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Newport anti-Nato protest march

By: SouthWalesArgus

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Newport anti-Nato protest march – Video

By Richard Balmforth KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine said on Friday it would seek the protection of NATO membership after what Kiev and its Western allies say is the open participation of the Russian military in the war in Ukraine's eastern provinces. Formal Ukrainian membership in the Western military alliance, which would come with the full protection of a mutual defence pact with the U.S. NATO's …

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Ukraine seeks NATO membership in response to Russia joining war

Prophesy, Marduk, Vimana's, The BlackSun, ChemTrails, Fallen Angels, ISIS The NSA
Footage filmed Sunday 24th August 2014. VoiceOver from BPEarthWatch youtube channel. via YouTube Capture… Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is…

By: Barney Winner 2nd Coming

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Prophesy, Marduk, Vimana’s, The BlackSun, ChemTrails, Fallen Angels, ISIS & The NSA – Video

Partido de Voleibol Clasificacin ICH v/s NSA 30/08/2014 a las 17:15 hrs.
Partido de Voleibol Clasificacin ICH v/s NSA.

By: Juegos Nacionales Maristas Chile

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Partido de Voleibol Clasificacin ICH v/s NSA 30/08/2014 a las 17:15 hrs. – Video

If you want to beef up and anonymize your Internet browsing experience as well, Tor Browser Bundle (free) is the way to go. The Tor network provides a way to browse anonymously.

The Tor Browser Bundle is a portable, self-extracting package which contains a special version of Firefox, along with an application for connecting to Tor. You extract the bundle, and double-click “Start Tor Browser.” A connection window comes up and steps through an initialization sequence. You don’t have to do anything; just wait a moment while the progress bar fills up. As soon as a secure connection with Tor is established, Firefox loads and you can start browsing.

When you connect to Tor, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and routed through a complex network of anonymous nodes until it reaches its final destination. It’s not 100% secure, but then again, no security solution is. Tor has been around since 2002, and has been field-tested in rough situations in Egypt and other oppressive regimes that restrict Internet access. It works.

Since Tor routes your data through so many layers and random endpoints, it’s not exactly blazing fast. Then again, most of us don’t require Tor as a necessary part of our daily browsing routines. For occasional use, it’s an elegant solution that simplifies a complex security system down to a double-click.

Note: The Download button on the Product Information page takes you to the vendor’s site, where you can download the latest version of the software. This file is donationware; it is free to use, but the developer welcomes donations toward future development.

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Review: Tor Browser Bundle lets you browse in anonymity …

The former acting cybersecurity director for the US Department of Health and Human Services, Tim DeFoggi, was convicted yesterday on three child porn charges.

As reported byWired,DeFoggi is the sixth suspect to be caught by the FBI’s Operation Torpedo, which used controversial methods of defeating the Tor anonymizing software in order to find child porn suspects.

One site frequented byDeFoggi wasPedoBook, hosted by Aaron McGratha Nebraska man who was convicted earlier for his role in the operations. The websites were only accessible to users who installed Tor on their browsers. DeFoggi used names such as “fuckchrist” and “PTasseater”to register on thesites, where he could view more than 100 videos and more than 17,000 child porn images.

The FBI seized McGrath’s site in late 2012 after monitoring him for a year. Then they kept it up and running for several more weeks, gathering private communications from DeFoggi and other users. The FBI used “various investigative techniques to defeat the anonymous browsing technology afforded by the Tor network.”

The techniques used include “drive-by downloads,” in which a website installs malware on every visitor’s computer.

Such a deployment “can be a bulky full-featured backdoor program that gives the government access to your files, location, web history and webcam for a month at a time, or a slim, fleeting wisp of code that sends the FBI your computers name and address, and then evaporates,” explained Wired in an earlier piece on Operation Torpedo.

Having set up such atrap, FBI agents got to know DeFoggi better. Wired’s Kim Zetter explains:

During chats DeFoggi described using Tor to access PedoBook early in the morning hours and between 4 and 6 pm. Among the evidence seized against him was pen register/trap trace data obtained from Verizon showing someone at his Maryland residence using Tor during these hours as well as the IP addresses used by an AOL account under the username ptasseater, which pointed to DeFoggis home.

When agents arrived at his home early one morning to execute a search warrant, they had to pry him from his laptop, which was in the process of downloading a child porn video from a Tor web site called OPVA, or Onion Pedo Video Archive. In addition to child porn images stored on his computer, authorities also found evidence of his Tor browser history, showing some of his activity at PedoBook and OPVA.

DeFoggi worked for the Department of Health and Human Services from 2008 until January of this year. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in November.

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Cybersecurity official uses Tor but still gets caught with child porn

# Cryptocurrency Minted Coins Avg price Market cap %24h Volume Estimate 1 Bitcoin (BTC) 13,212,775 $ 480.21 $ 6,344,906,683 -4.27 % $ 30,307,699

Cryptocoinrank – Cryptocurrency Charts by Market …

Daily Chart Session, August 29 2014: “Bitcoin Stalling at Resistance at $522″
Register as a member of InformedTrades, the online community with the largest collection of organized educational articles and videos to help traders learn: InformedT…

By: InformedTrades

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Daily Chart Session, August 29 2014: "Bitcoin Stalling at Resistance at $522" – Video

The Bitcoin Group #45 – Hal Finney Passes Away – The Tactics of the BitLicense and More
If you enjoy the show please donate: Check us out at: On Today's Show: Issue 1 Hal…

By: World Crypto Network

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The Bitcoin Group #45 – Hal Finney Passes Away – The Tactics of the BitLicense and More – Video

Our vision is to ensure all people have the opportunity to realize Bitcoin’s potential.

We are ready for a new vehicle of exchange. One unbound by politics and national boundaries and open to everyone worldwide. We believe Bitcoin is that vehicle. Join us in introducing Bitcoin to the world and contributing to its sustained development.

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Bitcoin Foundation – Official Site

Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem has reached a plea deal to resolve U.S. Shrem, the former vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, will plead guilty next Thursday in New York federal court to unlicensed money transmission, Marc Agnifilo, his lawyer told Reuters in an email. Prosecutors had previously charged Shrem with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, money laundering …

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Bitcoin promoter to plead guilty to unlicensed money transmission

Finney was cryogenically frozen in Arizona after a five-year battle with ALS.

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This week in bitcoin: Bitcoins earliest adopter and pioneer Hal Finney dies at 58

Aug 312014

A customer feeds cash into a Bitcoin ATM in a boutique in New York. Photo by Brendan McDermid, Reuters

NEW YORK – Bitcoin is catching on at U.S. online merchants including and Expedia, as customers use a digital currency that just a few years ago was virtually unknown but is now showing some staying power.

Though sales paid for in bitcoin so far at vendors interviewed for this article have been a fraction of one percent, they expect that as acceptance grows, the online currency will one day be as ubiquitous as the internet.

“Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere; it’s here to stay,” said Michael Gulmann, vice president of global products at Expedia Inc. in Seattle, the largest online travel agent. “We want to be there from the beginning.” Expedia started accepting bitcoin payments for hotel bookings on July 11.

Until recently a niche alternative currency touted by a fervent group of followers, bitcoin has evolved into a software-based payment online system. Bitcoins are stored in a wallet with a unique identification number and companies like Coinbase and Blockchain can hold the currency for the user.

When buying an item from a merchant’s website, a customer simply clicks on the bitcoin option and a pop-in window appears where he can type in his wallet ID number.

Still, broad-based adoption of bitcoin is at least five years away because most consumers still prefer to use credit cards, analysts said.

“Bitcoin is a new way of making payments, but it’s not solving a problem that’s broken,” said George Peabody, payments consultant at Glenbrook Partners in Menlo Park, California. “Retail payments aren’t broken.”

There are also worries about bitcoin’s volatility: its price in U.S. dollars changes every day. On Wednesday, bitcoin was up 0.4 percent at $514.09.

That risk is borne by the consumer and the bitcoin payment processor, such as Coinbase or Bitpay, not the retailer. The vendor doesn’t hold the bitcoin and is paid in U.S. dollars. As soon as a customer pays in bitcoin, the digital currency goes to the payment processor and the processor immediately pays the merchant, for a fee of less than 1 percent.

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Bitcoin shows staying power

Bitcoin evangelist Charles Shrem will plead guilty Thursday to one criminal count stemming from what prosecutors had alleged was a drug scheme involving his virtual-currency exchange and an online black market, according to court documents.

Shrem, a well-known bitcoin advocate, will enter the plea in federal court in Manhattan next week, he confirmed in an interview. He said he would plead to one count of aiding and abetting an unlicensed money transmission.

Im happy that its coming to a close, said Shrem in a telephone interview.

Shrem and his alleged accomplice, Robert Faiella, had previously pleaded not guilty to running an alleged money-laundering scheme that funneled the digital currency to users of the online alleged black-market site Silk Road.

It was unclear if Faiella, who has previously plead not guilty, would also change his plea. His lawyer didnt respond to requests for comment.

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The Wall Street Journal: Bitcoin advocate Charles Shrem to plead guilty

Freedom fighters network | can change your life
Sign up for FREE: add me on facebook: the freedom fighters network is taking this industry by storm,so many people are having…

By: Rell Frank

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Freedom fighters network | can change your life – Video

Izzee Sulaiman

I was brought up with the understanding of freedom as to not be enslaved to others when the Glorious God has created us all free.

Hence, Malaysia met its independence on the August 31, 1957, from the British Imperialist.

However these questions still remains in my head.

Are we still enslaved by other means? Are we truly independent? Are we free to make a choice we deem fit for ourselves?

Before I answer these questions, below would be the basis of my understanding of freedom.

As a Muslim, I shall first be a true servant of God and obey only Him and not tyrants, for those who enslaved themselves to tyrants will lose their freedom. A man of faith has the freedom to seek knowledge, wealth and happiness for oneself and for others whom are under his care without any fear and for the pleasures of God (the creator of the universe and all its content). As a believer in God, I believe in being righteous and seeking freedom for all.

However, we need to understand that there is no such thing as absolute freedom for it will only bring chaos, therefore we need order and by this, following certain rules and regulations in creating harmony.

These rules and regulations then become laws in life and within these laws do we create our freedom. It is a system or a rule of conduct or behaviour that is acceptable by any person in the right mind. When this freedom is challenged, oppression will take place, thus the system will collapse and justice will be lost. As a result we seek leadership to bring us all out of chaos and uphold justice once again.

Henceforth, leadership requires wisdom, for the most precious wealth is wisdom and the most miserable poverty is stupidity. Half of wisdom is love for with it comes humanity and friendship with the people, and the other half is guarding oneself from the evils of the people.

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What is merdeka or independence or freedom?

UNC Football: Highlights vs. Liberty
The Tar Heels opened the season with a 56-29 victory over Liberty.

By: UNCTarHeelsAthletics

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UNC Football: Highlights vs. Liberty – Video

It wasn't a work of art, but a 3rd-quarter defensive explosion turned a one-point deficit into the expected rout and year three of the Larry Fedora era in Chapel Hill begins with a victory. In the midst of a tight game, and after a turnover gave Liberty a 22-21 lead, UNC turned to a signature of a Larry Fedora team – defense – to swing momentum and propel the Tar Heels to a comfortable season …

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Good, Bad, and Ugly Report: Liberty

Kevin Morgans will be arunning back for Liberty after playing the offensive line last season.William Montgomery/Times Herald-Record


Published: 4:00 PM – 08/30/14 Last updated: 12:39 AM – 08/31/14

LIBERTY Aside from the occasional fumble recovery, tipped pass or interception, linemen rarely get to touch the football or taste the glory that comes with being the one to run the ball into the end zone.

Kevin Morgans is going to find out, firsthand, what the fuss is all about. Morgans, a 5-foot-10, 195-pound junior three-year varsity player at Liberty, is returning to his natural position at running back.

As a freshman, Morgans was called up to the varsity team when Liberty needed some help on the offensive and defensive lines. By the end of the 2012 season, Morgans was a two-way starter.

Last season, Morgans started both ways, playing offensive tackle and middle linebacker. With the backfield looking thin and Liberty gaining some younger reinforcements on the line, Morgans is making a rare transition from tackle to running back.

It was kind of evident that it was going to happen eventually but this year it just panned out, Morgans said.

Morgans played running back through his youth career, up until the varsity team needed him to play a different position. A wrestler in the winter months – he was the Section 9 Division II champion at 182 pounds as a sophomore – Morgans has the athleticism and the aggressiveness, as well as the experience, to make the switch.

He has the tools to play running back, said Liberty head coach John Wilhelm. He is actually quite fast. He’s a wrestler, so he’s pretty cut up. He doesn’t have a lot of extra weight. He dropped some weight from wrestling. He’s a strong athletic kid. When he was younger we put him on the line because he was an aggressive kid. We were looking for someone who was going to be aggressive, so that’s why we put him there. Morgans led Liberty with 112 tackles in 2013. He also got a taste of the backfield, gaining 119 yards on 23 rushing attempts as a sophomore.

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Liberty lineman moved to running back

People Against Obama and Illuminati NWO Pt 109
California Drought, FUKISHIMA Wormwood, Radiation Leak in South Carolina, W VIRGINIA Water CONTAMINATION all Purposed by the ILLUMINATI to DE POPULATE THE ANTICHRIST has the FEMA Camps Open…

By: People Against Obama and Illuminati NWO

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People Against Obama and Illuminati NWO Pt 109 – Video

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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