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Saf Man – POM (With Lyrics)
Saf Man – POM (Prod. Atomic Beats) Lyrics: (Verse 1) I'm the president of maple I'm right above the top i held all the gwop like a Scotia bank i come back harder then a army tank and come back hotter then a lava tank I like to get money call me brinks I keep my shit clean homie yours just stinks o yeah! I feel so alive you want beef yeah ill eat you alive you will be cannibalized just like alive you will live today but tomorrow you will die I'm the pom aka saf man but just call me dan I'm the pomi got the power of many inception I'm in everyones dreams but call my Freddy these homies wanna fuck with me but they ain't ready ill tear you apart with a goddamn machete (Verse 2) I'm from maple fuck around and get stitches and staples I'm spreading on these tracks like mayo got a couple screws loose yeah but i ain't stable you get hooked like yayo and i put haters in the ground like a goddamn potato so now you know who is in control and better lay low I'm so hot but flow so nice like a angle I take this smoke to my face like a bad habits now you haters just chocking like you asthmatic I'm a lil something like Nas illmatic but don't get me confused thats a bad habit then you going to be caught up just like traffic I'm all fired up like i slept on the job i got the ladies wired up call it a nose job I'm on (Verse 3) I'm the president of maple kinda like obama the way I'm bombing these tracks call me Osama thats to original call me kamikaze but I'm down for world peace gandhi I …From:Saf ManViews:1 1ratingsTime:04:20More inMusic

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Saf Man – POM (With Lyrics) – Video

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