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I Dont Play By The Same Rules The Reason why Sandy Hook was a False Flag was about MONEY POLITICS from so many angles. Examine the screen caps of what happened, starting back in 2011. The picture is crystal clear! Please feel free with this video to Rip it and Flip it! Picture Here This Link Is a Link To VisionBox Crisis Acting School Prepackaged TV News Happening *Now*Sandy Hook More Info On Christopher A. Rodia Google this information and find out about Christopher A. Rodia “872 YEO” More Info And Links Below… Published on Dec 23, 2012 by Scott Walker THE CAR DOESN'T EVEN BELONG TO ADAM LANZA OR HIS MOM NANCY LANZA. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU. LICENSE PLATE CT “872 YEO”, OFFICER'S REPORT ON THE RADIO RODIA RIGHT AFTERWARD. Suspect's car is registered to Christopher Chris A. Rodia who is currently facing 7 felony charges, but released free on “$0″ Bail, WTF? This Lt. Vance of CT State Police doesn't mention anything about it? SANDY HOOK ADAM LANZA INNOCENT – CAR REGISTERED TO CHRISTOPHER RODIA This Is being reported that suspect Adam Lanza's car is registered to a Christopher “Chris” A. Rodia. Call All The News Stations And Ask Them About This… OK, lets say he stoled it from Chris” A. Rodia. Why is Nobody Investigating it? What Connects Christopher A Rodia with Adam Lanza? “Christopher Rodia” And …

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I Dont Play By The Same Rules – Video

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