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Team Freedom Mastermind (ASL) – 9/22/2014 at 6:30 pm PST/ 9:30 pm EST
Philosophy of Wealth Creation Through Relationship Marketing Get as many of your teammates on this Hangout that you can! It will make a huge difference in your team by helping your organization…

By: Team Freedom Inc.

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Team Freedom Mastermind (ASL) – 9/22/2014 at 6:30 pm PST/ 9:30 pm EST – Video

Sep 222014

Freedom is not free
A short vid explaining what happens when a family member goes to serve there country. Its ok to cry! ;-(


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Freedom is not free – Video

Passport feat. Brian Auger “Freedom Jazz Dance” from Doldinger Jubilee Concert
From Klaus Doldinger “Doldinger Jubilee Concert” (Germany, 1975).

By: elephanta2

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Passport feat. Brian Auger "Freedom Jazz Dance" from Doldinger Jubilee Concert – Video

Vande Mataram: Youngest freedom fighter Khudiram Bose
'Vande Mataram 2' is a documentary series, narrated by actors Shatrughan Sinha, Raza Murad and Om Puri, by Aaj Tak on revolutionaries' role in our Freedom St…

By: Aaj Tak

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Vande Mataram: Youngest freedom fighter Khudiram Bose – Video

Skyeart – Freedom (Between Being and Nothingness)
A faixa Freedom (Between Being and Nothingness) o primeiro single do novo EP intitulado Being between Sky and Earth da banda mineira de power/progressive metal SKYEART. Contando…

By: Skyeart Channel

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Skyeart – Freedom (Between Being and Nothingness) – Video

Kari Sigurdsson – Freedom Is Ours
Audio Jungle: Official Website: Soundcloud: Playlist:…

By: ThePrimeCronus

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Kari Sigurdsson – Freedom Is Ours – Video

Fighting for freedom 101 : Truth is objective
Please feel free to comment, share, and question We are one planet. If it is not good for all then it is not good at all. Being in the presence of the present is the greatest present. One love…

By: Taft Partridge

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Fighting for freedom 101 : Truth is objective – Video

freedom open source video converter winff 1.5.3 ppa install website install or remove | mint 17 64
freedom open source video converter winff 1.5.3 ppa install website install or remove | freedom use linux open source movie software new version of the method | linux Mint 17 Qiana KDE…

By: A Lin

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freedom open source video converter winff 1.5.3 ppa install & website install or remove | mint 17 64 – Video

MH Freedom Unite Low Rank Village Quest Yian Garuga
Hunting the Yian Garuga in Mh Freedom Unite. Longsword used has a small amount of fire damage and greater raw damage but has a good amount of affinity.

By: EliteSlayer

MH Freedom Unite Low Rank Village Quest Yian Garuga – Video

This prison server is owned by the YouTuber ZexyZek. If you wish to join it with me the ip is is down blow! ======================================= Server's Ip- =====================…

By: Gamethedayaway – Justin

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CPA Freedom Review – Does CPA Freedom Work?

By: Peter Griffen

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CPA Freedom Review – Does CPA Freedom Work? – Video

Art for the sake of freedom
Full Frame visits the studio of photographer Kay Chernush. Chernush first became involved with documenting the impact of human trafficking when the U.S. State Department assigned her to create…

By: CCTV America

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Art for the sake of freedom – Video


Welcome to your financial freedom! Your Freedom has arrived! We are an independent, full-service commercial bank thats committed to providing individuals and businesses with ways to achieve their financial goals. From checking and IOLTA accounts to CDs and low-cost loans, we have it all. Were dedicated to high-tech delivery of competitive products, and highly personalized service to meet your specific needs.

Freedom Bank employees believe personal attention, local decisions, sound banking practices, and comprehensive financial services should exceed customers expectations and well do all we can to see that it happens.

Our vision is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and our township. We intend to become a vital part of the vibrant community we now serve, and those we will serve in the years to come.

Headquartered in beautiful Maywood, Bergen County, NJ, Freedom Banks mission is to be recognized as a valued member of the northern New Jersey financial community . . . and as the path to your financial freedom.

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Freedom Bank, an independent commercial bank headquartered …

The Freedom Bank of Virginia announced that effective September 18, 2014 its common stock began trading on OTCQX. The Banks symbol will continue to be FDVA. The OTCQX

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Freedom Bank of Virginia Begins Trading on OTCQX

Managers of bankrupt Freedom Industries continue to work toward getting their Elk River facility into a voluntary industrial remediation program, but Department of Environmental Protection officials want the company more focused on actually cleaning up contaminated soil at the site of the January chemical spill that polluted the drinking-water supply for hundreds of thousands of people.

Scott Mandirola, director of the DEP Division of Water and Waste Management, said he has been concerned about the possibility that some cleanup work could be delayed while the company worked to establish its eligibility for the agencys Voluntary Remediation Program.

It appears that we should have been moving faster down the remediation pathway, said Mandirola, whose staff has been overseeing the cleanup since the Jan. 9 spill of a mixture of Crude MCHM and other chemicals at Freedoms tank facility. Im looking for a little more in terms of when are you going to start digging?

Last week, Freedom submitted an updated plan to DEP to outline its proposal for more soil and groundwater testing that will help determine how much remediation work needs to be done. And today, Freedom hopes to begin cutting apart and tearing down the last of its chemical storage tanks.

But on Tuesday, the company faces a hearing before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ronald Pearson, who early this month issued a strongly worded order questioning whether Freedom was really committed to the cleanup. Pearson complained that Freedom was spending too much on lawyers and other professionals, wasnt making adequate progress at the site, and had warned in bankruptcy court filings that it might abandon the Elk River facility if cleanup costs appeared to be coming in too high.

Pearson ordered Freedom officials to appear in court prepared to answer serious questions about the extent to which the company intends to comply with existing demolition and cleanup orders and pay necessary environmental administrative claims to do so.

The dispute over Freedoms cleanup efforts comes just three months after Pearson had proclaimed in a formal court order that Freedom had been working conscientiously and diligently to implement a cost effective and safe means for demolition and cleanup at the site, located just 1.5 miles upstream from West Virginia American Waters regional drinking water intake.

Freedom contractors have removed most of the more than a dozen chemical storage tanks that stood at the companys Etowah Terminal prior to the Jan. 9 spill. Four tanks that remain were being used for storage of stormwater runoff while Freedom worked out a deal to ship that waste to the Charleston Sanitary Board, for treatment and disposal in the Kanawha River. The next phase for Freedom is removing those four tanks. Stormwater will then be collected in temporary storage tanks.

The companys new, 161-page Remediation Delineation and Investigation Work Plan, submitted to DEP last week, spells out a plan for additional contamination testing at the site, leading up to submission in December of an application for the site to enter DEPs voluntary cleanup program.

If allowed to proceed in this program, Freedom could have to meet less-stringent contamination standards than under existing DEP enforcement orders. Under existing orders, Freedom likely would have to clean up the Elk River site to the point where no MCHM can be detected in soil left at the location. Under the voluntary program, the cleanup standard would be a risk-based one, which would depend on what sort of potential for human exposure exists based on the planned future use of the land.

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DEP concerned about pace of Freedom Industries cleanup

Aquino receives the medal for his successful reforms in the areas of education, anti-corruption, and rule of law

FREEDOM MEDAL. Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt, Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, awards the Freedom Medal to President Benigno S. Aquino III. Photo from FNF

MANILA, Philippines President Benigno S. Aquino III was awarded the Friedrich-Naumann-Freedom-medal in Berlin on Saturday, September 20.

Aquino received the medal for his successful reforms in the areas of education, anti-corruption, and rule of law. “His presidency is a clear indication of the endeavor for change and freedom by the liberal forces in the Philippines,” said Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt, Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF).

FNF is a German foundation working for good governance, human rights and market economy, with more than 60 projects across the globe. It has worked together with liberal partners in the Philippines since 1986.

The medal is awarded to outstanding personalities who engage themselves for more democracy, human rights, and market economy in partnership with the Foundation. In the past the medal was awarded, amongst others, to Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Western Cape Prime Minister Helen Zille and Liberal International President Hans van Baalen.

This prestigious medal is recognition from Germany and Europe of the tremendous progress that the Philippines made since 2010 in fighting corruption and promoting good governance. This also made the country more attractive for foreign investments and promoted economic growth, Jules Maaten, FNF Philippines Country Director, said. Naumann Foundation for Freedom

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President Aquino receives Freedom Medal in Germany

Ukraine Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Monday that the brazen Russian invasion of his country has him proposing a new “Coalition of Freedom,” to defend democracy and Western values in a troubled world.

“It is about security for everyone,” said Klimkin, during an exclusive Fox News interview on the eve of world leaders gathering in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. “If someone in this interchangeable and intertwined world cannot feel secure, how can U.S. citizens here feel secure?”

He says that Ukraine is confrontinga threat any nation can face, adding “we need a network of security.” His proposed Coalition of Freedom would consist of “countries which are committed to freedom, to democratic values, where we are not talking about spheres of influence, but the values and real interests of democratic countries.”

Klimkin said he faults the world body for failing to confront what he called Russia’s invasion of Crimea, and eastern Ukraine. He also said that the West was effectively caught flat-footed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s shocking territorial conquest of parts of his country.

“I believe that NATO, the U.S. and the European Union were not ready for such developments, which have taken place around Crimea and now in Donetsk and Luhansk. Now all of us clearly understand the depths of these events.”

Klimkin also is calling for “a fundamental change for the U.N.,” which has been impotent in the wake of the first European invasion of another country since Adolf Hitler tested British, French and American resolve with the Nazi invasions of the 1930′s.

“If you see the whole inflow of mercenaries, money, weapons and heavy weapons into Ukraine, and it’s all coming across the Ukraine-Russian border, if you see the presence of Russian troops and Russian heavy weaponry on our territory, it is an act of aggression.”

Despite Russia’s occupation of his country, Klimkin says Ukraine has “the solidarity of the Western world.”

Supporters of Ukraine in Congress are also going beyond siding with Kiev in its fight against Moscow by seeking to provide military arms the country’s forces need to face the Russian backed rebels.

President Obama has so far decided to only send non-lethal supplies to the Ukrainian military. The administration is reportedly concerned that weapons shipments would only embolden Putin even further.

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Ukraine's FM calling for 'Coalition of Freedom'

Freedom to read

Freedom Comments Off
Sep 222014

To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the Harry Potter series all classic childhood favorites, right?

Theyre also among some of the most historically challenged and banned books in the United Statesproof that one persons idea of a masterpiece might be offensive and vulgar to another reader.

National Banned Books Week, which runs through Saturday, celebrates the freedom to read books such as these. Throughout the week, libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events.

Check out The Bookworm of Edwards banned books display or head to the Vail Public Library to catch the movie version of various banned books, including titles such as Matilda and The Color Purple.

Whats in a ban?

Books are considered banned when a library, organization or school somewhere has removed a book from its shelves based on objections someone has raised. A book is considered challenged if a person or group has raised objections to it, but the book was ultimately not removed.

The reasons behind bans and challenges vary, but often center around offensive language, adult themes or racism. To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the Vail Public Library movie showings, falls under most of those categories.

Thats actually one book I really like, said Liz Willhoff, of the Vail Public Library. I read it multiple times in school for different classes. I think its very well written and is a book Ive always loved, but its frequently challenged, I think as recently as 2011.

Most libraries are supportive of the freedom to read, so theyre unlikely to remove a book based on content. However, teachers sometimes have to tread more carefully with the books they assign to their students.

Saundra Borel, who teaches reading intervention and AP English at Battle Mountain High School, said Eagle County teachers are allowed to choose titles they think are appropriate for their specific population and age groups.

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Freedom to read

Sep 222014

All set for Freedom of Information run on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014!

By Cong B. Corrales

Ready, set, and go for our right to know.

Get your running shoes ready for Tanglaw Run for Freedom of Information next Saturday, October 4, at the Quirino Granstand in Manila City.

The run begins at 5 oclock in the morning so stretch and limber up early. The name tanglaw symbolizes the contribution of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) community in giving light to pressing social concerns. This year, the run focuses on a strategic governance and reform measure that has drawn broad and strong public support the peoples right to know.

The fun run, an annual advocacy project of the Federation of Alumni Associations in PUP, Inc. (FEDAAPI), will be held next week coordination with Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition. It will banner the issue of the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill.

To register click the photo below.

THIS BIB is yours if you join the fun run

You may also check out the events Facebook page.

The fun run is open to all Iskolar ng Bayan, faculty members, employees and PUP alumni from all other state universities and colleges (SUCs), as well as all groups and organizations that support the Peoples Freedom of Information Bill.

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Run for your rights!

Inside Egypt Will Sisi guarantee freedom of expression

By: Hot News

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Inside Egypt Will Sisi guarantee freedom of expression – Video

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