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Transhuman Singularity

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Oct 262015

A list of links to my science fiction short stories:

I am a Hummingbird After my body died the surgeons put me in a hummingbird. It took a while to get use to having my perspective darting around so quickly, but my mind had finally adapted to it.

Sneeze! A few days Mr. Anderson. Don’t worry, it’s a positive virus, I’m origin zero. Then you’ll be one of us, welcome to the new global hivemind, we-I always choose well. It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced or imagined. Expect a mental call, anything will be possible, said Kay, a future echo … Kay Noble replied, then collected the documents, velvet and all, and left the room without a further word.

Muffy the Time Traveling Chihuahua Muffy was a loyal pack dog on the locally collapsed time-day of his death, which varied in fractal quantum probability across a multitude of bifurcated futures or space-time universes.

Lunch 2032 Her IQ was probably skyrocket norm. It seems the gene engineers had given her both great brains and beauty. She wanted to be a Terraforming Research Scientist, but on Earth she would have to settle for other work. Her parents had lost most of their money in a wild Marsearth start-up investment, so she had to work her way through the university, no one would give a genmod scholarship. It was just plain and simple prejudice.

Virtuality Zane Pax hid behind a large bolder as the black alien warship flew overhead. NaHan had swarmed the cities of the world laying waste to human civilization. Humanity was on the endangered species list, on our way out for good.

The Alien Time-Traveler Historian Mathew answers, Variations of me exist in most all future branches. Thats really rare, and thats why Im allowed to speak to you. To help you understand. You see, those that are still basically human in the future have great compassion. They want to help reduce the suffering. Im here on their behalf to try and influence things.

The Galactic Culture Finally, in order to survive the approaching technological singularity and remove their aggressive and self-destructive evolved behaviors, pre-type 1 species sometimes begin an extensive program of self-initiated genetic re-engineering and intelligence amplification (usually proceeded by development of a global computing system -Internet). Sometimes this is successful, other times not.

Lunar CityOutward space exploration and expansion grew at a rapid pace, due to the privatization of all space exploration and its subsequent exploitation. Corporations headed by forward thinking executives now controlled access to space. Spaceports have sprouted up all over the world, giving average citizens access to affordable space travel. Now space stations, moon bases and asteroid factories, which provided most of the raw materials, have become independent space communities. Distant science outposts have been constructed on the outer planets and moons. The solar system has become the playground of humanity.

VR Prototype Jason Chen bent over in his subway seat to pick up a rarely seen plastic penny he spotted face-up on the train floor. A penny existed today only to make exact change for those who still stubbornly used physical money. He didnt understand why, but somehow its continued existence was comforting for some. Angling the lucky coin in his fingers to see the three-dimensional head of Abraham Lincoln, he noted the year on the coin was 2053, the year of his birth.

Dr. Xanoplatu Dr. Xanoplatu, an alien anthropologist, historian, and time traveler, materialized on stage wearing the body of his ancestors, a giant green Praying Mantis with large yellow eyes and small black pupils. He was speaking at a galactic cultural lecture, inside a de-localized spherical space station, somewhere and some when in a multi-versed space-time reality.

Virtuality Mind Marcus replies, Yes, you can assume Im crazy. But, Im just communicating to you through this mans body. For a short period of time, I can do this, without his knowing it. When I leave and his consciousness re-awakens, this memory will seem like a daydream to him.

Resurrection Birth Jason awoke to a static humming sound.It was so annoying, grating on his nerves more than a badly tuned alarm clock.He lifted his heavy eyelids to blinding light, and out of focus images.His vision slowly cleared and he realized he was inside a plastic coffin thing.

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Transhuman Singularity

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Pro-Human Transhuman – TV Tropes

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Oct 022015

This character has been hit with a Viral Transformation, Emergency Transformation, become a cyborg, demon, magical creature, alien or discovers they were never human at all. Despite this, and regardless of any angst over What Have I Become?, they decide that rather than go down the path of Transhuman Treachery and be a Smug Super, Black Shirt, or The Quisling, they will do everything in their power to stay a part of humanity. And if their new species/transhuman fellows are anti-human, they will vow to protect humanity in a pseudo Faustian Rebellion. This can also include transhumans who cast themselves in a shepherd-like role for mankind. This doesn’t include forcibly applying What Measure Is a Non-Super? to bootstrap humanity up, though. That’s more of a Visionary Villain who believes Utopia Justifies the Means. Many Friendly Neighborhood Vampires fall in this category. If the transformation is due to The Virus, this requires copious Heroic Willpower. These characters can usually pull off a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing gambit. See also Monster Adventurers. Related to My Species Doth Protest Too Much, which refers to creatures that aren’t former humans. Opposite Trope to Transhuman Treachery. Super Trope to Vampire Refugee and Phlebotinum Rebel. See also/compare A God I Am Not.

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Pro-Human Transhuman – TV Tropes

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The Overhuman in the Transhuman

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Aug 182015

Max More

Strategic philosopher, The Proactionary Project


Stefan Sorgner (2009) says that on becoming familiar with transhumanism, he immediately thought that there were many fundamental similarities between transhumanism and Nietzsches philosophy, especially concerning the concept of the posthuman and that of Nietzsches overhuman. In contrast to Bostrom (2005), Sorgner sees significant and fundamental similarities between the posthuman and the overhuman. (I will adopt his use of overhuman in place of overman or bermensch.) This overall view seems to me highly plausible. I agree with most of Sorgners comments in this respect. My intent is to give further support to the conceptual parallels. In addition, I argue that these are not merely parallels: transhumanist ideas were directly influenced by Nietzsche.


Should transhumanists look upon Friedrich Nietzsches thought as an embarrassment just as Nietzsche suggested the ape was to man? Is there an abyss between his philosophy with a hammer and the philosophy of transhumanism? Stefan Sorgner (2009) says that on becoming familiar with transhumanism, he immediately thought that there were many fundamental similarities between transhumanism and Nietzsches philosophy, especially concerning the concept of the posthuman and that of Nietzsches overhuman. In contrast to Bostrom (2005), Sorgner sees significant and fundamental similarities between the posthuman and the overhuman. (I will adopt his use of overhuman in place of overman or bermensch.) This overall view seems to me highly plausible. I agree with most of Sorgners comments in this respect. My intent is to give further support to the conceptual parallels. In addition, I argue that these are not merely parallels: transhumanist ideas were directly influenced by Nietzsche.

First, it is necessary to note that an enormous range of ideas can be found in Nietzsches writing, some of which especially comparing different periods of his work may be inconsistent. Although there are clear parallels between Nietzsches thinking and some core transhumanist ideas, the latter are inspired very selectively by the former. Perhaps the most salient example of a Nietzschean idea alien to transhumanism is his eternal recurrence. Nietzsche thought this idea inseparable from that of the overman (or overhuman).

Many scholars have been puzzled at this connection and have often rejected eternal recurrence. Nietzsches attachment to the concept probably results from his seeing it as the ultimate affirmation of the real world as against the Christian (and Platonic) denial of the primacy of the actual, physical reality. Not only is eternal recurrence a bizarre piece of metaphysics in itself, it was part of Nietzsches denial of the idea of progress. Both for its inherent implausibility and for its opposition to progress, this concept cannot be reconciled with transhumanism. Nevertheless, several other concepts can be so reconciled. As a strong opponent of philosophical systems, Nietzsche could hardly object to transhumanisms picking and choosing from among his thoughts.

Direct influence

Sorgnersessay establishes parallels between transhumanism and Nietzsches thought, but does not address the question of whether transhumanist ideas were directly influenced by Nietzsche. I can state with complete confidence that such an influence does indeed exist. I know that because his ideas influenced my own thinking. That thinking led to my introduction of the term transhumanism (only later did I discover Huxleys prior use of the term), to the publication of my essay, Transhumanism: Towards a Futurist Philosophy (More 1990), and to my original transhumanist statement, The Extropian Principles (later The Principles of Extropy, More 1990b). While these essays are far from the only sources of contemporary transhumanism, these seminal writings have been influential. Since they were themselves influenced by some of Nietzsches core ideas, the direct connection between transhumanism and Nietzsche is established.

In Transhumanism: Towards a Futurist Philosophy, for instance, I wrote that The religionist has no answer to the extropic challenge put by Nietzsches Zarathustra: I teach you the overman. Man is something that is to be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? Sorgner notes, The overhuman represents the meaning of the earth. The overhuman is supposed to represent the meaning-giving concept within Nietzsches worldview which is supposed to replace the basically Christian worldview. He also states that Nietzsche upheld that the concept of the overhuman is the meaning of the earth. I think that the relevance of the posthuman can only be fully appreciated if one acknowledges that its ultimate foundation is that it gives meaning to scientifically minded people. This again agrees closely with my Transhumanism essay in which I wrote: I agree with Nietzsche (in The Will to Power) that nihilism is only a transitional stage resulting from the breakdown of an erroneous interpretation of the world. We now have plenty of resources to leave nihilism behind, affirming a positive (but continually evolving) value-perspective.

Critical rationalism

Reflecting its humanist and Enlightenment roots, transhumanism places an extremely high value on rationality. Especially popular among transhumanists is critical rationalism. This form of rationalism differs from the foundationalist certitude of Descartes. In its most consistent form it becomes pancritical rationalism (Bartley 1984). As Sorgner points out, Nietzsche, too, had an immense respect for critical thinking and valued scientific inquiry highly.

In my 1994 talk on pancritical rationalism at the first Extropy Institute conference (More 1994), I started by citing Nietzsches statement: A very popular error: having the courage of one’s convictions; rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack on ones convictions! I might just as easily have cited another passage: Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies. Or the passage from The Gay Science (Nietzsche 1882): Not to question, not to tremble with the craving and joy of questioning that is what I feel to be contemptible, and this feeling is the first thing I seek in everyone: some foolishness persuades me ever and again that every human being has this feeling, as a human being. It is my kind of injustice. Although Nietzsche is not essential to critical rationalism, he does provide inspiration for what might otherwise seem a dry epistemology.


One of the core transhumanist principles of extropy has been that of Self-Transformation. In a later version of the Principles, this was complemented by the principle of Self-Direction. Both of these are highly compatible with Nietzsches thinking. They are also influenced by his work, along with that of many other thinkers. Most centrally, I would point to Zarathustras declaration (Nietzsche 1885): And life itself confided this secret to me: Behold, it said, I am that which must always overcome itself.

From both the individual and species perspective, the concept of self-overcoming resonates strongly with extropic, transhumanist ideals and goals. Although Nietzsche had little to say about technology as a means of self-overcoming, neither did he rule it out. And, as a champion of what he saw as a coming age of science, it is not difficult to see technology as part of the process of self-overcoming, so long as it is integrated firmly with will and self-assertion. Self-assertion in this case, of course, being not assertion of an existing self to preserve itself, but a striving to become who you are. New technologies allow us new means of becoming who we are another step toward posthuman ideals and new ways of giving style to our character. As Nietzsche put it: a great and rare art!

Utilitarianism, slave-morality, and heroic transhumanism

The sole reason Bostrom (2005) gives for saying that transhumanism has merely some surface-level similarities with the Nietzschean vision is that transhumanism thanks to its Enlightenment roots has an emphasis on individual liberties and a concern for the welfare of all humans (and other sentient beings). Bostrom is correct about this emphasis, as reflected, for instance, in the principle of Self-Direction in the Principles of Extropy. Bostrom concludes that transhumanism therefore probably has as much or more in common with Nietzsches contemporary J.S. Mill, the English liberal thinker and utilitarian.

Nietzsche famously had nothing positive to say about the utilitarians. When he mentioned them, it was to say something caustically critical, such as: Man does not strive for pleasure; only the Englishman does (Nietzsche 1889). Should we infer from Nietzsches distaste for the slave-morality of utilitarianism (which turns every moral agent into a slave yoked to the task of maximizing the greatest good of the greatest number) that transhumanism has little in common with Nietzsches thinking? I think not.

What we can infer is that differing variants of transhumanism are possible. Certainly there is no inconsistency between transhumanism and a utilitarian morality. But neither is there any inconsistency between transhumanism and a more Nietzschean view of morality. While Nietzsche viewed morality as essentially perspectival, we can easily enough fit him loosely within the virtue ethics approach classically represented by Aristotle. Yes, transhumanism can be sanitized and made safe so that it fits comfortably with utilitarian thinking. Or we can take seriously Nietzsches determination to undertake a revaluation of all values.

This not need imply any kind of illiberal social or political system. It may simply lead to a version of transhumanism that champions the self-overcoming of the individual without an obligation to the masses. Many sound pragmatic reasons exist for each of us to want to uplift everyone at least for those of us who reject the idea of society and economy as a zero-sum game. Pragmatic considerations are not the only reason a Nietzschean transhumanist may have for benevolence of this kind. Unlike a utilitarian transhumanist who must regard uplifting others as an obligation, a Nietzschean transhumanist would look upon the prospect of uplifting the masses as an expression of overflowing personal power or well-being or health.

Neither a utilitarian nor a Nietzschean transhumanism can plausibly claim to be the true transhumanism. Both share the central elements of the radical transhumanist worldview. My goal has not been to show that transhumanism must be Nietzschean. It has been to show that central elements of Nietzsches philosophy are not only compatible with transhumanism, but have historically had a considerable direct influence on major strands of this philosophy of life.


Bartley, W. W. III.1984. The retreat to commitment. 2nd edition; Chicago: Open Court.

Bostrom, N. 2005. A history of transhumanist thought. Journal of Evolution and Technology 14 (1).

Kaufmann, W. A. 1974. Nietzsche: Philosopher, psychologist, antichrist. 4th edition; Princeton: Princeton University Press.

More, M. 1990, revised 1996. Transhumanism: Towards a futurist philosophy. Extropy 6.

More, M. (1990b revised 2003). The principles of extropy, version 3.11. Extropy 5.5 (1990 version).

More, M. 1994. Pancritical rationalism: An extropic metacontext for memetic progress. Proceedings of the Extro-1 Conference, Extropy Institute.

Nietzsche, F. 1889. Twilight of the idols. (Available in various editions.)

Nietzsche, F. 1885. Zarathustra II 12. (Available in various editions.)

Nietzsche, F. 1882. The gay science. (Available in various editions.)

Sorgner, S. L. 2009. Nietzsche, the overhuman, and transhumanism. Journal of Evolution and Technology 20(1): 29-42.

Continued here:
The Overhuman in the Transhuman

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Transhuman Superpowers & Longevity | KurzweilAI

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Aug 082015

Source: Event organizer

Brighter Brains Institute will be presenting a conference at Humanist Hall in Oakland, on July 12, 2015. The theme is Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity.

Elizabeth Parrishis a leading voice for the advancement of biotechnology. She is the CEO ofBioViva USA Inc.which is committed to building gene therapies to eradicate disease and extend healthy life. She is a board member ofRadish Medical Solutionsand founder ofBiotrove Investmentsand media. She is actively involved in international educational media via theInternational Longevity Alliance, of which she is a board member and the American Longevity Alliance, on which she serves as Secretary. Her lecture presentation topic is A Historical Perspective of the Normal Way to Die and What BioViva is Doing to Change that Paradigm Today

Gabriel Licinais onetime co-founder of Science for the Masses, a biotech grinding think-tank aimed towards altering the human condition in the pursuit of new abilities and leveraging pre-existing technologies for accessibility. Gabriel has a degree in Molecular Biology from University of Washington and was the principle testing consultant for SfM. He develops projects to expand the human condition andtests the ideas put forth by the Grinding community for functionality and feasibility. He is currently working on various projects within the fields of material sciences, microbiology, and mammalian cell biology. Prior projects include mammalian near infra-red vision, next generation functional implant coating technologies and techniques, as well as bacterial modifications for the human and environmental micro biome.

Brian Hanleyis the founder of Butterfly Sciences, a company developing gene therapies for aging. He has a range of papers in biosciences, economics, policy and terrorism, in addition to a recent text on radiation treatment. He obtained his PhD in microbiology with honors from UC Davis, has a bachelors degree in computer science, is a multiple entrepreneur and guest lectured for years to the MBA program at Santa Clara University. Brian brings a unique vision of the future woven from multiple disciplines tempered in decades of practical implementation.

Mallory E. McLaren, J.D. is one of only a handful of persons, globally, who simultaneously hold a law degree and have made regenerative medicine their area of expertise. In the past Mallory has served an aide for a U.S. senator and served in a role at the U.S. State Department. She is an avid animal welfare advocate, a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle advocate, a cultivated meat, milk, and leather industry specialist, and an unapologetic transhumanist. Currently, she is in the process of establishing a financial vehicle aimed at accelerating rejuvenation biotechnology development globally. Mallory holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts from the Evergreen State College, and a J.D. concentrated in Life Sciences Law from Seton Hall University School of Law. Her presentation is titled: Here and Now: Mainstreaming Longevity/Resilience Biotechnology R&D in the Mid-2010s

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Transhuman Superpowers & Longevity | KurzweilAI

America in Prophecy: A Transhuman Replicant Future | Paul …

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Jul 212015

The Bible warned about global government with the account of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, mankinds first global government. The Tower of Babel and Babylon were not the product of primitive cultures. It is very possible that the charismatic leader, Nimrod, who planned and organized the Tower of Babel, was a genetically enhanced super-being, who was the product of interspecies breeding between fallen angels and human women. As such, Nimrod would have been one the worlds first posthuman leaders and a Nephilim. This would have supported the thesis that some human civilizations before the Flood of Noah were highly technologically advanced and that the Tower of Babel was a stargate or portal, which allowed entities from different dimensions access to planet earth. These ancient Babylonian occult religions and their technology may have reappeared on the scene after the Flood. Francis Bacons ideas of a New Atlantis, which seems to be the secret philosophy upon which America was built, appears to be acting like a nano-technology guidance system that is reshaping Americas body electric. Just as electrical signals can cause eyes to be grown in a frogs stomach, so ideas can radically transform America as we know it. Transhumansim and global government, managed by a scientific elite, appear to be the plan for the United States of America. The NATO Summit in Chicago, which may look like something out of the movie Blade Runner, could be the dream of global governance in Daniels prophecy of a Revived Roman Empire. Instead of Roman legions, there could be Russian Special Forces troops protecting the empire.

Currently Russian soldiers are training near Fort Carson, Colorado as part of a bi-lateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia in order to improve skills related to fighting terrorism. In an April 23, 2012 article entitled, Blade Runner: What It Means to Be Human in the Cybernetic State by John W. Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, Whitehead writes:

If Michelangelo were alive in Ridley Scotts future world, rather than portraying God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he would likely paint the human creators of the Tyrell Corporation, the worlds leading manufacturer of replicants which has just introduced the Nexus-6, a replicant with far greater strength and intelligence than human beings. These latest-model replicants represent an obvious potential danger to human society, and their introduction on Earthan offense calling for the death penaltyhas been strictly outlawed. When the replicants somehow make their way back to Earth, they are systematically retired (but not killed since they are inhuman) by special detectives or Blade Runners trained to track down and liquidate the infiltrators.

The signs of the times that Jesus Christ warned us about are happening right before our eyes. Jesus Christ predicted that there would be wars and rumors of wars, nation fighting nation, which comes from the word ethnos, which could imply conflict between ethnic and racial groups. A comprehensive translation of the words of Jesus would include earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, famines, plagues, lawlessness, anarchy and immorality, in what the Bible calls the Last Days. But Christ also warned of a coming charismatic politician who would unite the world into a one world government.

The signs are now occurring with increasing intensity and frequency. A super volcano under Yellowstone could trigger a global chain reaction connected to other super volcanoes. Earthquakes are shaking every continent on planet earth and earthquakes near the Canary Islands could send a five hundred foot high wall of water across the Pacific Ocean and submerge parts of the coastlines. The tsunamis produced by powerful earthquakes could submerge part of the West Coast of the United States and put parts of Europe under water.

A pervasive lawlessness and immorality is engulfing every nation. Human sex trafficking that includes little babies is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Israel was reformed as a nation in 1948, as the ancient Hebrew prophets predicted, and the Revived Roman Empire that the prophet Daniel outlined may still arise from the chaos of the European Union. Yet, one nation seems conspicuously absent from the ancient Biblical prophecies and that is the United States of America.

People ask me all the time, Paul where is America in Bible prophecy? They cannot understand how a nation as large and powerful as the United States would not be mentioned by name in the Bible. The answer to that question may simply be that America will no longer exist as a separate and distinct nation. It will either exist under a different name or America will become part of the Revived Roman Empire or coming one world government. A clue to Americas prophetic destiny may be in the architecture and symbolism of our nations capitol, Washington D.C. Washington D.C. and its architectural design are built on the ideas of ancient Rome. In fact, the Capitol building is designed after the Roman Pantheon, which was dedicated not to the Judeo-Christian God, but to the pagan gods.

Through the influence of a Rosicrucian-Masonic brotherhood, Washington D.C. seems to be constructed to be the capital of Francis Bacons vision of the New Atlantis, which is likely to become the center of the New World Order. On the back of the dollar bill we read the words Novus Ordos Seclorum, which means New Order of the Ages or New World Order. These words are found below an Egyptian pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer above it, inside of a smaller pyramid. This occult symbolism signifies that in the New World Order, a Luciferian elite will rule the masses; or to use the terminology of the Fabian socialists like H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, a scientific elite. This is the restructuring that is going on in America right now.

Nimrod ruled the first global government in Babylon and built the Tower of Babylon as an astrological worship portal that would place men to rule like gods in the heavens. Ancient Babylon, along with its mystery religions, is the spiritual fountainhead for the New World Order. The Freemason architects astrologically aligned the U.S. capital with the constellation Virgo (Isis). There is a picture of George Washington wearing a Masonic apron during a ceremony which dedicates the Washington capitol to these unseen pagan gods or entities that were allegedly present during the ceremony.

If you look carefully at Washingtons apron, you see the symbolism of a radiant eye or the all-seeing eye of Lucifer. The occult ceremony was an invitation for participation by the Egyptian god Horus or Osiris, which is the Greek god Apollo. The Roman gods Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are an important part of astrology, but they are also the names of many of the NASA space programs. Is this merely coincidence?

Go here to read the rest:
America in Prophecy: A Transhuman Replicant Future | Paul …

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Transhumanism – News & Rumors | ExtremeTech

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Jul 022015

Posts Tagged transhumanism What is tDCS, and is there actually any science behind its brain-boosting powers? December 4, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Transcranial direct brain stimulation, or tDCS, has hit the big time. By big time we mean that zapping the skull with electric current is now a science that garners serious consideration from many neuroscientists. We explore some new developments in the field, and take a closer look at the science alleged to be behind them.

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, weve compiled a list of all the gadgets that we at ExtremeTech have bought or are saving up to buy so that you, or perhaps a friend or loved one, can feel like theyre living in the future, too. Without further ado, I give you ExtremeTechs 2014 Holiday Gift Guide For The Discerning Geek Who Wants To Feel Like Theyre Living In The Future.

While the human hand, with four fingers and opposable thumb, is pretty darn awesome, it still falls woefully short when it comes to some tasks such as opening a soda bottle or peeling a banana. MIT, which is obviously a firm believer that we can and should enhance humans as far as physically possible, has a solution: a wrist-mounted robot that gives you two extra fingers. With the so-called 7 Finger Robot equipped, you can both grasp a soda bottle and turn the cap at the same time. According to the MIT engineer who led the project, Harry Asada, some users might even begin to perceive the robotic helping fingers as part of their body like a tool you have been using for a long time, you feel the robot as an extension of your hand.

An MIT spin-off in Massachusetts, backed by the Gates Foundation, has developed a small, remote-controlled drug-dispensing implant that sits just under your skin. Such an implant could be used to dispense a whole range of useful drugs but in this case, one of the first commercial applications will be the contraceptive hormone levonorgestrel. A single implant can apparently provide enough levonorgestrel to be effective for 16 years; currently, no implanted contraceptive works for more than five years.

Stanford electrical engineer and biological implant mastermind, Ada Poon, has discovered a way of wirelessly transmitting power to tiny, rice-grain-sized implants that are deep within the human body. This could well be the breakthrough that finally allows for the creation of smaller pacemakers, body-wide sensor networks, and a new class of electroceutical devices that sit deep in the human brain and stimulate neurons directly, providing an alternative for drug-based therapies for depression, Alzheimers, and other neurological ailments.

Scientists have succeeded in creating the first organism with alien DNA. In normal DNA, which can be found within the genes of every organism , the twin strands of the double helix are bonded together with four bases, known as T, G, A, and C. In this new organism, the researchers added two new bases, X and Y, creating a new form of DNA that has never occurred in billions of years of evolution on Earth or elsewhere in the universe. Remarkably, the semi-synthetic alien organism continued to reproduce normally, preserving the new alien DNA during reproduction. In the future, this breakthrough should allow for the creation of highly customized organisms bacteria, animals, humans that behave in weird and wonderful ways that mundane four-base DNA would never allow.

Read the rest here:
Transhumanism – News & Rumors | ExtremeTech

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Transhuman Treachery – TV Tropes

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Jul 022015

When given powers or made non-human, characters gladly betray humanity and side with their creator. Part of the Horror of being infected by The Virus is its ability to corrupt the mind of a victim, subordinating them into a Hive Mind or outright making them a sociopathic shell of their former self, intent only on killing or infecting their former loved ones. But then there’s times that a transformation doesn’t brainwash, de-soul, drive insane, or demonically possess the victim. Other times the Viral Transformation causes changes that are purely cosmetic, granting amazing abilities albeit at great cost and (usually) a horrifying appearance. So what do these unwilling tranformees do? Become Phlebotinum Rebels or Vampire Refugees and use their powers to fight these monsters? Nope. They engage in Transhuman Treachery. They sell out humanity and ally with who- or what-ever did this to them, regardless of whether or not they wanted to kill all vampires, robots, mutants, or aliens five minutes ago. There is no shock, only joy at becoming “more” than human and being able to flout society’s rules. If this Face-Heel Turn is too quick, it gives the impression that one of the other things is going, like The Dark Side, or With Great Power Comes Great Insanity. However; this trope may be justified a couple of ways. If The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body it doesn’t matter that vampire Dan doesn’t want to drink human blood, he has to, and trying to be friendly won’t last. Alternately, someone seeking the Curse That Cures may make the painful choice to switch sides to save their life. If the setting has an ongoing “race war” against what the character has become, if they don’t join their new race they’ll quickly face death. However most of the time the switch in alliances comes about with alarming speed and lack of concern. At best you’ll see these Big Bad Friends offer the transformation to a friend or loved one… and kill them if they refuse. The Dark Side, they have cookies. It seems resisting these new biological impulses or avoiding becoming drunk on power is reserved solely for protagonists with Heroic Willpower. A possible cause of Beware the Superman, this is the third sin in the Scale of Scientific Sins. Compare Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing and Species Loyalty. Contrast Monsters Anonymous. May lead to forming an Anti-Human Alliance. Opposite Trope to Pro-Human Transhuman or Humanity Is Infectious, depending on the details.

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Transhuman Treachery – TV Tropes

TRANSHUMAN Quantum Computing to Grant Immortality by 2035 1080p – Video

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Apr 122015

TRANSHUMAN Quantum Computing to Grant Immortality by 2035 1080p
I am just a middleman trying to spread the word FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for entertainment purposes only. This constitutes…

By: Timothy anon

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TRANSHUMAN Quantum Computing to Grant Immortality by 2035 1080p – Video

Transhuman: HOPE – Video

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Apr 112015

Transhuman: HOPE
Laura: The Idealist She sees the best in people. Transhuman has a rich and diverse cast. Various walks of life are represented by the characters. Subscribe, Like, Follow and Share to learn…

By: Transhuman Show

Transhuman: HOPE – Video

Transhuman: HUMOR – Video

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Apr 112015

Transhuman: HUMOR
Darrel: The Charmer Its all fun and games until he gets hurt. Transhuman has a rich and diverse cast. Various walks of life are represented by the characters. Subscribe, Like, Follow and…

By: Transhuman Show

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Transhuman: HUMOR – Video

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Yarycho Beats – Transhuman Ambient Horrcore (Beat #1) – Video

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Apr 112015

Yarycho Beats – Transhuman Ambient Horrcore (Beat #1)
Beat Name: Transhuman Made In Fl Studio 11 ( Beat #1) Facebook: ? Email: ?

By: YarychoBeats

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Yarycho Beats – Transhuman Ambient Horrcore (Beat #1) – Video

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided combat, augments, and story detailed

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Apr 112015

Adam Jensen is a failure…

Human Revolution’s final hours held some fairly catastrophic events, regardless of what final choice you made at the end. Square Enix Montreal isn’t saying which, if any, ending Mankind Divided will build from (and, no, it won’t read your old saves). But suffice it to say that – spoiler alert – augmented people around the world were sent on a brief rampage, the Panchaea geo-engineering plant was destroyed, and the Illuminati have successfully pinned both events on ‘transhuman’ terrorism.

In other words, Jensen failed, and the world has turned against all augmented people because he couldn’t stop the Illuminati. As Mankind Divided begins, Jensen has signed up with Task Force 29, an international police organization dedicated to fighting augmented groups that are chafing against their new position on the bottom of the social order – or, to use the terminology of those on top, terrorists. But serving with Task Force 29 is largely a means to a more familiar end.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided combat, augments, and story detailed

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May Cover Revealed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Apr 082015

The original Deus Ex is one of the most critically acclaimed shooter/RPG hybrids of all-time. In 2011, Eidos-Montreal resurrected the dormant franchise with Human Revolution, giving the series an updated look while remaining true to the player choice-driven gameplay. Eidos-Montreal knew its game wasnt perfect, and has worked to improve the series’ combat systems and boss encounters for the latest entry in the series Mankind Divided.

Set in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, Adam Jensen returns and joins forces with an Interpol-funded task force aiming to hunt down and capture augmented terrorists in a world that now hates and fears transhumans. Jensen has a new suite of augmentations that allow him to cleverly navigate stealth, combat, and social interactions, but how Jensen chooses to solve every problem is entirely up to you.

At the end of Human Revolution, the Illuminati caused every transhuman to go into a fight-or-flight response and attack anyone near them. In the next issue of Game Informer, you can find out how this event caused humanity to hate and fear those with augmentations. We spent two days in Eidos-Montreal’s studio, talking with the team and learning about how they build a realistic future. We go in depth on some of Jensen’s new augmentations that help improve the stealth and combat systems, such as the ability to remote hack electronic objects, fire off his nano blade from a distance, and surround himself with a nearly indestructible nanoshield. We also got some great examples on how the game will be as open ended as ever, allowing players to carve their own path through the world. You can only get these details in the latest issue of Game Informer.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided doesn’t yet have a release date, but it’s headed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Click the above image to see the full cover spread

In addition to our 12-page look at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we also dive into the history of Mortal Kombat’s fatalities, provide a look forward at this coming years VR products, and examine the history of the Cyberpunk genre and its influence on games. We also have interviews with Microsoft Studios vice presidentKudo Tsunoda, who gave us some insight into the company’s development process, and Turtle Rocks co-founder Phil Robb, who provides an insightful postmortem on Evolve.

The rest of our May issue is packed with more great gaming coverage. In addition to rounding up the best indie games from GDC, we take an extended look at Sword Coast Legends, a new Dungeons & Dragons game based on the fifth edition ruleset. For previews, we get hands-on time with Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Final Fantasy XV, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Print subscribers should see their issues arriving in the next week or two, but you can access it now if you subscribe digitally (available onPC/Mac,iPad,Android, andGoogle Play). You can also get the latest issue through third-party apps onNook,Kindle, andZiniostarting tomorrow. To switch your print subscription to digital,click here, or to create a new subscription to the digital edition,click here.

Throughout the month, we’re revealing all manner of video interviews, written features on the world of Deus Ex, a special edition podcast, and much more. Click on the banner below to visit our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided hub and follow our coverage as it rolls out throughout the month.

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May Cover Revealed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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[SFM] Doctor Breen addresses an issue with Sector 17 Transhuman arm – Video

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Apr 062015

[SFM] Doctor Breen addresses an issue with Sector 17 Transhuman arm
I've been ask to say a few words to the Transhuman arm of Sector 17 Overwatch.

By: DrHTowers

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[SFM] Doctor Breen addresses an issue with Sector 17 Transhuman arm – Video

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Transhuman Strategies: Mikhail Batin trans. by Maria Konovalenko Q&A – Video

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Apr 052015

Transhuman Strategies: Mikhail Batin trans. by Maria Konovalenko Q A
Mikhail Batin answers questions about his lecture about putting political pressure on the U.S. government to perform anti-aging research. No video from 2:17-3:30, but sound's all there. 3/21/15.

By: Katelyn Petrin

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Transhuman Strategies: Mikhail Batin trans. by Maria Konovalenko Q&A – Video

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Transhuman Strategies: Adam Marblestone on Neurobiology Research – Video

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Apr 052015

Transhuman Strategies: Adam Marblestone on Neurobiology Research
Adam Marblestone speaks on what the science community needs to do next to understand the human body. Adam Marblestone is developing new strategies to accelerate brain science. He is currently.

By: Katelyn Petrin

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Transhuman Strategies: Adam Marblestone on Neurobiology Research – Video

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