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Dec 122012

Mayan Calendar December 21 2012 The Real Mayan Tablet
Video Source:Thegroxt A look at the Actual Calendar with the So Called December 21 2012 date on it. I have no Idea about Dates. A look at the worlds top 4 calendars showing this day.The end of the 4th age . Mayan tablet 6. Aztec eagle Bowl calendar. Dendera Astrological Chart from Egypt. Senemut Tomb Astrological Chart from egypt. All 4 show the exact same event. The return of The devil, The accuser cast out of Heaven in revelation 12 and the BIrth of the next age The Beginning of the great tribualtion and the Mark of the Beast. Nobody Knows the Day or Hour and the Illuminati have corrupted all the Information . We Must trust the Lord and LOOK for Ourselves. Link to Actual Mayan tablet. . Look at the actual tablet yourself. Trace the Images IF you have too. To see the truth. http://www.wayeb.orgFrom:MrFijitime1Views:27 1ratingsTime:08:56More inNews Politics

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Mayan Calendar December 21 2012 The Real Mayan Tablet – Video

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