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Something Transhuman This Way Comes
Not to be on the side of any organised cult religion but the in your face satanic cults are even worse. The agenda stands by the powers that be, divide and c…

By: Love1andbeloved1

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Something Transhuman This Way Comes – Video

Transhuman Full Set Playthrough – GoPro Audio
First time I've sat behind my drum kit in about 6-8 weeks. Not too bad considering, but many many mistakes and general fuck ups and just playing some parts completely wrong lelz. I managed…

By: TheJamsh

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Transhuman Full Set Playthrough – GoPro Audio – Video

May 222014

transhuman teaser #1

By: Billy Martinez

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transhuman teaser #1 – Video

Morgellons, Hexagon, Crystal Cluster Mind Control, Transhuman, Chemtrails


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Morgellons, Hexagon, Crystal Cluster Mind Control, Transhuman, Chemtrails – Video

Ads by Google: Trans`human a. 1. More than human; superhuman. Words may not tell of that transhuman change.

– H. F. Cary.

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Transhuman – definition of Transhuman by the Free Online …

The Transhumans – The Art Of Deceive [Transhuman 007]
The Transhumans: Theory And Practice Of Domination Vol. 3 Video by the29nov…

By: the29novENCORE

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The Transhumans – The Art Of Deceive [Transhuman 007] – Video

Riot of Violence – Transhuman Dystopia (Guitar Playthrough)
Guitar Playthrough of the song “Transhuman Dystopia” performed by Riot of Violence's guitar players Charlie Perez and Oriol Conesa. The song “Transhuman Dystopia” is from Riot of Violence's…

By: Riot of Violence TV

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Riot of Violence – Transhuman Dystopia (Guitar Playthrough) – Video

Terence McKenna; The Transhuman Agenda

By: carpo719

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Terence McKenna; The Transhuman Agenda – Video

Transhuman- A Short Film
A short film I made for my project in my second year at uni to accompany my images about Transhumanism. It derives from the concept that animal and human DNA could be mixed to give humans adaptatio…

By: Aby- Joanne

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Transhuman- A Short Film – Video

University Hospital, Boston

IT OUGHT TO be raining, thought Luke Abramson. It ought to be gray and miserable, with a lousy cold rain pelting down.

Instead, the hospital room was bright, with mid-December sunshine slanting through the windows. In the bed lay eight-year-old Angela, Lukes granddaughter, frail and wasting, her eyes closed, her thinned blond hair spread across the pillow. Angelas parents, Lukes only daughter and his son-in-law, stood on the other side of the bed, together with Angelas attending physician. Luke stood alone.

Hed been playing tennis in the universitys indoor court when the phone call from the hospital came. Or, rather, doggedly going through the motions of playing tennis. Nearly seventy-five, even doubles was getting beyond him. Although the younger men tried to take it easy on him, more than once Luke had gloomily suggested they start playing triples.

And then came the phone call. Angie was terminal. He had rushed to the hospital, bundling his bulky parka over his tennis shorts and T-shirt.

Then theres nothing? Lukes daughter, Lenore, couldnt finish the sentence. Her voice choked in sobs.

Norrie, Luke called to her silently, dont cry. Ill help you. I can cure Angie, I know I can. But he couldnt speak the words aloud. He watched Lenore sobbing quietly, her heart breaking.

And Luke remembered all the other times when his daughter had come to him in tears, her deep brown eyes brimming, her dear little form racked with sobs. Ill fix it, Norrie, he had always told her. Ill make it all better for you. Even when his wife died after all those painful years of battling cancer, Lenore came to her father for comfort, for protection against the terrible wrongs that life had thrown at them.

Now Lenore stood with her husband, who wrapped an arm protectively around her slim, trembling shoulders. Del towered over little Lenore, a tall, athletic figure standing firmly beside his diminutive, grief-stricken wife. Hes being strong for her, Luke knew. But he could see the agony, the bitterness in his clenched jaw and bleak eyes.

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Transhuman by Ben Bova | 9780765332936 | Hardcover …

Editor’s note: Following is the response of Barbara Marx Hubbard to the comments on conscious evolution made by Cardinal Gerhard Mller during a meeting of officials of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) on April 30.

I am grateful to Cardinal Gerhard Mller for raising concerns about conscious evolution and its relationship to Catholic teaching. I hope his focus on this issue will stimulate many, both within the Catholic church and outside it, to deepen human understanding of conscious evolution and how we might advance our own evolutionary action for the good of the whole of Earth life.

I am not a Catholic nor a theologian, yet I have been deeply inspired to help develop the meaning of conscious evolution through my studies of Teilhard de Chardin, Ilia Delio, John Haught, Beatrice Bruteau, Fr. Thomas Berry, David Richo, Diarmuid O’Murchu, and others. And of course, from the New Testament itself.

Now, meeting with so many women religious through LCWR, I see conscious evolution in action. They have been evolving the church and the world for hundreds of years through deep gospel living, a mystical presencing, faithfulness in serving unmet needs, solidarity with Earth, building community as “whole-makers,” risk-taking for the sake of the mission, genius for cooperative self-governance and decision making, and above all bringing love and hope for the future into the lives of millions.

For me, the most vital source of meaning of conscious evolution is the Catholic understanding of God and Christ as the source of evolution, as its driving force as well as its direction. As Ilia Delio puts it, we experience in evolution the Emergent Christ and God Ahead.

Through science, research, technology communications and virtually every other area of human activity, we are weaving a delicate membrane of consciousness, what Teilhard called the “noosphere” or the thinking layer of Earth that is embracing and drawing into itself the entire planet. It will infuse the whole of humanity with a feeling of relationship and resonance. He called this potential experience “the Christification of the Earth.”

Many of us are becoming what Teilhard called “Homo progressivus,” those attracted to the future of the world moving toward the unknown, toward ever higher consciousness, freedom, order, and love.

In this view, evolution itself becomes a spiritually motivated labor of love toward a Christ-inspired world, leading toward life ever-evolving beyond this current stage of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Of course the scientific basis for conscious evolution is coming from many fields, most importantly from an understanding of the new cosmology, of the 13.8 billion year “The Universe Story,” as written by Brian Swimme and Fr. Thomas Berry, and from “Big Bang Cosmology,” as Ilia Delio calls it. Recently, Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present by David Christian, Cynthia Stokes Brown and Craig Benjamin is changing the view of history itself to begin at the origin of creation.

Meanwhile, new technologies are giving us vast new powers we used to attribute to gods, to destroy this world or create new worlds on this Earth and in space, as described in Dr. Ted Chu’s new book, Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic Vision for Our Future Evolution.

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Marx Hubbard response to Cardinal Mller

Transhuman Visions Part 2

By: Church of Perpetual Life

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Transhuman Visions Part 2 – Video

Transhuman Visions part 4

By: Church of Perpetual Life

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Transhuman Visions part 4 – Video

Transhuman Visions Part 5

By: Church of Perpetual Life

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Transhuman Visions Part 5 – Video

Transhuman Visions Part 6

By: Church of Perpetual Life

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Transhuman Visions Part 6 – Video

Transhuman Visions Part 3

By: Church of Perpetual Life

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Transhuman Visions Part 3 – Video

MJDK – Transhuman Posthuman
Recorded by Mateusz Jdrzejczak in April/May 2014.

By: Mateusz Jdrzejczak

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MJDK – Transhuman Posthuman – Video

Amaranthe The Nexus-11 Transhuman
The Nexus 11 Transhuman Amaranthe.

By: osiel lamborghini

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Amaranthe The Nexus-11 Transhuman – Video

Transhuman Final avec Slate
Group University Project.

By: Rodrigo Sant'Ana

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Transhuman Final avec Slate – Video

“The Kingdom of God and the Transhuman Age” by Dorothy Deasy
At the 2014 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, speakers addressed the themes of Mormonism, Transhumanism and Transfigurism, with particular …

By: Mormon Transhumanist Association

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"The Kingdom of God and the Transhuman Age" by Dorothy Deasy – Video

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