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Emanakcuf – “Transhuman Revolution”
Operation Metalfest Dunsmuir CA October 18th 2014.

By: Jon Herfindahl

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Emanakcuf – "Transhuman Revolution" – Video

All Civil Protection Overwatch Transhuman Arm voice files
title in order first to last might have put some in twice.

By: albino

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All Civil Protection Overwatch Transhuman Arm voice files – Video

Violent Virtues, Transhuman Moorhaven as 'Whitechapel'
Violent Virtues, Transhuman Moorhaven came together for a Virtues re-union show to bring Whitechapel to Tiki Bar and Grill. Filmed with my GoPro. Set List:…

By: TheJamsh

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Violent Virtues, Transhuman & Moorhaven as ‘Whitechapel’ – Video

In their zeal to collect as much operational data as possible, organizations hoping to gain an advantage through the use of big data will also need to rethink how they process, analyze and present that material.

When all this information finally gets to the business, it is difficult for the business to understand what to glean out of the data, said Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, CEO and co-founder of big-data startup ClearStory Data. We know this has been a problem for several years now.

Shahani-Mulligan was one of a number of speakers at the OReilly Strata + Hadoop World conference Thursday in New York to offer tips on making the move from data to big data. She suggested that the executive dashboard is giving way to emerging technique of interactive storytelling, which gives data more readily apparent context and meaning.

Meanwhile, organizations should watch Google closely, advised M.C. Srivas, chief technology officer of Hadoop distributor MapR Technologies. Google, with its vast and varied infrastructure, can provide us with a glimpse into the future of where computing is going, said Srivas, who worked at Google before co-founding MapR.

One of the basic rules to pick up from Google is that more data beats complex algorithms, Srivas said. This is something that Google has demonstrated again and again: The company that can process the most data will have an advantage over everybody else in the future.

A number of MapR customers are following this principle, Srivas said.

Millennial Media, a leader in the mobile advertising market, collects up to about 4TB of mobile user data each day, combining with petabytes of data on hand to build profiles of mobile users.

Cisco collects data from its firewalls worldwide, aggregating about a million events per second, all to better detect security threats. Credit agency TransHuman collects data from multiple sources to provide real-time credit scores.

But once an organization has committed to collecting more data, the question becomes what to do with it.

Visualization is a handy tool, but picking the correct visualization is vitally important, advised Miriah Meyer, an assistant professor in the University of Utahs School of Computing.

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Hadoop World: The executive dashboard is on the way out

Humans love to have their minds blown. We are changed by that feeling of seeing or learning something perfectly new — that feeling we call awe. And, according to Jason Silva, thats the secret to really spectacular online content.

Great content trades in the currency of inspiration, said Silva, host of the popular National Geographic TV show Brain Games and futurist with YouTube series Shots of Awe, at Advertising Week in New York City earlier this month. If we are going to tell a story, if we are working with advertisers — why not make that story inspirational? Why not make that story mindblowing? Why not give people that experience of cognitive ecstasy? Because I promise you they are going to be more compelled to share if they are moved by what you have created.

At a time when the volume of material for people to read and watch is exponentially growing, being able to grab consumers attention online is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you can invoke wonder and amazement in the content you create and share, you stand a better chance at making those consumers your customers.

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Silva spends his life seeking that feeling — that exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure. He specifically curates what he reads, sees and does to maximize his potential for experiencing awe.

I think it was Aristotle who used to say that human beings dont care about spectacle, what they care about is ecstatic understanding, he says. We want to feel like we learned something new. We want to upgrade our maps. We want that cognitive ecstasy.

How does he define awe? Its that sensation you experience when youre presented with something you have no existing framework to process. Consider the first time you went to the Grand Canyon or the first time you saw an IMAX 3-D film about space. Literally you have no reference points for what you are seeing, no anchoring for what you are seeing, so your mental maps of the world are being upgraded in real time and that is an experience of awe.

Its next to impossible to listen to Silva and not believe what he preaches. Hes animated, energetic and eager. Its as though he wants to give his audience a taste of the cognitive ecstasy he preaches about. But alongside his charismatic presentation is some pretty impressive science. A 2012 study published in Psychological Science determined that experiencing awe slows down peoples perception of time, and that the more a person experiences awe, the more satisfied they are with life.

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Advances in technology open up more opportunity for awe — and thats a good thing. The changes we are experiencing now, such as the constantly shrinking size of a computer chip or the miniaturization of the video camera, will provide new experiences we cannot even imagine. Silva says thats not something to be feared, but something to look forward to.

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Your Online Content Should Deliver 'Cognitive Ecstasy'

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Six-time Hugo Award-winner Ben Bova presents Transhuman.

Her parents object and the hospital bureaucracy blocks the experimental procedure because it has notbeen approved by the FDA. Knowing that Angela will die before he can get approval, Abramson abducts Angela from the hospital. Heplans to take her to a private research laboratory in Oregon.

Luke has turned his old SUVinto a makeshift medical facility, treating Angela as best he can while they are on the road, desperately trying to keep his granddaughter alive long enough to give her the treatment he believes will save her life.

As the chase weaves across the country from one research facility to another, Luke begins to grow physically younger, stronger. He looks and feels the way he did thirty or forty years ago.

But will he be able to save Angela?

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Transhuman: Ben Bova: 9780765332936: Books

KK Fong X MRSTYLE :Transhuman After All

By: mrrmhk

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KK Fong X MRSTYLE :Transhuman After All – Video

Smirking Revenge – Transhuman Utopian World (Live in Montreal)
Live song performed by Smirking Revenge ( at Piranha bar in Montreal. Filmed and edited by Fred Courchesne Dr. Light for Ondes Chocs (http://ondeschoc…

By: Ondes Chocs

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Smirking Revenge – Transhuman Utopian World (Live in Montreal) – Video

Transhuman Artist Stelarc I The Feed
Stelarc is an installation artist who works across disciplines and sees the body as a melding of meat, metal and code. Facebook:…

By: SBS2Australia

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Transhuman Artist Stelarc I The Feed – Video


By: Void Main

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TransHuman – TechnoCalyps Part 1/3
Are we prepared for dealing with the prospect that humanity is not the end of evolution? Technocalyps is an intriguing three-part documentary on the notion of trans-humanism by Belgian visual…

By: Technology Documentaries

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TransHuman – TechnoCalyps Part 1/3 – Video

by alan lamont.

By: Fijitime

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Despite many incredible advances, the functionality of prosthetic limbs remains limited. Theres no mystery why any kind of arm or leg that you strap on to the soft exterior surfaces of your body and remove just as handily will always remain a foreign contrivance with only mortal power. In order to wield any artificial limb with full strength and confidence we are going to need to plug it in properly, so that it becomes a real part of our musculoskeletal system. Researchers at the Royal National Orthopedic hospital have now created an implant that does just that by interfacing a leg prosthesis directly toyourendoskeleton.

Bighorn sheep ram their heads together with impact forces exceeding 3400 newtons. Imagine if these guys, or perhaps giant elk, had to torque each other about on antlers held in place only by a cup and harness. Nobody would get the girl. Prosthetic designers know this and have finally begun to do what has to be done. A technique known as osseointegration was initially developed[PDF] by various researchers, primarily to bond titanium implants to bone in the arm. The grand view is that once bone-implant continuity is achieved, the groundwork is there for overlying muscularization, sensory investment, and nervous motor control to be extended to the new machine-organ.

The realization that artificial arms strong enough to walk on are not the major design point has led to the leg becoming the new driver for widespread realization of the technology. The hugely successful Flex-foot, made famous by double-amputee Oscar Pistorius, demonstrates that the material construction of the implant itself is not the limiting factor in design or performance. Properly securing a Flex-foot that is required to absorb and deliver Olympic forces requires several hours of assembly and fitting. It no doubt is also unbearable to wear it longer term, even when not under load. Now infamous for other reasons, Oscar (pictured right) did not have the ideal implant on hand when the time came to stand up to an intruder.

The prosthetic leg recently implanted in medical trials by the Royal National researchers was developed by Stanmore Implants. Itcalls its device the ITAP (Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis). The inspiration for it came from a curious paper published some time ago in Journal of Anatomy titled Natures answer to breaching the skin barrier. It describes the innovations used by mammals to create a strong and antiseptic bone-to-skin interface in other words, antlers. The researchers dissected the subcutaneous antler bone of red deer 20 of them actually and they found that they have highly porous geometry. This enables the surrounding soft tissue layers to grow directly into the bone where it can be stabilized.

Even the strongest soft-to-hard interface will eventually be compromised if it is not impervious to bacteria and viruses. As we know, skin breaches, even in the dry places likeunder your nails,are uniquely susceptible to infection. Interfaces that are moist, such as the gums or eyes, require extra accommodations and immune surveillance to keep them secure. By mimicking the antler construction, researchers were able to design implants that can form a tight seal with the surface and deeper level tissue and therefore keep infection out.

Read:Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface

Titanium implants that bond to bone typically have special coatings to increase surface area and adherence. One such surface treatment used is hydroxyapatite (HA), the main component of bone mineral itself. HA was shown to attract fibroblasts, the types of cells that manufacture the collagen which increases strength and elasticity in subdermal tissue. In the ITAP implant, a 40mm titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) pin is coated with HA on the bone-anchored region below the skin. Above the skin, the surface treatment transitions into a DLC coating (diamond-like coating) on the smooth external part that is polished to prevent bacterial colonization. For the exit wound point, a technique known as marsupialization (presumably after the skin pouch of marsupials) was used. Here a circular cut is made in the skin and the epidermal layer is bonded along the edges. Provided that the underlying fibroblast layer is intact, the epidermal cells of the skin surface will be prevented from migrating down around the implant shaft and compromising the integrity of the seal.

Stanmore Implants main line of business is making products for internal fixation of bone that has been compromised by injury or cancer. Itsexperience in designed devices that incorporate HA to control bone growth makes itwell-poised for the trans-skeletal (transhuman?) device market. In addition to the new ITAP implants, it hasalso developed an intriguing space-age method for elongating bone. The movie below shows how itsextendible prostheses implanted into long bones works. It usesan integral 12000:1 reduction drive that is electromagnetically lengthened by the remote force of an external rotating magnetic field, without the need for additional surgery or anesthetic.

Next page: Towards permanent bionic limbs, implants, and other transhumanist wonders

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The future of permanent, fully integrated prosthetic limbs and bionic implants

“Building a Transhuman Social Movement” by Darshan Elena Campos
Global Existential Risks Radical Futures” ~ H+X Conference H+X Conference (Transhuman Visions), June 14, 2014 more info: http://www…

By: H+X

Excerpt from:
"Building a Transhuman Social Movement" by Darshan Elena Campos – Video

TransHuman Hybrids : The Beast System – Immortality of Mind and Body
The End of Ends The Day of Judgement is near for our entire cosmos will soon be terminated, putting an end to our meaningless efforts, and our futile obsessi…

By: 24BaZZa – Saved By Grace Productions

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TransHuman Hybrids : The Beast System – Immortality of Mind and Body – Video

Brian Behm Fantastic Fest Bumper 2014 (transhuman filmmaking frenzy)

By: Brian Behm

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Brian Behm Fantastic Fest Bumper 2014 (transhuman filmmaking frenzy) – Video

Transhuman – EP 4 preview
A short preview of one of the new tracks from Transhuman from their forthcoming EP.

By: Adam Chinner

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Transhuman – EP 4 preview – Video

Transhuman EP 4 in the studio – guitars
Transhuman recording some guitars for their upcoming 4th EP at Freefall Recordings, Cornwall. **audio used does not represent the final mix**

By: Adam Chinner

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Transhuman EP 4 in the studio – guitars – Video

Transhuman Unit – Drumming – Lost_Control+Lost_Control_Part_2
Just jamming along to Transhuman Unit's Lost_Control and Lost_Control_Part_2. Had to make a special Transhuman kit on the Roland module to play along to thes…

By: Matt Snyder

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Transhuman Unit – Drumming – Lost_Control+Lost_Control_Part_2 – Video

Neurotech Transhuman 2014 Version (Lyric Video)
Neurotech Transhuman 2014 Version (lyric video edit) Support Neurotech! One of my favourite bands! And check out the new album …

By: TheMisterTJK

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Neurotech Transhuman 2014 Version (Lyric Video) – Video

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