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Offshore Banking: Offshore Bank Accounts Services, Best …

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May 092016

Just as the future of doing profitable international business lies in the offshore business company, the future of advantageous banking lies in offshore banking.

Is Offshore Banking For You?

Banking offshore is no longer restricted or limited to individuals or corporations with high net worth. In fact, offshore banking is actually recognized as a necessary tool of the trade for international business and is a very big part of the international financial system. Out of sheer necessity, the accessibility of offshore bank account expanded with globalization and world market trading. Offshore banking is used both by the majority of international corporations and by millions of private individuals daily. The desirability, the accessibility of the offshore bank account has spawned a large international market of offshore financial institutions with specialized offshore banking services catering to companies and individuals alike.

If you wish to access tax free banking facilities, have enhanced privacy in banking, and want to protect your assets from political and economic stability, open an offshore bank account today.

Why Offshore Banking?

Generally, well regulated offshore banks are highly favoured for a few key characteristics:

Years ago banking offshore was synonymous with Swiss banks, private banks, immense wealth, and not so glorious illegal trade, organized crime and tax evasion. No longer, today, offshore banking is an international tool of the trade, in which hundreds of billions of dollars pass through offshore bank accounts on a daily basis. Offshore financial centres and offshore banks are found in all regions of the world, including the well recognized European, Caribbean and Asian offshore financial centres.

Offshore Banking

Offshore banks come in all shapes and sizes. Some offshore banks provide the full suite of offshore banking services to corporations and individuals, while some offshore banks are exclusive, private and highly specialized catering to only individuals of high net worth; such financial establishments do not have walk in customers, but rather have a pool of customers selected on a preferential referral basis; there are other offshore banks that only offer offshore corporate banking services.

Generally, the retail offshore banks feature both offshore corporate banking services and offshore personal banking services. The wide range of offshore banking services may include:

The cost to open an offshore bank account

The cost for retail offshore banking also varies, and will depend on the type of bank, the level of service offered, the jurisdiction, though the cost of offshore banking in a retail offshore bank is expected to be lower than that of the more exclusive private offshore banks. However, the services at the retail offshore bank will not be as intimate/personal or customized as compared to that of exclusive private offshore banks. It may then boil down to preferences and banking within your expectations.

Offshore accounts can be opened in some offshore banks, (Panama for example) with an initial deposit of as little as US$500. Some European banks require a deposit of US$2,000,000 to open a private personal offshore account. On average, offshore corporate banking accounts are opened with US$10,000. Veritably, the cost to open the offshore account is wide ranging, so it is best to choose a bank and the type of account that is based on your on your confidence in the offshore financial centre and the bank, the services the bank offers, and the rates for services and favourable deposit requirements.

The Privacy and Confidentiality of offshore accounts

The process for to open an offshore bank account varies with jurisdiction and institutions In countries where offshore banks are well regulated and equally stable and secure, you should expect some level of due diligence to be performed by the offshore bank. Beware of offshore banks which have little or no due diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Corporation and personal information is exchanged during the offshore bank account opening process, and such information is private and confidential under law, although the privacy afforded citizens from countries by the EU Savings Tax Directive 2005 may be limited under this Directive as information is automatically exchanged.

How to open offshore bank Account?

You will not need to plan a trip to Panama, or Jersey, or the Cayman Islands to open an offshore bank account for your offshore company. Offshore bank accounts can be formed online, or through a local agent who will provide the necessary documentation and in some cases the required bank introductions. Generally the requirements to open offshore bank account in more commercial offshore banking establishments are:

For Offshore Company Accounts

For the personal offshore bank account

Before you choose you offshore banking company for your offshore corporate banking or personal banking offshore, look into a few of the offshore banks to first establish the deposit qualifications, the minimum deposits requirements as these differ greatly by bank and by country.

Offshore Bank Introductions for Offshore Company accounts, Offshore Service Agents

Bank introduction are important where the bank will only accept clients from a source with which is knows, that being the agent. Some agents will only assist in opening an offshore company account that has been formed though them, we recommend you buy a package where an offshore company and an offshore bank account is bundled together. This increases you chances of successfully opening an offshore bank account for offshore companies.

The local agent will to execute the offshore account application on your behalf without you ever stepping a foot into the country. Most professional offshore service providers use overnight courier services to move documents between the bank and the client, to ensure you confidentiality and security are maintained.

Best offshore accounts

The best offshore banking companies are trusted financial institutions with good reputations and solid backing. Generally an international (publicly traded) bank is more likely to be solvent.

Offshore Banking: Offshore Bank Accounts Services, Best …

Offshore Banking – The New York Times

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on Offshore Banking – The New York Times
Apr 202016

Latest Articles

S.E.C. Held Up by Democrats | Criminal Inquiry Into Panama Papers Tax Avoidance Claims | Chinese Consortium to Buy Lexmark

The disclosures of hidden wealth in the Panama Papers have focused attention on the secrecy offered under American law to offshore companies.


Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have agreed to share information on company ownership and that urged the Group of 20 Nations to do the same.


The resignation of Jos Manuel Soria, who has not been charged with wrongdoing, comes at a time of turmoil in Spanish politics, after inconclusive elections in December.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif left Pakistan to receive medical treatment in London in the middle of an unfolding scandal over his familys offshore wealth.


Many in Africa have long known that billions of dollars are being spirited away to tax havens every year, making their lives even more precarious.


The tax code is rigged to give Americas biggest corporations a free ride.


Officials said they were looking for evidence of illegal activities during the search of the headquarters of Mossack Fonseca, which specializes in setting up offshore accounts.


The proposed rules, in the works before the Panama Papers leak, are intended in some ways to lift the veil on similar types of corporate secrets.


The leaked documents show the many ways offshore shell companies are used to conceal the ownership of art. Heres a look at three cases.


The British prime minister confronted the Labour Party in Parliament in a spirited debate over economic fairness that was set off by the Panama Papers.


David Lammy, a member of the Labour Party, asked Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain about property owned by offshore companies, what he called dirty money.


The revelations of a vast off shore industry require new laws and new transparency, not finger-pointing, President Juan Carlos Varela says.


Mr. Cameron, the British prime minister, admitted that he had bungled his response to questions about his inheritance from his father, who had an offshore investment company.


The prime minister has condemned offshore accounts used to avoid taxes, but leaked documents show that his family has profited from an offshore investment fund.


First Ashley Madison accounts, now offshore accounts?


The Financial Conduct Authority has given 20 lenders and other financial institutions until April 15 to respond to the request.


While most nations have agreed to share information to root out tax havens, Panama has dragged its feet.


The new Obama administration rules will ultimately discourage companies from investing in the U.S.


Readers react to disclosures about the use of tax havens by prominent political figures and their families and associates worldwide.

S.E.C. Held Up by Democrats | Criminal Inquiry Into Panama Papers Tax Avoidance Claims | Chinese Consortium to Buy Lexmark

The disclosures of hidden wealth in the Panama Papers have focused attention on the secrecy offered under American law to offshore companies.


Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have agreed to share information on company ownership and that urged the Group of 20 Nations to do the same.


The resignation of Jos Manuel Soria, who has not been charged with wrongdoing, comes at a time of turmoil in Spanish politics, after inconclusive elections in December.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif left Pakistan to receive medical treatment in London in the middle of an unfolding scandal over his familys offshore wealth.


Many in Africa have long known that billions of dollars are being spirited away to tax havens every year, making their lives even more precarious.


The tax code is rigged to give Americas biggest corporations a free ride.


Officials said they were looking for evidence of illegal activities during the search of the headquarters of Mossack Fonseca, which specializes in setting up offshore accounts.


The proposed rules, in the works before the Panama Papers leak, are intended in some ways to lift the veil on similar types of corporate secrets.


The leaked documents show the many ways offshore shell companies are used to conceal the ownership of art. Heres a look at three cases.


The British prime minister confronted the Labour Party in Parliament in a spirited debate over economic fairness that was set off by the Panama Papers.


David Lammy, a member of the Labour Party, asked Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain about property owned by offshore companies, what he called dirty money.


The revelations of a vast off shore industry require new laws and new transparency, not finger-pointing, President Juan Carlos Varela says.


Mr. Cameron, the British prime minister, admitted that he had bungled his response to questions about his inheritance from his father, who had an offshore investment company.


The prime minister has condemned offshore accounts used to avoid taxes, but leaked documents show that his family has profited from an offshore investment fund.


First Ashley Madison accounts, now offshore accounts?


The Financial Conduct Authority has given 20 lenders and other financial institutions until April 15 to respond to the request.


While most nations have agreed to share information to root out tax havens, Panama has dragged its feet.


The new Obama administration rules will ultimately discourage companies from investing in the U.S.


Readers react to disclosures about the use of tax havens by prominent political figures and their families and associates worldwide.

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Offshore Banking – The New York Times

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How to explain offshore banking (and when it is naughty …

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Apr 072016

With the release of the Panama Papers, revelations about the murky world of offshore banking are coming thick and fast. But how do you explain it all simply? And how do you explain that there are sometimes good reasons for using offshore banking? Reddit user DanGliesack came up with a great way of conveying the complexity in a lovely tale aimed at those who are five years old, and perhaps those a little bit older too.

When you get your pocket money, you put it in a piggy bank. The piggy bank is on a shelf in your wardrobe. Your mum knows this, and she checks on it every once in a while, so that she knows when you put more money in or spend it.

Now one day, you might decide I dont want mum to look at my money. So you go over to Johnnys house with an extra piggy bank that youre going to keep in his room. You write your name on it and put it in his wardrobe. Johnnys mum is always very busy so never checks on his piggy bank. You can keep yours there and it will stay a secret.

All the kids in the area think this is a good idea, and everyone goes to Johnnys house with extra piggy banks. Now Johnnys wardrobe is full of piggy banks from kids in the neighbourhood.

One day though, Johnnys mum does look in the wardrobe and sees all the piggy banks. She gets very angry and calls everyones parents to let them know.

Now not everyone did this for a bad reason.

Erics older brother always steals from his piggy bank, so he just wanted a better hiding spot. Tammy wanted to save up to buy her mum a birthday present without her knowing. Azim just did it because he thought it was fun.

But many kids did do it for a bad reason.

Elizabeth was stealing peoples lunch money and didnt want her parents to figure it out. Rhys was stealing money from his mums purse. And Bobbys parents have put him on a diet, and he didnt want them to figure out when he was buying sweets.

Now in real life, many very important people were just caught hiding their piggy banks at Johnnys house in Panama. Their mums have all found out. Pretty soon, well know more about which of these important people were doing it for bad reasons and which were doing it for good reasons. But almost everyone is in trouble regardless.

Its a great analogy.

What is particularly useful is the point at the end, that not everybody has a bad reason for hiding their money this way. As part of its coverage of the Panama Papers, Fusion have produced a handy list of reasons you might use a shell corporation offshore.

Some legitimate reasons might be:

Some less legitimate looking reasons might be:

Were not sure how you explain those things to a five-year-old though. Maybe just stick with the piggy bank bit.

With thanks to DanGliesack whose Reddit comment we have adapted, and the Fusion Investigative Unit which produced the shell corporation graphic. Panama Papers reporting team: Juliette Garside, Luke Harding, Holly Watt, David Pegg, Helena Bengtsson, Simon Bowers, Owen Gibson and Nick Hopkins.

The rest is here:
How to explain offshore banking (and when it is naughty …

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Offshore Bank Account Costs to Open a New Account

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on Offshore Bank Account Costs to Open a New Account
Mar 132016

USA: 1-800-959-8819

Intl: +1-661-282-2084

Order Now >

Offshore banking accounts are generally opened under the name of offshore companies or corporations. This increases privacy; all banking transactions are traced under the name of a company, not the client. Opening an offshore bank account in this facet could cost anywhere between $350 to $550 and the cost of the company. An offshore company typically runs between $1495 and $2,495. So, the total is usually $1845 for both.

It is absolutely critical that any client seek the information necessary to make a strong decision when opening an offshore account and forming offshore companies. We strongly recommend that you call for help to select jurisdictions, account and company types that are right for you.

Offshore banking accounts need to be opened with an initial deposit to activate your account. Though some providers proprietary account types, fees, interest rates, etc. vary, most offshore financial institutions have competitive costs. The interest rates tend to be higher than domestic institutions. The process of establishing the offshore bank account will incur processing fees, courier charges and some small miscellaneous costs, for things such as notary charges, etc. has helped thousands of Americans open private financial accounts, companies and corporations and can assist in your needs today.

Finding out what jurisdication and bank is right for you is easy. Simply call our representatives and explain your needs or fill out the inquire now form and we will call you.

“Using offshore company business tools, I protected my business income and some personal assets from a potentially devastating divorce battle.”

I created the financial privacy and business model that was right for my financial goals with Offshore Company, Inc. Im private, protected and invested in my familys future.

Get help to the most commonly asked questions about any asset protection or offshore topic.

We are committed to providing a quality service and accurate filing product package. We pride ourselves on putting the customer?s financial future first and foremost.

terms of use | privacy policy

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Offshore Bank Account Costs to Open a New Account

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Offshore Bank Formation – Form an Offshore Bank. Forming …

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Mar 132016

Under the Offshore Banking Act of 1996, companies and individuals can form and operate private offshore banks in Dominica provided that prescribed requirements are met. Here you will find full details, requirements and terms for licensing of an offshore financial institution in Dominica.

Offshore banking isalegitimate financial exercise undertaken asaform ofinvestment and means tofinancial security and freedom.

Offshore Bank Licensees acquire the powerto:

CCP Inc. delivers reliable offshore bank licensing agent services.

Offshore bank licensing inDominica isusually completed within six months after submission ofapplication paperwork tothe Government.

Wegenerally encourage applicants toinquire about Second Citizenship-by-Investment since the document requirements for licensing are similar tothose for second citizenship applicants.

Dominica isarespectable offshore jurisdiction with robust statutory framework for both domestic and international financial services. Among others, statutes regulating offshore banks include:

Dominica offers aunique opportunity toobtain both offshore and onshore licenses; hence the possibility ofdelivering banking services toboth local residents and non-residents, including Dominica registered IBCs. Offshore banking must bedirected only atforeign nationals who are non-residents.

Separate books must bekept for onshore and offshore banking services, sothat income tax can beallotted accordingly. Offshore banks operate tax free.

Forming anoffshore bank inDominica will allow you toperform all types oflegal banking operations for foreign companies orforeign individuals, even for the IBCs registered inDominica.

Tosuccessfully apply for bank licensing, requirements generally include:

Applicants are free tochoose asuitable name for their banks; certain restrictions apply, such asthe use ofthe word Royal and Government ofDominica inthe banks name.

Summedup, formation with the application fees, Government Offshore Banking License fees, and registered agents services for the first year isUSD 33,000. (License fee $8,000 + CCP fee $25,000). From the second year and each subsequent year the cost isUSD 16,000. (License fee $8,000 + CCP fee $8,000).

CCP Inc.s fee for this service isUSD25, 000 and covers:

Kindly note that due-diligence costs are not shown above and are not included, asthis varies onacase bycase basis.

Usually, however, due diligence for offshore bank licensing varies from USD 4,000 toUSD 10,000 (ormore) for each director and shareholder. Factors which influence costs include:

Please dont hesitate tocontact our office ifyou require additional information. Wewill bepleased toanswer all your questions.

Contact us to Form Offshore Bank Today

Go here to read the rest:
Offshore Bank Formation – Form an Offshore Bank. Forming …

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How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore

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Mar 132016

Posted on: January 26, 2010 by editor IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Since the publication of this article, it has become a great deal more difficult to open an account in either Hong Kong or Singapore. To find out which jurisdictions are now better options for you, please read our Practical International Banking Guide, in which you will find the names and contact details of individual personnel within banks all around the world.

Singapore is a convenient destination to protect and add value to your international wealth according to the website of one of the 205 banks operating in Singapore today. I couldnt have put it better myself!

Singapore has developed in recent years into a sophisticated private banking and wealth management base for Asia. But besides targeting their traditional but fast growing market of wealthy entrepreneurs in Asia, the best offshore banks in Singapore today are also developing products and services tailored for North Americans, Europeans and Australians, including multi currency accounts.

UPDATE 2015 For the Latest information, names, addresses and contacts, see the latest Offshore International Banking Guide 2015

If this sounds like you, read on to find out about some of the advantages and disadvantages of opening an offshore bank account in Singapore, and learn how to open an offshore bank account as a non-resident. Is Singapore the best offshore banking country for the new decade?

Singapore Banks Among The Best

Typical investors from this latter group are looking for first-world banking services, delivered over the internet in English, in a country that is outside the zone of influence of the United States and the European Union.

One of the worlds most prosperous countries, Singapore today boasts a prominent financial centre and highly developed economy. Its flexible regulatory framework, independent judiciary and practical English-inspired legal system have become the foundations of the countrys success.

In common with most offshore financial centres, interest earned by individuals on bank deposits and foreign sourced income including foreign sourced dividends received on non-Singaporeans securities is exempt from Singapore taxes. Singapore also has no capital gains tax nor estate duty on bank deposits and investments.

Accounts can freely be maintained in all major currencies. These multi currency accounts provide an excellent hedge for those of us who foresee major devaluations of currencies like the dollar and the euro in the months and years ahead.

Accounts may also be opened in the name of foreign entities like corporations, trusts and LLCs, achieving even greater privacy and asset protection benefits, and sometimes legally sidestepping any requirement to report assets as personal holdings.

All these benefits are delivered in a strong bank secrecy regime, helping account holders to protect their investments from prying eyes inside or outside the country. Banking secrecy in Singapore is not just laid down by law, but is part of the national business culture. Indeed, tax authorities in Singapore are specifically blocked from having any access to individual bank accounts.

As in Asia in general, a lot of business in Singapore has traditionally been carried out in cash. This is epitomised by the $10,000 bill, the largest bank note in the world: at current exchange rates (January 2010) one of these bills is worth more than seven thousand US dollars. These days, however, as restrictions on cash are becoming tighter, sophisticated internet banking is becoming the norm.

So, if you are not resident in Singapore how can you access these banking services? Everything starts with opening a basic current, savings or checking account the basis of your banking relationship.

One of the disadvantages of banking in Singapore is that you will need to go there to open an account. Banking regulations do not permit the opening of accounts by mail, unless the client is already known to the bank. The only possible exception to this is opening an account at one of the many banks in Singapore that send officers to visit their wealthier clients in their overseas homes, or have associated offices in other countries. HSBC clients, for example, may be able to open accounts at HSBC in Singapore via their local offices. The above process, however, is not advisable if banking secrecy is important to you since it leaves permanent records of your accounts accessible in other jurisdictions. In any case I always recommend visiting at least once so you can get to know your banker personally.

Apart from that, opening your account should be relatively straightforward. There are few complications. If you choose one of the commercial banks such as DBS Bank or United Overseas Bank, a few hundred dollars will be enough to open an account. If you want a higher level of personal service and are prepared to make a higher deposit, lets say over a hundred thousand dollars or equivalent (bank policies vary widely), contact one of the more discreet private banking operations. I recommend you go for one of the lower profile ones, since they tend to offer the best privacy protection.

A full list of banks operating in Singapore is available on Wikipedia, and you can contact them directly. It is always easier, however, if you have an introduction from a regulated professional who is known to the bank, such as a lawyer, accountant or company formation agent.

My firm can help with that, for example, if you are a Q Wealth member. Membership starts at just $99 per yearso wont break the bank!

In terms of documentation needed to open an offshore account, you will be expected to provide proof of who you are (a copy of your passport), where you live (such as a utility bill) and most importantly of all, proof that the funds come from a legitimate source. For example, if the funds you are depositing were obtained from a real estate sale or from an inheritance, you would show the relevant legal documents to prove this. Finally, it is advisable to take a letter of reference from your bankers at home, introducing you as a responsible account holder. This bank reference may be addressed to whom it may concern.

Note: Peter Macfarlane is editor of the Practical Offshore Banking Guide, an annually updated guide available free to readers of The Q Wealth Report. If you havent got yours yet, sign up today to access this information.

See the article here:
How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore

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What is the Best Offshore Bank? – Q Wealth

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on What is the Best Offshore Bank? – Q Wealth
Mar 132016

Posted on: March 26, 2009 by editor

By Peter Macfarlane, Offshore Banking Expert for The Q Wealth Report. Part of the mini series on Secrets of Offshore Banking and Asset Protection.

Clients often ask me what is the best offshore bank? However, there is no correct answer to that. The best answer I can give is to respond to the question with a question. Best offshore bank for what? For privacy? For wealth management advice? For corporate accounts? For e-commerce? All these require different types of banks and services, which is why there is no single best offshore bank.

Below are just a few factors you should consider when looking for the best offshore bank for you. Lets talk first about privacy or bank secrecy, because thats what is on most peoples minds at the moment.

Your Country of Citizenship and Residence as beneficial owner of the account is a major factor, even if technically you are opening an account for a corporation or foundation from the other side of the world. In order to enhance your banking privacy, you should be looking to bank in a jurisdiction where you home country does not have undue influence. Europeans, for example, should look to other continents, to countries that are not covered by the European Union Savings Tax Directive. That means avoid all European countries, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein etc. Avoid also territories of European countries like the Cayman Islands, which are British, or Curacao which is Dutch. Panama might be a good option, or Uruguay, or a wilder card country.

For Americans, however, Panama is to be avoided. Even the best offshore banks in Panama cannot be regarded as private for Americans, because of the US influence in Panama going back nearly a century. Switzerland no longer offers good banking privacy to Americans since long before the current UBS fiasco. The Caribbean is also too much within the US sphere of influence. Americans looking for the best offshore bank for privacy should look to some lower-profile European countries, or maybe to the Middle East or Africa.

Another important factor to consider is what do you want out of your bank? For some people, the best offshore bank may be one where you have a great relationship with a private banker who knows you, advises and supports you, and takes you to lunch in a nice restaurant when you visit. Others couldnt care less about that, but prefer great technology online access to markets 24/7, without the hassle of trying to get hold of a private banker by telephone to execute buy or sell instructions.

Some people know exactly what they want while others dont have a clue and therefore need good, impartial wealth management advice.

Also important how strong is the bank? Very important these days as most offshore centres do not have deposit protection or guarantee programs like the FDIC. That said, reputable offshore jurisdictions really dont need such programs. The banks being bailed out are in the USA and Western Europe. Small, private offshore banks generally have a much more conservative profile and are not exposed to so much risk. We havent heard of any tax haven banks going under during the crisis, have we?

Next question o your mind does Peter have specific recommendations for banks? The answer is yes I do. I deal with a number of the best offshore banks, right from small ones through to the biggest, physically located in many different jurisdictions around the world. I can put you in contact with them so you can open your account directly, with no need to deal through intermediaries. This information, however, is reserved for paying subscribers of The Q Wealth Report. Specifically, you will find my recommendations for the best offshore banks in the Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2009 that you can download right now in the Members Area, as soon as you have signed up. If, after reading this guide, you need more help making a decision, members are welcome to contact me for a personal one-on-one consultation. If you are considering membership of The Q Wealth Report, then the Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2009 is just one excellent reason why you should sign up now!

Coming Next: Wealth Management Advice Whom Can You Trust?

Read more here:
What is the Best Offshore Bank? – Q Wealth

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Offshore bank accounts – Compare the best offshore bank …

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on Offshore bank accounts – Compare the best offshore bank …
Mar 062016

Free Brochures and Guides

Offshore banking facilities are offered by most of the largest UK banks and building societies. These banks are separate companies that operate in the crown dependencies of the Channel Islands, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man.

Offshore banks are geared towards expats and UK residents who find it useful to have an account in another currency, or who want to do their banking in a part of the world that is more stable than where they live.

An offshore bank account will usually have all the facilities and features of an onshore current account, such as an overdraft and a debit card.

However, you should be aware that some accounts:

Current account funds kept offshore don’t fall under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme, even if your bank is a subsidiary of a UK bank or building society. Depending on where the bank is licenced you might be protected by a scheme from that jurisdiction.

Find out where an offshore bank is registered, and the relevant compensation scheme in our depositor protection scheme guide.

Original post:
Offshore bank accounts – Compare the best offshore bank …

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Offshore Private Banking

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on Offshore Private Banking
Jan 282016

Or company provides services fr nddl nd companies wishing t form, register nd operate outside f Europe nd U.S. spheres f influence, fr legal r financial reasons, nldng reducing tax fees.

If r interested n working wth l feel free t contact , wll try t fnd th best jurisdictions fr , t k r wealth nd funds safe.

International financial transactions n b conveniently md mr efficient wth th help f n offshore bank account. N doubt tht efforts fr th reduction f criminal activities wthn th economically nd politically stable offshore competences r ndd md b international nd government business firms. Hwr, setting bank account abroad tll proves t b necessary. Bureaucratic problems nd tax haven disgraces n b easily prevented wth th help f h bank account. h bank account certainly offers important benefits lk easy international operation, mr business freedom, online access nd payments, easiest fund management, asset protection, tax efficiency, credit cards t., ll f whh n b conveniently optimized f th right jurisdiction chosen.

In regards t bank deposits, th 7th largest bank center n th world Switzerlandnd th 5th largest th Cayman Islands. Th, whn t comes t setting private bank account, th countries happen t b th tw mt demotic jurisdictions. rnd 3 trillion US dollars n bank accounts r held n th Swiss Confederation nd approximately 1.9 trillion US dollars n deposits r held n Cayman Islands. Whn t comes t financial hubs, thr r l rl thr splendid jurisdictions nldng Dubai, Hong Kong, Ireland nd Singapore.

A means f evading tax evasion, loads f efforts h bn md b th OECD nd western governments result f whh various tax haven jurisdictions h n emerged. Fr entrepreneurs wh come frm th United States nd thr English-speaking countries, Ireland nthr ideal choice n n tax haven difficulties r carried b th country. nthr stimulus tht mght encourage nddl t open n offshore bank account n Ireland th low 10% tax rate n th country. Tax incentives n th country r l available n th form f th Dublin Financial Services Center nd th Shannon Airport Free Zone, whh nthr reason wh t mght b ideal t make legal investment thr.

Hwr, whn t comes t open bank account offshore n th safest nd th mt secure way, thn opening n outside Europe n ideal alternative. Whn bank account needs t b opened ff shore, countries n Asian nd th Middle East r ideal nd funds migrate frm th west t th east, t n prove t beneficial fr th countries t. Dubai, Hong Kong nd Singapore r included n th countries. n h country tht h bm n excellent global financial center Dubai nd quite remarkable business reputation nw held b th country.

Mt international businesses nd entrepreneurs tend t prefer Asia, Hong Kong nd Singapore offshore banking alternatives. n Asia, business hubs tht r presently dominating r nml Hong Kong nd Singapore. n whn international business needs t b conducted nd n exceptional offshore banking benefit mt b possessed, th cities n l prove t b th right jurisdiction.

Fr th wh want t carry t regional operations n Asia nd need t open n offshore banking account n tht region, t wld b wise t open corporate account n thr Hong Kong r Singapore. Th wh r wondering whr th hld open n international bank account t achieve certain business objectives hld n seek r professional assistance t.

Continued here:
Offshore Private Banking

The International Offshore Banking Guide – 2015 edition

 Offshore Banking  Comments Off on The International Offshore Banking Guide – 2015 edition
Jan 262016

Protect Yourself From The Ongoing Banking Crisis

Dont just Survive it … Thrive from it!

Karl Marx once infamously said, that … Religion is the Opium of the People

Today it seems that those who believe the current Banking & Financial system has gone back to normal, are just equally as hooked on a drug.

It is a drug thats now vital to the survival of the system, and hence perhaps even more addictive and persistent than religion itself.

That drug is commonly referred to as … Hope-ium.

The term Hope-ium was first coined in the 1870s, and is probably best defined as:

“The irrational belief that, despite all evidence to the contrary, things will turn out for the best”

Its also known in simpler terms as being delusional … and surely fits the put all your eggs in one basket approach that so many people employ with regard to how they bank and arrange their financial affairs.

In the wake of the recent rise in stock markets, a near universal state of psychological denial seems to permeate at least part of the psyche of those who invest in, and benefit most from, the current deeply flawed Banking & Financial system.

The denial is the refusal to see that the recovery from the Great Recession that began in 2008, has been anything other than an artificially contrived one.

Because of such denial then, the recent Hope-ium-fuelled Recovery has become infinitely more fabricated & fragile than most in the past, and hence infinitely more dangerous and misleading.

The wholly contrived economic Recovery has spurred on many savvy investors to diversify and protect themselves.

One of the tools that they have been using comes in the form of a Banking Guide that was first published back in 2007, before the 2008 Crash.

Value $197 Today Only $97

As you will soon see, this Guide is an invaluable route-map that has proven itself to be a cant do without for many of the most switched-on investors in the world.

The chart below amply demonstrates why the Guide is so crucial.

The chart graphically demonstrates the accelerating fragility and volatility, of the recent major crashes in the global economy.

Of course very few outside the core coterie of Central Bankers can predict with any degree of certainty exactly when the next bust will come, but, savvy observers and Central Banking watchers, recognize 2008 for what it was; a true watershed moment in financial history.

What marks the 2008-2015 recovery cycle out as being beyond interesting, is the forces that didnt so much allow it to happen naturally, but that created it extremely unnaturally!

And it is precisely because of the forced and unnatural conditions of the 2008-2015 Recovery, that discerning investors, entrepreneurs, and Central Banking watchers alike, became increasingly suspicious and were driven to action.

The seemingly blind believers in the system, on the other hand, appear completely oblivious to the dangers, despite knowing that their system only survived by the skin of its teeth, due to the injection of massive doses of yet another drug, the life support drug otherwise known as … Quantitative Easing.

That QE drug then, along with their own addiction to the drug of Hope-ium, are what has both inflated and sustained the 2009-2015 (and counting) Recovery Bull Run.

What well-informed group investors realise is that the can of the economic problem, was really only kicked down the road, ready to explode sometime later.

Of course, any success in the markets, however fabricated and short-sighted it may be, always has investors coming back for just one more fix as if nothing extraordinary had happened!

But we all know deep down inside that something extraordinary DID happen back in 2008, that despite mere appearances, the real economy, outside the Ivory Towers of Wall Street, is far from being out of the woods, almost 7 years later.

Despite the all clear being sounded by multiple talking heads on TV, the alarm bells are ringing louder than ever, with an increasing number of veteran investors, like Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Jeremy Grantham, and Bill Gross, all warning that the Supercycle Bull Run is in dire jeopardy.

Discerning investors then instinctively know that a fundamental change occurred back in 2008 and ever since, they have been putting their insurance – and their escape plans – firmly in place.

The purpose of what follows then, is to introduce to you the most practical Banking Report that you will find, anywhere. It is a Report that will arm you with all you need to know in order to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from potential harm.

Make no mistake, what happened from 2008 onwards represents possibly the biggest financial paradigm changing event that any of us will ever experience; one that savvy investors ever since then, have been quietly shifting their assets in order to take advantage of, as well as remain protected from.

The nature of the financial paradigm shift that is going on in front of our very eyes then, is perhaps best illustrated by looking at the following flat lining graph.

The graph represents a 7-year phenomenon that is without either parallel or precedent in all of modern financial history.

It is a shift that has truly broken the mould of 20th century economics, one that means we are currently in uncharted and inherently dangerous waters.

What it has meant too, is that the smart money has been preparing accordingly ever since.

We would urge everyone then, to join them, by getting yourself a copy of …

The Practical International Banking Guide

Value $197 Today Only $97

The Guide, now in its 8th Edition, has proven its worth many times over the years and has a core of avid readers who wait for every updated edition, and who truly understand its value.

As the name suggests, the 90+ page Guide is first of all practical, providing an extensive detailed resource list and database of direct contacts to banks and facilitators, who can help you to arrange your financial affairs in such a way as to shield yourself from the worst affects of the next, inevitable, Bust in the economic cycle.

The longer that the flat lining interest Rate trend is forced to continue, the more it becomes obvious that Central Banks are hamstrung and that what has always worked in the past, is simply no longer effective.

Whats worse, is not simply that Interest Rate Cuts may no longer be effective, but that they may no longer even be possible without tipping the entire economy into full blown depression and chaos. Such is the Catch 22 situation that Central Bankers, and by extension, every one of us, undeniably face.

The very Old Rules then, that traditional free market economics have always claimed to operate under, have been fundamentally challenged and changed.

We are now in a full blown financial world of contrived Artificial Reality, one dominated by High Speed Trading algorithms that literally fix and rig the markets, and of course, one of unlimited injections of fabricated money, supplied by increasingly desperate Central Banks.

Even The Don of Central Banking himself, Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, fully reversed what by then was over 40 years of his own understanding of the markets, when, in October 2008, right after the Crash, he made the following astonishing, and all too late, admission :

I had been going for 40 years or more, with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well …

And what Im saying to you is, yes, I found a flaw … … a flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure, that defines how the world works, so to speak.”

Now that is well worth reading again…..

What hes talking about here remember, is literally … How The World Works!

Over 40 years of accumulated market wisdom about how the very world itself works, and suddenly Greenspan admits to a flaw in his assumptions; a flaw so critical that he is forced to make an admission like that?

Rest assured then, Greenspans admission ranks as the most astonishing climb downs by any economist, in history, especially coming from one in a position of such unbridled power: power that by his own admission, means that the Federal Reserve Chairman is in a position that is beyond oversight even by the elected President of The United States himself!

About a year before the 2008 Crash, the looming sub-Prime crisis was well understood, although it had not yet exploded into a full blown crisis that it was to become.

In the September of 2007, a full year before that 2008 Crash, a still bullish and not yet chastened & contrite Alan Greenspan, was asked the following question by PBS anchor, Jim Lehrer :

What should be the proper relationship be, between a Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?

His reply, was illuminating to say the least. He said the following….

Well first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place … then what the relationships are, don’t frankly matter.

So make no mistake, the Central Banking power of a Chairman of the Federal Reserve knows no bounds, is not even challenged by purportedly most powerful man in the world, The U.S. President. Such is the unheralded power that Central Banking possesses at its finger tips.

Clearly, Alan Greenspan knew even back then, that the interest Rate chart above would develop as it did, and he knew too, that the worn out tool and blunt instrument of mere Interest Rate Cuts, was never ever going to be enough to combat the consequences of his flaw.

And sure enough, even flat lining, near 0% Interest Rates proved to be as good as useless, in reviving the patient.

As Greenspan and other Central Bankers have since readily admitted … … Economics had changed forever.

If such slashed to the bone interest rates (which constituted virtually free money for banks) were still not enough, then what else could be done?

Remember, that on top of those virtually 0% rates, Central Bankers had already secured a TARP bail out that they had originally promised would be limited to an already eye-watering sum of $700 BILLION dollars in relief funding!

But of course, as we now know, that sum rapidly morphed and mutated into an out of control and unimaginable sum of over $25 TRILLION DOLLARS, all being made available to Banks to mop up their toxic bets and gambling debts and not just banks from the U.S.A. either, but from all around the world too.

Such already unprecedented interventions and over-rides of the so-called free market then, made the lack of movement in the real economy (rather than the manufactured micro-bubble of Wall Street) even more inexplicable.

Remember too, that those TRILLIONS of dollars of Bail Out money werent just sitting idly in some Rainy Day Fund in the basement of the Fed!

That money was essentially extorted from (and charged down to) the future earnings capacity of millions of as yet unborn tax payers in the future!

Central Bankers then, were clearly panicked by the total lack of response from this DOUBLE injection of life support drugs … and in desperation, they knew that they had no choice … they simply had to resort to the unthinkable.

And so it was, that the decision was made to once again, fire up the printing presses, and start printing literally tens of billions of dollars … every month!

All in order to keep the charade going for a little longer.

They even coined a new phrase to deflect attention away from such naked printing of money; they dubbed the furious printing that they were suddenly engaging in, Quantitative Easing.

It sounded almost benign, but make no mistake, what they were doing amounted to :

1. Blatant counterfeiting and currency debasement

2. An embarrassing admission of the failure of the old order of Economics

This THIRD overt and sustained injection of artificial QE life support into the Banking system did the trick and the stock exchanges at last had the funding necessary to recover and shoot for the stars.

But it was still a trick nonetheless … and a trick it surely remains.

Dont be fooled by the temporary lull in the U.S. Version of QE either.

QE continues, only in a different guise and through a different source.

Japan and the EU are currently filling the void, with the Mario Draghi of The European Central Bank, as recently as January 2015, announcing that they will pump 1.1 TRILLION EUROS … at a rate of 60bn a month (?!) … into European financial markets, until September 2016!

And whod bet against QE2, QE3, and on and on? Not many!

All of this of course, is an attempt to prevent the fragile Eurozone economy from grinding to a complete halt!

With youth unemployment still languishing at rates in excess of 50% in some Southern European countries, such financial artificial life support drugs are surely needed.

Historic 10-Year Treasury Bond Yields, 1870 – 2010. Notice Black Tuesday 1929, and Black Monday, 1987

The fact that such unprecedented measures have been needed, in order to reanimate the corpse of the global village economy, ought to have awakened everyone by now, to the illusory nature of the so-called safety of Western Banking and financial markets.

According to the Old Rules of free market economics, such unprecedented flat-lining Interest Rates alone ought to have been more than enough to jump start the economy.

But it wasnt enough. Far from it.

But the measures did serve one extremely useful purpose.

They provided savvy Central Bank watchers with all the data they needed to finally know that something was very wrong and uniquely different about the Bust of 2008.

What logically follows then is that the subsequent Post-Crash Boom in the Stock Markets must also be regarded as being equally suspect, fragile and fabricated.

So, while many savvy investors and readers of The Practical International Banking Guide have been happy enough to ride the wave up they are also well informed enough, and switched on enough to never have been fooled by the Smoke & Mirrors and Sleight of Hand that the Money Magicians of Central Banking have doled out.

Readers of the Banking Guide long ago saw the writing on the wall and have been quietly preparing themselves accordingly, ever since.

So we would again urge you to follow their example!

Prepare for and protect yourself against, what increasingly shows all the signs of being a massive shift away from the forced and contrived dominance, enjoyed by Western banking for centuries now.

So, while many savvy investors and readers of The Practical International Banking Guide have been happy enough to ride the wave up they are also well informed enough, and switched on enough to never have been fooled by the Smoke & Mirrors and Sleight of Hand that the Money Magicians of Central Banking have doled out.

It is a case of WHEN, not IF, such a turnaround comes

Dont get caught out

It is a trade that we simply cannot afford to be late getting into

The one common denominator realization that binds this small group of well informed people together then, is that they realise that the incoming financial hurricane is bound to make land fall with the most devastating impact, in the heart of the current Western financial capitals.

That is why, for years now, they have been quietly diversifying and moving their assets out of these seemingly invincible, but ultimately extremely vulnerable, jurisdictions.

They have instead, been moving them into safer, calmer waters of international jurisdictions where privacy and the rule of law still mean something, and where they are still relatively respected.

That is why we are proud to encourage you to access the latest, fully updated, 2015 Edition of

The Practical International Banking Guide – 2015 edition

The rest is here:
The International Offshore Banking Guide – 2015 edition

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Belize – Offshore accounts, Safe Offshore Banking

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Dec 142015

Private Banking in Belize Belizeis recognized Worldwide as one of the best tax havens for offshore accounts, safe offshore banking, offshore brokerage, IBC company formations and secure offshore Trusts. This gives you maximum privacy, international banking,asset protection, wealth building andtax-free investment in a financially solid and trustworthy country withLaws designed so nobody can touch your assets or find out who owns them.

You want your money and investments to be safe with your identity fully protected. Let us show you how by providing free offshore advice with financial services tailored to maximize your profits and minimize your liabilities and tax.

Receive free offshore bank information, documents and advice plus banking details designed to let you go about your business in private with secure Belize banks and three other top ratedbanks we use in other tax-havens of the Caribbean to give you total asset protection.

To shield yourself, the bank accounts should be setup in the name of an International Business Company [an IBC] which gives you absolute secrecy and protection. There are no annual company returns to furnish anddirectors andshareholders remain anonymous. We offer a one-day offshore company incorporation service from our law firm in Belize with your IBCdocumentscouriered right to your doorstep anywhere in the World.

We value your privacy and appreciate your business. Service is always provided to you on a personal basis while maintaining maximum confidentiality at all times.

Trust the firm that has been incorporating offshore companies and offering solid asset protection and banking advice for over 20 years. Get it right first time with the friendly experienced team at Offshore Services Inc. All emails are answered promptly.

Incorporation fees

Belize country profile

Your banking information

Tax-freestock trading accounts

Advantages of Belize as a tax havenLots of good reasons to incorporate in Belize

Protect family assets with a Belize Trust formation

IBC Application form

You can relax as we take care of all the details and incorporate a new Belize offshore company for you in just one day.

Only the best and most secure tax-haven banks are referred to our clients for their private banking. Not all Offshore Banks are as good as the ones we use. All the hard work has been done for you over the years in seeking out the best and most secure ones. Have access to tax-free internet banking, debit and credit cards, online wire transfers and high-return investments in the best Belize banks and three other large onlinebanks we use in the Caribbean.

Read the rest here:
Belize – Offshore accounts, Safe Offshore Banking

International business banking, Offshore banking services.

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Oct 122015

For international companies, Healy Consultants assists our Clients open an international corporate bank account in every offshore jurisdiction in the world. Offshore banking locations include Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Jersey, Labuan, Mauritius, Switzerland, South Africa, Caribbean, and Latvia. We will be pleased to help our Clients efficiently open an offshore internationalcorporate banking account for a fee of US$2,950. A sample of offshore banking options follows:


Offshore corporate banking implies setting up a business bank account in a country other than the companys place of domicile.

We specialize in opening bank accounts for non-resident company. We enjoy a 100% account opening record and we charge a fee of US $2,950. Our Client will not be required to travel to the country to complete the process.

An offshore service provider will require some due diligence documents to ascertain the existence of the Clients company. Next, the Client will have to deposit the requisite minimum balance to complete the process. Both these steps will be carried out by Healy Consultants on behalf of the Client.

An offshore business bank account allows you to take advantage of the tax rebates and deal with your local Clients in that jurisdiction.

No. Healy Consultants offers our Clients access to offshore banking services in highly reputable jurisdictions. None of the countries in the above list is blacklisted.

Yes. Our firm works only with banks whose offshore banking services for corporate entities are highly reputable and trusted. We, therefore, can assure our Clients of the privacy of their transactions.

Offshore banking solutions makes it easier for companies to expand their operations by making it easier to deal with potential global Clientele and business partners.

Offshore banking solutions in St. Vincent, Singapore, Mauritius, Seychelles, Latvia and Belize offer the same services as an onshore account.

Offshore online banking is available with all the aforementioned banks.

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International business banking, Offshore banking services.

Merchant Accounts Offshore – Offshore Banking, Bank …

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Sep 012015

Liberty Enterprises offers a wide array of offshore and US domestic credit card and ACH/E-check merchant solutions. Our aim is to assist Internet business owners across the world to secure solid, secure credit card processing solutions with professional, reputable banks.

The merchant offshore and domestic banking sector can be confusing and overwhelming to the average businessman. With our experienced and highly skilled staff, our objective is to diminish the cloud of confusion that surrounds the merchant industry, and help your business take advantage of our many banking connections.

Studies show that Internet businesses that accept credit cards enjoy higher sales volumes.

It is important to remember that the offshore merchant processing sector in particular is expanding at an exponential rate, with great opportunities for Internet businesses to obtain solid, long term banking relationships. That being said, one needs to be very selective in determining which banks and processors to use. This is where our service comes to the forefront; we know all the key players and the groups to avoid.

ACH/E-checks should also be considered for your US customers, as this has also been shown to increase sales volume by as much as 20% of gross volume. We can of course provide ACH/E-check processing with reputable tier one US banks.

Our IBC incorporation product line will also enable you and your business to conduct all your high risk merchant processing activities in confidential private jurisdictions. Our exclusive offshore jurisdictions include Panama, Belize, BVI, the Seychelles and Cyprus IBCs.

Contact us today and start enjoying increased sales revenues with the use of your own offshore merchant account.

Talk to an ExpertContact Us

Complete Merchant Banking and Offshore Financial Services at One Stop!

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Merchant Accounts Offshore – Offshore Banking, Bank …

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5 Best Countries for Offshore Banking – Activist Post

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Aug 302015

Activist Post

When we hear the term offshore banking, it often conjures up images of the overly-wealthy elite or sly, nefarious criminals hiding away millions of dollars from prying government eyes. But the way offshore banking is portrayed in the movies is not the reality.

Opening an account offshore is not illegal, as many people wrongly believe. In fact, many offshore financial institutions are considered safer than many domestic banks. Most foreign banks offer absolute privacy guarantees, as well as security to protect your assets.

Banks in the United States are limited in the amount of the interest they can pay to customers. Many offshore institutions are able to offer higher interest rates to their clients. In many US and European banks, the governments have too much control, to the detriment of the countries citizens. Because of this, the government can step in to freeze your bank accounts and assets indefinitely.

Some countries are a better choice for offshore banking than others. Here are the top five countries to consider if you want to put a portion of your money into a foreign account and what you need to open one.


Dubai has a premium banking sector that serves local, expatriate and offshore clients. It is said that the privacy policy for Dubai banks is even better than that of Swiss banks. There are also no taxes in this country. To open an account, you will first need to find what the minimum balance is for each bank. You will need to provide a copy of your passport, a visit visa, proof of address, bank card from your country of residence and maybe a letter of recommendation from a UAE resident.


When you open an account in Singapore, you are investing in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, while at the same time protecting your money and saving on taxes. This country has the lowest tax rate in Asia. The typical minimum required balance is $1,000. You need to have your passport, proof of address, and maybe even your taxpayer number (SSN) for your country of residence. Accounts can be held in any currency, even gold.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a strong banking infrastructure. Banks do not require formal approval from the government for opening accounts. The minimum balance is $3,000. To open an account, you will need your passport, proof of address, and possibly a reference letter from a banker. Sovereign savings accounts in Hong Kong can also be held in any currency including gold.


Swiss banks are best known for their strict privacy policies. Since 1934, laws prevent bankers from divulging any client account information. Only recently have US law enforcement officers been permitted to get information in the course of a criminal investigation (including tax evasion). Some accounts may be opened with as little as $3,500. You need to have a passport, recent utility bill to establish residency, residence permit to set up an account.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have no direct taxation. The minimum balance is usually $5,000 to open an account. You will need a letter of reference from your home banker and deposits cannot be made with cash, but with check, wire transfer or bank draft. You need proof of identity and a notarized copy of your passport, character reference and any additional documents requested by the bank.

Read other articles by Activist Post HERE

You can support this information by voting on Reddit HERE

5 Best Countries for Offshore Banking – Activist Post

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Offshore bank account – AskMen

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Aug 302015

Page 1 of 3

For some guys, an offshore bank account may sound like something out of a James Bond film or maybe a clever way for an arms dealer to conduct business. But the truth is that lots of guys use offshore accounts for a variety of reasons. It may sound sexy to talk about an offshore account, but for the most part, banking offshore is about saving on tax dollars.

But if taxes arent a concern, liability may very well be in which case offshore banking limits a creditors access to your funds (different country, different law). Finally, there are some guys who dont need that Swiss bank account, but open it while on vacation because what better pickup line is there than dropping my Swiss bank account into the conversation?

If any of those reasons sound like they match your own motivations, heres how you can open an offshore bank account.

Should you keep your cash in Switzerland or the Caymans? Decisions, decisions

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Offshore bank account – AskMen

Anonymous banking, offshore banking, anonymous offshore bank …

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Aug 302015

If you sincerely want to legally obtain personal and financial freedom from Big Brother – Point and Click below for our 450+ of asset and wealth protection offshore and privacy products and services – several of which are even FREE! Check our unique offers for yourself.

For more information regarding the options below – roll over your item shown on the left in the Table of Contents column.

U.S. Multi-Million-Dollar Corporations for Sale! Click here for more information!

The yearly maintenance costs for a Panamanian corporation (Nominee Directors, Resident Agent, Registered Office) is only US$300 payable by anniversary date of incorporation. The government fee of US$250 (Law 61 of December 26th of 2002) is payable within the semester of incorporation the year of incorporation and by anniversary date each year afterwards.

Upon receipt of your order please include three names in order of preference fort your structure. Once of which should be available. It takes 3-4 working days to create your structure.

To learn about Panama’s secrecy laws: click here!

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Anonymous banking, offshore banking, anonymous offshore bank …

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Offshore Banking Worldwide, Establish and Setup Accounts

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Aug 102015

Offshore Banking Consultations Click or call today for a free offshore consultation. Call: 1-800-959-8819

When it comes to safety of your financial picture and planning your protection, we recommend only the safest and most secure financial institutions in the world. Depending on the jurisdiction you choose, we have relationships with secure offshore banks that offer our customers the highest amount of stability and safety.

Offshore banking or Offshore banks refers to the many banking and investment institutions available in countries and jurisdictions other than the depositors home country. While technically any bank can be considered an Offshore bank when it meets the above criteria, the term is generally reserved for the banking institutions located in what are considered jurisdictions that have a high regard for the privacy of their depositors.

Since their origin, Offshore Banks, tended to be unfairly portrayed by both media and the home jurisdictions alike the accusations have ranged from tax evasion to money laundering, but careful examination of the true purpose of Offshore Banking Accounts, and an unbiased examination of where illicit funds are truly held or laundered, sheds light on the situation. Other false accusations have centered around criticism of unsafe environments, poor regulation, etc. Again, these could not be farther from the truth. Most Offshore Bank Account jurisdictions of any repute have very sophisticated, stable banking regulations, and because it is in their best interest to attract and keep depositors, these regulations are geared towards meeting the needs of the depositor. Many of these jurisdictions rely on foreign capital held in their banks as their primary economic factor, and as their only source of foreign investment.

The broad definition of an Offshore bank is that of a bank that is located in a jurisdiction or country that is different from the jurisdiction or country that the depositor or investor resides. One of the many benefits of holding an Offshore banking account is that they are usually located in tax havens that provide substantial asset protection and confidentiality benefits to the bank account holder. These jurisdictions also often allow for a relaxation of restrictions with respect to the types of offshore banking accounts available to depositors or investors, and how then can be manipulated. This amounts to decreased regulation. The more popular offshore jurisdictions often provide a substantial decrease in tax liability, whereas those in some countries, such as the US are generally taxed on worldwide income. For our purposes here we will focus only on those proven to provide quantifiable benefits as outlined above. These Offshore banks can be located in actual island-states such as the Caymans or Channel Islands, or in landlocked countries such as Switzerlandbecause Switzerland has been a tax haven for over a hundred years and longer than the island nations. There has been much chatter regarding the privacy of Swiss banks. Youll notice, however, the only Swiss banks that have had issues are those banks with branches located outside of Switzerland. Those with purely Swiss locations continue to maintain strong privacy.

As mentioned in our opening paragraph, there are a number of misconceptions and myths associated with offshore bank accounts in these offshore financial centers Are Offshore Banks the Haven of Money Launderers and Criminals? We have additional information on Offshore Bank Account Myths that should be taken into consideration.

It is important that the proper jurisdiction be selected when deciding which jurisdiction to use as an offshore banking jurisdiction. The majority of the offshore jurisdictions have prudent, sound regulations in place geared towards safeguarding the deposits and maintaining their confidentiality. However, some weigh their benefits in taxation, while others in confidentiality, and so forth. Though they all offer a comparatively confidential and secure environment, it bears consideration to outline what the banking goals are and then choose the jurisdiction accordingly. A small minority of the offshore jurisdictions do a poor job of managing and regulating their banking institutions, but the informed investor or advisor will deem these as unsuitable for themselves or their clients. Further, these poorly organized and run jurisdictions are often manipulated by illicit depositors and hence prove easy targets of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) looking for money laundering or other criminal activity.

It is an unfortunate fact that Europeans have always been subjected to relatively heavy tax burdens. This was as true on the British Isles as it was on the continent. Faced with the prospect of watching their hard earned assets and wealth diminish with every out-reach of the tax collectors hand, they were ripe for a solution. And a solution camethe small, island nation state known as the Channel Islands convinced these frustrated depositors that deposits placed in its banks could be free from scrutiny and hence the heavy-handed taxation burden. The Euros were convincedand soon this service thrived, with other small jurisdictions becoming savvy to this foreign capital-attracting status and they began to revamp their banking institutions, adopting sound, pragmatic banking rules and regulations that eased the potential concerns of investors and depositors. The Offshore bank was off to a running start!

And soon the term Offshore banking became synonymous with any smaller, haven jurisdiction that offered safe, secure, confidential banking with practical regulations. Soon the rest of the world was in the know, and began to look at these havens as viable solutions to their needs. Americans, Africans, Asians, etc., found these Offshore bank accounts quite useful for a myriad of reasons. Unlike their banks at home, these Offshore banks were not regularly subjected to political turmoil or economic strife, and were most welcome for their stability and asset protection benefits.

In the years since they have come into greater use and thus more visible, offshore banking accounts have been unfairly portrayed by the media and by the larger jurisdictions as the stomping grounds of the criminal undergrounda veritable haven for their illicitly-obtained assets and funds, or the choice locales for their money-laundering schemes. Money-wise investors and depositors have long known that these prejudices could not be further from the truth. They know that offshore banks can be remarkably effective havens for assets and funds in need of safe, secure, confidential keeping. They know that these banks can safeguard their funds from the perils of civil, economic, or political strife in their home countries. Today, offshore banks continue to keep their end of the bargain and continue to provide a safe, confidential haven for those seeking to safeguard their assets and funds from the perils of undue regulation and taxation.

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Offshore Banking Worldwide, Establish and Setup Accounts

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