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The only thing better than Ke$ha as a flower child is Ke$ha as a flower child holding a kitten.

As you probably already guessed, we’re kinda dying over this pic of flower child Ke$ha. (We love her cult-trash-Illuminati look as well, but you know how we can’t resist a cleaned-up Ke$ha!) Wearing flowers in her hair and flashing a single gold tooth, the “MTV’s Club NYE 2013″ performer graced the cover of Seventeen magazine’s February issue, where she also channeled One Direction’s memorable Wonderland magazine photo shoot by holding an adorable, teeny, perfect kitten. (Can we get some memes, people?!)

Inside the issue, the “Die Young” singer touched on everything from her sexuality (“I don’t lovejustmen. I love people. Its not about a gender. Its just about the spirit that exudes from that other person youre with”) to her firm stance on bullying (“I’m all about standing up to gay/lesbian/transgender bullying, but its also about my little brother. He’s 13 and he gets made fun of because he has a stutter. I just have zero tolerance for people making fun of others.”) Look out for the February issue of Seventeen when it hits newsstands Jan. 8, then maybe find some time to Instagram a photo of yourself wearing a flower headpiece while holding a cuddly animal. Just for fun. Aaaaand it’s probably time to stop making my to-do lists public.

Photo credit: Kenneth Willardt for Seventeen

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Ke$ha Is A Gold-Toothed, Kitten-Loving Flower Child On The February Cover Of Seventeen (PHOTO)

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