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Jun 282013

A Henrico County jury today found an aspiring rapper guilty of the malicious wounding of his best friend, as well as two other drug and weapons charges stemming from a night of marijuana and meditation last December.

During a two-day trial in Henrico Circuit Court, the jury heard several conflicting version of the Dec. 26 shooting and doping incident, which left childhood friends pointing the finger, and ultimately a gun, at one another.

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen, but was charged for firing at his music partners head first, according to testimony.

On Thursday, El-Amin took the stand himself to testify that his friend, Curtis Brown, had actually ambushed him with the gun.

El_Amin was sentenced to eight years in prison and received a $200 fine for the drug possession charge.

(This has been a breaking news update. Check tomorrow’s Times-Dispatch for more details.)

A Henrico County jury today will have to sort through multiple versions of a shooting incident Dec. 26 in which childhood friends shared marijuana, meditation, thoughts on the power of an international cabal called the Illuminati and finally gunshots.

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, a fledgling music impresario, came out on the short end of the stick with a bullet wound that tore into his abdomen and exited through his back.

But testimony Wednesday showed that El-Amin was the man who fired first, sending a bullet toward the head of a doped and drowsy Curtis Brown, also 27, after the two smoked multiple marijuana blunts, shared a sleep-inducing concoction called God juice, and mused over the power of the sun and transocean mind voyages.

Investigators found the men at separate hospitals but no weapon, and then heard multiple versions from Brown of the events that began Christmas Day and extended well into the next morning.

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Henrico jury expected to get shooting case

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