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Machine Gun Kelly – Started From The Bottom (Freestyle) + (Lyrics)
MGK LYRICS: Still in the basement, where it started Started from the bottom, now we here Courtside you would think I was a cleveland cavaleer I'm talking 30000 feet up in the air And dance little shawty menace let her all the fans cheer, bitch You ain't seen this power since the bronx I went to vegas for my 22, running out the paws Now they say illuminati is the cause Or maybe everyone of y'all is lazy and I worked hard I ain't never bowin down for a dollar Sellin my soul to the a shooter I wouldn't even take a buck from my father But they were said that back in the day When I was hustlin tickets to my shows as dante And I heard tappers heating up like a filee Talking bout they run my city when they livin in la Sucker, I ain't hearin nothing bout a word Talked about it, been about it, bitch I got what I deserved See I don't know why everybody mad You had your chance and you blew it Meanwhile I'm young and I'm ruthless Meanwhile the dumb I'm influenced Thinking you like like the music Don't be foolish my shooters make your face maroon Like the hoodges Rah, fuckers always wanna talk funny Broke motherfuckers never wanna talk money And since I was bein quiet in the past I'm on the top lookin down, kiss my ass Still in the game with my same click Still with the hood bitches fuck cane brick And when they wanna know if I'm real I say bitch I run my city before I ever had a deal, kels! Machine Gun Kelly — Started From The Bottom (Freestyle) Lyrics

By: Swagispersonality

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Machine Gun Kelly – Started From The Bottom (Freestyle) + (Lyrics) – Video

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