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Feb 052013

GGN: Opposing NWO is Terrorism, Obama's Paramilitary Assassins, Most in US Oppose Federalism
Part Two(2) PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Please visit: or http for the latest news commentary by Global Government News DONATIONS WELCOME Visit to make a PayPal donation because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Darko HEADLINES WITH LINKS Dr. Michio Kaku describes three types of aliens Captain Kirk's Predecessor: Star Trek Was RAND Corporation Predictive Programming CTC says opposition to a New World Order is terrorist activity Hillary Clinton: International Order | New World Order States Considering Laws That Would Make it an Act of Terrorism to Report on Abuses at Factory Farms Fracking Industry Hires 'Psychological Warfare' Military Officers To Combat Peaceful Opposition (Treat Activist as Insurgents) 'Dead children' spied for UK police for decades – report 100 Years Of US Federal Income Tax Obama: 'No doubt' we need more taxes New Film 'Secret Wars' Tells A Story About The President's 'Paramilitary Assassin' Group Hacker in chief: Obama given right to launch 'preemptive' cyberattacks Chris Kyle: One of his last interviews (VIDEO) 1100 Green Berets sign petition against gun control Paraguay presidential hopeful Oviedo dies in crash Greek finance minister receives bullet, death threat in mail Did Beyonce flash an Illuminati sign? The Funniest Tweets Of The Great Super Bowl Blackout NFL: We Had a Backup Generator the …

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GGN: Opposing NWO is Terrorism, Obama’s Paramilitary Assassins, Most in US Oppose Federalism – Video

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