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Oct 202014

2 The First Amendment

By: Channel Nugget

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2 The First Amendment – Video

It is the law. And Abortionist’s Know that their own lives are at risk performing abortions.

Christians, it’s best to leave this judgement to the people who seek abortions and GOD almighty to judge their decisions and their circumstances. The men and women that accommodate those decisions will someday face the same equal judgement.

Although I believe that abortion laws have been abused, I still believe in the core principal of the original law as it was written “” In cases of RAPE, INCEST, and the LIFE OF THE MOTHER!”"

That is why you hear me say that I am pro choice,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at the skin of my teeth.

I understand COMPLETELY the arguments that the Pro lifers make, but to take a life to save a life only damages the cause!

It’s best to do what you do best, and that is preach the Gospel and do your best to change hearts to stop abortions.

You can do none of that Sitting in prison. You are not a judge!

Read this article:
Topeka attorney defends abortion provider's killer in First Amendment case

Libertarianism and Derk Pereboom. Summer school “Free will and Moral responsibility”. Part two

By: Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

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Libertarianism and Derk Pereboom. Summer school "Free will and Moral responsibility". Part two – Video

Dumb arguments against libertarianism are increasing, as guardians of the expansive state begin to worry that the country might actually be trending in a libertarian direction. This may not be the dumbest, but as Nick Gillespie said of a different argument two weeks ago, its the most recent:

The deadly drug war in Long Islands Hempstead ghetto is a harrowing example of free-market, laissez-faire capitalism, with a heavy dose of TEC-9s

Were looking to market, sell and profit off drugs the way any business would handle their product, Tony says. Only our product is illegal, so more precautions need to be taken. Its all systematic and planned, all the positions and responsibilities and assignments. All of thats part of our business strategy. Its usually real smooth and quiet, because thats the best environment for us to make bank. But now, we at war, man. Aint nothing quiet these days.

Deutsch describes the competition between the local Crips and Bloods in terms not usually seen in articles about, say, Apple and Microsoft or Ford and Toyota:

As for strategies, they seem to have settled on a war of attrition, aiming to kill or maim as many of their enemies as possible.

Theyre far better armed and willing to use violence than the smaller neighborhood cliques scattered throughout Nassau County.

Theyre also able to keep out other competitors through use of brute force.

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Newsweek: Back in Print, Confused as Ever

Leonard Liggio

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Oct 202014

In Bootleggers & Baptists: How Economic Forces and Moral Persuasion Interact to Shape Regulatory Politics, economists Bruce Yandle and Adam Smith explain how money and morality are often combined in politics to produce arbitrary regulations benefiting cronies, while constraining productive economic activities by the general public.

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Leonard Liggio

Oct 202014

Libertarian Senate Candidate discusses social, economic policy by Will Marshall | Oct 02 2014 | 10/02/14 1:52am

Libertarian Virginia Senate candidate Robert Sarvis spoke at a Students for Individual Liberty event at Clark Hall Wednesday, outlining his platform in the upcoming midterm election.

The Annandale native broke into the spotlight when he ran as a third-party candidate in last years Virginia gubernatorial election, defining his brand of libertarianism as a best of both worlds, striking a balance between what he considers the Republican and Democratic parties best policies.

Generally speaking, Sarvis said he identifies with the rights fiscal policies and the lefts social policies.

Sarvis began his political career as a GOP candidate running for state Senate, eventually dropping his Republican affiliation and taking up the Libertarian mantle.

After I ran in 2012 as a libertarian Republican, I learned that the GOP is not a good vehicle for liberty candidates, Sarvis said. They are hypocritical on economic issues and strident on social issues. I feel like the two-party system is broken. I could have run as an independant, but thats not leaving behind something that outlasts you.

Sarvis emphasized what he considers the most urgent issues libertarian candidates need to address the dwelling on the long, costly drug war, which he blames for saddling the nation with excess expenditures in the last 50 years.

Thanks to the drug war, we have millions in prison the highest incarceration rate in the world, Sarvis said. A third of those are for nonviolent crimes, which, a) costs money, and b) is wasted human potential.

Other issues topping his list of priorities included reforming certain entitlement programs and deregulating areas where he believes the free market would be a more effective solution.

Obamacare is a problem but weve also had 100 years of misregulation of the health care system by both major parties, Sarvis said.

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Sarvis addresses students

Speech: The First Amendment in the Spotlight
Elevator Repair Service created its show Arguendo from a Supreme Court transcript of oral arguments from a First Amendment case. Leading experts in First Amendment law and the Supreme Court…

By: Arts Ideas

Excerpt from:
Speech: The First Amendment in the Spotlight – Video

Huston Pastors' Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File
Huston Pastors' Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More “NSTP” Videos: …

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Huston Pastors’ Sermons Subpoenaed – First Amendment? – The Kelly File – Video

Rudy Giuliani says, "I am morally outraged that a man like Noriega is seeking to inhibit our creative rights in the United States."

Activision: Noriega's Call of Duty Lawsuit Is an "Outrageous Offense" to First Amendment

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, now defendingActivision Blizzard inManuel Noriegas Call of Duty: Black Ops II lawsuit, called the legal matter an outrageous offense to the first amendment during a recent press conference (via The Hollywood Reporter). Giuliani spoke following a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court in which the Activision Blizzard legal team arguedfor a special motion to strike on the grounds that the games inclusion of Noriegas likeness is protected under the first amendment.

Giuliani contended that, should thelawsuit succeed, it would send us down a dangerous, slippery slope toward censorship. The reason Im involved in this case is I see the significance of the First Amendment, he said. Should Noriega be allowed tosucceed, it would virtually destroy the historical novel, the historical movies like The Butler and Zero Dark Thirty, inwhich historical figures are portrayed. If Noriega were to succeed in this case, as I told the judge,Bin Ladens heirs would be able to sue for Zero Dark Thirty.

Related:Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani to represent Activision against Manuel Noriega

His response then turned into a personal attack on Noriega:I think a man that engaged in selling $200 million of cocaine in the United States, who knows how many children he killed, a man who was a dictator of his country in which he tortured people for nine years, a man who laundered money in France, a man who chopped the head off of one of his allies and then was convicted in three countries, who is sitting in jail in Panama, trying to recover because he is a minor, minor figure in a very excellent game, Call of Duty by Activision, is an outrage,

Noriega, for his part, responded to Activision Blizzards motion to dismiss with a statement clarifying his position.I first became aware that my image and likeness was being utilized in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the former Panamanian dictator explained,when my grandchildren played the game and asked why, in the video game, their target was to capture my character.

Incidents such as this andLindsay Lohans similar lawsuit against Rockstar Games overGrand Theft Auto Vare setting important, legal precedent for the future of gaming. As the medium grows up and starts to tackle more serious subject matter, it will fall under increasingly serious scrutiny. The path fromentertainment to art form is fraught,but these uncomfortable conversations are vital tothe mediums future.

See the rest here:
Noriegas Call of Duty lawsuit an outrageous offense to basic protections, Giuliani says

Q A with Jeremy Arney – Libertarianism and CAP Policies

By: Canadian Action Party

See more here:
Q&A with Jeremy Arney – Libertarianism and CAP Policies – Video

Texas Pastor At Town Hall Meeting Before Arrest: 'I Am Breaking No Laws'
Cops arrested a Texas pastor who advocates for open carry laws for disturbing the peace Tuesday all because he wasn't allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights. CNS News …

By: yazchattiest

Texas Pastor At Town Hall Meeting Before Arrest: ‘I Am Breaking No Laws’ – Video

It’s former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani versus former Panama dictatorManuel Noriega in the latter’s lawsuit alleging that video game developerActivision Blizzard violates his name and likeness in its best-sellinggame Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Giuliani, now a named partner atBracewell & Giuliani, is defending the game publisher, and to hear himtell it, the former dictator’s claims are an “outrageous offense to the First Amendment.”

In a press conference Thursday following a Los Angeles Superior Courthearing on the case, Giuliani went after Noriega personally for suingover his likeness in the game. “I am morally outraged that a man likeNoriega is seeking to inhibit our creative rights in the United States.If creative rights have to be sacrificed, they shouldn’t be sacrificedfor someone like Noriega, nor should anyone have to send millions ofdollars down to a Panamanian jail because this madman is making absurdclaims,” he told reporters.

Also readManuelNoriegaon ‘Call of Duty’: My Grandchildren Asked Why I Was the Target

“I think a man that engaged in selling $200 million of cocaine in theUnited States, who knows how many children he killed, a man who was adictator of his country in which he tortured people for nine years, a manwho laundered money in France, a man who chopped the head off of one of his allies and then was convicted in three countries, who is sitting injail in Panama, trying to recover because he is a minor, minor figure ina very excellent game, Call of Duty by Activision, is an outrage,”Giuliani continued.

Noriega was convicted in the United States for money laundering and drugtrafficking in 1992. Then extraditions led to prison sentences in Parisand Panama, where he has been since 2011. In July, he nevertheless filedsuit against Activision Blizzard, claiming that he is given a defamatorydepiction in two Black Ops II levels set in 1980s Panama. His character is the villain, and he’s “portrayed as the victim of numerous fictionalheinous crimes,” his complaint alleges.

See more Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Films

The lawyers for the video game publisher, who include Kelly Klaus atMunger, Tolles & Olse alongside Giuliani, have filed a special motion tostrike on the grounds that the game’s use of the Noriega character isprotected by first amendment legislation. If Noriega wins, it will openthe gates for historical figures of all stripes to censor their inclusionin creative works or even historical documentation, they argue.

“The reason I’m involved in this case is I see the significance of the First Amendment,” Giuliani told reporters. “Should Noriega be allowed tosucceed, it would virtually destroy the historical novel, the historical movies like [Lee Daniels'] The Butler and Zero Dark Thirty, inwhich historical figures are portrayed.”

He added, “If Noriega were to succeed in this case, as I told the judge,Bin Laden’s heirs would be able to sue for Zero Dark Thirty.”

In a response to the game developer’s motion to strike the lawsuit, filed weeks ago, Noriega’s attorneys argued that regardless of the time for which the character is present, the mission that includes him is “a major if not the most key level of the game.” They included numerous snapshots of the gameplay to establish the Noriega character’s prominence, including “Noriega with a shotgun in hand,” “Noriega getting choked” and “Noriega in the first-person shooter’s crosshairs.”

See the original post:
Rudy Giuliani Calls Manuel Noriega's 'Call of Duty' Lawsuit "Outrageous Offense to the First Amendment"

The latest proposals for tackling smoking are out and, as always, they mimic the authoritarian response in the US. The London Health Commission, set up by Boris Johnson last year under ex-Labour health minister Lord Darzi, has called on the mayor to make bylaws banning smoking in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square and exert influence over the royal parks, where he appoints the board, to also …

Read more from the original source:
Park smoking ban shows how tragically anti-smoking movement lost its way

AIR JORDAN 11 RETRO 'GAMMA' HIT: LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE…THANKS for watching!!!! Disclaimer :The First Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights protect my freedom of speech and …


Originally posted here:

The City of Houston ignited a First Amendment free-speech debate by issuing subpoenas to evangelical Christian leaders demanding they turn over their sermons and all other communications regarding a new city ordinance providing protections to the LGBT community.

View original post here:
Why the City of Houston wanted the sermons of five Christian pastors

MANCHESTER James Foley, the New Hampshire journalist murdered by ISIS forces in Syria last summer, has been named this years recipient of the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award.

The freelance journalist and videographer, who grew up in Wolfeboro, was announced yesterday as the recipient of the 12th annual award given by the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications.

A panel of judges decided to honor Foley for his work in telling the personal stories of people trapped by war and senseless violence.

He gave voice to people in places where there is no free speech or free press, and he gave his life because of it, said school executive director David Tirrell-Wysocki.

The award will be presented posthumously at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester on Nov. 12. The evening event will also feature an address by Donald Trump, who joins a notable group of national figures who have donated their appearances on behalf of the nonprofit school.

The First Amendment Award was established to honor New Hampshire organizations or residents who protect or exemplify the liberties granted in the First Amendment.

Past honorees include former state Attorney General Philip McLaughlin, former Keene Sentinel Editor Thomas Kearney, state Rep. Daniel Hughes, Dover City Councilor David Scott, First Amendment attorney William Chapman, ConVal School Board member Gail Pierson Cromwell, The Portsmouth Herald, David Lang and the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, and The Telegraph of Nashua.

Foley had reported from Iraq and Afghanistan and was kidnapped in Libya for 44 days in 2011. His work appeared in Stars and Stripes and GlobalPost, among others. He went to Syria in 2012 to report on conditions there and was taken by militants at Thanksgiving that year. His parents, Dr. John and Diane Foley of Rochester, did not hear from him for more than a year.

He was executed in August of this year, becoming the first American civilian to be killed by Islamist fanatics called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). Foleys beheading shocked the world. His parents plan a funeral Mass for him in Rochester this Saturday, which would have been his 42nd birthday.

Nackey Loeb, the late president and publisher of the Union Leader Corp., founded the school in 1999 to promote understanding and appreciation of the First Amendment and to foster interest, integrity and excellence in journalism and other forms of communication. More than 7,000 people have participated in the schools media-related classes, workshops and other events.

Continued here:
Award to honor James Foley's work telling the stories 'of people trapped by war'

Oct 162014

The draft sent more than 2 million Americans to Vietnam, many of them baby boomers. Millions more avoided the war through deferments. Draft dodgers burned their cards to protest the war. (Loan, Gary E. Stevens)

The First Amendment took center stage in anti-war demonstrations 49 years ago this week, as the first draft card was burned in public amid nationwide protests decrying U.S. involvement in the escalating Vietnam conflict.

In August 1965, Congress passed a law prohibiting the willful destruction of draft cards. Two months later, a young Catholic pacifist, David Miller, burned his draft card in front of a crowd a rally in New York part of the Vietnam Day Committees International Days of Protest Oct. 15-16. Miller was later arrested by the FBI and sentenced to 30 months in prison. Despite the law, draft card burning became a common form of anti-war protest, even though numerous court decisions including the 1968 U.S. Supreme Court caseUnited States v. OBrien ruled that the law did not violate protesters First Amendment rights to free speech.

When Newseum curators were collecting artifacts for The Boomer List exhibit, they wanted to include a draft card from the era as a defining symbol of the boomer generations story. But they were having a hard time finding one to display. On a hunch, director of collections Carrie Christoffersen called her father, who promptly unearthed his draft card and mailed it to the Newseum, still in its plastic wallet sleeve. Why did he have it after all these years? Christoffersen said her father told her, half-jokingly, Its a federal document! You cant get rid of that kind of thing.

Continued here:
International Days of Protest

Individualism, A Hole* In Right Libertarianism
So big i could stick my head through it.

By: RedScare TV

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Individualism, A Hole* In Right Libertarianism – Video

Oct 162014

Te Cato Cato Institute has long issued areport card on the nations governors. The grades are based on what Cato thinks constitutes good fiscal policy. Governors who work for policy like that get As, and those who dont get Fs. Back when my libertarianism was still in the closet, I wrote critically of the Cato report card. I now regret my harsh critiques of the project because I believe Cato does the nation a great service by analyzing, assessing, and rating state executives.

That doesnt mean everyone does or should agree with Catos assessment of each governor. The report card serves as a marker representing the institutes views, and those views challenge liberal and traditional conservative thinking on fiscal issues. Reading the report card and other works by the institute may change some minds. But more importantly, it broadens the debate over the role of fiscal policy in particular and government more generally. So if you pray at the altar of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities or of Citizens for Tax Justice, I hope you wont reflexively dismiss the Cato report card. Rather, I hope youll seriously consider the arguments in it. I also encourage libertarians and conservatives to follow the work of theCBPP,Citizens for Tax Justice, andGood Jobs Firstclosely. Just because their political philosophy is different than yours doesnt make their fiscal arguments wrong.

Entrance to the Cato Institute in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I have everyone holding hands, lets look at this years report card.There were only four A students, which tells you that Cato is a tough grader. IndianasMike Pence(R), MainesPaul LePage(R), KansassSam Brownback(R), and North CarolinasPat McCrory(R) were rated the only excellent governors when it comes to fiscal policy.

I realize that picking those four will jeopardize the possibility of any liberals taking the report card seriously. All four significantly cut taxes and have fought for less government spending, so its not surprising that Chris Edwards and Nicole Kaeding of Cato put them at the front of the class.

I like most of those choices. I think LePage (who removed 70,000 low-income citizens from the tax rolls), McCrory (who led significant reform), and Pence (who should get an A for fighting to eliminate the personal property tax on business equipment) deserved their grades. However, I disagree with the Brownback grade. While I generally like the idea of income and business tax cuts, I think Brownback deserves a D for supporting a policy that exempts from taxation income from passthrough entities. Thats bad tax policy whether youre conservative, liberal, or libertarian. By the way, LePage and Brownback are seeking reelection this year, and right now the polls suggest they wont be coming back to the governors mansion.

Eight governors failed: MinnesotasMark Dayton(DFL), OregonsJohn Kitzhaber(D), DelawaresJack Markell(D), WashingtonsJay Inslee(D), IllinoissPat Quinn(D), MassachusettssDeval Patrick(D), ColoradosJohn Hickenlooper(D), and CaliforniasJerry Brown(D). That sounds harsh to most Americans. We dont fail. Kids get straight As, go to Ivy League schools, and eventually work in a profession their parents can brag about. The failing governors are what we used to call tax-and-spend liberals. None have met a tax (or a spending policy) they didnt embrace. So I generally agree with Cato on its assessment of the worst kids in the class. Of those up for reelection, only Quinn is in any danger of not retaining his position.

The one governor who should have gotten an F but inexplicably received a B isAndrew Cuomo. The Democrat from New York pushed the worst tax policy idea of all time: tax-free zones. Im disappointed Cato didnt call him on it.

This post is an excerpt of an article that first appeared inState Tax Notes.

See the rest here:
Schooling The Nation's Governors

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