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Jan 292012

Malaysia-based offshore services company Hans Advisory &
Trust guides individual investors and companies to
make judicious investments in offshore funds and offshore trusts.

Malaysia (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

Now any individual or company can get assistance from Hans
Advisory & Trust to invest in offshore funds. One can contact
this Malaysian company anytime for advice and assistance
regarding offshore
investments. Companies and individual investors who want
to keep their investments safe will find that investing in
funds has a number of benefits.

So if anyone who want to invest on mutual funds in Labuan, one can check
out the website of Hans Advisory & Trust for detailed
guidelines. For investment in mutual funds through Hans, it is
needed to send them an application. A trustee, an
administrator, a fund manager, and a custodian approved by The
Authority must be appointed by all public funds.

There are some limitations on borrowing and investing on public
funds that are authorised in Labuan. Recognized jurisdictions
schemes do not follow such provisions. For instance, a fund
cannot borrow more that 25% of its total asset value. It must
go through the website of Hans Advisory & Trust for details
of these restrictions on investment.

Hans can also can assist to get the ship registered at the
Malaysia International Ship
Registry (MISR). This body is responsible for registering
and keeping track of international ships. Foreign and
individual shipping companies can register ships in
directly at MISR. They don’t need to meet the requirements of
Malaysian shareholders. As a foreigner, it is allow to hold
100% equity.

For more information on ship registry and offshore
fund in Malaysia, visit

If anyone need any kind of assistance for ship registry or
investment in offshore funds and offshore
trusts, then kindly contact Hands Advisory & Trust for
professional guidance. This Malaysia based company provides
offshore banking services and helps investors to make the right
choices and keep their investments safe.

About Hans Advisory & Trust Co. Ltd

Licensed under the Labuan Trust Companies Act of 1990, Hans
Advisory & Trust Co Ltd provides offshore investment services, which
include setting up of offshore trusts and helping to invest in
funds. With a corporate membership of Institut Bank-Bank
Malaysia (IBBM), Hans is a licensed provider of escrow


Company Name: Hans Advisory & Trust Co Ltd

Telephone Number: 603 5637 7745

Fax: 603 5637 8845

Email Address: voon(at)hansworldwide(dot)com

Web site address:


Email Information

Read the rest here:
Malaysia-based Hans Advisory & Trust Now Helps to Invest in Offshore Funds

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