost the equity of links pointing to their site from your site.

Negative SEO link attacks that are focused on diminishing the organic search visibility of a website tend to be targeted to the homepage, low-quality backlinks tend to point to the homepage. Conversely, negative SEO link attacks that are targeted for boosting existing links on a page tend to appear deeper on a website, low-quality backlinks tend to point to deeper of a website, often areas where there is user-generated content.

In the interest of being comprehensive on our discussion of this topic, we would be amiss not discuss Google’s position on link-based negative SEO. Google’s position on negative SEO is that it is possible, but difficult, according to Matt Cutts, head of the Google webspam team:

Last year, Google revised its official wording about negative SEO, saying “Theres almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index” to “Google works hard to prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index.”

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Understanding Link-Based Negative SEO

The old saying a stitch in time saves nine couldnt be more applicable than when it comes to launching a new website. It pays to take the time make your list and check it twice. Making the right choices before you launch a website can save a lot of time later.

Obviously, one of the of the most important decisions youll need to make when launching a new site is your domain. Since about of consumers use search engines to help make buying decisions, search engine traffic is critical to the success or failure of most websites. This results in SEO being a common decision-making factor for choosing a domain.

There are two primary ways your domain will impact your future SEO efforts and search rankings:

Lets examine each of these in more detail.

Historically, many SEOs chose domain names that included their target keyword phrases. For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword green widgets, you might use a domain such as (exact match domain or EMD) or (phrase match domain or PMD). The presence of the keyword phrase in the domain made it easier to gain a high ranking for that keyword phrase.

With the introduction of recent algorithms such as the Penguin update and the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, Google has changed how they view domains that include keywords. Is it still worthwhile to choose a domain that includes your target keyword phrase? Lets look at the data.

Should you choose a domain name with your keywords in it?

Our recent Googles EMD Update study found that after the Google EMD Update:

Dr Pete also has some excellent data on EMDs in his article Are Exact-Match Domains (EMDs) in Decline?

From this data, we can draw the conclusion that EMDs (and PMDs) no longer provide the same ranking boost that they used to. However, EMDs can, and in many cases do, still rank well. Our advice regarding keywords in your domain is:

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SEO Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

DALLAS, Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Dallas website design and online marketing firm One SEO Company announces the launch of a new website designed to aid the employment law firm of Clouse Dunn LLP in its mission to provide clients with the most effective legal representation plausible. The company has integrated innovative features into the design of the new website of Clouse Dunn LLP, available by visiting, that provides clients and prospective clients with easy access to information about the firm and its areas of practice.


Taking Innovation to New Heights

One SEO Company is renowned for helping its clients take their online marketing initiatives to new heights. The firm employs a variety of innovative tools to help law firms and other professional clients increase their rankings on major search engines such as Google. With the launch of, One SEO Company has demonstrated a commitment to quality professional design that combines the needs of clients with user-friendly attributes for optimal results. The company welcomes small businesses, law firms, and others who may be in need of SEO or online marketing support to contact them by visiting today.

About One SEO Company

One SEO Company is a leading Dallas SEO and lawyer Internet marketing firm that has helped a number of clients achieve first page placement on Google since its inception. The company has also been recognized for its award winning website design. Companies who may be in need of a range of services related to website design or SEO may contact One SEO Company by visiting today to request a free consultation with an SEO expert.

For more information about One SEO Company or to arrange a free consultation with the company regarding an important website design or development project, please visit

Media Contact: Qamar Zaman TopWireNews LLC, 972-530-1600 X 115,

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach:

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Lawyer Marketing Firm One SEO Company Launches News Website for Leading Employment Lawyer in Dallas

LOCUS-T's great deal of SEO services may help Singaporean companies enhance their search engine ranking. The revolutionary set of services will even permit them to enhance the quantity and quality of online visitors.(PRWEB) September 04, 2012 Companies that are intending to develop a new website or individuals who are seeking to update their current site are in possession of the chance to make …

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All online businesses no matter how big or small need SEO to succeed in today’s marketplace. This is usually an expensive affair and software must be budgeted for when considering the businesses finances. However now these tools are being made available for free through a new website that has recently launched called SEO eh!(PRWEB UK) 31 August 2012 This service was launched due to the help of …

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Businesses Can Now Benefit from Free SEO

After reading that headline, perhaps youre wondering to yourself, has Mark lost his mind?

The answer? Not yet.

I’ve been involved in search engine optimization since March 2003. In that time, I have seen every angle and talked to just about every type of SEO prospect that there could ever be. One thing that hasnt changed much, unfortunately, is that there are still a tonof people who are trying to engage in SEO, but hardly even know what SEO stands for.

Case in point:

Had a call this week with a prospect. Prior to the call, I had run a few reports and did a little research/digging around, so that I could be prepared to take them through what I believed to be reality.

One of my first questions on an initial sales call is what are you trying to achieve?. I might also phrase this as what are your goals or how will you determine success?

The answer? I want 5,000 hits per month.

Once I corrected them on what I believe they meant 5,000 unique visitors, we moved on to what I thought it might take to grow traffic to those levels, and whether I believed that a sound ROI (that stands for return on investment, for those SEOs out there) could be achieved, at least in the short term.

After reviewing their competitive landscape, we find that the space (rankings) is dominated by government websites. That is to say, any keywords that have any amount of search volume and are on target with who were trying to reach, have official government web results dominating the top 4-5 positions. If we were going to make any headway, we would need to (at least in the initial phases) build out content to target the long tail until we earn the right (and Googles trust) to gain any traction on these competitive keywords.

Ohand did I mention that this was a new website with all of three websites linking to it?

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Why I Talk Most Folks Out of SEO Projects

July 3rd 2012

SEOTOASTER V2 CMS boasts a brand new blazing fast Object Oriented Programming core loaded with innovative features. SEO Samba, the core team behind SEOTOASTER, is proud to announce the release of SEOTOASTER V2 CMS, now available for free download at With this key new release, SEO Samba is introducing the first of three upcoming editions of its open source SEO web builder. The solution released today, branded SEOTOASTER CMS, focuses on core Content Management System functionalities. An augmented Ecommerce solution edition focusing on building search engine optimized web stores, and a web host edition focusing on facilitating large scale deployment for web hosting and business solutions providers are expected to launch in July.

After eighteen months of intense work, we are proud to introduce SEOTOASTER V2 CMS to the growing community of SEOTOASTER users, says David Culot, the SEO Samba CTO and a major source of inspiration for the SEOTOASTER web builder user experience. David adds, While SEOTOASTER V1s combined usability and features set has been plebiscited by early adopters, we wanted to solidify the bases before fully committing all our energies towards positioning SEOTOASTER as one of the top three Content Management Systems within the coming decade.

Today, SEOTOASTER is also unveiling a totally revamped corporate website coupled with a Q & A website to efficiently address common questions from the community. SEOTOASTER is also committed to quickly answering questions posted in forums in order to support developers and designers testing the platform. Designers building websites and mobile themes as well as developers writing plug-ins are encouraged to submit their creation for the website of the week feature and inclusion in our peer-reviewed marketplace.

So whats new?

Virtually everything! Weve made so many improvements to the completely revamped SEOTOASTER experience that you have to try it to fully understand how much it can do. Intrigued? Here are a just a few highlights among the many SEOTOASTER V2 features that we hope will interest you even more.

Dont panic! We kept the amazing built-in SEO features youve come to expect from SEOTOASTER:

But we couldnt help ourselves: we had to make it better by adding some new SEO goodies to the mix:

We still offer you access to the best SEO & multi-site marketing execution platform available:

When launching a new website, facing a tough competitive market online, or marketing multiple websites, its worth considering a paid subscription to SEO Samba. For just $99 a month, SEO Samba will boost your sites visibility and:

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SEO Web Builder SEOTOASTER Launches Major New Version of its Acclaimed Content Management System

Liberty Asset Management, LLC, a leading investor in residential and commercial real estate in Kansas and the Midwest, announces a new website development that meets communication and accessibility goals for the new year and beyond.

Wichita, KS (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

Liberty Asset Management, LLC, a leading investor in residential and commercial real estate in Kansas and the Midwest, announces a new website development that meets communication and accessibility goals for the new year and beyond.

Liberty Asset has launched a new version of the company website, a project that began in Q4 of 2011 and recently completed. “In conjunction with the move into our new headquarters location, the new Liberty Asset Management website is a development meant to grow our connections with clients and keep them informed about changes in our business and our market. Going into 2012, Liberty Asset is committed to becoming more accessible and building client relationships. The new website development project is an essential element in our growth and communications strategy,” said Clark Moeller, Vice President at Liberty Asset Management. “We moved locations in 2011, and our new offices put the company in a useful position at the northeast end of Wichita.

The new location proved to be an immediate benefit to our clients. In addition, the new website allows our clients to reach us from any location – via their computers and mobile devices. Becoming more accessible to our clients was one of our key objectives going into 2011, and we have every intention to continue that effort this year and every year going forward.”

The new website at is a resource that allows clients to learn more about Liberty Asset Management and its partners, read related news and articles, and easily contact the company.

More company information, news and executive biographies can be found at the new website.


Clark Moeller
Liberty Asset Management
(316) 425-8183
Email Information

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Liberty Asset Management Announces New Website

Migration Service Helps Maintain Organic Rankings

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 22 February 2012, a company which helps clients improve search engine rankings through SEO, today announced the launch of their new website migration service.

Having worked with numerous companies brings the best website developers and SEO consultants together to advise on the migration process from an SEO standpoint.

Hitesh Patel, MD of, commented “Too many companies leave SEO considerations until the last moment when developing a migration strategy, this often leaves them with serious losses in organic rankings and as a result business. Our team can guide companies through the process whilst improving the SEO of the destination site at the same time.” has confirmed this service is available to SME’s as well as large corporates and can also be tailored to fit in with their web development services, if a client requires a new website to be provided.


About is an SEO company in London providing expert SEO services to business of all sizes. Because we know that a strong and enduring online presence comes from an SEO strategy that looks at the ‘big picture’, we provide a full range of comprehensive services, from on-page SEO to PPC management and link building. As a SEO services company in London we are in an ideal position to meet with clients based in the capital. However we offer our customer-focused bespoke SEO solutions to businesses throughout the UK and further afield. Contact us today at info(at)seo(dot)co(dot)uk to find out how we can help your business.


Press Dept
0800 011 2736
Email Information

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24-09-2011 01:03 diySEO resources – Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization SEO Checklist for New Websites, by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz Starting a new website is all about the details. Don’t forget something that will later hinder your search engine rankings. The SEO Checklist for New Websites will help keep you organized and save you a lot of grief.

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SEO Checklist for New Websites – DIY Search Engine Optimization – Video

SEO Consult®, an award winning agency specialising in search engine optimisation, have just launched a new website optimisation service specifically for mobile devices.(PRWEB UK) 19 November 2011 SEO Consult®, an award winning agency specialising in search engine optimisation, have just launched a new website optimisation service specifically for mobile devices.The Cheshire-based SEO experts …

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SEO Consult® Launches New Mobile SEO Service Hello My name is Lee Noring, I started working full time as a Internet Advertising Professional in 1996. In today’s video I am going to talk about what Every Business Owner Today, Facing a Slowing Economy, with Sales and Profits Falling Is Dreaming about, Search Engine Domination.

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Liberty Mutual Group Benefits announced a new website that provides valuable educational information on a range of critical topics to employees of Liberty Mutual group life customers and their dependents.

Here is the original post:
New Liberty Mutual Website Helps Employees Through Life’s Key Challenges

Liberty Christian School premiered a new website earlier this month that features a virtual tour, galleries and the history and philosophy of the school.

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Liberty Christian launches new website

I often get asked questions about what to expect for traffic increases once a new website promotional effort is launched.

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Branding, PR, and SEO: Send the Right Signals

Apr 232011

Free Tools for Search engines Even as we have discussed in just a few individuals previous articles, when thinking about developing a new website it is now.

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SEO Friendly Shopping Cart – HEVI

There is a plethora of good SEO tips and guides on the web to get your brain juices flowing, but we have compiled these essential 5 SEO DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind when designing and developing a new website. …

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Essential SEO Considerations For A New Website [DOs & DON'Ts]

Feb 222011

The Institute for Humane Studies, seemingly the epicenter of all pro- liberty events, funding, and seminars, has expanded to include videos from some of their scholars on a new website. has just been launched, …

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Learn Liberty, Really

Whenever I hear of someone starting a new website or complete a website for a client, the question, Will my site be visble by Google? always comes into the picture. Search Engine Optimization is very important for any website and we all …

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