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Offshore Company – Offshore Company Formation, Offshore …

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Jun 282016

Welcome to Worldwide Incorporation Services – Leading Provider of Offshore Company Formations

Since 1998, Worldwide Incorporation Services has offered a wide range of solutions and services in supporting clients with their worldwide corporate, banking and investment needs. Worldwide Incorporation Services offers the offshore companies formation and their following administration, services of the registered agent for the offshore companies, virtual office, nominee directors and nominee shareholders for the offshore companies, secretarial services, bank accounts introduction, administrative and tax consulting.

Offshore basically means located abroad or in business can refer to conducting business transactions beyond the borders of a particular jurisdiction or country. Offshore activities are those carried out in another sovereign country that has a separate legal structure and government which is different from that of your home country. Globalization has made it possible to incorporate offshore business activities into the normal operating routine of an enterprise.

An offshore company is a business that is incorporated with the sole purpose of having its operations in a country different from where it is registered/where it directors reside/ where the main stakeholders and beneficiaries reside. An offshore company can also refer to a division of a corporate group that engages foreign manufacturers or foreign business services as part of its mode of operation. Although there are many misconceptions about offshore companies with many thinking that offshore companies are affiliated with illegal trading activities, this is often a false illusion. In fact some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google and apple are legally involved in some semblance of offshore operations. Offshore operations are legal as long as a business adheres to regulations of the new jurisdiction. The offshore company operates on the basis that it can act independently without stringent stifling control measures.

An offshore company can come in handy in the following situations:

1) If you are a startup running on a shoe string budget and therefore need to cutoff budgetary demands. By setting up an offshore company a business will reduce tax obligation, lower registration costs and reduce operating costs.

2) An offshore company is necessary for the growth of your business if you want to conceal the financial information or want to conceal the details of company directors and shareholders.

3) Another necessity of an offshore company is when you have the intention of going global or you have a large foreign consumer base. When most of your customers are not based within your parent company then it is a sound business idea to register in the foreign country where they are based. This will help you build credible business ties and establish reliable business relationships in countries where you have vested interests.

4) If your enterprise is an online business then it is best that you set it up as an offshore company. An online business is a virtual set up that is not subject to geographical location. Therefore, there is no logical reason to be limited to a single geographical location that is disadvantageous to the growth of your business. Consider making your online business an offshore company so that you can build streams of income from foreign countries. Income streams from foreign countries are particularly necessary when your home country suffers rampant inflation. An income stream from a strong overseas currency keeps your online business relatively stable.

5) If your home country is politically unstable or the government has too many restrictions on the type of business you are dealing with. There are still many countries that do not fully support some industries. In such a case it is necessary to register your business in a country that supports all your business operation. This gives an entrepreneur an easy time running a business by reducing government interruption. If your parent country is politically unstable then it is only logical that your consider going offshore to protect your business interests.

6) Setting up an offshore company comes in handy if your business is venturing into new markets that have increased territorial taxation. By registering an affiliate of your business in such a foreign territory, you will be able to cut down on territorial taxation costs and other territorial business regulations which countries use to protect local entrepreneurships. By being registered in the foreign destination that you are attempting to venture into, you are in essence showing a government your seriousness as an investor. This will ensure you are accorded with fair treatment.

Offshore companies have become a viable business solution for many entrepreneurs due to the following benefits:

Minimal taxation This is primarily the reason why many entrepreneurs favor offshore companies. By registering a company in a foreign country you can significantly reduces tax obligations. This is because most countries treat foreign companies to tax exemptions and in some cases charge foreign companies extremely low taxes to encourage and motivate foreign investors. This is a relief especially to start ups that are bootstrapped and cannot afford the high tax obligations in their home countries. However, to ensure that an offshore companies stays on the right side of the law it is imperative to hire an experienced financial analyst. The financial analyst conclusively establishes that there is no conflict concerning tax obligations between the country of operations and the country of registration.

Preserving Confidentiality Unlike in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom where the public can easily access financial information and details of stakeholders and beneficiaries of a company, there are foreign countries where such information is kept confidential. Many offshore financial jurisdictions keep this kind of information private under all circumstances apart from in cases where the company is involved in criminal activities such as fraud and terrorism. This anonymity can come in handy when striking deals with competitors or operating in a market that does not favor a particular individual or group that is a shareholder.

Reduced administration obligations Most offshore jurisdictions have minimal obligatory duties for directors and managers of companies as compared to onshore jurisdictions. Some of the requirements that onshore jurisdictions have on administrators that offshore jurisdictions do not have include filing annual accounting reports. Instead of the administrative obligations, most offshore companies charge offshore companies an annual license fee which is significant as compared to all the administrative obligations if a company was operating in an onshore jurisdiction.

Protection of a companys assets This comes in handy especially if a company is global and has international interests. An international company uses an offshore company to preserve company assets such as real estate property and intellectual property. By preserving assets in offshore jurisdictions such assets are not liable to high tax obligations. If your business is onshore and undergoing a lawsuit. There is a high probability that a subsequent document will be filed to freeze up all your companys assets such as company bank accounts and all property affiliated to your business. On the other hand when your business is offshore, it is impossible for legal litigation to freeze and seize company assets. This is extremely helpful especially to United States entrepreneurs because studies approximate that a whopping 96% of global lawsuits are filed in the US. An offshore company protects its assets by only limiting locally available funds to what is needed to fund the necessary needs of a company. This essentially puts the company in control of its own assets without external interference.

Offshore companies are relatively cheaper to setup and incur lower maintenance costs The legal processes involved in offshore company formation are easy straightforward and inexpensive. Additionally, maintenance is also cheaper as the local authorities in most offshore jurisdictions only require an annual license fee.

Offshore companies require significantly lower capital compared to onshore companies Depending on your offshore jurisdiction of choice, the capital is quite and sometimes there is no obligatory capital requirement required upon registration. This makes offshore companies an invaluable business solution for startups operating on a shoe string budget.

Offshore companies help establish international business ties Thanks to globalization the business world is now borderless. By setting up an offshore company a corporation can establish productive business ties and develop credible business relations with foreign countries. Foreign countries are prospective clients for the products of a company. A corporation can innovatively use its offshore company as a channel to venture into a new market. The foreign government and the local residents are more likely to trust a business that is registered within its jurisdiction.

Click here to find out more about us.

Call to any of our offices for your free initial consultation or request a callback regarding offshore company incorporation.

Our professionals provide expert consultation and solutions designed especially for the needs and objectives of the clients who are interested in investing in the field of international business trading.


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Services related Offshore Company Formation

Worldwide Incorporation Services provides the following services related Offshore Company Formation:

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Offshore Company – Offshore Company Formation, Offshore …

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Offshore Company Formation, Worldwide Business Incorporation

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May 232016

Offshore Companies Consultations Click or call today for a free offshore consultation. Call: 1-800-959-8819

Offshore companies are entities such as corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs) that have been filed outside of ones country of residence. Offshore company incorporation is utilized, among other things, by those interested in asset protection, business expansion and financial privacy. Listed below is information summarizing the reasons for which these entities are formed:

Offshore Company Formation Strategies We have listed several levels of offshore strategies, their costs and benefits. This section discusses the major aspects of offshore planning, including companies, bank accounts and trusts, how they are structured and why.

View all of the top recommended offshore incorporation jurisdictions

Many offshore jurisdictions have much advantageous different legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy. Consider these offshore company formation benefits and facts. The US has 5% of the worlds population, yet 70% of the worlds lawyers. Moreover, unlike other countries in the world, we do not have a loser pays legal system. In other countries, the loser of a lawsuit has to pay both his attorney fees and his opponents, making lawsuits much less frequent. In the US if you are involved in a lawsuit and win, youre still out your own legal expenses, so you still lose. Suing offshore companies is more difficult. If a legal opponent chose to sue your offshore company, he or she may have to post a $25,000 bond to have the case sent through a review board to determine whether or not the case would even make it to a court the bond is non refundable that is a strong layer of lawsuit protection, just by taking advantage of an offshore jurisdictions legal statutes. The money saved by keeping your finances away from prying eyes, thus, preventing lawsuits, safeguarding your assets from litigation and the increased financial privacy are some of the many reasons for going offshore.

Offshore companies offer much greater financial privacy than domestic entities, such as corporations, Limited Liability Companies or an international business companies (IBC). There are many offshore jurisdictions that have favorable laws that the US, Canada and the UK do not extend. These jurisdictions compete for international clientele by favoring privacy of ownership, privacy granted to officers and directors and non-recognition of foreign judgments.

In todays business world, litigious attorneys make the chances of a lawsuit for American business owners a real world fact, some attorneys litigate just to survive and never see the inside of a courtroom. You can learn more about how offshore company incorporation can help with your protection needs by calling We form thousands of business structures every year, helping thousands of Americans with their protection and privacy needs and offering guidance through all of the offshore company formalities.

“Using offshore company business tools, I protected my business income and some personal assets from a potentially devastating divorce battle.”

I created the financial privacy and business model that was right for my financial goals with Offshore Company, Inc. Im private, protected and invested in my familys future.

Get help to the most commonly asked questions about any asset protection or offshore topic.

We are committed to providing a quality service and accurate filing product package. We pride ourselves on putting the customer?s financial future first and foremost.

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Offshore Company Formation, Worldwide Business Incorporation

The SCF Group | Licensed Company & Trust Managers

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May 222016


The SCF Group specializes in providing tax efficient structures be they for general investment, trading abroad or for consultancy. The Group also has considerable experience in advising on UK & overseas property investment, international tax planning & international structures for computer consultants. Our fiscal migration and tax planning department is operated by UK qualified lawyers and accountants and can advise both domiciled and non-domiciled individuals on how to mitigate their individual and corporate tax exposure be it in the UK, Ireland or internationally. Our legal & business department can provide specialized advice on all domestic and international tax planning issues but also upon ‘key’ issues such as asset protection be it in the form of trusts, private interest foundations (PIF’s), pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, divorce and general family law, legal drafting, leave to remove applications etc.


At a more basic level we provide a wide range of Irish and UK company formation, Irish and UK accountancy, “offshore company formation” and offshore/international accountancy services for most European and international company formation jurisdictions.

For overseas property investors and those wishing to set up tax efficient international trading companies – employing mechanisms such as an offshore companies, low tax and managed companies based in jurisdictions such as Ireland, Cyprus, Switzerland and The Isle of Man – particularly where investment in Eastern Europe is involved, our Group has established its own offices in Ireland, the UK, Cyprus and affiliates in jurisdictions such Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands where we can carryout Swiss company formation, Luxembourg company formation and Netherlands company formation. In fact, we are confident that in the case of UK company formation, Irish company formation and Cyprus company formation we are probably the most comprehensive service providers in Europe be it at a company formation, accountancy or company management level. In addition, we have affiliates and agents in all other ‘key’ tax planning jurisdictions including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore and Hong Kong. We can provide a wide range of asset protection trusts, private interest foundations “PIF’s & ASSET PROTECTION” in countries such as Lichtenstein, Panama and Switzerland both as general methods of limiting exposure to income, corporate, inheritance and capital gains taxes together with acting as ideal pre-nuptial insurance policies. The SCF Group has its sales representative office in London but also fully owned offices in Madeira, Cyprus and Ireland where we can provide company formation, nominee directors, company administration, accountancy, VAT management, confidential offshore bank accounts in all major jurisdictions including Switzerland, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Panama when planning for tax for offshore banking.

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The SCF Group | Licensed Company & Trust Managers

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Offshore Companies | International Man

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Apr 222016

You can use a limited liability company formed outside your home country as an international holding company. It, not you personally, would buy and hold the overseas investments you want.

An offshore LLC can be designed to be very unfriendly to your potential future lawsuit creditors, even more so than an LLC formed in the US. An additional plus is that while many banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and other financial institutions shun business from individual Americans, many of the shunners will welcome business from a non-US LLC even if it is American owned.

An offshore LLC owned by a single US person (or by husband and wife) can elect to be treated as a disregarded entity for US income tax purposes, which makes it absolutely income-tax neutral. Or it can elect to be treated as a partnership, which makes it almost income-tax neutral. The LLC also can be used for estate planning in the same way as a US LLC.

By the ratio of benefits to cost and complexity, an offshore LLC rates especially high.

Be sure to getour comprehensive guide on the best offshore company options.

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Offshore Companies | International Man

Ready-Made (Shelf) Offshore Companies Price List, off the …

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Ready-Made (Shelf) Offshore Companies Price List, off the …
Mar 202016

Our offshore shelf companies (ready made off-shore companies) were incorporated specifically for our customers who want a vintage offshore shelf company or just a shelf offshore company for immediate use.

These shelf companies all come with a nominee shareholder and nominee director. The documents included are: Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum and articles of Association; Letter of Appointment of first Director; Declaration of Trust from the nominee shareholder; Power of Attorney from the nominee director; Minutes of the first meeting of the founders; Share Certificates; Register of Shareholders; Register of Directors; Apostille set of the incorporation documents.

The services provided also include: First year government filing fees; Registered agent services, (first year); Registered office, (first year); International express delivery (with the tracking number) by FedEx or DHL.

The table provides a list of ready-made offshore companies and their prices from which you can make your selection.



Renewal date:

US $



Anguilla IBC:

Bluconnex Ltd.


2965 US



Anguilla LLC:



2275 US



Dominica IBC:

Aurora Services Ltd


1530 US



21st Century Technologies Inc


2450 US



ADI Manufacturing Limited


2450 US



AITECH Services S.A


2450 US



Annex Corporation


2450 US



Boden Select Investments Corporation


2450 US



Bolte Property Developers Limited


2450 US



Catwalk Enterprises Inc


2450 US



Century Development and Investment Inc


2450 US



Das Geld GmbH


2450 US



Datacast Limited


2450 US



DexTrex Limited


2450 US



Earth Inc Traders S.A


2450 US



Etalics Investment Ltd


2450 US



Finetex Consulting Limited


2450 US



Flexrate Marketing Inc


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Ready-Made (Shelf) Offshore Companies Price List, off the …

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Belize Offshore Companies: Belize Company Formation …

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Dec 142015

Belize Foundation

We have an established sister company office in Belize for more than a decade. We offer truly low-cost, fast and confidential services.

The Belize IBC Act was introduced in 1990 to implement competitive offshore legislation for Belize IBC’s which was subsequently amended to reflect the changes required to provide efficient Belize offshore services .

Belize incorporation is very efficient under normal circumstances, a Belize IBC can be incorporated in a couple of working days

The documents for Belize company Incorporation do not carry the name or identity of any shareholder or director. The names or identities of these persons do not appear in any public record.

Shareholder(s) and/or director(s) nominee services are allowed to ensure confidentiality.

The standard share capital is USD 50,000 or an equivalent in another recognizable currency.

The minimum paid in and issued capital may be one share which is fully paid.

According to the Belize IBC Act of 1990, Belize offshore companies are exempted from all taxes and stamp duties.

Belize IBC records and accounts do not have to be held or filed with the authorities. If the shareholders, directors or officers decide to maintain such records or accounts, these may be held anywhere in the world.

Belize IBC is restricted from doing business with Belizean residents or Belize corporations except where:

There are no restrictions for Belize offshore company to carry on any legitimate business and investment activity whatsoever, with the exception of bank, insurance or trust businesses which require a special license.

Please check our Belize IBC Prices OR Go to Belize Company Formation

Incorporate in Belize! Incorporate Your Wealth!

Back to top

For purposes of this document, the term “Belize International Business Company” has the same meaning as “Belize IBC”, “Belizean IBC”, “Belize Offshore Company”, “Belize Offshore Companies”, “Belize Offshore Corporation”, “Belize Offshore Corporations” or “Belize International Business Corporation”, “Belize Company”, “Belize Companies”, “Belize Offshore”, “Belize Corporation”, “Belize Corporations”.

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Belize Offshore Companies: Belize Company Formation …

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Hong Kong Value Pack 595 – Fastest and Best Priced Hong …

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Hong Kong Value Pack 595 – Fastest and Best Priced Hong …
Sep 262015


WHAT IS AN OFFSHORE COMPANY? An offshore company is a legal entity registered according to the rules of a particular country or jurisdiction, performing its business outside the country or jurisdiction in which it is registered.

An offshore company can also be registered as an International Business Company (IBC). Offshore companies:

WHY REGISTER AS AN OFFSHORE COMPANY? An offshore company enjoys a number of benefits over an onshore company. The benefits are as follows:

TAX RELIEF Most offshore companies are exempt from taxes on all profits gained outside the jurisdiction. The taxation rate is zero percent (0%) for an offshore IBC.

DISCRETION An IBC has the right to keep all information about its directors, secretaries or shareholders confidential. The law prevents anyone from enquiring about the details of owners and employees. The owners are not legally required to disclose any information about their company to anyone.

MINIMAL COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS An IBC enjoys the benefit of having to fulfill only minimal compliance requirements. However, the following conditions must be fulfilled for incorporating an International

Business Company:

Go here to read the rest:
Hong Kong Value Pack 595 – Fastest and Best Priced Hong …

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Belize Offshore Company Formation

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Aug 212015

Belize is a classic among the offshore tax havens. Few other offshore jurisdictions offer the range of benefits and features that Belize does. If a simple and efficient offshore solution is what You need, Belize is hard to beat.

Fidelity Overseas Ltd is a professional provider of offshore company registrations in Belize. We are physically located in Belize City and licenced by the Belize International Financial Services Commission. In terms of Belize offshore companies, we are the “producers” – not resellers. We are narrowly specialized in the offshore services of our home jurisdiction. Belize offshore company formations is what we do, and that`s what we are good at! This means competent service, quick turnaround and competitive fees.

Unlike many “web-only” sellers of offshore incorporations, we are a real, bricks-and-mortar firm on the ground, regulated and licenced by the Belize IFSC. This means that our senior members of staff have been thoroughly vetted for their competence and personal integrity. Under the terms of our financial services licence, our firm has met substantial capitalisation and quality control requirements.

Our services in Belize include:

We are part of the Fidelity Overseas / Fidelity Corporate Services group, having ground offices in several other reputable offshore financial centres. Through our group partners we can provide a unique blend of local expertise in conjunction with a global perspective on the offshore services industry.

This site provides a comprehensive insight into Belize offshore services. It includes detailed service descriptions, order procedures, legislation reviews and a facility to place an offshore incorporation order online.

Please contact us if you need more information on Belize offshore corporations and related services – we will be glad to assist You!

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Belize Offshore Company Formation

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Offshore Companies – Sovereign Man

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Offshore Companies – Sovereign Man
Aug 082015

To set up an offshore company or relocate your existing business overseas is a crucial step toward internationalizing yourself and your assets. Search for offshore company and youll find thousands of websites promising a quick company formation in Panama or the British Virgin Islands, with a range of other benefits for the jurisdiction in question.

There is a current misconception that offshore business is about evading taxes and hiding money from the government, which is certainly not the case.

There are 100% legitimate ways to structure your business interests overseas and realize significant benefits from an asset protection standpoint as well as tax-standpoint.

Want an example? In the last few years companies such as Google, Apple and a multitude of other companies have cut theirtaxes by billions of dollars in completelylegitimate ways.

You too can do this.

Click here to receive our free intelligence

First of all, you dont have to start a company offshore to save on taxes. If youre an American, just moving out of the US is a terrific first step. As a US expat, about $100,000 in overseas income is tax exempt, meaning that if you live outside the US you dont have to pay any taxes at all on the first $100,000 or soof foreign sourced income (you still have to file your tax report though). However, the real tax advantage from running an offshore company as a US citizen doesnt come from direct tax savings. It comes from tax deferment, meaning you postpone the payment of taxes into the future. If you run a business overseas and reinvest profits within the company you can defer taxes indefinitely. Lets say you have a profitable company overseas. Now imagine that instead of paying taxes on your profits every year you can reinvest that capital in your offshore company every year for 30 years, and only pay taxes if you decide to sell the company after 30 years. Being able to reinvest your capital tax-free combined with the power of compound interest makes this a truly exceptional opportunity.

Its a great idea to structure your business overseas, especially one thats online-based. If you incorporate your foreign business properly, it provides a legal way to defer tax payments (similarly to an IRA), as well as enabling much reduced liability. An online business has no limits as to how and where it can do business, so why should you let your business be limited by a jurisdiction that is based on the old, geographically limited model? Starting an offshore online business is a great way to build streams of income outside of your home country. Why would you want to have income streams outside of your country? Well, when inflation runs rampant in a country, having an income stream overseas in a stronger currency can potentially be a lifesaver. If hyperinflation would find its way to your country, which is a real risk with central banks all around the world printing new money 24/7, earning only a small part of your income in a different country is invaluable. An internet business based overseas, coupled with an offshore bank account, is the perfect medium through which you can do this.

Continued here:
Offshore Companies – Sovereign Man

Offshore Company Formation Types – Business Structures and …

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Offshore Company Formation Types – Business Structures and …
Jul 222015


Once an offshore jurisdiction is chosen based on your needs and the benefits you are seeking, choosing the company type follows the same decision process. Popular offshore company formation jurisdictions offer Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, among others. Depending on what you are looking to do with your offshore plans, a single company or corporation plus an additional legal tool or bank account may be the solution. In some cases bank accounts, trusts and other structures are necessary to build the complete strategy that is right for you. Here are a few examples and more information on offshore companies:

Nevis LLC offers superior asset protection over corporation law of many other jurisdictions and is the offshore company formation type we most recommend for asset protection and financial privacy. This provides a key aspect to an asset protection plan due to superior provisions than other countries. For example, when a member (owner) of the Nevis LLC is sued, there are provisions in the law that protects the assets inside of the LLC from being seized from a resulting judgment. For more information on the Nevis Limited Liability Company please visit that website section.

British Virgin Islands Offshore Companies or International Business Company (IBC) is a reputable jurisdiction, and offers privacy of ownership for assets held inside of the company and the ability to transfer domicile. IBC’s are exempt from local taxes and stamp duty, along with huge privacy and confidentiality benefits. Our website offers additional information on international business company (IBC).

Belize Offshore Companies are popular structures due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the jurisdiction. It also offers a high degree of privacy and protection. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America.

Panama IBC is now a stable presence in Central America with respectable business growth potential. Panama offers strong financial secrecy and a relatively stable economy. For more information on the Panama IBC please visit this section of our website.

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Offshore Company Formation Types – Business Structures and …

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Star Corporate Vietnam: One Stop Shop for Foreign Investment into Vietnam – Video

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Star Corporate Vietnam: One Stop Shop for Foreign Investment into Vietnam – Video
Apr 132015

Star Corporate Vietnam: One Stop Shop for Foreign Investment into Vietnam
One stop shop for direct foreign investment into Vietnam. Business start up and on-going administration support. Offshore companies. All licenses and permits. Taxation, HR services. Leases….

By: Mr Director

Original post:
Star Corporate Vietnam: One Stop Shop for Foreign Investment into Vietnam – Video

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Electrical Disaster & Evil Offshore Companies [Spaethon’s 2 Cents Worth] – Video

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on Electrical Disaster & Evil Offshore Companies [Spaethon’s 2 Cents Worth] – Video
Mar 192015

Electrical Disaster Evil Offshore Companies [Spaethon's 2 Cents Worth]
March 19, 2015 ~*My Two Cents Worth*~ Spaethon discusses the possibility of a worldwide power grid failure and a cheap item we don't think about that would be worth its weight in gold in a…

By: Spaethon

See more here:
Electrical Disaster & Evil Offshore Companies [Spaethon’s 2 Cents Worth] – Video

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How London is 'safe haven' for money laundering

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on How London is 'safe haven' for money laundering
Mar 112015

Around 36,000 London properties are thought to be owned by hidden firms Transparency International say the firms are registered in offshore havens The charity fears many properties are being used to stash corrupt money One in ten properties in Westminster are owned by offshore companies Charity urges government to make sure UK doesn’t become a destination for ‘global corruption’

By Louise Eccles Business Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Published: 01:55 EST, 4 March 2015 | Updated: 06:25 EST, 4 March 2015



View comments

International criminals are using British property as their preferred safe haven to stash their corrupt money, a startling report claims.

Transparency International UK said 36,000 London properties are owned by hidden companies registered in offshore havens.

They fear many of these are being used by corrupt overseas politicians from the worlds poorest countries who want to hide their criminal cash.

A new report has revealed that thousands of homes in London are being bought anonymously by offshore companies so they can hide corrupt money (file picture)

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How London is 'safe haven' for money laundering

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British property 'safe haven' for corrupt cash: campaigners

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on British property 'safe haven' for corrupt cash: campaigners
Mar 102015

AFP/File Justin TallisMore than 36,000 properties in London are held by companies registered in offshore havens such as the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Isle of Man, according to campaign group Transparency International

London (AFP) – British property is a safe haven for money stolen from around the world, with tens of thousands of London properties owned by secretive companies, according to a corruption report released Wednesday.

Campaign group Transparency International found 36,342 properties in London covering 3.6 square kilometres are held by companies registered in offshore secrecy havens such as the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Almost one in 10 properties in the district of Westminster, where the British government is based, are owned by a company registered in an offshore haven, the report found.

In 2011 alone, the report said, 3.8 billion worth of UK property was bought by companies registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The group said the use of British property to store stolen wealth may have helped inflate prices — an explosive political issue due to near-record prices and a lack of affordable housing ahead of Britain’s May election.

“There is growing evidence that the UK property market has become a safe haven for corrupt capital stolen from around the world, facilitated by the laws which allow UK property to be owned by secret offshore companies,” said Transparency International executive director Robert Barrington.

“This has a devastating effect on the countries from which the money has been stolen, and it’s hard to see how welcoming in the world’s corrupt elite is beneficial to communities in the UK.”

The group urged the government to make the Land Registry require transparency over who owners of companies are, in order to ensure Britain is not “the destination of choice for global corruption”.

Go here to see the original:
British property 'safe haven' for corrupt cash: campaigners

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UK property 'haven for stolen cash'

 Offshore Companies  Comments Off on UK property 'haven for stolen cash'
Mar 052015

Corrupt money stolen around the world is finding a safe haven in the UK property market, campaigners said today.

Transparency International UK said the Government needed to act quickly to make sure the UK does not become “the destination of choice for global corruption”.

New research shows 36,342 London properties covering a total of 2.25 square miles are held by hidden companies registered in offshore havens, the organisation said.

The study, analysing data from the Land Registry and the Metropolitan Police Proceeds of Corruption Unit, found that 75% of properties whose owners are under investigation for corruption made use of offshore corporate secrecy to hide their identities.

Robert Barrington, the organisation’s executive director, said: “There is growing evidence that the UK property market has become a safe haven for corrupt capital stolen from around the world, facilitated by the laws which allow UK property to be owned by secret offshore companies.

“This has a devastating effect on the countries from which the money has been stolen, and it’s hard to see how welcoming in the world’s corrupt elite is beneficial to communities in the UK. It is astonishing that the UK has sleepwalked into this situation, and the Government needs to act quickly to make sure that the UK does not become the destination of choice for global corruption.

“Some relatively simple measures would be a good start, such as the Land Registry requiring transparency over who owns the companies that own so much UK property.”

The campaigners say more than 180 million of property in the UK has been brought under criminal investigation as the suspected proceeds of corruption since 2004. This is believed to be the tip of the iceberg. More than 75% of the properties under criminal investigation use offshore corporate secrecy.

Almost one in 10 properties in the City of Westminster (9.3%), 7.3% of properties in Kensington and Chelsea, and 4.5% in the City of London are owned by companies registered in an offshore secrecy jurisdiction.

More than a third of foreign companies holding London property are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (13,831 properties). This is followed by Jersey with 14% (5,960 properties), the Isle of Man with 8.5% (3,472) and Guernsey with 8% (3,280).

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UK property 'haven for stolen cash'

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Offshore Companies Registration, Offshore Company …

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Mar 022015

Sterling establishes, manages and administers offshore companies and international companies, offshore trusts, private foundations and funds utilized in various structures for an international clientele spanning over 80 countries. These entities combined with Sterlings supporting services allow us to provide a number of different solutions designed to achieve specific objectives of our clients. These objectives broadly include asset protection, international investment, tax optimization and foreign market entry.

Todays global business and investment environment is continually evolving with new bilateral and multilateral frameworks being agreed between countries, governments looking to increase tax revenues to fill voids and other factors that can effect the international investor, corporation or businessman. Sterling understands these ever changing dynamics and provides services designed to help our clientele achieve their objectives while remaining compliant in the new global environment. We continually strive to make the complex simple so our clients can focus on other matters.

Whether the situation requires services relating to offshore companies, private foundations, offshore trusts and/or funds in Seychelles or any other country, Sterling can accommodate your needs in a competent and expeditious manner.

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Offshore Companies Registration, Offshore Company …

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Canada Life acquires Legal & General

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Feb 102015

Canada Life, the UK subsidiary of Canadian financial services group Great-West Lifeco, is to acquire Dublin based offshore insurer Legal & General International (LGII) for an undisclosed sum.

Canada Life, the UK subsidiary of Canadian financial services group Great-West Lifeco, is to acquire Dublin based offshore insurer Legal & General International (LGII) for an undisclosed sum.

Paul Mahon, president and chief executive officer of Great-West Lifeco, said that the transaction will enhance the position of Canada Life in the UK, and give clients and professional advisers further confidence in our UK offshore business.

Launched in 2007, LGII is a subsidiary of the Legal & General Group Plc and provides investment and tax planning solutions, primarily focused on the UK high net worth market. LGII has over 4,000 UK offshore bond policies with assets under administration of 2.5bn (3.3bn), as at October 30th 2014.

Canada Lifes Irish operations were subsumed into Irish Life in January 2014, but the UK operations still carry the name. An offshore bond provider, it has been selling into the UK for over 27 years through its offshore companies, based in the Isle of Man.

The sale of LGII is part of the L&G groups ongoing disposal programme of its peripheral assets.

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Canada Life acquires Legal & General

BVI company formation. Offshore BVI companies from …

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Feb 072015

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the oldest and most respected offshore financial centres in the world.

BVI is widely considered as a benchmark, which the other offshore tax havens strive to emulate.

Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd is a professional offshore incorporation services firm. We are located in the British Virgin Islands and we specialize in BVI Business Companies – probably the worlds most popular type of offshore company.

We are a source provider, not an intermediary. For our clients, that translates into expert service, competitive fees and quick turnaround time.

Our firm is licensed by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission under the BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act 1990, Licence No GTL 14006/06. As such, we are regulated and supervised by the FSC in regards the quality of our incorporation and company management services, the competence of our staff and the safeguarding of client interests. Along these lines, we are subject to substantial capital adequacy requirements and carry professional indemnity insurance.

Our services include offshore company formation in British Virgin Islands and subsequent management and administration of such companies, including services of the Registered Agent, provision of the registered address, third-party directorship and company management services, shareholders, services, virtual office and secretarial services, bank account introductions, custody of documents and corporate searches, preparation of corporate and business documentation and general administration.

Our clients are private entrepreneurs as well as professional intermediaries such as tax consultants, financial advisors, accountants and lawyers. Our client base is purely global, reflecting on the worldwide popularity and recognition of BVI as an offshore tax haven.

Being part of the Fidelity Overseas group, with affiliate offices in several other offshore centres, we provide our clients with local expertise in conjunction with a global perspective, supported by more than 10 years experience in the offshore financial services business.

We welcome You to browse through our site, which we have tried to make as informative and functional as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if You need any further information about BVI offshore companies and services – we will be delighted to write or speak to You!

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BVI company formation. Offshore BVI companies from …

Gulf Land Structures Announces Latest Offshore Living Accommodation Services

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Jan 202015

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

Gulf Land Structures has recently announced new designs for offshore accommodations to take into account the changing needs of its clients. Understanding the many weeks or months that workers must deal with on an offshore rig, Gulf Land Structures is designing its new accommodations towards an extended stay model so that offshore rig workers will have new spaces for rest, meals, and even recreational areas while off-duty. With an eye to both quality and cost-effectiveness, workers on rigs using Gulf Land Structures’ new, more effective designs will be treated to a “home away from home” environment in the new accommodations.

Gulf Land Structures has released these new designs taking into account the need to provide a more pleasant environment on the part of offshore companies to provide comfort for their workers, and their new designs reflect advances in both modularity and comfort. Because of the high stress associated with working offshore, Gulf Land’s new designs call for more efficiency of space for workers while providing adequate room and comfort through a variety of optimized structural designs.

Gulf Land Structures handles offshore rig residences of any size and specializes in modular steel and fiberglass structures that are both durable and affordable for offshore rig operators. Gulf Land Structures has a pending ISO 9001 certification as well as over a decade in offshore rig residence development, as well as experience in designing for unique situations involving any type of offshore drilling rig. Besides the design of new residence areas, the company is also experienced in structural refurbishment, including everything from coating and mold treatment services to modular rental structures.

With the new design options that are now being offered by Gulf Land Structures, companies interested in either designing or refurbishing their offshore rig’s residential structures have options that are both affordable and designed with the person staying on the rig in mind. Companies seeking to work with Gulf Land Structures on their rig’s new design or residence refurbishment can contact Gulf Land Structures to learn more about the design and bidding process, as well as have access to a portfolio of Gulf Land Structures’ previous successful designs as templates for their specific needs. Gulf Land Structures typically deploys a design team to understand the specific, individual needs of a specific offshore rig as well as provide an estimate of what is feasible based upon the company’s budget requirements.

About Gulf Land Structures: Gulf Land Structures has over a decade of design and installation experience with durable, modular offshore accommodation structures, as well as offshore residence repair, refurbishment and maintenance. Since 2007, Gulf Land Structures has defined quality and customer service as their top priorities in the design and implementation of modular offshore residences. Their mailing address is 4199 Cameron St. Lafayette, LA, 70506. For more information, visit, or call 888-226-3551.

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Gulf Land Structures Announces Latest Offshore Living Accommodation Services

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