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Cosmic Heaven’s profile – Hear the worlds sounds

Oct 302014

Many people are perhaps quite naturally enthralled with science fiction.

The greatest science fiction there is, is the truth.

The greatest science fiction there is, is reality.

The greatest science fiction is living all around and within us to the utter reaches of eternity every day, that, should they be willing, everyone is at the command controls of a grand planetary space ship, should they choose to live upon or live according to some image or concept of their own land, the land granted them by God at birth and by birth and with no other condition, with no other need for any payment, prostration, labour, contract, creed or dogma, with no blood needing to be drunk and no one needing to be sacrificed, that of an infinite riches of all wealth, health, and Happiness, all forgiveness, Love and kindness without reserve now as ever upon this good Earth, no matter what, no matter what our experience, no matter what the health of our bodies or minds.

If you observe your Life or that of Nature for yourself, you will see that Life or Nature could not exist if this were not true, without this truth that is Life itself, the essence, force, momentum, purpose and fulfillment of Life itself, Happiness itself by birth.

And for any religion or science to be true to Life, to Man, it must give its whole heart and spirit to this, the truth of our eternal inheritance at birth, nor will it or Man ever truly profit, try as we may, by any other means, the only profit from which (and all business and religion is about profit at the cost of human Life and wealth of every kind, that is its foundation) must be ever accelerating death and disease. The hero of all religion, science, and business is death. It is only that this is being more revealed through evolutionary theory, our students and leaders trained to be sales reps for death, driven into the back or thus highly “specialized”, savant, and compartmentalized hinder parts of the brain whilst entertained with a bubble of political, financial, scientific, technological, ideological, occult, religious, and environmental theater, essentially being driven by the dictates of the occult superstructure, that brain having been starved and tortured in every way since birth and thus feeling safe only be reverting to a level of provisional control from the back of the brain not unlike a child playing with a toy steering wheel and believing that their vote is driving the World, themselves being driven and given a highly fantastical illusion (and religion of every kind) of benefits, stakes, and compensations for which and to which we have routinely betrayed our children for hundreds of generations.

In fact, occult religion, psychology, and science (such as it is, broken up like our families and our lands) was born upon only the eclipse of this truth (the truth of our Motherland and how going away from it makes Man susceptible to every kind of disease and suffering), its best efforts only ever highly provisional by nature.

To be perfectly logical, how could any lower to higher order priest (death’s sales rep) of mental, emotional, financial, political, physical, spiritual or religious health on any level claim to be sufficiently competent to deal safely and effectively with the extraordinarily complex energy dynamics of the human body, vitally and inextricably connected as they are to the living dynamics of the entire cosmos, that of every interconnected living dynamic of planet Earth (of every plane of being here and hereafter simultaneously) and the ebb and neap of how, when and where the human Soul ever has or has not experienced the fullness or bliss of the absolute principle of eternal Life and the innumerable desires born thereof, desires, fulfilled or not, with which all Mankind is born, those determining a vast array of epigenetic orientations to our homes and the World, every single experience that we encounter on a supremely individual basis served by and informing, at once, every terrestrial and celestial function and process for the sake of Man’s highest possible brain function and thus that of all Life (a healthy glow no less important, if not more, than the rays of the Sun or Moon); how could any lower to higher order priest (death’s sales rep) of mental, emotional, financial, political, physical, spiritual or religious health on any level claim to be sufficiently competent to deal safely and effectively with the extraordinarily complex living energy dynamics of the human body and thus all of creation within the breathtakingly deceptively diminutive proportions of the human being of any and every age, each peculiarly genius in its way beyond all “modern” social “standards”, if they (he or she) has no concept whatsoever of (much less any viable capacity to form) those original conditions in which, alone, no Man, Woman, or Child need ever get sick or suffer any disease at all, conditions, alone, capable, thus, most logically, of truly relieving and preventing all disease and conflict on Earth forever? Think about it for yourself.

The greater likelihood, statistically, is that such priests can and do only ever increase human disease (for the sake or in the name of “curing” it) in direst proportion to the trauma-based increase in our need to justify it to ourselves and everyone else, ever further shrinking our range of awareness, logic and thought to that of a “voting” devotion to such a vastly dangerous image of the “future” of human wellness through means and by degrees of actually ever increasing cost to all human health, speed, range and precision of thought, wealth, and Happiness in Life, keeping in mind that one can be Happy with very little by reducing the standard for a lot, something the human brain automatically does in order to cope with a pain so great it cannot possibly comprehend. Hence, these words.

As an example, an extraordinarily brutal picture is painted of “human origins” and of the Dark Ages of human existence (that linked as much to religion as to not so obviously religious political and iconic images and ideologies the brain will eat like sand when deprived of those vital images and filaments of Paradise with which the brain and the cosmos is constructed – which is why every war on Earth, medical, educational, or political, is a war of images in two, three, four and five dimensions, of print, electromagnetism (which greatly effects the brain), historiography and biography and a corporate-based “future” entirely based on continuing and increasing the blunting and shunting of human thought to ever lower standards that look “better than ever”, creating wider more virulent mental and physical disease and conflict that only the “State” can solve, disease further undermining any image of human existence independent of the values of a purely technocratic State, that of entire industries of cultural and scientific propaganda); as an example, an extraordinarily brutal picture is painted of “human origins” and of the Dark Ages of human existence. And, yet, statistically speaking, we in the World today live in the most perilous and criminal conditions ever known to Man, that of the very depths (and end) of the Dark Ages into which we and our thought have ever been summarily plunged as though beneath the clouds of an perpetual twilight only within which various “gods” and “tribal icons” (or their psychotronic priests of public relations) of our own destruction could ever be called “the Light and Love”, the “guiding principle”, the “spirits”, “ETs”, “angels”, “logos”, and “the norm”, our “saviour”, the “popular”, those of divisive theatrical “debates” through which heroic “legislation” is pushed, statutory contracts for increased mass public fleecing through numerous religious (corporate) global pyramid schemes, all topped by a religious belief in endless mass human sacrifice and war, “gods”, “ideologies”, “tribal icons” and competing images preventing us through sheer saturation from conception from having even a sporting chance at living with any but the most compromised health and wealth.

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Cosmic Heaven: The Real Mothership

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Cosmic Heaven – Inspiration (Etasonic Remix)

Oct 272014

The aggregate of processes, instruments and instrumental effects (of which all visible and historical war is but one substrate) of blunting human brain function by steadily or specially adapted (usually under childhood duress from generational Biblical Tsunamis of same) social conventions of education, marriage, life and love (and religious and political rites of iconic devotion), these of the most contradictory and as often most lionized values and icons (as often betray developmental aberrations in the brain by social convention), is called the occult, as in occulting human brain function on the order of, not coincidentally, occulting the Sun and all the natural and extensive brightness and warmth thereof.

A primary way this works and a process ever easier to accomplish after centuries of the occult is to present an incomplete or distorted version of something among that knowledge supposedly unavailable to most people (alternate analogs would be drugs, religion, money, love, fame or fortune, increased personal power, healing, status, sexual attractiveness, the acceptance of an authoritarian and usually unpredictably incompetent and/or malicious god like figure or image or all of the above), a carrot or prize to which one works or moves only at the expense or in direct proportion to a further loss of native cognitive health or one’s born coordination of native genius and feeling with the easiest access to the corresponding benefits to body and soul of the Heaven and Earth of the whole of cosmic Life.

Drugs are one example of this and but one example of this next to the most influential dimension of all human existence over the course of the last couple dozen centuries.

Another example are college and high school degrees as of expertise through total immersion in the occult rites and values of planets and stars (as in the Masters degree) of a “new heaven and new Earth” preys upon a child’s native coordination with the real living Heaven and Earth. Astrology is a corrupted dehumanized occult version of ancient cultural wisdom. And it is often called the occult in one of many perverse puns on the process and instrumentality, strewn through the language of drug, sex and death based naturalism with which the Holy Bible was written and mixed with actual human wisdom much like poison is mixed by some of the Biblical occult drug cartels into our fruits and vegetables, of “occulting” the brain of a human child as the primary strategic military goal and operational theatre of the darkest occult albeit natural forces ever allowed by our own choices to prey upon the human body and soul, a violence that absolutely no one benefits from.

A priest is someone who has distinguished themselves as influential or qualified to be influential in spreading the occult under various often harmless seeming guises.

This world has many priests. And few if any of the will ever be qualified, by definition, to help the Earth in any but the most superficial or impotent and handicapped fashion. The are people, among others, with degrees from various universities, another perverse pun since the primary purpose of school if not civilization as a whole is to divorce Man from contact with or any true concept of the living Universe to which one’s born genius and feeling is heir by birth. This is not to say that schooling does not give one a discipline of mind in various specialty subjects but that just the fact that these subjects are so specialized indicates how good they must be at blunting truly whole brain function to be subjects that one can get a degree in. All cults have degrees that recommend one to more influential positions in the new or corrupted Heaven and Earth generated on the very first page of the Bible, a book within which scriptures one would be very hard pressed, without the requisite blunting of brain function by social convention, to find anything truly very Christian at all.

The only practical and efficient purpose of nuclear power is to further damage human brain faculties, faculties whose truly cosmic proportions are either kept out of all schools of neurology or placed in corrupted form as the occult prize we are encouraged to lose brain function in order to grasp.

A Masters or doctoral graduate will have the precision of a telescope on one area of the cosmos of human life but have lost more than most (the qualification for greater status and influence in an occult age) a sense of a wider field of view. A telescope is far from a soul, or a whole human brain gains the full value of Nature’s entire cosmic purpose the perfect nourishment and medical treatment of Man’s native coordination of feeling and genius, Body, Thought and Soul with and by the whole of cosmic Life.

This is why so much pain is created and excused by experts with degrees in science, nutrition and medicine. Every plague of the last two hundred years could never have happened without doctors and other middling priests.

We can add more perverse puns to the list that of the nuclear explosion of the so called nuclear family and the life and cell membrane disrupting influence of cell phones.

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Cosmic Heaven – Google

George Kamelon – Melo (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Sensual Bliss Recordings]
Worldwide Release Date: November 04th, 2014 Label: Sensual Bliss Recordings Buy on Beatport: link is coming soon ! Support the Artists the label George Kamelon…

By: Geoffreygeo69Music

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George Kamelon – Melo (Cosmic Heaven Remix) [Sensual Bliss Recordings] – Video

Oct 242014

We share in the Life of our mother’s womb (and of our unborn child’s womb) that of the foremost Universe of Heaven and Earth meant to truly nourish the native genius and feeling every man, woman and child forever, the Universe of an whole eternal living system with whom our mother forms one whole boundless totality speaks like a mother to a child to every latent memory and terrestrial and celestial filament and image of Paradise and endless all-unifying all-sustaining grace and Happiness makes up the human brain with as infinitely familiar correspondence and reciprocity with all the whole of cosmic Life. We share in the Life of our mother’s womb (and that of our unborn child’s womb) and that of the Universe of an whole eternal living system whose purpose most nourishes our own when it contains the aspiration or capacity to nourish, from before conception, the native genius and feeling (the truly cosmic proportions) of the brains of our unborn children, scales Heaven and the Earth and that of every Man, Woman and Child, an invisible grace born itself within the Soul of all Mankind without which flowers would not open, stars would not twinkle in anticipation of what we may yet make of God’s creation, dogs would not sit and cats would not purr.

Often enough, I spend more time taking an interest in the lives of other people or friends than they do me. In fact, total or virtual strangers more often than not take more of an if but polite interest in my life than friends do, friends I see regularly.

For many years I assumed, as per my childhood training, that this spoke unwell of me, but today I would like to consider otherwise, namely that people intuitively sense how dedicated, if simple, my life is to my writing (thinking) and that of its predominant subject that for all the easily dismissible albeit lamentable complexity of the problems in the world that the core issue is human brain development (and our working image of living conditions for brain development), in particular brain damage co-exists in site-specific ways with the developmental impressions or biological mirroring of structural cultural and parental violence of the most heinous kind, producing as a social convention a World of high-functioning psychopaths, all of whom compose my family of origin from whom I continue to recover from literally decades of violence by convention escalated, justified or excused by all means necessary as a fundamental congenital and acquired biological need on the order of protecting one’s very ability to breathe.

A high-functioning psychopath as I define it being someone (most all of us) whose any or every relationship to self, other and Nature is inextricably bound to a biological need for psychological dominance (via site-specific brain damage from the same) and/or excuses and justifications for it receive more aid from the human imagination as a whole than perhaps any other creative project on Earth, through which we have created a World perfect for nourishing cancer, crime, other diseases and psychopathic behaviour as an entrenched even religious social convention the World over, one so harmful in scale and reach as to actually evade knowledge, perception or belief by brains systemically blunted of any sense of proper proportion itself the cause and effect of all violence on Earth.

1) Religious instruction 2) Take more control of the influence of mass culture on their child’s brain development 3) To avoid vaccinations (See Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Rima Laibow) 4) Due to the belief that a parent is particularly well suited by nature to educate their own child with a home environment, mother and father included, capable of enormously positive influence over a child’s philosophical, psychological and biological health and parity with their native genius and feeling.

To name but a few.

A similar question might be, Why do you go to the doctor or Why do you eat and breathe or live the way you do?

It is shocking how influential has the school system become that any ostensibly well educated person would presume that a) there is only one way for a child to enjoy the best nourishment for their psychological and biological learning and growth and b) that that way is a State controlled school system! and that c) anyone who did not think so was “religious” or “superstitious” (stupid).

Someone who would never concede that there is only one way to live – or is there?

Every now and then I like to informally pole other adults, make light conversation and from this I learn a lot: Most recently that almost every parent I come across readily concedes that every new generation of children, no matter how much they as parents do, will unavoidably be subjected to enormous difficulties and cruelties in the world around them by convention, and that that is something “we all have to go through”.

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Cosmic Heaven: Enough

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Marcprest -Losing Memory (Cosmic Heaven Remix)
Marcprest -Losing Memory (Cosmic Heaven Remix)

By: Uplifter 8888

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Marcprest -Losing Memory (Cosmic Heaven Remix) – Video

This disease does not really hurt the person who has it. This disease takes control of the Alcoholic’s mind so that they don’t have to suffer from any of its effects.

Everyone else suffers from this disease – unless they are of an similar Alcoholic Mentality, in which case they easily become a part of the disease.

Their every friend is a part of the disease.

Not only does this disease take complete control of the mind and soul of the Alcoholic who even knows they are an Alcoholic (8 out of 10 people do not, I sense, and 9 out of 10 people are), this disease takes commanding control, a determinant control of every other social relationship and dynamic, so that friendships serve this disease, therapeutic counselling services and books serve this disease, a person’s spiritual or religious beliefs will serve this disease, every intimate love relationship serves this disease and every word about everything in and around contact with this disease serves this disease.

Any and all of the vast suffering caused by this disease serves this disease.

Any family where any kind of this disease exists will come to be controlled completely by this disease in its entire language, behaviour, values and culture. It will all come to mean this disease.

Everything people do in such a family, everything they say, really serves this disease.

This disease controls everything and everyone a part of it.

It is absolutely invasive into all the workings of the psychology of its every social connection, no matter how distant.

Alcoholic Mentality eats and digests everything it comes into contact with.

The rest is here:
Cosmic Heaven: The Disease of Alcoholic Mentality Syndrome

Take education: A child spends thirteen to twenty-five years trained to find out what is being asked and then providing the questioner, upon tacit authoritative demand, with what is being asked all the way up to the Ph.D. level, people who then believe they are thinking for themselves instead of being told what to think as much as any cult member, this cult masked by its vast ubiquity. This makes a society much easier to run and, more to the point, much more profitable for a system designed (founded in the exclusion of, as a rule of cult-like social convention, the living basis of native human biology, cognition and psychology, a true Motherland protecting the cosmic dimensions of a mother’s womb, breast and humanity and that of her child from any perverse insinuations, however “beneficial” they claim to be) to profit by from blunted human thought and thus blunted human Life masked by the mere appearance, funded by the Sun God of our own blood, sweat and tears peaking behind countless ideological clouds with whom we self-identify and combat with one another fruitlessly – as per Hegelian dialects or false dichotomies for which we send our children, generation after generation, to fight and die for, or pledge almost their entire annual labour to in the form of seen and unseen levies, taxes, penalties, injections, injunctions and registration fees legislated by their “elected officials” little more than glorified CEOs of companies whose bottom line is profit at all costs (whatever they may say to the public, whether they are conscious of this or not), a goal vastly aided by a society of children educated to believe everything they are told, upon which basis (of “education” or brainwashing) one could as soon understand the World at large as one could understand the opening of the petals of a flower at dawn with absolutely no knowledge of the Sun.

We are taught to find out what is being asked and provide it for decades of education. And, yet, what do we ask of ourselves? What does our native genius and feeling ask of us? What our land, our God and our unborn children?

A child, thus, is born as a sacrifice according to the mythology of birth the merging of occult history (sorcery, science and religious mind control) with “history” or the historicity of human biology and psychology under extreme chemical and radiological duress compounded, from birth, by an generational Tsunami of human brutality and trauma of truly Biblical proportions normalized by social convention in medicine, education and entertainment. A child is rendered, thus, dead upon birth by Roman Law (military Law of any State hospital) or destined to be totally disoriented to space, time and cosmos and “resurrected” or reanimated as a ward of the State appoints a mother and father “legal guardian” or wards upon State marriage and birth registration alike. This is very much a motif in mass colonial Empire (or oligarchy) and the military (as indeed our societies today are military societies reflected by our entertainment thinly-clad sex/hero motifs), that of dehumanization and re-humanization (sold as a “new Man” with “new DNA” for a “new age”, for instance) or a disorientation (death) to Life followed by a re-orientation to a “new Life” as though “born again”. The child’s thought (and any remaining tradition of maintaining the land-based means of proper coordination of native genius and feeling, the proper proportions of brain function with the whole of cosmic Life is sacrificed and, therefore, that of all Mankind as a “living sacrifice”. This what is done to the birth of Man and Man’s native genius and feeling, that maintained with global subconscious tension in a World whose most every scientific and religious “truth” utterly contradictions with the truth of the Soul (thus always needing “new ages” of deception and “ma-stars” degrees in its truly stellar sociological astrology of mass mind control), providing Man the consumer with endless “choices” as to self-medication through food little better than drugs, drugs, medicines and pleasures of travel, entertainment and intellectual “mastery” of scientific and religious dogma as free thinking as any cult, though these masked, as I said, by their sheer popular ubiquity – Newton was an “alchemist” first and Einstein’s equations were called by arguably the smartest Man of the twentieth century, Nicola Tesla, as little better than thirteenth century alchemy, Tesla maintaining the last vestige of the aetheric substance itself crosses the boundary (and still does) of celestial mechanics and human psychology, both of which are soundly divorced (divided and conquered as any Bi-bull trained brain) by every University (and kindergarten) on Earth.

All human psychology is deeply imbedded with truly cosmic codes of Life and Knowledge. Systematically blunted human thought and brain function (much less native coordination with feelings from the womb) is much more apt to adopt sufficiently sophisticated codes, images, and motifs perverted from ancient wisdom (we consume food with just as synthetic ingredients fool the brain but not longterm biological or psychological well being) into an ostensibly religious concept one acts or lives out the understanding of regardless of actual congruence with native genius or feeling, much less with living systems (or our children’s actual God-given needs and feelings), and, what’s more, protected with religious passion from any negative effects might serve to illuminate their less than singular positions as dominant modes of psychology or economics – such as making money as an ethic in itself in light of which every other ethic takes its lead effectively if not overtly in ways that betray themselves via the very language (or images) most often employed, most of which play more to either needs no salesman is truly qualified to meet (their qualification vouchsafed simply by their success a getting anyone to give them money / belief) or to needs served by the endless novelty conferred upon any value system with but the most passing congruence with anything like Man’s deepest needs and feelings in a society values psychological dominance as the sign of competence and vice versa as per Imperial “logic” and indoctrination by birth for countless generations.

Janus God Psychology (also called the Hegelian Dialectic – “divide and conquer”, or a false dichotomy****) is about a very sophisticated cult of base human psychology runs through the Bible, one of the foremost cults of which made a deal, the only cult would make a deal with the genocidal Constantine to forge “official Christianity” and its State religion, that of a series of absurd tales the greatest source of atheism and every other religious and scientific absurdity since through a science of pathologically-responsive images and stories we could call modern marketing and info-tainment technology, “aliens” just standing for the Greco-Roman gods of human fate portrayed upon the stage of not so much the World as the human brain, these of the forces of an unseen unelected occult bureaucracy of both “good and evil” and “in the air” like “angels” always just about to “save” us as though parents their infants in direct contravention of the perfection of Man by God. (

Frolic wilt an absent butterfly or tinder mote Of pollen in the dusky air of summer lay the foot Eroded planks an little bridge across a stream a note Resounding every single sound of Heaven was or would An child occupying no great place on Earth could he Or she ascend their native throne no less alone as well Attired by the habits and the pageants of the Earth and of eternity Emerge with every dawn of day the breast an uncreated Self – Emergent God the genius of an Mother Universe In terms ourselves and everybody else on Earth a wick And thicket every briar crag illuminated or Cast in the shadows of the Moon the trails all whom live Coordinated with the bliss of all their being born This Fullness Life beyond compare moves everywhere we roam An spore upon the breadths of Heaven just as perfect and at home.

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Cosmic Heaven: Penny for your Thought

How comforted are you to know that arguably the foremost cosmologists, biologists, doctors, neuroscientists, journalists and atheists in all the World, Professors and Doctors Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, (the late) Christopher Hitchens and Lawrence Krauss, open and outspoken proponents of subjecting even moderate religious myth and superstitious belief to the utmost ridicule, making no small claims as to and pronouncements about the dangers of sectarian religious belief, avowed skeptics (who tirelessly hold forth on the never ending benefits to “facing reality” and variations in “brain development” produced by the poetical, elegant and albeit merciless vagaries of “evolution”) who themselves believe that nineteen hijackers destroyed the World Trade Center Towers one and two, nearly demolishing the entire rest of the entire complex of office buildings on the morning of September 11, 2001 by steering, with virtually no training at such, two wide-bodied commercial jets into them as coordinated by a tall thin Islamic terrorist from a cave in Afghanistan, a man identified as the primary suspect, along with the means and nature of this catastrophic collapse, within minutes of its airing on global live TV?

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Cosmic Heaven: Question for Skeptics

Aeden – The Meaning Of Life (Hypaethrame Remix) [Sub.Mission]
Ripped Cosmic Heaven – Awaiting Sunshine 018 https://www….

By: upliftingchannel3

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Aeden – The Meaning Of Life (Hypaethrame Remix) [Sub.Mission] – Video

Aug 312014


Therapy is an interesting concept in a predatory society, a society where all the population is raised to develop, as normal, a predatory state of mind.

I have many stories of therapy sessions with professionals.

One told me to shut up when I replied to their question as to why I was there (speaking about violence to my person) and then they proceeded to tell me what was wrong, confining my complaints at will, patting me on the back and sending me on my way, as I proceeded through the waiting room, with the imprecation, Try to think more positive thoughts.

You might say that this is abnormal. But it is but one overt expression of the state of mind of all people, including therapists. Man cannot be a therapist, but Man and patient engage, rather, in a recapitulation of the dance of predator and prey (just as in modern courtship) corresponding to our childhood, something that becomes a kind of religious experience many people repeat and pay thousands of dollars for. In other words, a doctor is operating in a society where they, as a doctor of any authority and competence whatsoever, can literally tell most people anything.

Another therapist extended our session by an hour and half, refusing to allow me to speak, suggesting that I was a tough nut to crack and concluding that I must be angry and then sent me on my way. She spoke for two hours straight, during which time she told me that an invisible spirit in the room (who was very angry with her) told her to tell me not to give my light away and that I should “swallow my feelings” in order to be “more manly”. I am not kidding. The only question she asked me and indeed the only time she invited me to speak was at the end of the session when she asked me what I thought about people who “were depressed”? I responded or speculated that they were probably angry about something or other, as I well knew. She then “turned the tables” on my “presumption” and confided the shocking knowledge to me that I was “just such a person”. (I had actually come to her for acute biological duress that is always accompanied by depression and anger, something I was expecting to confess immediately our “session” began.) It was quite a “revelation” after two hours of “therapy” that I had actually paid money for. This is, of course, need it be said, a violent form of “communication” for anyone, let alone a professional therapist of any kind.

I later heard that this therapist had retired citing that people were “too hard to deal with”.

One therapist told me that I should have hit my medical doctor for suggesting that I might have a disease I did not likely have but one which was well within reason to speculate about, given the symptoms – in fact, it was a difficult diagnosis – I still dont have one and it is, on the whole, a minor concern. However, I was shocked that a therapist would suggest violence.

She then gave me medication with no warning as to its side effects, which were terrible. When I confronted her, she refused to apologize.

Yet another therapist told me that all I had to do was get a job and have regular sex. This may sound funny, but it is actually the basic religious scripture of modern Man (the animal), the labourer, the robot Man that our children are taught to be, autism and ADD being just further expressions of the education system as such, sociopolitical diseases.

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Cosmic Heaven: About Therapy

Track Name Artists Remixers Labels Genre Release Date play queue Circle (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Hiroki Nagamine Cosmic Heaven Gent Trance Division Trance 2014-04-21 $1.99 Buy play queue Defeat (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Paul Ruez Cosmic Heaven Mindlifting Records Trance 2014-04-11 $1.99 Buy play queue Vingardium (Cosmic Heaven Remix) M3R-T Cosmic Heaven TFB Records Trance 2014-04-01 $1.99Buy play queue Unfinished Love (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Eastern Sound Cosmic Heaven Sub.Mission Recordings Trance 2014-03-24 $1.49Buy play queue Rays Of The Sun (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Black & White Vs. Emran Eruption Cosmic Heaven AWJ Music Trance 2014-03-04 $1.49Buy play queue Taste of Love (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven DJs Present Trance 2014-02-07 $1.49 Buy play queue Unfinished Love (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Eastern Sound Cosmic Heaven Sub.Mission Recordings Trance 2014-01-31 $1.49Buy play queue Destinations (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Aeden Cosmic Heaven Veritas Recordings Trance 2014-01-20 $1.49Buy play queue Tears Of The Sun (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Allam, Farzam, Saman Cosmic Heaven Soul Waves Music Trance 2014-01-05 $1.49Buy play queue Mysterious Silence (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49Buy play queue Sensitive (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49 Buy play queue Seagulls (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Conrad Winged Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49 Buy play queue Acer (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Airyboy Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49 Buy play queue Nearby (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Adam Ariess Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49 Buy play queue In Between (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Mindflower Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49Buy play queue Riverworld (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Crystal Peak Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49Buy play queue Feel What You Feel (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Mindflower Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-12-30 $1.49Buy play queue She’s My Sunrise (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven TFB Records Trance 2013-12-05 $1.49 Buy play queue She’s My Sunrise (Ar-2 Remix) Cosmic Heaven Ar-2 TFB Records Trance 2013-12-05 $1.49 Buy play queue She’s My Sunrise (Trance Division Remix) Cosmic Heaven Trance Division TFB Records Trance 2013-12-05 $1.49Buy play queue Lost (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Fzzy, Simon Moon Cosmic Heaven Beyond The Stars Recordings Trance 2013-11-25 $1.49 Buy play queue Inspiration (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven TFB Records Trance 2013-11-02 $1.49 Buy play queue Inspiration (Etasonic Remix) Cosmic Heaven Etasonic TFB Records Trance 2013-11-02 $1.49 Buy play queue Inspiration (Xenoflash Remix) Cosmic Heaven Xenoflash TFB Records Trance 2013-11-02 $1.49 Buy play queue Land Of Happiness (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Hassen B Cosmic Heaven Silver Waves Recordings Trance 2013-10-28 $1.49Buy play queue Taste of love (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Linger Records Trance 2013-10-24 $1.49 Buy play queue Taste of love (Etasonic Remix) Cosmic Heaven Etasonic Linger Records Trance 2013-10-24 $1.49 Buy play queue Taste of love (Martin Libsen Remix) Cosmic Heaven Martin Libsen Linger Records Trance 2013-10-24 $1.49Buy play queue Taste of love (LekSin Remix) Cosmic Heaven LekSin Linger Records Trance 2013-10-24 $1.49 Buy play queue Taste of love (Etasonics Sentimental Mix) Cosmic Heaven Etasonic Linger Records Chill Out 2013-10-24 $1.49Buy play queue Taste of love (Radio Edit) Cosmic Heaven Linger Records Trance 2013-10-24 $1.49 Buy play queue 100 States of Trance (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Dominik Von Francois Cosmic Heaven Sensual Bliss Recordings Trance 2013-10-15 $1.49Buy play queue Unforgettable Moments (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Silver Waves Recordings Trance 2013-10-14 $1.49Buy play queue Unforgettable Moments (Hypaethrame Remix) Cosmic Heaven Hypaethrame Silver Waves Recordings Trance 2013-10-14 $1.49Buy play queue Unforgettable Moments (Physical Phase Remix) Cosmic Heaven Physical Phase Silver Waves Recordings Trance 2013-10-14 $1.49Buy play queue Nighttime sky (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Ascania Cosmic Heaven Linger Records Trance 2013-09-26 $1.49Buy play queue Dreamer (Michele Cecchi Remix) Cosmic Heaven Michele Cecchi Linger Records Trance 2013-09-26 $1.49 Buy play queue Cardiac Arrest (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Frank Dattilo Cosmic Heaven Veritas Recordings Trance 2013-09-16 $1.49Buy play queue Cast Away (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Conrad Winged Cosmic Heaven Gent Trance Division Trance 2013-08-05 $1.49 Buy play queue Don’t Stop (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Martin Dykes Cosmic Heaven Linger Records Trance 2013-07-08 $1.49Buy play queue SomeWhat (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Nessai Cosmic Heaven TFB Records Trance 2013-07-05 $1.49 Buy play queue Polar Express (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Simon Moon Cosmic Heaven TFB Records Trance 2013-06-25 $1.49Buy play queue Endless Rain (BluSkay Remix) Cosmic Heaven Bluskay LW Recordings Trance 2013-06-10 $1.49 Buy play queue Mysterious Silence (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven CRLG Trance 2013-05-17 $1.49Buy play queue Aiman (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Dreamy Cosmic Heaven Trancefixion Digital Trance 2013-05-16 $1.49 Buy play queue Rays of The Sun (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Black & White, Emran Eruption Cosmic Heaven AWJ Recordings Trance 2013-03-27 $1.49Buy play queue Cyclone (Cosmic Heaven Remix) S’G4ter, A’Recibo Cosmic Heaven Silver Waves Recordings Trance 2013-03-11 $1.49 Buy play queue Promised (Cosmic Heaven Remix) Kutay Pehlivan Cosmic Heaven Trancefixion Digital Trance 2013-03-07 $1.49 Buy play queue Mysterious Silence (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-03-04 $1.49Buy play queue Sensitive (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven Terminal 01 Recordings Trance 2013-03-04 $1.49 Buy

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Cosmic Heaven :: Tracks :: Beatport

Alessandra Roncone – Secret Influence (Cosmic Heaven Remix) TFB Records [Promo Video]
TFB Records proudly presents its 75th release, a track called Secret Influence by Alessandra Roncone; including original mix and three amazing remixes. The original mix is the kind of uplifting…

By: zozyblue6

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Alessandra Roncone – Secret Influence (Cosmic Heaven Remix) TFB Records [Promo Video] – Video

Cosmic Heaven – Inspiration (Original Mix) Cosmic Heaven on May 01, 2013 11:54. Uplifting Trance. Share. Save to Favorites Play. 0.00 / 5.10 …

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Cosmic Heaven – Inspiration (Original Mix) by Cosmic …

Mar 222014

(Dr. Helen Caldicott on same subject)

While the immense the scope of such nuclear destruction and such formidable conspiracy to what amounts to an aim to “cull” the human race as some would any animal or pest population, and that by criminally insane highly coordinated organizations and sub-human bio-pathogenic nature spirits united by and in a religion of “freedom” from any native sense of human morality, that of an incredible polar shift from anything that comes most naturally to any child (to which millions of children are subjected acutely or tangentially every year), organizations fronted by popular tribal icons upon whom people fawn and rest, even, their entire faith in human existence through endless chapels to which children are aggressively invited or forced to surrender their God-bestowed feeling and speeds of thought for the sake of “being smart” and “working hard”; while the immense scope of this systemic destruction and death could never be over stated, there is yet that hope that it is based, for the entire range of its intended effects, on human beings maintaining a standard modern diet, lifestyle and health care, Allopathic or alternative (even “new age”).

Change any or all of these and a very different future opens up before us.

And yet, consider for our own education and restoration of critical feeling and thought how many doctors and specialists would be needed to effect such a global culling and mass murder over anywhere from the next five to one hundred years.

As Leuren Moret asks, “What kind of species sacrifices their own children for power and energy?”

Again, it takes many doctors to plan and execute a massive global culling in order to accurately predict and monitor how much radiation will effect whom and where. Many if not every earth and biological, physical science, psychological, and chemical science would have to be involved in this.

That is a lot of people, many of whom would have to be doctors.

This is not hard to believe.

Locally where I live, nursing staff were recently reduced “due to costs”. This clearly resulted in less effective care for the patients, some of whom have died or faced near-death experiences. Someone had to make this decision and rationalize it to the public, despite the obvious consequences. I have first hand knowledge this myself and through friends who have been admitted to hospital care.

The purpose of all marketing and public relations, that of the front lines of the global Satanic religion so saturate our lives as to inform most every thought and action we take, whether we like it or not (it can be countered with acute questioning and subversion), is to charm our tacit consent to the total invasion, chemically, biologically and psychologically, of our personal space and entire orientation and values with respect to space, time, history, ourselves, our mothers, our fathers, our land, eternity and reality.

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Cosmic Heaven – Blogger

Cosmic Heaven

Cosmic Heaven – young Uplifting Trance producer and remixer from Poland. He has started interesting electronic music since he had 12 years old. After some time he found that he want to try produce his own tracks. In the beginning he had been making music in Hands Up or Hardstyle genres, but in 2007 he admitted that Trance music is his the biggest passion and he wants to produce in this style.

He has many own singles and remixes released in many various labels. His tracks were supported by DJs like: Aly & Fila, Pedro del Mar, Matt Bukovski, Suzy Solar, Allen & Envy, Ian Standerwick, Kaeno, Lazarus, Ozzy XPM, tranzLift, Bryan Summerville, Katy Rutkovski and many more.

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Cosmic Heaven – Awaiting Sunshine @ Discover Trance Radio

Cosmic Heaven – Trance, Endless Rain (BluSkay Remix), BluSkay Remix HQ – mp3 link
Track from album “Endless Rain” by “Cosmic Heaven”. Buy “Cosmic Heaven” mp3 music on


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Cosmic Heaven – Trance, Endless Rain (BluSkay Remix), BluSkay Remix HQ – mp3 link – Video

Cosmic Heaven – Trance, Endless Rain (Tensile Force Remix), Tensile Force Remix + music only
Track from album “Endless Rain” by “Cosmic Heaven”. Buy “Cosmic Heaven” mp3 music on


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Cosmic Heaven – Trance, Endless Rain (Tensile Force Remix), Tensile Force Remix + music only – Video

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