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Police Officers Arrest Man for Swearing in Public
Suit claims police violated his constitutional right to free speech – LoneWolf Sager. Know your rights when talking to a police officer: There's no law that requires you to talk to a police…

By: daiseki0402

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Police Officers Arrest Man for Swearing in Public – Video

Free Speech, 50 Years Later | The Future Starts Here | Bonus Clip
In honor of the free speech movement's 50th anniversary, global citizens raise their voices. Subscribe To AOL Originals: Watch more 'Future Starts Here' here: http://goo….

By: AOL Originals

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Free Speech, 50 Years Later | The Future Starts Here | Bonus Clip – Video

A New York production of an opera depicting the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro has critics saying it provides a "sympathetic" portrait of murderers.

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Free speech, 'psychological rape' and the Death of Klinghoffer

Im glad to hear this, since I think the dissenting judge on the panel had the much better argument. Here is the post I put up about this when the decision came down on Aug. 27:

The free speech rights here were as in many free speech cases the rights of pretty rude speakers, certainly ones whose message and manners I do not endorse. But the First Amendment protects the rude as well as the polite, especially given how subjective government judgments of rudeness usually end up being.

Here are the facts, from the majority opinion in Bible Believers v. Wayne County (6th Cir. Aug. 27, 2014) (some paragraph breaks added throughout the block quotes below):

The City of Dearborn in Wayne County, Michigan, has hosted the Arab International Festival every summer from 1995 until 2012. A three-day event that was free and open to the public, the Festival welcomed roughly 250,000 attendees and featured carnival attractions, live entertainment, international food, and merchandise sales. [The panel later agreed that the festival was a "traditional public forum" at which public speech is fully constitutionally protected, rather than private property or even public property that was temporarily exclusively leased by a public organization. -EV]

[T]he Bible Believers came bearing strongly worded t-shirts and banners:

[Chavez] wore a t-shirt with the message, Fear God on the front and Trust Jesus, Repent and Believe in Jesus on the back. Fisher wore a t-shirt with the message, Trust Jesus on the front and Fear God and Give Him Glory on the back, and he carried a banner that said on one side, Only Jesus Christ Can Save You From Sin and Hell, and on the other side it said, Jesus Is the Judge, Therefore, Repent, Be Converted That Your Sins May Be Blotted Out. Other messages conveyed on t-shirts, signs, or banners displayed by the [other Bible Believers] included, among others, Fear God, Trust Jesus, Repent and Believe in Jesus, Prepare to Meet Thy God Amos 4:12, Obey God, Repent, Turn or Burn, Jesus Is the Way, the Truth and the Life. All Others Are Thieves and Robbers, and Islam Is A Religion of Blood and Murder.

One Bible Believer carried a severed pigs head on a stick, which Chavez explained protected the Bible Believers by repelling observers who feared it. Appellants soon began preaching using a megaphone, and a small crowd formed around them almost immediately. [The police eventually told the speakers that megaphone use was forbidden by ordinance, and the speakers stopped; that restriction is not challenged here. -EV] Chavez castigated the crowd for following a pedophile prophet and warned of Gods impending judgment. As this evangelizing continued, the crowd yelled back. At this point, a ribbon-cutting at the opposite end of the Festival occupied a majority of the [Wayne County Sheriff's Office] officers, but one officer watched from the outskirts of the crowd.

As the Bible Believers moved deeper into the Festival, the crowd a good portion of which appeared to be minors continued to gather and yell. Some people started throwing debris including rocks, plastic bottles, garbage, and a milk crate at the Bible Believers. Someone in the crowd also shoved one Bible Believer to the ground. Some WCSO officers detained debris-throwers while other officers hovered at the edges of the crowd. Eventually, after about thirty-five minutes, the Bible Believers temporarily stopped preaching and stood as the crowd harangued them and hurled objects. Several officers, including some mounted units, attempted to quell the crowd.

After about five minutes of standing quietly, the Bible Believers began to move and preach again. As they did so, the cascade of objects intensified. Deputy Chiefs Richardson and Jaafar approached them a few minutes later. Jaafar explained that they could leave and that their safety was in jeopardy because not enough officers were available to control the crowd.

The Bible Believers, however, continued to preach, followed by what had swelled into a large crowd. Richardson and Jaafar then took Chavez aside to speak with him. Richardson noted his concern that Chavez was bleeding from where a piece of debris had cut his face. Richardson explained that he was responsible for policing the entire Festival, that Chavezs conduct was inciting the crowd, and that he would escort the Bible Believers out of the Festival

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Volokh Conspiracy: Sixth Circuit agrees to rehear hecklers veto decision

October 23, 2014|8:58 am

Ken Blackwell is the Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment at the Family Research Council, and the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow for Public Policy at the Buckeye Institute in Columbus, Ohio

A free speech courage award should go to U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa for his recent ruling blocking the enforcement of part of Wisconsin’s campaign finance law that prohibits “coordinated issue advocacy” between outside groups and candidates. Liberal, overzealous Badger State prosecutors have tried to use a very subjective interpretation of the law as justification for their four-year, failed witch hunt to try and bring down Governor Scott Walker and his allies.

Earlier this year, the same Judge Randa ordered a shut-down of the nefarious so-called “John Doe” investigation a secret probe launched in 2012 by partisan Democrat District Attorney John Chisholm against 29 conservative groups for allegedly “coordinating” with political candidates during the 2011 and 2012 Wisconsin recall elections. The investigation, in which witnesses were sworn to secrecy, was carried out in KGB-style fashion, including pre-dawn raids on the private residences of stunned citizens who had their computers and other possessions confiscated.

In January, Wisconsin Judge Gregory A. Peterson terminated many of the subpoenas for these raids because they “fail[ed] to show probable cause that a crime was committed.” In his ruling shutting down the probe, Randa stated that “plaintiffs have been shut out of the political process merely by association with conservative politicians. This cannot square with the First Amendment and what it was meant to protect.”

Last month, it was revealed by a former Chisholm subordinate that Chisholm’s drive to defeat Walker was deeply personal. According to Stuart Taylor, a renowned legal writer, Chisholm’s wife, a teacher union representative, “had been repeatedly moved to tears by Walker’s anti-union policies in 2011.” In turn, Chisholm said that “he felt that it was his personal duty to stop Walkerfrom treating people like this.”

What Judge Randa has confirmed is the basis for these investigations was not only pure political payback, but unconstitutional. Unable to defeat Walker at the ballot box and having disdain for his successful tax, health care and labor reforms as governor, prosecutors desperately turned to secret type of investigation normally reserved for drug kingpins in an attempt to bring him down.

What’s frightening about this witch hunt is prosecutors were actually less interested in an outcome, than casting a cloud of impropriety over Walker and his allies. This would hinder, if not silence outside groups that support his policies and give Democrat Mary Burke a better chance to defeat him this fall and was part of a liberal pile-on in attempts remove Walker from office.

While these investigations went forward, Walker had to survive a recall electiontwo years after being initially elected. Several of his legislative allies had to survive recall elections as well.

Additionally, liberal groups went all-in to defeat a state supreme court justice up for re-election, in an attempt to tip the balance of the court to a liberal majority that would toss out Walker’s reforms when challenged in court. Wisconsin voters re-elected the justice in a bitter, costly race.

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Free Speech Victory Vindicates Governor Scott Walker, Conservatives

Earlier this week, the federal governments National Science Foundation, an entity created to encourage the study of science — encouragement that it achieves by awarding grants to scholars and universities — announced that it had awarded a grant to study what people say about themselves and others in social media.

The NSF dubbed the project Truthy, a reference to comedian Stephen Colberts invention and hilarious use of the word truthiness.

The reference to Colbert is cute, and he is a very funny guy, but when the feds get into the business of monitoring speech, it is surely no joke; it is a nightmare. It is part of the Obama administrations persistent efforts to monitor communication and scrutinize the expressions of opinions it hates and fears.

We already know the National Security Agency has the digital versions of all telephone conversations and emails sent to, from or within the U.S. since 2005. Edward Snowden’s revelations of all this are credible and substantiated, and the governments denials are weak and unavailing — so weak and unavailing that many NSA agents disbelieve them.

But the governments unbridled passion to monitor us has become insatiable. Just two months ago, the Federal Communications Commission, which licenses broadcasters, threatened to place federal agents in cable television newsrooms so they can see how stories are generated and produced. The FCC doesnt even regulate cable, yet it threatened to enhance its own authority by monitoring cable companies from the inside.

Whats going on here?

Whats going on here, and has been going on since President Obama took office in January 2009, is a government with little or no fidelity to basic constitutional norms. There is no defense under the Constitution to any aspect of the government’s — federal, state, regional, local or hybrid; or any entity owned or controlled by any government; or any entity that exercises the governments coercive powers or spends or receives its money — monitoring the expressive behavior of anyone in the U.S., not in a newsroom, on social media or anywhere else.

The NSFs stated purpose of the Truthy squad is to look for errors in speech, particularly errors that fuel hatred or political extremes. This monitoring — this so-called search for error — is totalitarian and directly contradicts well-grounded Supreme Court jurisprudence, for several reasons.

First, for the government to gather information — public or private — on any person, the Constitution requires that the government have articulable suspicion about that person. Articulable suspicion is a mature and objective reason to believe that the person has engaged in criminal behavior. Without that level of articulable belief, the government is powerless to scrutinize anyone for any reason.

The articulable suspicion threshold is vital to assure that people in America have the presumption of liberty and are free to choose their behavior unimpeded or threatened by the government. The feds cannot cast a net into the marketplace of ideas and challenge what it brings in. Were they able to do so, the constitutional protections for free expression and the primacy of liberty would be meaningless.

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: Chilling free speech Fed's passion to monitor us has become insatiable

LOGAN, Utah Should Utah College campuses be gun free zones? Thats what some educators are demanding after a high-profile feminist canceled her speech at Utah State University because of violent threats made against her.

Hundreds of USU faculty members co-signed a letter asking the President of Utah State University to keep guns off campus. President Stan Albrecht said the university has to follow state law, and state law is that anyone with a permit can carry a concealed weapon on college campuses.

I got an email, a university email, and it is from one of my colleagues, and it is a request to sign the letter, and in that email it was explained why campus needs to be gun free, says Taira Koybaeva, a Professor of Global Communication at USU about the letter sent to USU President Albrecht.

It says in part, The cancellation of her talk [referring to Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist who is vocal about women's sexualization in the gaming industry] provides a clear example of how free speech is threatened because we dont have a gun free campus.

It goes on to say, We urge you to take this opportunity to make our campus gun free, assuring our words remain free.

About 200 faculty members co-signed the letter. Koybaeva did not.

I chose not to sign, she said. A lot of my colleagues did. I opposed.

President Albrecht wrote back to the faculty letter, saying in part, Whatever our personal feelings and preferences, as a campus we are obligated to follow state statute.

Tim Vitale, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at USU, said a meeting followed the exchange of letters.

After sending the response to faculty members, they contacted each other and decided to sit down for a face to face meeting, the president met with faculty members, Vitale said.

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Utah State University faculty members sign letter supporting a gun-free campus

Mamata against free speech in West Bengal?
A youth was arrested in Malda district of West Bengal on the charge of making a derogatory remark against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook. The pol…


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Mamata against free speech in West Bengal? – Video

Matt Lewis on Religious Liberty and Free Speech
Discussion about the Houston pastor's.

By: Matt Lewis

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Matt Lewis on Religious Liberty and Free Speech – Video

Mumia Abu Jamal Speaks Out from Jail on New Pennsylvania Law Silencing Prisoners
Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is set to sign into law a bill critics say will trample the free speech rights of prisoners. Last week, lawmakers openly said they passed the legislation…

By: freespeechtv

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Mumia Abu Jamal Speaks Out from Jail on New Pennsylvania Law Silencing Prisoners – Video

Frank Furedi: free speech is the ultimate freedom
Author and philosopher Frank Furedi explains why freedom of speech is our most fundamental freedom. Frank was addressing IPA members in Melbourne on Monday 6…

By: Institute of Public Affairs

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Frank Furedi: free speech is the ultimate freedom – Video

Free Speech Free Mind (Mixla / Dj Munja Instrumental)
OSS Presents #newmusicmondays Free Spech Free Mind by Shankz0.

By: Original Signature Sounds

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Free Speech Free Mind (Mixla / Dj Munja Instrumental) – Video

Papantonio: How Florida Elected A Criminal Governor
This segment originally aired on the October 19th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV. Florida is one of the most important swing states in the country, and conservative money…

By: Ring of Fire Radio

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Papantonio: How Florida Elected A Criminal Governor – Video

White House Censors Petition To Stop Ebola
Alex Jones covers the news and breaks down the fact that the white house has decided not only do they want Ebola in the country, they want to take your free speech as well.…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

White House Censors Petition To Stop Ebola – Video

Oct 222014

Ring of Fire 10/19/14
This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV: Michael Burg explains how austerity measures are leading to an increase in the amount of government waste and corporate fraud. Howard Nations…

By: freespeechtv

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Ring of Fire 10/19/14 – Video

El Vacile Chikungunya – Kevin Simanca ft. Charly Craps (Prod. Klan Beat) free Speech!


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El Vacile Chikungunya – Kevin Simanca ft. Charly Craps (Prod. Klan Beat) free Speech! – Video

Liberties Report – week 42, 2014
Liberties Report for week 42, 2014. The UK now introduces the concept of 'online terrorism', which has no component of actual violence to it – merely speech. Free speech is dying, and the terrorist…

By: Liberties Report

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Liberties Report – week 42, 2014 – Video

Oct 222014

Take action now to support free speech and an independent judiciary in Swaziland by SHARING THIS VIDEO. Thulani Maseko is a Swazi human rights lawyer. Bheki Makhubu is a prominent journalist.

By: WCL CenterforHR

#SwaziJustice – Video

This sign was taken away from Florida State University football fan Mick Zarr at Saturdays ESPN College GameDay pregame show. Zarr says his rights were violated when the sign taken from him. (Photo: Courtesy of Mick Zarr )

Florida State football fan Mick Zarr has an issue with ESPN and he believes it’s his right to say so.

Ahead of undefeated and second-ranked FSU’s barn-burner matchup Saturday with then-No. 5 Notre Dame he crafted a sign that summed up what he perceives is biased reporting in the sports giant’s coverage of the Seminoles. He also believes ESPN favors the football powerhouse Southeastern Conference.

His sign read, “ESECTMZPN: The worldwide leaders in tabloid urinalism” and he held it up for the world to see Saturday morning during ESPN’s live GameDay broadcast from in front of FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium .

He was joined by hundreds of others gripping signs for ESPN.

“I wanted to make a sign that was impactful, yet wouldn’t get me into trouble,” Zarr, 36, told the Democrat. “I wanted one where I could catch people’s attention.”

He did get attention. But it was that of an ESPN-hired security guard who requested he turn over his sign right before the show started at 9 a.m.

“They’re really on me, I got to get that sign out of here,” Zarr said the security told him.

Zarr assumed he was talking about ESPN producers. He didn’t want any trouble, but he still asked why his sign was one causing the trouble.

“They’re all over me about it. I got to get it out of here,” the security guard stressed.

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Does ESPN's GameDay control free speech?

Oct 212014

Free Speech Watch App
A demo of my free speech watch app for my CS 160 User Interfaces class at UCB.

By: Corey Short

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Free Speech Watch App – Video

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