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Wedding DJ Clearwater Tampa St Petersburg Dunedin Oldsmar Beaches entertainment – Video

Replenishment projects at Delaware’s beaches have protected coastal properties, but some residents say these projects also make the beaches more dangerous. A surf-related injury study is underway, but experts say it won’t prove whether replenishment is responsible for any increase in surf-related injuries.

During a public workshop in Rehoboth Beach Nov. 1, Dewey Beach resident and coastal property owner Clinton Bunting said future projects should support recreational beach use and not focus only on protecting property.

Beach replenishment and nourishment we have to have it. We have to have great bays and great beaches, the former lifeguard said. In the last years with the beach nourishment and replenishment, injuries have increased dramatically.

Bunting’s concerns were raised during a review of regulations that are unrelated to beach replenishment projects, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control officials said. His concerns will be shared with DNREC’s federal partner in replenishment projects the Army Corps of Engineers, they said.

Stephen Rochette, spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District, said the corps has not seen a correlation between completed projects and an increase in injuries, but he said there are many variables that make that connection difficult to determine.

Beaches are dynamic and changing whether we conduct a beachfill or not, he said.

Delaware Surf Zone Injury study

*Source: Dr. Paul Cowan, Beebe Healthcare

Beebe Healthcare Department of Emergency Medicine Director Dr. Paul Cowan, who began compiling surf injury data in 2009 after he noticed clusters of beach-related injuries, said there is no comparison data available to measure current injuries against the number and extent of injuries that occurred before major replenishment projects.

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Residents: Beach replenishment brings danger

SAN DIEGO Tijuana River sewage overflows caused by the recent rain are contaminating South County beaches, county health officials said Friday.

As a result, the county has posted warning signs at beaches near Border Field State Park and at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

People are advised to stay out of the water in those areas.

The signs will be removed when tests show its safe to enter the ocean.

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Contamination signs posted at South County beaches

High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy
High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! Beyonc ft. Jay Z – Drunk In Love Pitbull…

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High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy – Video

Gay Bear Beach “Four gay beaches in Montpellier”.
Hello: There are four (4) gay beaches in Montpellier. read more below / British and Germans Friends. 1) The beach of Aresquiers. 0:00 Beach sand and pebbles …

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Gay Bear Beach "Four gay beaches in Montpellier". – Video

Nov 212014

Goa Beautiful Beaches
Goa Beautiful Beaches The state of Goa, India, is famous for its beaches and places of worship, and tourism is its primary industry. Tourism is generally focused on the coastal areas of Goa,…

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Goa Beautiful Beaches – Video

More than 150 Cold Stunned Sea Turtles Found on Texas Beaches
PORT ARANSAS (Kiii News) – The number of cold-stunned green sea turtles found lying along Texas beaches has risen to more than 150. The rescue effort has left dozens of turtles in the care…

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More than 150 Cold Stunned Sea Turtles Found on Texas Beaches – Video

By Kati Moore (MEM 16) Nicholas School Communications Assistant

DURHAM, N.C. In a new book, authors Orrin H. Pilkey of Duke University and J. Andrew G. Cooper of the University of Ulster argue that immediate action must be taken to save the worlds beaches from the negative impacts of development, mining, and pollution.

The book, The Last Beach, discusses the dynamic nature of beaches and how current practices such as shoreline stabilization and beach nourishment work against beaches natural processes.

The bottom line is that in fifty years, and certainly in one hundred years, we will have no beaches left on developed shorelines in the developed world, said Pilkey, who will read from the book tonight (Nov. 11) at 7 p.m. at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham.

Myriad problems face beaches around the world, Pilkey and Cooper argue. Most of these problems stem from people trying to engineer beaches to fit human ideals, instead of moving with the beaches inevitable changes.

Stabilizing shorelines by building seawalls is one significant problem. Seawalls are often built to protect beachfront buildings, but usually do more harm than good, Pilkey said. In Cape May, New Jersey, the historically healthy beach was severely eroded following the construction of a seawall, despite multiple replenishment efforts.

Another common and harmful practice is beach replenishment, in which offshore sand is mined and put on the beach. This can change wave patterns and damages offshore ecosystems. Commercial fishermen in Nantucket, Mass., have opposed beach replenishment efforts due to the potential negative effects on fish populations.

Pollution is a significant problem on beaches, both in the water and the sand. Common sources of pollution are raw sewage and wastewater runoff, which often contain harmful bacteria. Beach pollution is a problem with personal significance for Pilkey, whose grandson contracted methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection from a cut on his foot after surfing on Westport Beach in Washington.

Pilkey and Coopers recommendations for beach-goers are do not walk barefoot on the beach, do not lie or sit directly on the sand, do not swim after a heavy rain, and never, ever get buried in sand.In order to preserve beaches for future generations, Pilkey and Cooper offer four rules: Do not build seawalls. Do not build beachfront high-rises. Do not mine sand. Value the beach ecosystem.

The key to successfully preserving beaches, Pilkey said, is to change with the beaches. We need to bend with nature. Thats not a new idea, but in so many ways, we dont bend with nature, he said.

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Orrin Pilkey's Book a Call to Action to Save the Beaches

PORT ARANSAS (Kiii News) – The number of cold-stunned green sea turtles found lying along Texas beaches has risen to more than 150. The rescue effort has left dozens of turtles in the care of the Animal Rehabilitation Keep in Port Aransas.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from the ARK with more details.

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More than 150 Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Found on Texas Beaches

Kauai, Hawaii – Snorkeling – Beaches – Hiking – GoPro Hero4 Silver
Family trip to Hawaii on October, 2014. We spent a total of 9 days there. Stayed at the Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort and drove/flew/sailed the entire island. Songs in the video are: 1-…

By: Jason Nunez-Catral

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Kauai, Hawaii – Snorkeling – Beaches – Hiking – GoPro Hero4 Silver – Video

SYDNEY: Beaches Be Crazy (ft. Mamrie Hart Troye Sivan!)
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SYDNEY: Beaches Be Crazy (ft. Mamrie Hart & Troye Sivan!) – Video

Northern Beaches Hospital – Precinct Structure Plan – Consultation
Community engagement on the future of the area around the Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest.

By: Warringah Council

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Northern Beaches Hospital – Precinct Structure Plan – Consultation – Video

he pristine beaches of Puducherry, a major draw among residents and tourists visiting the former French enclave, are now fast disappearing due to rampant erosion.

Large parts of the beaches along the coastline have been gobbled up by the sea since 1994.

The erosion has now started spreading along the northern side of the citys coastline threatening villages such as Periyamudaliarchavady and Bommayarpalayam in Tamil Nadu.

Probir Banerjee, member, Pondicherry Citizen’s Action Network (PCAN), said: The problem started in 1989 when the Puducherry government constructed two breakwaters. Though a sand bypassing system was provided at the harbour to regularly shift the sand from south to north, this has not been done resulting in erosion along the northern side.

The sand movement along the coast is said to be one of the highest in the country. The net displacement of sand northwards has been calculated at 0.5 million cubic metres a year.

Beaches on the northern side of the coastline are now starved of sand and have started disappearing. Puducherry was losing 0.5 to 1 km of beach every year, he said.

G. Vasu, a resident of Periyamudaliarchavady and member of Repo, an Auroville community, said the rate of erosion was 20 metres a year. Instead of tackling the origin of the problem, the government started constructing groynes and sea walls, which has only aggravated the erosion towards north.

The rubble-mounted sea walls constructed along the Puducherry coast had transferred the problem to Tamil Nadu, which was now facing massive erosion. Groynes should be considered only after taking into account various factors such as wave strength, angle of the waves and shore structure, he said.

Sea currents have become tough and people living on the coast are the victims of erosion.

Due to the construction of groynes, fishermen are unable to dock their boats along the shore. However, the authorities seem to be unaware of the destruction of the coastline, said R. Nagaraj, a fisherman.

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Vanishing beaches: clouds on the horizon

BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 20,2014 /PRNewswire/ — During Smart City Expo World Congress, IBM (NYSE: IBM ) and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) announced an agreement to use IBM technology to help more …

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Barcelona Metropolitan Area Selects IBM Smarter Cities Technology To Help Manage Parks and Beaches

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Nov 202014

A beach in the West Fjords. Photo: Pll Stefnsson.

Q: Why arent there seashells on Icelands beaches? Ive walked dozens of kilometers on its beaches in every region but have yet to see a seashell.

Ivan Martin, New York, U.S.

A: There are seashells on beaches in Iceland but their number differs between regions. The iconic black sand beaches of the south coast are constantly being shaped by the sediment of glacial rivers being carried to sea and wild waves crashing against the shore.

This is perhaps where youd be least likely to find seashells. Blue mussels, for example, can be found on beaches in every region in Iceland, except the south coast.

For the same reason, there were no harbors on the south coast from Hfn in the east to orlkshfn in the west until Landeyjahfn, the new Vestmannaeyjar ferry dock, opened in 2010. But sediment from glacial river Markarfljt poses a problem.

On most other quiet sand beaches in Iceland you should be able to find seashells, including blue mussels (Mytilus edulis), Icelandic scallop (Chlamys islandica), ocean quahog (Arctica islandica) and soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria).

The black beaches that are predominant in Iceland are a result of the countrys volcanic activity and the sand is mostly comprised of fine grains of basalt.

On the white shell sand beach Lngufjrur on the southern Snfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland, I remember to have found small white seashells and colorful stones, as Ive seen on beaches on the European mainland.

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Ask IR

Nov 202014

Otago Peninsula farmers have been asked to check beaches for any signs of a missing Dunedin businessman.

Kevin Zhang (50), a real estate agent and business owner, was reported missing last Tuesday. His white Toyota Starlet was discovered near the Karetai track the same morning.

Senior Constable Lox Kellas, of Portobello, said local farmers had been asked to check beaches daily, alongside regular police checks.

Checks with Immigration New Zealand showed Mr Zhang had not left the country, and his bank accounts remained untouched.

About 100 searchers, including dozens of people from the local Chinese community, searched along the Otago coastline on Saturday morning.

Police will review the search on Monday.

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Farmers to check beaches for man

We don’t give little old Europe enough credit.

Packed into a comparably small space to that of the rest of the world, it has pretty much got everything covered.

From beaches to glaciers, our little continent has plenty to offer those unable to trot across the globe.

So for every iconic picture you see of some Caribbean coastline or Himalayan mountain range, just remember that there might be an equally bucket list worthy alternative right on your doorstep (or indeed a budget airline flight away).

1. Mexico’s beaches vs. Greece’s beaches

Many people dream of visiting one of Mexico’s beaches, to drink Mojitos and soak up the sun, but if you’re not able to make the 10 hour flight then a great alternative has to be Greece – one of the best countries for a full-proof beach holiday.

Some of the most spectacular have to be in Zante, their white sands and clear waters make them a popular sun-bathing spot.

2. Australia’s coastline vs. Portugal’s Algarve

Australia’s Twelve Apostles limestone stacks in Victoria are incredible, but Portugal’s Praia da Marinha also packs a punch.

The famous Algarve beach is surrounded by crooked rocks and cliffs and has many coves and caves to explore.

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Seeing doubles? 9 European alternatives to the world's top attractions

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BONITA AND BAREFOOT BEACHES RIDE YOUR BIKE! CLick here to view this property – Or browse more vacation rental videos here – World,USA,Florida,…


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