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Beyonces Illuminati Super Bowl shoutout is the latest conspiracy theory to grip the web, as viewers clearly not familiar with New York rap culture assumed the stars flash of a triangle formation with her fingers was a secret symbol to the shadowy alleged group a secret signal Beyonce displayed during the most viewed television event all year, naturally.

While Beyonces Illuminati signs seem to some a clear indicator the shady global elite is hard at work and paradoxically using one of the worlds most high-profile performers at one of the worlds most high-profile events to conceal their existence and massive international operations, others pointed out a potential hole in the theory.

For fans of rap music, Beyonces illuminati Super Bowl display appears far more likely to be something else, something a bit more explainable in context. As we all know, Bey is married to Jay-Z, rapper, mogul and head of Roc-A-Fella records.

Of course, the classic conspiracy thread exists in any debunking of Beyonces Illuminati gestures at the Super Bowl. We could point to extensive internet evidence of all sorts of people throwing up the Roc like they bulimic in years past from Kanyeezy to A-Rodto everyone at the airportto Bey last summer toGwyneth Paltrows kids to President Obama. (But maybe theyrein on it.)

Below, just a few of the tweets circulating about Beyonces Illuminati Super Bowl showing did you see Skull And Bones or Roc-A-Fella?

Read the original here:
Did Beyonce Flash Illuminati Signs At The Super Bowl?

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