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NEW MJ's audio tape released – Mystery Man Behind Michael Jackson
Uploaded by ilovemj5809 on Aug 24, 2009 Michael said in 2002 that he was going to leave $ONY.And because they knew about his plans John Branca forged that fake will back in LA while Michael was protesting against $ONY and Mottola In New York. Disgusting. But I'm sure the plan to murder/sacrifice Michael and take EVERYTHING away from him was planned much before that.They knew he was major trouble and that they couldn't control him enough.They had NO intention of just letting him leave and stay alive and continue speaking against them! They feel totally justified in taking EVERYTHING from Michael because to THEM he was always only a slave.Slaves,especially those used as sex slaves,aren't allowed to have so much of their own money or property. They've always wanted to take it ALL away from him.They did so much to punish Michael for being so defiant,for resisting against their control and asserting himself.In their view Michael should have just stayed nicely subordinate and obedient,let them USE him and keep on smiling! Very sad,,, I feel for Michael. Huh, I didn't know that is how “Heaven can wait” ends. Kind of opens up another meaning to a song. Most of his songs contained clues and second meanings. Like the song Dangerous. I'm almost certain it's not actually about a girl. It's about the system. The devil. The artwork explaines so much. I want to see moonwalker now that you put it that way. I'm sure it was about everything they were doing to him.  Also, the …From:CombatForTheFaithViews:7 0ratingsTime:08:24More inNews Politics

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NEW MJ’s audio tape released – Mystery Man Behind Michael Jackson – Video

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