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Beaches and Islands – Krabi

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Oct 052015

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Visitors to Krabi beaches and islands are of many different backgrounds. Some are on their honeymoon and are overseas for the first time, others are adventurists who barely unpack their bags before leaving on their next adventure. We have visitors who have traveled the world over who have enjoyed travels on continents around the world, hot and cool climates. When you read about the islands and beaches of Krabi you will see that there is truly something to enjoy and love for everyone.

Ao Nang Beach

Krabi is hardly 18 km away from the bay and the bay has some 83 islands scattered around. Each one of these islands are a short distance away from one another. And during low tides, you can even wade your way to the neighboring island. In this sort of a natural set up, there is little shortage for sandy beaches and crystal clear water. But among them all, Ao Nang beach is supposed to be the best.

Ao Nang has the cleanest of environments in the area. This is the most developed beach in the area. And the beach is accessible by road from Krabi. Less crowded and more quiet, it gives a more peaceful atmosphere to the tourist than the Krabi. The majestic looking limestone cliffs rising straight from calm, clear waters of the sea and the long beach line that runs the whole length of the resort are great attractions claimed exclusively by Ao Nang. The shallow coast line is very safe for children to play with the waves. The deserted beach of Pai Plong is easily accessible on foot when the tide is low. There are 83 islands of various sizes in the bay off this beach. And the facilities for boat trips are well organized in the beach. Tourism sector takes care of the food requirements at the sea front itself. With widest range of accommodation facilities , transports either by boat or road, excellent facilities for tasty foods, tourists often make this area a base camp to make their foray further deep to discover the caves or for trekking and rock climbing.

Hat Noppharat Thara

This beach is on the western side of the Krabi town. The park covers an extensive area of the main land and 80 islands including Phi Phi Islands.

20 km west of Krabi and 3 miles long, this beach is lined with a majestic Casuarina forest. The beach is a part of Koh Phi Phi National Marine Park. Just as in the case of Ao Nang , during low tides, it is possible to reach other islands in the bay on foot.

Railay or Railey Beach & ( Hat Tham Beaches )

Two of the most popular beaches in Ao Phra Nang peninsula are Rai Leh and Hat Tham. This is just to the south of Ao Nang. Phra Nang area is a hilly terrain with craggy limestone cliffs. There are no proper roads in this area. The beaches are accessible by long tail boats. This scenario gives a secluded feel to the place.

In Rai Leh, excellent accommodation is available which gives an added attraction to this beach. There are plenty of rock formations in the area. And caves with stalactites and stalagmites are spectcular attraction in Rai Leh. As is quite typical of this area, the limestone geology has forged many interesting rock formations.

Besides, these beaches provide opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts. A spectacular view of the surrounding areas from the top of the cliff is a rewarding experience to the hardship and strain you take to climb the hill side. The facilities including supplies of climbing gear and training for the novice are also available.

Pristine beaches with pure white sand and shallow clear water make the Rai Leh beach a favorite to the tourists. Swimming and sunbathing in this beach is much popular. Rai Leh beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. And this is one of Krabi’s most unique areas.

Pra Nang Beach

Connected to Rai Lei by a small path is Phra Nang (not to be confused with Ao Nang) on the outer most point of the headland, backed by a limestone cliff which soars above the beach providing some welcome shade in the hot afternoon. At the bottom of the cliff lies the Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nok – local legend surrounds the cave and local fishermen leave offerings for good fortune. It’s a great beach to simply hang out. In the late morning the “sandwich boats” arrive. Local longtail boats equipped with ice boxes, bread and sandwich ingredients. Fancy a cheese and ham baguette? Freshly made and not expensive, the ladies on the boats will serve with a smile and often a free piece of fruit. A path Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed off this pristine, white sandy beach, and from here it is possible to hike to the top of the headland to get spectacular views of the entire area.

Klong Muang Beach/Tubkaak

Krabi’s latest beach destination, Muang Klong is aiming upmarket with 5 star and boutique hotels like the Sheraton Krabi Resort, the Nakamanda and the Tubkaak Resort. Unlike Ao Nang it doesn’t have the impressive cliffs immediately towering over the beach, but it does have powder white sand and safe swimming

The Lanta Island Group

About 53 islands are included in this group, which form the southern most district of Krabi Province.

Koh Lanta Yai The largest of the islands, it was formerly known as Pulao Satak, its name in the Malay language, which means Long Beach Island. The island is a favourite spot for those seeking peace and solitude, and is the home of the District and National Park offices. Mountainous and rugged in some spots, especially near the southern tip; with a combination of gravely and fine white sandy beaches, the island is also home to a clan of Chao Ley, or Sea Gypsies – an ethnic group who preserve many of their ancient customs and ceremonies. In recent years accommodation has increased in Lanta with a range from basic bungalows to upmarket resorts now available. You can get to Lanta on the regular ferry from Jao Fah Pier in Krabi Town.

Koh Taleng Beng Lies in the Lanta district and is similar in shape to Phi Phi Ley. Swallows also nest at this island which at low tide has a small beach and tunnel.

Mu Koh Hah Still in the Lanta area, this is a group of 5 islands featuring coral gardens and good diving spots.

Koh Ngai, Koh Rock Nai and Koh Rock Nok South of Lanta Island, these 3 islands are close to Trang Province. Koh Ngai is easily accessed via ferry from Pak Meng Beach, others are accessed by hired boat and feature both beaches and coral gardens.

Poda Beach

This is another location much favored by tourists. Lying off the coast of Ao Nang , Poda Beach is famous for its pure white sandy beach and warm waters. Diving and snorkeling , sun bathing and boating are the favorite activities in this beach. This is considered to be an ideal place for fun and relaxation.

Phi Phi Island Beaches

These islands are some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. This is one of the much sought after locations in Krabi province. The superb scenery of these islands are not just limited to the silvery sand beaches but the Emerald green sea, the multi colored coral reefs and the abundance of the underwater marine life. Hardly 2 hrs journey by boat from Ao Nang beach, the twin islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh provide excellent entertainments.

Phi Phi Don is the larger of the two islands. Covering some 28 square km area, this is in the northern part of the island. Phi Phi Don has several long white sand beaches. Long ,white curved beach, fringed by palms and between mountain ranges provide sheltered calm waters for beach sports. Plenty of accommodation is available at the site. You can have beach side bungalows or smaller resorts as you please. Bars are available adjacent to the Muslim areas where you have to be discrete. Sun bathing and swimming in the shallow waters are the popular enjoyment here.

There are very many restaurants in Phi Phi Don. In fact, Thailand as a whole is considered to be a land of restaurants. This may perhaps be the only place in the world where you have more number of restaurants and eateries on a per capita basis. And Phi Phi Don is no exception. Both European cuisine and tasty Thai foods are available at the beach restaurants. Bars, cabaret, souvenir shops, fishing excursions and chartered boats are all available at the site.

Phi Phi Leh is only some six in area. The main attraction is the rocks and caves. Rugged cliff surfaces with sparse vegetation rising staraight from the sea bed to several metres to the sky provide real challenge to the rock climbing enthusiasts.

There are several caves where birds roost in their multitudes. The sea swallows make their gelatinous nests in these caves. And these nests are some delicacy in the Chinese cuisine. The Viking cave is famous for the murals inside. These paintings depict Viking-like sailing vessels and sailors there by giving the name for the cave.

The underwater life is also much captivating. The colorful coral reef and underwater creatures give a feast to the divers. Snorkeling is a favorite sport in these beaches. In short, Phi Phi Islands are a real treat to the tourist and one of the best choices in the Andaman Bay.

Ko Paid ( Bamboo Island ) This is another of the Phi Phi Islands but uninhabited. This has some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. And the beaches are unspoiled as the area is uninhabited.

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Beaches and Islands – Krabi

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Repeating Islands | News and commentary on Caribbean …

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Aug 252015

This article by Bill Plaschke appeared in theLos Angeles Times.

Fifty years ago this weekend, the San Francisco Giants Juan Marichal brought a baseball bat down upon the head of the Dodgers John Roseboro in a pounding moment in sports history.

It was a brawl that forever defined one of sports fiercest rivalries, with an ugliness that offered a new and frightening definition of sports violence.

Yet, 50 years later, the most enduring memory of baseballs most famous fight is that it did not define the men.

Monday marks the 13th anniversary of a far more powerful moment, one occurring at Roseboros funeral, when, in a hall filled with old Dodgers, an old Giant suddenly walked to the lectern.

It was Marichal, who wanted to say goodbye, and thank you.

Johnnys forgiving me was one of the best things that happened in my life, Marichal told the surprised gathering. I wish I could have had John Roseboro as my catcher.

Youve surely seen the photo, the Neil Leifer image of Marichal swinging his bat above his head while Roseboro falls helplessly to the ground.

It was a Sports Illustrated cover that seemingly has been reprinted for 50 years. It was a picture that actually adorned the program at Roseboros funeral.

Yet Morgan Fouch, one of Roseboros daughters, said its not even the most iconic photo in her home.

The photos that I have are the ones of my father and Juan Marichal standing together smiling, she said.

The brawl was included in the first line in Roseboros obituary when he died in August 2002, listed even above this four All-Star games, three Dodgers World Series championships, and his role in two Sandy Koufax no-hitters.

Yet when his son Jaime talks about his late fathers toughness, it has to do not with the actual fight, but its aftermath.

When I think about guts, I think about what my father did in becoming friends with Marichal, he said. If its me, I dont know if I forgive him. Someone basically comes into your house and swings a bat at your head? My father was a bigger man than me.

John Roseboro stood only 5 feet 11, weighed less than 200 pounds, but he was absolutely huge, the immovable boulder who helped form the Dodgers foundation through their early glory days in Los Angeles. He spoke so infrequently, he was jokingly called Gabby. But his presence was so strong that Koufax considered him perhaps the greatest Dodgers catcher ever.

To me, John Roseboro was the catcher, Koufax once told me. With him out there, I felt like I was never alone.

It was no surprise, then, that Roseboro was in the middle of the blast furnace that was the weekend series finale between the Dodgers and Giants on Aug. 22, 1965, at Candlestick Park. The teams were in the heat of a pennant race, and there had already been an incident between the Giants Matty Alou and Roseboro earlier in the series that ended with Marichal screaming at Roseboro from the dugout steps.

If he doesnt shut his big mouth, hell get a ball right behind his ear, Roseboro shouted back about Marichal, according to John Rosengrens book, The Fight of Their Lives: How Juan Marichal and John Roseboro Turned Baseballs Ugliest Brawl into a Story of Forgiveness and Redemption.

On Sunday afternoon, after Marichal and Koufax had exchanged brushback pitches to Maury Wills and Willie Mays, respectively, Marichal took it a step further by throwing at Ron Fairly, at which point Roseboro told Koufax he would take care of it.

Sure enough, with Marichal batting, Roseboro returned the ball to Koufax by throwing it behind Marichals head, allegedly clipping his ear. Marichal questioned the catcher, then Roseboro cursed the pitcher and stepped toward him, at which point Marichal raised the bat above his head and brought it down upon Roseboros bare head, the lumber landing above his left eye, causing a two-inch gash and raising a welt.

Stung the hell out of me, blood everywhere, Roseboro told me in 1990.

The ensuing tussle lasted 14 minutes, yet the vision of Marichal pounding Roseboro with the bat will live forever. Whenever any young Dodgers or Giants minor leaguer asks why their teams dont like each other, old-timers bring up that moment.

Marichal was suspended for eight days, barred from joining the Giants at Dodger Stadium for two late-season games, and fined $1,750. Roseboro, who required 14 stitches and suffered headaches the rest of the season, sued Marichal, settled out of court for $7,500, and that was the end of it. Or so everyone thought.

The perception cast Marichal as the villain and Roseboro as the victim, and Roseboro embraced that, but then he felt guilty for it, Rosengren said in an interview.

Ten years after the brawl, the two men shook hands for the first time since then, when they met at a Dodgers old-timers game. By that time, Marichal actually had joined the Dodgers briefly, as a free agent at the end of his career. Their meeting was cordial, they even participated in a joint television interview during which Marichal apologized for the incident and Roseboro responded with, You cant keep a grudge.

But a chill still lingered when, 17 years after the brawl, Marichal phoned Roseboro with a request.

According to Roseboros wife Barbara, who died in 2012, heres how the conversation went.

John, are you still mad?


John, I need your help.

Marichal was embarking on a third consecutive attempt to enter the Hall of Fame after not receiving enough votes in his first two seasons of eligibility. He was certain that his fight with Roseboro was the reason for his exclusion.

Marichal needed a man whom he once could have killed to help make him immortal. He had come to the right place.

My father was the most easily forgiving person I knew, and this situation was really like any other, Fouch said. If I ever did anything wrong, I would say, Daddy, Im so sorry, and he would say, OK, lets go get ice cream.’

Within weeks, Roseboro had flown with his family to the Dominican Republic to appear in Marichals golf tournament and announce to the world that all was forgiven. Within months, Roseboros phone was ringing again, Marichal again. He had just been voted into the Hall of Fame, and soon both men were crying.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marichal said.

That gratitude was felt by Roseboro for the rest of his life. As the catcher lay dying from a failing heart at age 69 in the summer of 2002, Marichal phoned me from the Dominican Republic with desperation in his voice.

Please tell John to hang on, Marichal said. Please tell him Im praying for him.

Marichals voice broke as he added, A wonderful, wonderful man. I have long ago forgiven him and I truly hope he has forgiven me.

Upon Roseboros death on Aug. 16, 2002, Marichal continued to honor him by flying to Los Angeles to serve as an honorary pallbearer and deliver one of the eulogies at his funeral.

At that moment, the power of forgiveness was stronger than that of an angrily swung baseball bat. One of the ugliest chapters in this sometimes senseless Dodgers-Giants rivalry had finally ended, and for once, the human spirit had won.

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Repeating Islands | News and commentary on Caribbean …

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Channel Islands – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Aug 082015

The Channel Islands (Norman: les d’la Manche, French: les Anglo-Normandes or les de la Manche[note 1]) are an archipelago of British Crown Dependencies in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy. They include two separate bailiwicks: the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey. They are considered the remnants of the Duchy of Normandy, and are not part of the United Kingdom.[1] They have a total population of about 168,000 and their respective capitals, Saint Helier and Saint Peter Port, have populations of 33,500 and 16,488, respectively. The total area of the islands is 194km2.

Both Bailiwicks have been administered separately since the late 13th century; each has its own independent laws, elections, and representative bodies (although in modern times, politicians from the islands’ legislatures are in regular contact). Any institution common to both is the exception rather than the rule.

The permanently inhabited islands of the Channel Islands are:

All of these except Jersey are in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

There are also several uninhabited islets. Four are part of the Bailiwick of Jersey:

These lie off Alderney:

These lie off Guernsey:

(See also List of islands of the Bailiwick of Guernsey)

In general the larger islands have the -ey suffix, and the smaller ones have the -hou suffix; these are believed to be from the Old Norse ey and holmr, respectively which means island and islet.

The Chausey Islands south of Jersey are not generally included in the geographical definition of the Channel Islands but are occasionally described in English as ‘French Channel Islands’ in view of their French jurisdiction. They were historically linked to the Duchy of Normandy, but they are part of the French territory along with continental Normandy, and not part of the British Isles or of the Channel Islands in a political sense. They are an incorporated part of the commune of Granville (Manche). While they are popular with visitors from France, Channel Islanders rarely visit them as there are no direct transport links from the other islands.

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Channel Islands – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Palm Islands – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Jul 222015

For the islands in Lebanon see Palm Islands Nature Reserve

Palm Islands are two artificial islands, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali, on the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As at November 2014, only Palm Jumeirah has been completed. This island takes the form of a palm tree, topped by a crescent. When complete, Palm Jebel Ali will take a similar shape; both islands will be host to a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centres and will add a total of 520kilometres of non-public beaches to the city of Dubai. The creation of the Palm Jumeirah began in June 2001. Shortly after, the Palm Jebel Ali was announced and reclamation work began. A third island was planned and construction started, but this project was later remodelled and renamed to Deira Island.

The Palm Islands are artificial islands constructed from sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf by the Belgian company, Jan De Nul and the Dutch company, Van Oord. The sand is sprayed from dredging ships, guided by a Global Positioning System, onto the required area. The spraying process is known as rainbowing because of the rainbow-like arcs produced in the air when the sand is sprayed. The outer edge of each palm’s encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater. The breakwater of the Palm Jumeirah contains over seven million tons of rock; each rock was placed individually by a crane, its position signed off by a diver, and given a Global Positioning System coordinate.[citation needed]

The Jan De Nul Group started working on the Palm Jebel Ali in 2001 and had finished by the end of 2006. The reclamation project for the Palm Jebel Ali includes the creation of a four-kilometer-long peninsula, protected by a 200-meter-wide, seventeen-kilometer long circular breakwater. There are 210,000,000cubic meters of rock, sand and limestone that were reclaimed (partly originating from the Jebel Ali entrance channel dredging work). There are approximately 10,000,000cubic meters of rocks in the Slope Protection Works.

The Palm Jumeirah ( Coordinates: 250628N 550815E / 25.10778N 55.13750E / 25.10778; 55.13750 ) consists of a tree trunk, a crown with 16 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11kilometer-long breakwater. The island itself is five kilometers by five kilometers. It adds 78kilometers to the Dubai coastline.

Residents began moving into Palm Jumeirah properties at the end of 2006, five years after land reclamation began.

A Monorail opened in 2009, but is not connected to other public transport.

The Palm Jebel Ali began construction in October 2002 and was expected to be completed in mid-2008.[1][2]

The construction of the Palm Islands has had a significant impact on the surrounding environment, resulting in changes to area wildlife, coastal erosion, alongshore sediment transport and wave patterns. Sediment stirred up by construction has suffocated and injured local marine fauna and reduced the amount of sunlight which filters down to seashore vegetation. Variations in alongshore sediment transport have resulted in changes in erosion patterns along the UAE coast, which has also been exacerbated by altered wave patterns as the waters of the Gulf attempt to move around the new obstruction of the islands. [3][4]

Dubai’s megaprojects have become a favorite cause of environmentalists. Greenpeace has criticized the Palm Islands for lack of sustainability, and, a site dedicated to rain forest conservation, has attacked Dubai’s artificial islands aggressively, stating that:

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Palm Islands – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ecuador – Lonely Planet

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Jul 042015

Picturesque colonial centers, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking heights of the Andes Ecuador may be small, but it has a dazzling array of wonders.

The historic centers of Quito and Cuenca are lined with photogenic plazas, 17th-century churches and monasteries, and beautifully restored mansions. Wandering the cobblestone streets amid architectural treasures from Spanish colonial days is a fine way to delve into the past. Beyond the cities, the Ecuadorian landscape unfolds in all its startling variety. There are Andean villages renowned for their colorful textiles and sprawling markets, Afro-Ecuadorian towns where days end with meals of fresh seafood and memorable sunsets, and remote settlements in the Amazon where shamans still harvest the traditional rainforest medicines of their ancestors.

Setting off on a trek into the Andes can seem like stepping into a fairy tale: theres the patchwork of small villages, gurgling brooks and rolling fields, with a condor slowly wheeling overhead. Although the view from the top is sublime, you dont have to scale a mountain to enjoy the Andes. These verdant landscapes make a fine backdrop for mountain-biking, horseback-riding or hiking from village to village, overnighting at local guesthouses along the way. Ecuadors other landscapes offer equally alluring adventures, from surfing tight breaks off the Pacific coast to white-water-rafting Class V rivers along the jungle-clad banks of the Oriente.

After days of Ecuadorian adventures, there are many appealing places where you can go to relax amid awe-inspiring scenery. Head to the mountainous highlands to recharge at a historic hacienda, or find Zenlike beauty amid a cloud-forest lodge near Mindo. There are peaceful, timeless mountain villages like Vilcabamba and picturesque former gold-mining towns like Zaruma that offer a perfect antidote to the vertiginous rush of modern-day life. And for a coastal getaway, you’ll have plenty of options, from tiny end-of-the-road settlements like Ayampe and Oln to charming towns on the Galapagos, with great beaches and magnificent sunsets right outside your door.

The famed Galpagos Islands, with their volcanic, otherworldly landscapes, are a magnet for wildlife lovers. Here, you can get up close and personal with massive lumbering tortoises, scurrying marine iguanas (the worlds only seagoing lizard), doe-eyed sea lions, prancing blue-footed boobies and a host of other unusual species both on land and sea. The Amazon rainforest offers a vastly different wildlife-watching experience. Set out on the rivers and forested trails in search of monkeys, sloths, toucans and river dolphins. Some lodges also have canopy towers offering magnificent views (and a better chance to see birdlife).

By Regis St Louis, Author

Whenever people tell me they want to visit South America, but don’t know where to begin, I recommend Ecuador. This is a country that seems to have it all: Andean peaks, Amazon rainforest, indigenous markets, colonial towns, sun-drenched beaches not to mention a rather famous chain of volcanic islands full of fascinating wildlife. Adding to the appeal is Ecuador’s (relatively) small size and its ease of travel (good roads and an easy-to-remember currency). But best of all are the Ecuadorians themselves: kind-hearted, generous and proud of the great strides they’ve made in the last decade, they are in fact the nation’s greatest treasure.

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Ecuador – Lonely Planet

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SURF’S UP! At Josiah’s Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, CARIBBEAN! – Video

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Apr 142015

SURF'S UP! At Josiah's Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, CARIBBEAN!
Yes, surfs up at Josiah's Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean! Good friend Alex Dick-Reid started a new surfing school on the beach in Josiah's Bay, and all are welcome…

By: Rick Moore

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SURF’S UP! At Josiah’s Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, CARIBBEAN! – Video

a Delaware family sick at the resort in the US Virgin Islands Due to pesticides – Video

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Apr 142015

a Delaware family sick at the resort in the US Virgin Islands Due to pesticides
a Delaware family sick at the resort in the US Virgin Islands Due to pesticides a Delaware family sick at the resort in the US Virgin Islands Due to pesticides a Delaware family sick at the…


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a Delaware family sick at the resort in the US Virgin Islands Due to pesticides – Video

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Battle Islands Hack Unlimited Gold, Unlock Weapons Android iOS Working Update April 2015 – Video

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Apr 142015

Battle Islands Hack Unlimited Gold, Unlock Weapons Android iOS Working Update April 2015
download from here: (read description for more) ======== Select 'Regular Download' and complete a short offer, just to confirm that you are not a bot. Save the file…

By: Lashandrini Loznoto

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Battle Islands Hack Unlimited Gold, Unlock Weapons Android iOS Working Update April 2015 – Video

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Japan approves controversial textbooks that claim disputed islands – Video

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Apr 142015

Japan approves controversial textbooks that claim disputed islands
Japan has approved new textbooks for its junior and middle schools, all of which claim sovereignty over disputed islands in the East China Sea. 18 different textbooks now say the disputed territori…

By: CCTV News

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Japan approves controversial textbooks that claim disputed islands – Video

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Banned pesticide sickens family at US Virgin Islands resort – Video

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Apr 142015

Banned pesticide sickens family at US Virgin Islands resort
Justice Department launches investigation Watch Ainsley Earhardt talk about National Interest on Fox Friends First.

By: Fox News

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Banned pesticide sickens family at US Virgin Islands resort – Video

Bizarre Foods : Faroe Islands Part 1/3 – Video

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Apr 142015

Bizarre Foods : Faroe Islands Part 1/3
Bizarre Foods : BBQ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Bizarre Foods America : BBQ Bizarre Foods America BBQ. Bizarre Foods : Los Angeles – Spleen Soup and Sriracha Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Bizarre Foods…

By: Yahaira Shok

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Bizarre Foods : Faroe Islands Part 1/3 – Video

Trying Drinks from THE CANARY ISLANDS! – Video

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Apr 142015

Trying Drinks from THE CANARY ISLANDS!
Today I am trying out a few drinks I brought home from the Canary Islands! I hope you enjoy! :) Music – 'En la Brisa' – Dan-O – Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 – http://creativ…

By: Owen Luckhurst

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Trying Drinks from THE CANARY ISLANDS! – Video

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10312 W Broadview Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 – Video

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Apr 142015

10312 W Broadview Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 is the place to go if you are seeking listings near 10312 W Broadview Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154.

By: MIAVirtualTours

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10312 W Broadview Dr, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 – Video

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Canary Islands Irradiance forecast: 2015-04-14 – Video

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Apr 142015

Canary Islands Irradiance forecast: 2015-04-14
Prediccin automtica de Irradiancia en Islas Canarias. Los datos son obtenidos mediante ejecuciones del modelo WRF utilizando el superordenador TeideHPC. Este trabajo ha sido realizado en…

By: TeideHPC

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Canary Islands Irradiance forecast: 2015-04-14 – Video

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Secure Islands Turbo Charges Performance and Delivers 100% Accurate Classification and Protection With IQProtector 5.0

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Apr 142015

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Secure Islands today announced general availability of IQProtector 5.0, the industrys leading Information Protection and Control (IPC) solution. Version 5.0 breaks new ground with its Data Interception Architecture, an open framework that enables more data to be immunized faster with 100% accuracy, based on enterprise-wide policies, independently of users, devices or platforms. Other enhancements include secure collaboration capabilities and a customizable user interface. With this release, Secure Islands delivers an industry first – a single, scalable, policy driven platform that enables organizations to classify and protect data the moment it is created, and from any user, application, location or device.

Designed for use in todays highly distributed, mobile, and borderless enterprise computing environments, IQProtector enables organization to immunize data at the point of creation, with protection that persists throughout the entire lifecycle of the data. Secure Islands will be demonstrating IQProtector 5.0 at RSA Conference in San Francisco, California from April 20-23, 2015, Booth #127

Introducing Data Interception Data Interceptors can be implemented extremely close to any data source and inspect all files that are generated or in-transit through the source with minimum dependency on the end-user or the device that uses this data. Upon inspection, Interceptors instantly immunize the data based on the organizations classification and protection policy.

Secure Islands have made data interceptors available for:

Secure Collaboration Enhancements to Secure Islands secure collaboration capabilities include the ability for email users to apply protection to messages and attachments with ad-hoc permissions for recipients. Additionally, using the Exchange Interceptor and leveraging Azure Rights Management, Classification and Protection policies can be enforced outside the organization, without having to compromise or expose user identities or keys..

Enhanced Management, Improved User Experience Finally, the Secure Islands IQProtector 5.0 features a completely new user interface, delivering better usability and a vastly improved user experience. The interface can be customized with organizational background color and logo and allows organizations to customize security message text according to their needs.

Because our large enterprise customers have challenged us to support myriad use cases and requirements, IQProtector delivers powerful yet extremely manageable Information Protection purpose-built for todays borderless enterprises, said Yuval Eldar, Founder, Secure Islands. Credit Suisse was one of those customers, which chose to invest in Secure Islands once it became clear IQProtector makes data loss, leakage or theft irrelevant. While there will never be a single silver bullet for security, Secure Islands customers have quickly become are unappealing targets for cyber criminals.

Availability IQProtector 5.0 is now generally available. Secure Islands will demonstrate the capabilities of IQProtector 5.0 at RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 20-23, 2015, Stand #127.

About Secure Islands Secure Islands provides advanced Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions for the borderless enterprise. Offering policy-driven classification and protection for unstructured data, Secure Islands lays the foundation enterprises to shift from network or perimeter-based defenses to persistent data protection. Secure Islands redefines data security and assists companies in regaining control by identifying, classifying and protecting sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. Founded in 2006, Secure islands is a privately held company is experiencing tremendous growth, fueled by the accelerated adoption of its solution by leading global corporations including a number of Global 2000 companies in the financial, manufacturing, government and telecommunication sectors. For more information, please visit.

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Secure Islands Turbo Charges Performance and Delivers 100% Accurate Classification and Protection With IQProtector 5.0

Microsoft’s Bill Sample denies Microsoft uses the Cayman Islands for tax – Video

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Apr 132015

Microsoft's Bill Sample denies Microsoft uses the Cayman Islands for tax
Microsoft's Bill Sample denies Microsoft uses the Cayman Islands for tax at a Senate tax avoidance inquiry.

By: SkyNewsAustralia

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Microsoft’s Bill Sample denies Microsoft uses the Cayman Islands for tax – Video

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[Cockpit View] Airbus A319 Takeoff and Landing (Copenhagen – Faroe islands) – Video

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Apr 132015

[Cockpit View] Airbus A319 Takeoff and Landing (Copenhagen – Faroe islands)
[Cockpit View] Airbus A319 Takeoff and Landing (Copenhagen – Faroe islands) Like page for more videos: [Playlist] Takeoff: …

By: Cockpit View

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[Cockpit View] Airbus A319 Takeoff and Landing (Copenhagen – Faroe islands) – Video

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