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David Icke Red Ice Radio 03 23 10 The Hollie Greig Case Satanic Networks
David Icke on Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren. Recorded on March 23rd, 2010. 'We follow up on the story of the Scottish establishment pedophilia ring and talk more about the horrifying case of Hollie Greig with David Icke who joins us to connect some of the dots surrounding this and other similar cases around the world. We talk about the world wide spanning satanic network and the connecting pedophile rings that have its tentacles into elite, political and illuminati circles around the world. Why? What is going on? Who are the perpetrators? Topics Discussed: Scotland, Breach of the Peace, the Law Firm, Levy and McRae, Is it a Freemasonic cover-up? The Franklin Cover-up, Pedophile Ring in Nebraska, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Lawrence King, Kenny MacAskill, The Murder of Annes Brother Roy, Thomas Hamilton, Jersey child abuse investigation 2008 at the a youth hostel, Christopher Booker, Blackmail, High-ranking Australian Satanist Deathbed Confessions, British Premier Gordon Brown a Pedophile? The Lack of Empathy of the perpetrators, Non-Human Monsters, Demons Reptiles, All that is Hidden will Come to Light, we also ask David what he believes the world will look like in 20 years from now. Don't miss this program and don't forget to listen to our two-hour program with Anne Greig and Robert Green as well.' Video mirrored

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David Icke Red Ice Radio 03 23 10 The Hollie Greig Case

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