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RNW empowers changemakers on sexual rights
RNW promotes free speech through independent journalism and the use of new media. For more: See We create thought-provoking content for young…


RNW empowers changemakers on sexual rights – Video

The Open Mind: Free Speech and Due Process, Part 1
In this edition of The Open Mind, Burt Neuborne speaks about how the first Amendment is sugar-coated and his perspective on it. (Taped 1-16-97) In May 1956, Richard D. Heffner, American…

By: cunytv75

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The Open Mind: Free Speech and Due Process, Part 1 – Video

Speech Therapy for Children in Albuquerque – (505) 821-1638 – FREE Speech Screenings at Chatterbox
Call to Schedule a Free Speech Screening: (505) 821-1638 “We Provide Speech Therapy for Children in Albuquerque by Helping Them Find Their Voice Through…

By: Chatterbox Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy for Children in Albuquerque – (505) 821-1638 – FREE Speech Screenings at Chatterbox – Video


Free speech and a free press are basic rights of American democracy.

But are some student government leaders at Arizona State University forgetting the basics we learned all the way back in middle school?

A member of the Undergraduate Student Government has been impeached for speaking to the media, without notifying leadership first.

“Why do you need a heads up?” questioned ASU seniorIsabelle Murray. “If you’re doing everything ethically and you’re doing everything you should be, then what would it matter?”

Murray is apsychology and Spanish major who’s president of the university’s Rainbow Coalition, which represents LGBTQA students, and founder and co-facilitator of the Disabled Students Coalition.

She was also USG senator until she was impeached on Oct. 21.

According to a USG press release, Murray violated a media relations policy and another student’s privacy.

“Basically, they’re worried about their dirty laundry being aired,” Murray explained.

In early October, Murray said ASU’s student newspaper The State Press interviewed her about another senator she said was threatening a student and about a bill she was sponsoring that would ban full face-painting at games to prevent students from showing up in racially-insensitive blackface.

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ASU student senator appeals impeachment for talking to media

The Canadian government says its looking for a way to stop terror groups and their followers from using the Internet to advance their cause as a debate emerges over how to fight threats to Canada while preserving civil liberties including free speech and privacy.

Justice Minster Peter MacKay said measures could include tools to allow for the removal of websites or Internet posts that support the proliferation of terrorism in Canada.

Theres no question that the whole issue around radicalization and the type of material that is often used that we think is inappropriate, and we think quite frankly contribute to again this is my word the poisoning of young minds, that this is something that needs to be examined, Mr. MacKay said Wednesday.

His comments come as Canadas privacy watchdogs warn changes being planned to boost police powers after last weeks terror attacks must be measured and proportionate to preserve Canadian democratic values.

A joint statement from 15 privacy and information commissioners raised concerns that new police powers could infringe on civil liberties and privacy rights.

We acknowledge that security is essential to maintaining our democratic rights. At the same time, the response to such events must be measured and proportionate, and crafted so as to preserve our democratic values, the commissioners, including two federal watchdogs, wrote.

Mr. MacKay said Ottawa is examining laws in the European Union where lawmakers have grappled with the same problem.

Such measures risk infringing on free speech but Mr. MacKay said he believes its possible to set an objective standard with which to judge what constitutes promoting terrorism. He said hed want judicial oversight before you would make any you know, any type of intervention.

Encouragement of terrorism, including glorifying terrorism is an offence in Britain. Critics of transplanting such a measure to Canada question whether explicitly outlawing this will do any good.

Parliaments major political parties still disagree, though, on whether the slaying of Canadian soldiers last week constitutes terrorism.

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Terror fight turns to Internet, sparking new free-speech debate

Lee Goodman just completed his first year on the Federal Election Commission where he is also three-quarters through a yearlong term as Chairman. While he wasnt on the Commission when the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United, he did spearhead the rulemaking that formalized how newly freed corporate speech will be regulated. This involved finding a way to break a five year deadlock. The rules, recently approved by a 4-2 vote, make clear that corporations will not be subject to any new onerous disclosure requirements. Instead, as the Supreme Court intended, political speech is freer, which is a very good thing.

Last week, I interviewed Chairman Goodman by telephone. He spoke passionately about the benefits to democracy from more and freer political speech. He believes strongly that Americans are quite capable of listening to a wide variety of viewpoints and then making an informed choice when they vote. He made his argument on this point as follows:

My view is Citizens United righted the ship of speech in America. Americans, even when organized in associations, should have the right to speak as much as they want about government, the issues of the day, and those seeking to be elected to public office. For about 35 years in American history we banned certain speakers and, therefore, certain political views from the debate.

Clearly, Chairman Goodman is in favor of free speech. He understands that the First Amendment was meant to protect political speech of all sorts, without limits on sources or number. He went on to make clear why limiting free speech is a bad idea:

Some people would rather remove certain podiums from the debate than meet the merits of those views in a debate. Government assumed an improper role in controlling debate. Citizens United corrected this, recognizing that all speakers, including those who choose to incorporate their association, should be allowed into the debate. The American people are better off when they hear more viewpoints, not fewer. They have a right to choose whether to listen to a viewpoint, or not to listen.

This is a hopeful view of the American people. Chairman Goodman believes in the inherent abilities of citizens to make wise choices collectively, and also in their inherent right to make poor choices at times and live with the resultant outcomes. Importantly, in stark contrast to the hyperbolic voices on the side of restricting free political speech, Chairman Goodman recognizes that the volume of speech alone does not determine elections:

Evidence from the 2012 election cycle, analyzed by the Sunlight Foundation, showed that in many cases the win/loss rate for big political groups was quite low (sometimes less than 10 percent). This is proof that more speech does not determine the outcome of elections.

Disagreeing further with those in favor of restrictions on political speech, Chairman Goodman also argued against the oft-advanced proposition that speech must be limited in order to avoid corruption:

I dont believe speech corrupts politicians. I dont believe that President Obama has taken positions or changed positions on issues due to the hundreds of millions of dollars in political contributions and speech in the 2012 election. Rather, speech chases political positions more than the other way around. Further, for those who advance the position that speech corrupts politicians, let them name politicians that are examples of such corruption.

Finally, Chairman Goodman spoke in favor of the prospect that Citizens United, helped by the more recent McCutcheon decision, will make elections more competitive. In other words, more money and more viewpoints will make the political landscape more even, not less:

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FEC Chairman Has A Passion For Free Speech

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LETTER: Anonymous bloggers abuse free speech

Papantonio: Rand Pauls GOP Makeover
This segment originally aired on the October 26th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV. The Republican Party has so many problems that its amazing they can even win elections. …

By: Ring of Fire Radio

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Papantonio: Rand Pauls GOP Makeover – Video

Maui GMO Initiative – Quieting the Opposition
It is clear that one of the tactics of the anti GMO crowd is to silence the opposition through any means necessary. Even if that means trampling on the right to free speech.

By: Maui Girl

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Maui GMO Initiative – Quieting the Opposition – Video

Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101
I understand about indecision But I don't care if I get behind People li vin' in competition All I want is to have my peace of mind. New word? Governmentism? lol!! Hey I.M.F, want to know…

By: BAD illuminati!:

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Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101 – Video

The Five Defends Maher from Intolerant Berkeley Students: Anti-Free Speech
In this video the YouTube Video Editor ( is) I create. Bill Maher's invitation to speak at Berkeley invited outcry from students over his supposedly bigoted…

By: Maher Anna news

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The Five Defends Maher from Intolerant Berkeley Students: Anti-Free Speech – Video

UC Berkeleys administration is insisting that a campus speech by Bill Maher will proceed as scheduled in December despite opposition from students who say the offer should be rescinded to protest what they allege were anti-Muslim statements by the political satirist.

Citing Mahers right to free speech, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks said in a statement that the invitation will stand, and [I look] forward to welcoming Mr. Maher to the Berkeley campus.”

The statement noted that the decision does not constitute an endorsement of any of Mahers views although it supports the television personalitys right to express them.

More broadly, this university has not in the past and will not in the future shy away from hosting speakers who some deem provocative, the statement said.

Maher, a comedian, author and host of HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher, was asked to speak at UC Berkeleys mid-year commencement on Dec. 20. But protesters wanted Maher to be disinvited because of statements he made on his Oct. 6 show that some believe portrayed Islam as a violent faith; the protestors say he suggested most Muslims believe that anyone who leaves the religion should be executed.

Representatives for Maher did not return calls and emails seeking his reaction to Dirks decision and whether Maher intends to keep the speaking engagement. A campus spokeswoman said the school is assuming that Maher is still participating.

The Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition on campus and other groups started an online petition drive seeking to block the speech and calling Mahers comments racist, divisive and offensive to many students.

UC Berkeley should not invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment, the petition said in part. The campaigns organizers could not be reached Wednesday night about whether they will protest at Mahers speech.

The Californians, a campus organization that helps choose commencement speakers, voted to rescind the invitation. But leaders said they took that position not because of Mahers views but because the debate about his presence would have harmed the celebratory nature of the graduation event.

Gina Hwang, student director of the group, said she thought there would be some disappointment about Dirks decision to maintain the Maher invitation.

Here is the original post:
UC Berkeley chancellor upholds Bill Maher speech despite protests

Google, Facebook and Twitter are warning that giving companies the power to unmask anonymous Yelp reviewers would strike a blow to Internet free speech.

The right to speak anonymously would be greatly diminished if those who objected to anonymous speech could readily employ civil discovery to unmask a speaker, the companies said in a court brief backing Yelps effort to shield the anonymity of its users, even ones who post critical reviews that may be fraudulent.

The closely watched dispute before Virginias highest court centers on a complaint brought by the owner of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning Inc. in Springfield, Va., Joe Hadeed, who claims his suburban business was besieged by a rash of harsh Yelp reviews in 2012. That summer, as WSJs Angus Loten earlier recounted, Mr. Hadeed sued the seven reviewers for defamation and demanded that Yelp disclose their true identities.

He claims at least seven of the bad reviews about his business were fraudulent possibly posted by competitors including one review that came from Haddonfield, N.J., where the company doesnt do business. He says his sales plummeted after the comments were posted.

A state trial court and the Virginia Court of Appeals sided with Mr. Hadeed, holding Yelp in contempt for not turning over the names. Yelp then took its case to the state Supreme Court, arguing that the reviews are protected under the First Amendment.

The ruling fails to give adequate respect to the First Amendment right to anonymous speech, Google, Facebook, Twitter and three other web companies wrote in a friend-of-the-court brief filed Monday. The brief said Yelp has transformed and elevated this countrys long tradition of town halls, private assemblies, robust debate, and anonymous complaints by bringing it online and making it more accessible to people everywhere.

The document was filed Monday, a day before lawyers representing the two sides argued their case before Virginias high court.

Mr. Hadeeds attorney, Raighne C. Delaney, said the free-speech concerns were overblown, according to an Associated Press report on Tuesdays hearing. These businesses are not looking to go out and sue people for no reason, he said.

He told the judges, according to AP, that his client had first made a good faith effort to determine whether the reviewers were Hadeed customers before demanding that Yelp disclose their identities.

Paul Alan Levy, an attorney for Yelp, argued in court that the mere suspicion that the critical comments werent coming from real customers doesnt justify unmasking the reviewers, according to AP.

Here is the original post:
Unmasking Yelp Users Would Hurt Free Speech, Warn Google and Facebook


What a week Ive had! I was asked to sit on the panel of BBC3s live debate show, Free Speech, alongside Alistair Campbell (Former Director of Communications for Tony Blair), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Chair of the Health Select Committee) and Jon Ronson (the Author of Psychopath Test). The show is a wonderfully inspiring platform for young people to share their stories and challenge the opinions of those on the panel and in the audience.

Our topics of discussion were Mental Health, the Ched Evans rape case and Tuition Fees in the UKas you can imagine we had one of the most interesting, thought provoking and passionate debates of the series. I suffered quite badly from anorexia in my early 20s but have since recovered and Im now an ambassador from BEAT, the biggest UK based eating disorders charity. One of the things that struck me so strongly was how many young people in this country are suffering from mental illness and how they feel they are being failed by our health care system. One young guy in the audience told how hes been waiting for six months to see someone after he attempted suicide. Its shocking and quite frankly disgraceful that anyone should have such a lack of support. Im determined to try and get mental health taught in schools alongside physical education. One in four people will suffer from some sort of mental health problem as an adult and maybe that astonishing number would come down if we started teaching our young people to talk openly about their illness. It really was a career highlight for me and I was totally inspired by the bravery of the teenagers in the audience. And who says young people arent engaged?!

Ive also been covering for Essex dancing queen, Mark Wright, on his Club Classics show on Heart for the last month. Hes currently in Strictly Come Dancing so Im keeping his seat warm on Saturday nights from 7-9pm, playing all the biggest dance floor fillers to get you up and dancing on that kitchen table! I really love being part of the Heart family and its a joy to record every week. Plus it means I get to bump into two of the nicest women in showbiz, Emma Bunton and Jenni Falconer, they give the best hugs.

On Thursday I took to the decks to play some tunes at my beautiful and clever friend, Ashley Jamess, luxury bracelet launch, Whistle & Bango. Theyre basically bangles that you can personalise with your favourite London postcode.

The rest is here:
Matt and Zoe blog: Free Speech and Sherlock Holmes

Ahead of a special Newseum Institute event with Spiked magazines Free Speech NOW!, Nick Gillespie of Reason argues for the importance of press freedom in an interview with the magazine.

Gillespie, who will speak at Press Freedom in the 21st century Nov. 5 at the Newseum (RSVP here), defends press freedom on the grounds that all speech should be free. People have a right to free expression, and they have a right to free speech and free assembly. And that is what undergirds our press freedom. The press should have no rights that the average citizen does not have.

Gillespie has no time for those who blame the media for brainwashing people. Liberals will say Fox News, or Faux News as they call it, is programming people and inflaming passions among Tea Party wingnuts who bring their guns to church and shoot people on the way home from church before they watch the football. On the flipside, right-wingers will say that places like CNN stand for the Clinton News Network, or they used to in the 1990s. Or theyll say that NPR is a state-funded bastion of liberal and left-wing ideology.

So there is a common widespread transpartisan complaint, Gillespie continues, that the other side did not win whatever position they have fairly, but that they did it through mass brainwashing. And I guess, for me, the big takeaway is that the whole idea that the culture industry and the media brainwashes people is not only offensive its also deeply, deeply wrong and dismissive of the way that people actually make decisions about their politics and their ideology and about their everyday life.

Continued here:
Press Freedom in the 21st Century

NH State Rep Dave Milz threatens me with hammer!
Threatened for using my free speech by derry gop.

By: ReclaimNH

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NH State Rep Dave Milz threatens me with hammer! – Video

Papantonio: Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption
This segment originally aired on the October 19th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV. Republicans have tried to bring about the Age of Austerity they want to cut the…

By: Ring of Fire Radio

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Papantonio: Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption – Video

Oct 282014

If conservatives needed another reason to get out and vote, this is it.

Continued here:
A blow against free speech

DPM says laws to prevent seditious statements must be maintained.

MELAKA: It is important for laws to prevent incitement such as the Sedition Act be maintained to enable the authorities to take stern action against any quarters who made statements which hurt the feelings of the countrys multiracial and multi-religious society.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who said this, stated that even if the Act were to be amended, the amendments should strengthen the role of the Act in protecting important matters that were enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in preventing seditious actions from becoming rampant.

I welcome the views of many parties including former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad who wants the Act to be improved by including a provision on Islam so that its position as the federal religion would not be wantonly questioned by irresponsible parties. Muhyiddin said this in his speech when opening the 15th Malay World Islamic World (DMDI) Convention with the theme, Moderation the Foundation of Unity of the Ummah, here, tonight.

Also present were Melaka Yang Dipertua Negeri Mohd Khalil Yaakob, Menteri Besar Idris Haron and DMDI president Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam.

Muhyiddin said the Act should also protect other religions from being insulted by any quarters.

He said the governments experience in managing race relations in Malaysia all this while showed the existence of comprehensive laws in curbing seditious actions, which was important to preserve peace and harmony.

Laws such as this (Sedition Act) are control mechanisms used as a last resort when certain parties cast aside compromise and racial tolerance, which have been the foundation for unity in this country.

In fact, other countries with a plural society such as Singapore have the same law and until today they dont intend to abolish it, he said.

The deputy prime minister said the views of some quarters that the existence of the law (Sedition Act) suppressed freedom of expression was incorrect.

Read the original:
Free speech and seditious speech two different things

Theresa May Seeks NWO Powers Against “Hate Speech” (Redsilverj) Free speech is under attack… The new measures will be targeted at people and groups who “stay just within the law but spread poisonous hatred”, she…

By: TeamWakeEmUP

View post:
Theresa May Seeks NWO Powers Against "Hate Speech" (Redsilverj) – Video

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