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Every wrestling fan has their own story to tell. One person’s history with wrestling may have started in the 80′s. Another fan’s history with wrestling may have started just last week. There isn’t one fan out there that doesn’t have their own story to share with everyone that has the same interest in wrestling. One common wrestling event that everyone here in Bleacher Report watches is the WWE …Source:

LOS ANGELES – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in the Americas, announced details for the auction of a limited run of prints of works debuted at the DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION art show last Thursday…Source:

When we talked with Asif Kapadia about Senna, he opened up about working with archival television footage, his distaste for talking heads, and how he learned about Formula One from square…well, one.Source:

CWmike writes “Start-up Millenniata and LG plan to soon release a new optical disc and read/write player that will store movies, photos or any other data forever. The data can be accessed using any current DVD or Blu-ray player. The M-Disc can be dipped in liquid nitrogen and then boiling water without harming it. It also has a Defense Department study (PDF) backing up the resiliency of its …Source:

Robert Ettinger, who was widely regarded as the founding father of the cryonics movement, is now himself in cryonic suspension, anticipating the day when medical technology will bring him back to life. Adherents to the cryonics movement believe they can achieve immortality through quick-freezing their bodies at the point of death pending scientific resurrection thanks to future technology which …Source:

THE debate over whether Darren Lockyer should be rugby league’s next Immortal is irrelevant, because he would have to be retired for five years before being considered anyway. But that wouldn’t bother the champion five-eighth, because he would be much more concerned about winning tonight than worrying about his place in history.Source:

“ Who wants to live forever ?” Freddie Mercury asks on behalf of the Highlander. Michio Kaku (whom you should be reading because he’s wonderful) has started a two-part investigation over at Big Think on just that query. The cliché question comes from the basic problem of living a long time: no one wants to die, but no one wants to get old either. Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Weiner ‘s new book …Source:

Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven and Pat Gillick were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday.Source:

NIPA is practically immortal. Its lifespan is not measured in decades, as in Homo sapiens. For all practical purposes, it lives forever.Source:

The world is getting old. Most developed nations have an aging population that outnumbers the young ‘uns. Ted C. Fishman’s new book, Shock of Gray , argues that this huge wave of elderly just might change the world. Recently interviewed at Salon , Fishman talked about a potential anti-agism civil rights movement, globalization fueled by young people immigration (get on my lawn?), and my favorite …Source:

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ gets off to a suitably gruesome and fun start, says this recap.

Screenwriter John Francis Daley is given a kind of sideways pop-culture immortality as Sam Weir, the likably normal kid at the center of Judd Apatow’s misfit TV constellation more than a decade ago.

Namco Bandai has launched a Dark Souls contest challenging players to design shields for inclusion in post-launch DLC for the chance to win exclusive Dark Souls swag and one of three starring roles in the game’s credits.

There are cells that given the right conditions and adequate food supplies live forever.

Immortality is the lure of Starz’s new spinoff “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” airing Fridays and starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman.

I used to envy my college students their strong minds and stronger bodies. Their computers work so fast as they pull their all-nighters with a mere yawn.

In the old days there would have been no mystery. If Derek Jeter needed 14 hits in 10 games, he would get 14 hits in 10 games. Why? For the bulk of his career, Jeter was a metronome of hits, a relentless single to right. Fourteen hits in 10 games…

Laura was a force of nature, she was a natural, an authentic, un-self-conscious whirling dervish, who got more done in one day than most of us get done in a year.

VANCOUVER – After one of the strangest, most memorable, and contentious Stanley Cup Finals in recent history , it comes down to 60 minutes.

PITTSBURGH – Despite what the tattoo on his stomach says, Matt Brown isn’t immortal. Following a recent submission loss to Brian Foster – his third straight defeat in the UFC – Brown assumed his octagon career was dead. He admits those days were dark, and accepting the mortality was harder than he expected. But after returning home and playing with his twin boys, he eventually realized there’s …

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