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~Noah Bryson Mamet ~ Transhuman Mutant ~
Mamet, 42, was an active participant in Obama's re-election campaign as a fund-raiser, raising more than US$500000. It is common for top fundraisers to then…

By: William Tells

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~Noah Bryson Mamet ~ Transhuman Mutant ~ – Video

~Richard Hugh Baker ~ ReptoSapien ~ TransHuman Hybrid~
Richard Hugh Baker (born May 22, 1948), an American politician, is a lobbyist and former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, hav…

By: William Tells

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~Richard Hugh Baker ~ ReptoSapien ~ TransHuman Hybrid~ – Video

[FREE eBook] Eclipse Phase Transhuman by Posthuman Studios
Download Link: Eclipse Phase Transhuman by Posthuman Studios [PDF] Transhuman i…

By: Angela Ibizo

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[FREE eBook] Eclipse Phase Transhuman by Posthuman Studios – Video

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'Beyond Earth' takes 'Sid Meier's Civilization' off-planet and into the final frontier

Google has invented a new smart contact lens with an integrated camera. The camera would be very small and sit near the edge of the contact lens so that it doesnt obscure your vision. By virtue of being part of the contact lens, the camera would naturally follow your gaze, allowing for a huge range of awesome applications, from the basis of a bionic eye system for blind and visually impaired people, through to early warning systems (the camera spots a hazard before your brain does), facial recognition, and superhuman powers (telescopic and infrared/night vision). In related news, Google Glass is publicly available today in the US for one day only (still priced at $1500).

This new smart contact lens would have a tiny CMOS camera sensor just below your pupil, control circuit, and some method of receiving power wirelessly (more on that later). Because an imaging sensor, by definition, has to absorb light, it wouldnt be transparent but it could probably be color matched to your iris, so that your eyes dont look too freaky.

A diagram of Googles smart contact lens with integrated camera [Image credit: Patent Bolt]

Beyond the medical- and consumer-oriented applications, you can also imagine the possibilities if police were equipped with contact lenses that could spot criminal faces in a crowd, or a bulge under a jacket that could be a concealed weapon. Oh, and the most exciting/deadly application of them all: Soldiers with smart contact lenses that alert them to incoming fire, provide infrared vision that can see through smoke, real-time range finding for more accurate sniping

A contact lens display in a rabbits eye (way back in 2011)

This invention, from the Google X skunkworks lab, comes in the form of a patent that was filed in 2012 and was recently published by the US PTO. Earlier this year, Google announced that it was working ona smart contact lens for diabetics that provides a real-time glucose level reading from your tears. As far as we can tell, theres no timeline for real-world trials of either variety of contact lens but we can tell you that the technology to create such devices is very nearly here. Way back in 2011, a smart contact lens with an LED display was trialed in the lab.

Moving forward, there are some concerns about power delivery (theres no space for a battery, of course, so it has to be beamed in wirelessly), and whether its wise to have a wireless device implanted in a rather sensitive organ, but I dont think these will be game-breaking problems.For now, were talking about fairly chunky contact lenses that are best suited to laboratory testing but it shouldnt be more than a few years until real, comfortable smart contact lenses come to market.

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Google invents smart contact lens with built-in camera: Superhuman Terminator-like vision here we come

Ted Chu Yacht Presentation Part 1
Dr. Ted Chu on our Transhuman Potential In this three-part video, economist and philosopher Ted Chu presents his new book Human Purpose and Transhuman Potent…

By: Ted Chu's Channel

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Ted Chu Yacht Presentation Part 1 – Video

Tom Horn – “Goodbye Human, Hello Transhuman”
Visit RUSHOUR.COM … Author and researcher Tom Horn believes we are on the verge of an explosion called Transhumanism that will ultim…

By: A Dose Of Future

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Tom Horn – "Goodbye Human, Hello Transhuman" – Video

[FREE PDF] Transhuman by Ben Bova [PDF]
Download Link : Transhuman by Ben Bova [PDF] “Publisher: Tor Books (April 15, 2014) Six-time Hugo Award-wi…

By: Betsy Donnelly

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[FREE PDF] Transhuman by Ben Bova [PDF] – Video

Transhuman Potential with Ted Chu
What is the next evolutionary stage of humanity? Ted Chu has some surprising answers. A world-class macro economist, futurist and former chief economist at G…

By: Miriam Knight

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Transhuman Potential with Ted Chu – Video

Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from ”Her” by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/Associated Press

By John Havens2014-04-11 12:05:50 UTC

Our robot overlords are already here.

Were just anthropomorphizing our technology in more subtle ways than wed imagined in the past. We stigmatize Theodore Twombly, Joaquin Phoenixs character in the movie, Her, as morally questionable when falling in love with his operating system, yet dont find it adulterous when the last face we look at before falling asleep belongs to our smartphone versus our soulmate.

Its time to come to grips with what it means to be human in a digital environment. That is, a fully digital or virtual environment. We can talk about unplugging from technology, but that behavior is more akin to minimizing an activity window while our relationship continues running in the background of our lives. Sensors in our phones and the innards of our globe monitor ubiquitously, broadcasting our unencrypted consciousness to the world.

Its hard not to get philosophical. Or judgmental Im genuinely struggling with the idea that well soon fully merge with machines.

As technology gains human level sentience, I need to evolve my mindset. What if my daughter wants to marry an algorithm? Can I have dinner with its parents? Can we expect to see anti robot-bullying campaigns soon? Or a reworked cover of Macklemores, SIM love?

I joke because Im conflicted. Im genuinely a bit freaked at the idea that humans and machines are already so inexorably linked. And I firmly believe that things like the wearables industry are simply intermediary technologies to mentally prepare us for our inevitable union with machines. They help reveal the personal data thats currently invisible in our lives while providing a thin, albeit fashionable, buffer between the time devices will be on our skin versus within.

My goal here is to confront my unease with this union while my identity is largely located in my cortex rather that the cloud. Im not anti-robot, as I thought I might be in the past. But the reality of transcendence with technology shouldnt be taken lightly, even if it is inevitable.

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Coming to Terms With Humanity's Inevitable Union With Machines

Ramez Naam – The Transhuman Mind Meld
Ramez Naam is the author of More Than Human — Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement, and two SF novels — Nexus and Crux — dealing with a mind linking nano-drug that he believes…

By: Martin Higgins

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Ramez Naam – The Transhuman Mind Meld – Video

SMIRKING REVENGE – Transhuman Utopian World live at Katacombes 8/03/2014
Show at Katacombes, Montreal, 8/03/2014 Thanks to Louis Frchette alias Nightpunx for the footage!

By: Smirking Revenge

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SMIRKING REVENGE – Transhuman Utopian World live at Katacombes 8/03/2014 – Video

1. EMA, The Futures Void (Matador). The second album from the South Dakota singer-songwriter Erika M. Anderson, who brought us the amazing 2011 song California. (Tuesday)

2. Updike by Adam Begley (Harper). Long-awaited biography of the ground-breaking writer. (Tuesday)

3. Patton Oswalt, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time CD/DVD (Comedy Central). New special from one of the great comedians of his age. (Tuesday)

4. Face the Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley (HarperOne). The Starchild weighs in on the band he has fronted for 40 years. (Tuesday)

5. Joe. The newest movie from Austin director David Gordon Green, starring Nicholas Cage and Tye Sheridan. (April 11)

6. A Field in England Blu-Ray/DVD. Ben Wheatleys seriously weird story of 17th century England was introduced to Austin audiences at last years Fantastic Fest. (April 15)

7. Rodney Crowell, Tarpaper Sky (New West). Speaking of 40 years in the music biz, this album reunites Crowell with his 1980s musical accomplice Steuart Smith. (April 15)

8. Nas, Illmatic XX (Columbia/Legacy). Heres the 20th anniversary edition of the 1994 hip-hop classic, remastered, with bonus material. (April 15)

9. The Afghan Whigs, Do to the Beast (SubPop). This is the first album Greg Dulli has made under the name Afghan Whigs in 16 years. Whigs bassist John Curley is on it, Whigs guitarist Rick McCollum is not. Your call. (April 15)

10. The Both, The Both (SuperEgo). The Both is Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. Enjoy. (April 15)

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The Planner, April 7: 20 things Joe Gross is looking forward to in March

To Be Human Is To Be Transhuman [Legendado PT-PT]
Ser Humano ser Transumano Vdeo original (s/legendas):

By: Joo Lopes

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To Be Human Is To Be Transhuman [Legendado PT-PT] – Video

~ Richard Hugh Baker ~ Transhuman Hybrid ~
Richard Hugh Baker, an American politician, is a lobbyist and former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, having represented the …

By: William Tells

~ Richard Hugh Baker ~ Transhuman Hybrid ~ – Video

Science Minute 5 Transhuman Soldiers And Synthetic Genes
In this Science Minute the pentagon wants transhuman soldiers and synthetic genetic codes. This webcast is uncensored. The Fortean Slip Facebook Group Page h…

By: Fortean Slip

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Science Minute 5 Transhuman Soldiers And Synthetic Genes – Video

Plato wouldnt disagree that philosophy is, in fact, a way of life attractive to, and perhaps available only to, the happy few. Running throughout Goldsteins long and highly original book are various arguments about what she calls the Ethos of the Extraordinary. Do some of us matter while others of us dont? To the early Greeks, the achievement of kleos, meaning glory or renown, was the chief aim of life. To be talked about, honored and remembered this was the only immortality to be had.

By the time of Plato (fourth century B.C.), this cult of celebrity had been transformed and deepened, indeed interiorized through the notion of arete, usually translated as virtue. Arete essentially is the health of the soul. As Goldstein explains, each time you lie, even if youre not caught, you become a little more of this ugly thing: a liar. Character is always in the making, with each morally valanced action, whether right or wrong, affecting our characters, the people who we are. You become the person who could commit such an act, and how you are known in the world is irrelevant to this state of being. In the end, who we are inside matters more than what others think of us.

Have I got this right? Its hard to say. Plato himself, as Goldstein reminds us, never laid out in treatise form any of his convictions. Instead, he actually staged the free play of ideas as plays, his Dialogues spotlighting the snub-nosed and ugly Socrates, but sometimes introducing such notable co-stars as the award-winning dramatist Aristophanes and Athenian bad boy and major heartthrob Alcibiades. In Platos work, these real-life characters, and many others, elegantly argue about everything from the nature of love (Symposium and Phaedrus) to the nature of good government (The Republic).

A novelist as a well as a philosopher, Goldstein pays homage to that ancient dramatic tradition by introducing Plato into several modern-day dialogues. Be warned: Readers expecting a sober presentation of ancient philosophy may be in for a shock when Plato, on book tour, visits the headquarters of Google, then later participates in a debate about child-rearing at New Yorks 92nd Street Y, assists a modern-day advice columnist as she answers questions about fraught relationships and is interviewed on a cable news program. Do these scenarios sound cutesy and even slightly condescending? I thought so at first, but Goldstein brings them off with panache, especially Plato at the 92nd Street Y.

The setup is this: Facetious newspaper columnist Zachary Burns is moderating a discussion on How to Raise an Exceptional Child with three bestselling writers: Mitzi Munitz, author of Esteeming Your Child: How the Best-Intentioned Parents Violate, Mutilate and Desecrate Their Children; Sophie Zee, author of The Warrior Mothers Guide to Producing Off-the-Charts Children; and Plato, author of The Republic. After clarifying that his last panelist prefers not to be called doctor or professor, Burns proceeds with his introduction:

Plato it is then! Plato has long been hailed as one of the most creative and influential thinkers in the history of Western thought. Indeed, some have argued that all of philosophy consists of footnotes to Plato, which is high praise indeed. He was born in Athens, Greece, a city where he has spent the bulk of his life and where he informally studied as a young man under the famous philosopher Socrates. . . .

In the free-for-all debate that follows, Munitz argues that the young should be encouraged to follow their own bent and to become who they truly are. To the psychoanalyst, Zees desire to raise an exceptional child is a desire to sacrifice the integrity of the child, to transform human beings into monkeys trained to please their parents. Zee quickly counters that strict discipline, with rewards and punishments, ultimately leads to a childs empowerment, and to a better, richer adult life later on.

And what is Platos view? Here, Goldstein presents in miniature largely using the philosophers own words parts of the educational system laid out in The Republic. Plato recognizes that children possess varying capabilities and temperaments. A teacher is charged with bringing his or her student into contact with the beauty that answers to that students type of character and mind. He notes that his guardians the ascetic elite whose lives are devoted to overseeing the ideal state must exhibit as children, besides intelligence, Zees spiritedness and Munitzs love of truth.

Throughout the fierce give-and-take, all the participants come off surprisingly well (Zach Burns not so much). Indeed, Im not sure that Munitz doesnt outsoar the Greek philosopher. But then this whole chapter possesses the sparkle and vivacity of a Bernard Shaw play. As Plato says, The best thinking is always playful.

That said, Goldstein does offer solid, more straightforward chapters about various aspects of Platonic philosophy. She analyzes love in a section that retells the complicated relationship between Socrates and Alcibiades; discusses the opposing claims of reason and intuition in our understanding of the world; provides several different interpretations of Platos parable of the cave; and, finally, speculates about whether Plato actually believed in immortality. In this last instance, she emphasizes that a kind of transhuman transcendence is possible by identifying ones whole self with the harmony and timeless, mathematical beauty of the cosmos. This rather Spinozist pantheism should come as no surprise since Goldstein has written an earlier book on Spinoza, to many the greatest philosophical mind since Plato.

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Plato at the Googleplex, by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Apr 022014

An overview of “Transhuman/Posthuman” by Peter Jason Payne.

By: Peter Jason Payne

Excerpt from:
Transhuman/Posthuman – Video

That's epic!

Transhuman Comments Off
Mar 302014

Mythological narratives are getting a major upgrade with science fiction and fantasy writers injecting them with strong doses of reinterpretation and realism, finds Daniel Pinto

Writers are ushering India’s myths into the realm ofspeculative fiction such as sci-fi and fantasy. One such writer isUS-based entrepreneur and IT professional Ravi V whose The ExiledPrince, the first in his Crystal Guardian trilogy, was releasedrecently. The series, told from Rama’s point of view, begins and endsin the British Raj and seeks to seamlessly connect magic, futuristictechnology and the mystical Crystal of Creation which is critical tomankind’s survival.”The series explains events that happen in Rama’slife and the reason why his name sounds in every corner of thiscountry,” says Ravi.However, the writer, who spent three years researchinglegends before embarking upon the series, maintains that he isn’tretelling folklore.

“My series is not the Ramayana; it just usesthe tale as a vehicle to deliver the plot. The book would be auniquely presented perspective with twists and turns in the sciencefiction format, and as one reads between the lines, the lateral plotwill present itself”.When one mentions the marriage of science-fiction andscripture, the seminal comic series Ramayan 3392 AD which wasenvisioned by filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and self-help guru DeepakChopra comes to mind. The series, which started in the now defunctVirgin Comics in 2006 in the US, details the exploits of Prince Ramain a post-apocalyptic future where mankind is plagued by Ravan,depicted as a transhuman entity.Shamik Dasgupta, the writer of the series, reveals howthe characters in his universe differ from those in myth.

“Wemade them more realistic and instilled real modern human emotions inthem except Ravan, who is a synthetic being. Rama doesn’t havegreatness bestowed upon him.From the beginning he has to strive andfight for greatness, he has to prove himself in this postmodern,savage, dystopian world, and it is not easy, not by a long shot.”Dasgupta credits the series for revolutionising the artof graphic novels in India. “It is true that Ramayan 3392 AD isresponsible for the emergence of modern graphic novels and comicbooks in India, with high caliber art and intricate storytellingmeant for all ages and not just kids.”Another sci-fi work which is injected with a heavy doseof mythology is The Guardians of Karma. The novel, penned by MohanVizhakat, CTO & EVP of Manappuram Finance Ltd, fills the voidthat is India’s prehistoric past with a saga that sees two advancedcivilizations, the spiritually inclined Dev Lok and theall-conquering Daityan Empire, face off.

“The idea germinated few years back while readingabout the apparent disconnect between Indian mythology’s rich legacyand the lack of any tangible archaeological evidence to support it.This got me thinking that if the myths had any shred of truth, theymust have been long forgotten or misinterpreted, either because ithappened so far back in prehistory that no records have survived orpossibly because all such evidence must be deep under sea ever sincemuch of the habitable world during the ice-age became submerged,during the deluge following global ice-melt,” says Vizhakat.”The book also explores the age-old wisdom of thescriptures from the perspective of modern scientific analysis,especially considering latest advancements in the fields ofrelativity, quantum mechanics, dark energy and biocentrism,”says Vizhakat who added that he relied heavily on mythological themessuch as the destruction of the demonic realms of Tripura depicted ashi-tech, free-floating cities.What is it about the golden age of yore that makes itsuch a haven for anarchronistic technological advancement?

“Anythingrelative to ancient Vedic mythologies can be looked at from thescience fiction point of view. It is known that, the father ofnuclear bomb, RJ Oppenheimer had quoted the Gita and has mentionedthat he may not have been the first to know about these atomicweapons. Take the Brahmastra; it is said as a source that can destroyworlds, like a nuclear weapon. But then these legends used to firethem from a bow and arrow! Did that technology exist or was it purelyfiction? We can’t really say, but it does make a fantastic storyand that spawned imagination of several creative geniuses across theglobe,” says Ravi.The Aryavarta Chronicles, a series by KrishnaUdayasankar, a lecturer at at Nanyang Business School, Singapore, isanother example of a “genre-bending” fantasy books look at thepower tussles in the titular kingdom in India’s distant past. Thoughit reimagines the Mahabharata, there are supernatural elements.

But,that’s not to say there’s no sci-fi. “Utopia is supposed to be theultimate aim or achievement of humankind and science is the tool thatwill get us there. This is the premise of the story. An order ofscholars, the Firewrights, believe that their science and technologyis the means to peace and prosperity until things go wrong and theirweapons became a cause for terrible bloodshed,” she explains.She happily categorises her books as fantasy. “Fantasystories have a structure or flow that fascinates me most of themare stories of an age, that show, in their own way, revolution andchange. It is this element that fascinates me, as also the fact thatthere is a certain sense of dramatic growth and transformation thatcharacters go through as though the story is their journey. Ifeel quite thrilled when readers place The Aryavarta Chronicles asfantasy, the reason being that I think there is the same sense ofmythopoesy, the creation of a story-world distinct and complete initself, not unlike Tolkien’s Middle Earth,” she says

Elaborating on why she chose to keep things real, shesays “Both religion and mythology have been, and still are, usedto legitimise or justify social elements that range from irrelevantto downright reprehensible. So, the attempt to demystify ancientstories is like a quest for a more believable truth, an attempt tomake these amazing characters and stories more ‘real.’ I want tobelieve that things were not always the way they are now; thatequality, compassion and reason were things heroines and heroesfought for and that’s what makes my stories fantasy.”

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That's epic!

Stem Cell Help – sdkjkk – ABSOLUTELY the “PREMIER PRODUCT” for the bodys rejuvenenation and stem cell activation. LAMININE …

By: Scott Douglas

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Stem Cell Help – LAMININE – Cool TRANSHUMAN FOOD! – Video

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