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First Amendment Video Project
Group Members: Noah, Dylan, Josh, and Riley – Animas High School, Seniors – Feel free to view the rest of the seniors' videos at http://ahshumanities12.weebl…

By: ahshumanities12

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First Amendment Video Project – Video

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Newswise WASHINGTON, DC (October 23, 2014)One billion Facebook users generate 2.7 billion likes per day (or 1,875,000 every minute). Increasingly, social media has become a form of social and political engagement, and 47 percent of Facebook users have liked political cause-related comments. Protected free speech is a luxury the Western world has long enjoyed. Does clicking the universally understood thumbs-up like constitute actual speech? It conveys a message understood by most, but should it command constitutional protection? A recent article in the National Communication Associations First Amendment Studies journal explores legal precedents surrounding this form of communication and surveys Facebook users attitudes.

In the case of Bland v. Roberts, an employee was fired for liking a campaign lobbying against his boss. The employee claimed the right to free speech, but the judge ruled that in the absence of sufficient speech, the case could not proceed to trial. The employee was not reinstated. An ensuing debate revealed that large numbers of individuals felt this judgment would lead to fear and inhibition, and deter free expression of ideas and opinions onlinethe chilling effect. Ironically, the First Amendment protects symbolic language, even rude gestures such as the finger. If it can stretch this far, then surely it is not unreasonable to expect coverage for the Facebook thumbs up. In the context of todays morphing methods of communication, is the law failing to keep up?

The authors developed a study of Facebook users and devised a First Amendment Scale to examine the value of computer source code communication and its relation to free speech. Four hundred forty-four participants took part. More than half had liked political content in the past. Four hypotheses were tested and all proved true:

1. Like users most certain of who would see their like expected recipients to understand their meaning. 2. Those who felt they had sent a message with a like were sure that recipients understood. 3. Participants believed when using like on political content that their posts were constitutionally protected. 4. Those using like to convey a message believed that this should be protected by the First Amendment.

The most common interpretations for like amongst participants were agree, support, and generally endorse a person, place, or idea. Overall, participants believed that a like was akin to speech as described in the First Amendment.

The twist in the tale is that on appeal, the Bland v. Roberts judgment was reversed, finding that the thumbs up indeed qualified for protection. In both offline and online domains, each community of social practice negotiates its own language conventions and creates its own democracy of meaning. The parsing of the First Amendment will continue to be influenced by these communities, note the studys authors, Susan H. Sarapin of Troy University and Pamela Morris of the University of WisconsinLa Crosse. They finish by urging further research on the chilling effect and its potential negative impact on freedom of speech online.



Excerpt from:
Should a Facebook "Like" Be Protected Free Speech?

All-Class Lecture: Political Corruption and the First Amendment
Tim Wu, the Isidor and Seville Suzbacher Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and newly appointed head of the Poliak Center at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism discusses the …

By: Columbia Journalism School

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All-Class Lecture: Political Corruption and the First Amendment – Video

Pro-life protestors had planned to put a JumboTron outside the Alamo with abortion images on it, but the City of San Antonio shut down the protest Wednesday morning. Demonstrators said it’s a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Protestors have put up a JumboTron with abortion images in other cities already and Love of Truth ministries said they cleared a permit with the City of San Antonio to do so a month ago. It wasn’t until Tuesday night that the City said the demonstration violates a sign ordinance.

“Part of the permit, which would have enabled them to put a JumboTron on the plaza, was revoked this morning,” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

“If we were going to preform abortion today the city would allow that, cause that’s legal, but showing it, somehow they’re finding a way to find that against the law,” said Mark Harrington, national director of Created Equal that was co-hosting the protest.

Harrington said now his organization has two causes to fight for; the end of abortion and first amendment rights.

“Unpopular speech is the reason the First Amendment was written to begin with. It protects disturbing, unpopular, offensive speech,” said Harrington.

Several people visiting the Alamo Wednesday said they had differing opinions on whether the JumboTron should be allowed.

“When people don’t have the choice whether to see those images or not, I don’t think that’s right,” said Shannon Thomas who was at the Alamo Wednesday.

“I think they should be allowed to do what they were permitted for, and I think it’s just the government trying to squelch anything that has to do with religion, or anything faith based,” said Ava Tanner who was also visiting the Alamo.

“I don’t necessarily agree with their tactics, but I do believe that to a certain extent it’s protected by the First Amendment,” said Lyndon Lee, another Alamo visitor.

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San Antonio tells pro-life protestors they can't use JumboTron at Alamo

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Eau Claire students host "First Amendment Free Food Festival"

First Amendment restrictions at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter
TAKE ACTION: No cute animal pics? Sarah Hardy took pictures of dogs and cats at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter to help them find h…

By: ACLU Maryland

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First Amendment restrictions at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter – Video

The Future of the First Amendment
This is Tyler and Reuben's Senior First Amendment Project for Animas High School. You are welcome to view the rest of the projects at the Humanities teacher'…

By: ahshumanities12

Originally posted here:
The Future of the First Amendment – Video

A Minnesota gun control activist sparks quite a Second Amendment and First Amendment rights debate after placing a large sign in her yard announcing to the world that her neighbor carried a gun and she didnt like it. Matthew Halleck, an Olmstead County resident, said keeping his two daughters safer is his primary concern, so he garnered a concealed carry permit to achieve his goal.

Kimberly Edson, Matthew Hallecks neighbor, decided to alert the neighborhood that at least one resident possessed a concealed carry permit. This man carries a loaded gun around your children every day, her sign read. While some residents may have become alarmed by such an exercise of Second Amendment rights, others felt Halleck made the block a lot safer.

Since we dont have a way to stop him, we felt it was important to notify the neighborhood and the parents that there is an armed man in their presence. The first couple of days of school he had it very visible, we saw it and were quite concerned, Kimberly Edson told ABC News 6. He has a Second Amendment right to carry the gun, I have my First Amendment to say that I dont like it, she added.

Kimberly Edson was reportedly most concerned about gun being carried near school property. Although some folks feel the gun free zone signs at public schools offer protection for the students and staff inside, others feel such bulletins merely put a very visible target on the backs on children. I have a responsibility to help create the kind of community I want to see, and I dont want to see a community where there are guns around schools, she said. The gun owner alert sign also include a photo of Helleck.

Its not crossing the street here, where the sidewalk is, its making sure its concealed so the kids cant see it, Matthew Halleck said when asked about carrying a gun on the way to Harriet Bishop Elementary School and any potential negative impact a firearm in the hands of a legal gun owner would have on the elementary school children. If it heightens the awareness for folks out there that are confident enough, and see the changes in the world to add an extra layer of protection, I encourage people to do it, the Minnesota man said about the concealed carrying of a firearm.

Halleck reportedly called the local police station regarding the gun control sign, which was removed quickly. Im going to protect my children any way I can, he said. Neither Halleck nor Edson appear to be backing down from their respective gun rights and free speech rights positions, or changing their habits, any time soon.

Edson is reportedly planning on posting more signs about the concealed carry permit holder around the area. Halleck told the local news media that he is considering a libel lawsuit against his neighbor.

What do you think about the Minnesota man with a concealed carry permit taking his gun with him while getting his daughters to school?

[Images via: and Buzzpo]

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Gun Control Activist Prompts Second Amendment VS First Amendment Rights Battle In Minnesota

San Francisco, CA – infoZine – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), along with reddit and the Internet Archive, filed formal comments with the New York State Department of Financial Services opposing the state’s proposed regulations for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In the letter, EFF argues that on top of damaging privacy and harming innovation, New York’s “BitLicense” regulatory scheme also risks infringing on First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and association.

The State of New York is currently considering BitLicense, a sprawling regulatory framework that would mandate licenses for a wide range of companies in the digital currency space. The regulations would force applicants to submit significant personal information to the state, including fingerprints and head-shot photographs. The policy would also require these companies to maintain detailed records about all transactions for 10 years, including identity data of users.

EFF notes that digital currency protocols are used for more than just paymentsthey have expressive and associational uses, too. Bitcoin-like systems are used for organizing and engaging with groups or communities. In addition, Bitcoin block chains frequently contain political speech, such as famous quotes and portraits of prominent historical figures. As currently written, EFF argues, the BitLicense regulations place an unacceptable burden on free speech and association.

“The courts have long recognized that code is speech protected by the First Amendment,” EFF Special Counsel Marcia Hofmann said. “At their core, digital currency protocols are code. Attempts to regulate code must include robust protections to ensure constitutionally protected speech is not stifled, and the BitLicense proposal would undermine those First Amendment principles.”

On Oct. 15, EFF launched an online activism campaign encouraging Internet users to oppose the BitLicense proposal by submitting comments to the New York State Department of Financial Services.

View post:
EFF, Internet Archive, and Reddit Oppose New Yorks BitLicense Proposal

Millennials Don't Understand Libertarianism…
Thom Hartmann don't truly understand what it means to be Libertarian. If you liked this clip of The Thom Hartmann Program, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends… and hit…

By: thomhartmann

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Millennials Don’t Understand Libertarianism… – Video

SCOTUSblog on camera: Laurence H. Tribe (Part two) Case law
Two important cases — Richmond Newspapers, Inc. v. Virginia (public access to trials) and Larkin v. Grendel's Den, Inc. (the First Amendment Establishment Clause and a church's power to…

By: SCOTUSblogoncamera

SCOTUSblog on camera: Laurence H. Tribe (Part two) Case law – Video

INFOWARS Nightly News: with Jakari Jackson Wednesday October 15 2014: Plus Special Reports
Wednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. A Chilling Assault On The First Amendment In Houston, Texas. Plus, Media Ratings Numbers Shell Game Revealed. –SUBSCRIBE TO PRISONPLANET.

By: Ron Gibson

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INFOWARS Nightly News: with Jakari Jackson Wednesday October 15 2014: Plus Special Reports – Video

Kevin Sabet Tour – Ready for the First Amendment
Waiting outside the La Grande Armory for the threat of being removed from a political event for displaying a political banner on my car.

By: Russ Belville

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Kevin Sabet Tour – Ready for the First Amendment – Video

First Amendment Fight – Houston We Have A Problem – The Fight For Faith – Fox Friends
First Amendment Fight – Houston We Have A Problem – The Fight For Faith – Fox Friends Houston We Have A Problem – City Accused Of Retaliating Against Pasto…

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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First Amendment Fight – Houston We Have A Problem – The Fight For Faith – Fox & Friends – Video

The First Amendment (Historically Speaking) – Episode #5
Frederick Douglass Dixon hosts this week's The First Amendment on UPTV.


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The First Amendment (Historically Speaking) – Episode #5 – Video

Satans First Amendment Perversion
Satan's First Amendment Perversion.

By: BHYui1211

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Satans First Amendment Perversion – Video

Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – “Houston We Have A Problem” – Attack On First Amendment
Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – “Houston We Have A Problem” – Attack On First Amendment – Freedom Of Religion! =========================================== **Please Click Below to …

By: NSTP – Wake The Hell Up America!

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Mike Huckabee Opening Statement – "Houston We Have A Problem" – Attack On First Amendment – Video

The City of Houston subpoenas ministers sermons, First Amendment violation?
A group of ministers sued the City of Houston over the rejection of petitions to get a referendum on the ballot attacking the City's Equal Rights ordinance. The City subpoenaed the sermons…

By: Chris Tritico

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The City of Houston subpoenas ministers sermons, First Amendment violation? – Video

Ron Paul The Word That Best Defines Libertarianism Is Non Intervention Econom
yahoo finance,google finance,google stock,finance,,roth ira,buy gold coin,gold dealers,gold coins in ira,forex,forex trading,trading forex,forex t…

By: Jana Holloway

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Ron Paul The Word That Best Defines Libertarianism Is Non Intervention Econom – Video

Tom Woods Champion of Libertarianism
Tom Woods is King in that realm of Philosophy.

By: PolakFury

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Tom Woods Champion of Libertarianism – Video

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