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Jitsi –

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May 242016

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Jitsi –

Offshore Company Formation, Worldwide Business Incorporation

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May 232016

Offshore Companies Consultations Click or call today for a free offshore consultation. Call: 1-800-959-8819

Offshore companies are entities such as corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs) that have been filed outside of ones country of residence. Offshore company incorporation is utilized, among other things, by those interested in asset protection, business expansion and financial privacy. Listed below is information summarizing the reasons for which these entities are formed:

Offshore Company Formation Strategies We have listed several levels of offshore strategies, their costs and benefits. This section discusses the major aspects of offshore planning, including companies, bank accounts and trusts, how they are structured and why.

View all of the top recommended offshore incorporation jurisdictions

Many offshore jurisdictions have much advantageous different legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy. Consider these offshore company formation benefits and facts. The US has 5% of the worlds population, yet 70% of the worlds lawyers. Moreover, unlike other countries in the world, we do not have a loser pays legal system. In other countries, the loser of a lawsuit has to pay both his attorney fees and his opponents, making lawsuits much less frequent. In the US if you are involved in a lawsuit and win, youre still out your own legal expenses, so you still lose. Suing offshore companies is more difficult. If a legal opponent chose to sue your offshore company, he or she may have to post a $25,000 bond to have the case sent through a review board to determine whether or not the case would even make it to a court the bond is non refundable that is a strong layer of lawsuit protection, just by taking advantage of an offshore jurisdictions legal statutes. The money saved by keeping your finances away from prying eyes, thus, preventing lawsuits, safeguarding your assets from litigation and the increased financial privacy are some of the many reasons for going offshore.

Offshore companies offer much greater financial privacy than domestic entities, such as corporations, Limited Liability Companies or an international business companies (IBC). There are many offshore jurisdictions that have favorable laws that the US, Canada and the UK do not extend. These jurisdictions compete for international clientele by favoring privacy of ownership, privacy granted to officers and directors and non-recognition of foreign judgments.

In todays business world, litigious attorneys make the chances of a lawsuit for American business owners a real world fact, some attorneys litigate just to survive and never see the inside of a courtroom. You can learn more about how offshore company incorporation can help with your protection needs by calling We form thousands of business structures every year, helping thousands of Americans with their protection and privacy needs and offering guidance through all of the offshore company formalities.

“Using offshore company business tools, I protected my business income and some personal assets from a potentially devastating divorce battle.”

I created the financial privacy and business model that was right for my financial goals with Offshore Company, Inc. Im private, protected and invested in my familys future.

Get help to the most commonly asked questions about any asset protection or offshore topic.

We are committed to providing a quality service and accurate filing product package. We pride ourselves on putting the customer?s financial future first and foremost.

terms of use | privacy policy

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Offshore Company Formation, Worldwide Business Incorporation

21 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

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May 232016

by Brian Dean|Last updated May. 20, 2016

People that succeed with SEO do two things very well:

First, they identify SEO techniques that get them results.

Second, they put 100% of their resources into executing and scaling those techniques.

But youre probably wondering:

How do I find SEO strategies that actually work?

Well today Im going to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and tackle one of the 21 white hat SEO techniques below.

Free PDF Download: Get access to the free bonus checklist that will show you how to quickly execute these strategies. Includes 2 bonus techniques not found in this post.

Broken link building has it all


White hat.


Theres only one problem: finding broken links is a HUGE pain.

That is, unless you know about a little-known wrinkle in Wikipedias editing system.

You see, when a Wikipedia editor stumbles on a dead link, they dont delete the link right away.

Instead, they add a footnote next to the link that says dead link:

This footnote gives other editors a chance to confirm that the link is actually dead before removing it.

And that simple footnote makes finding broken links dead simple.

Heres how:

First, use this simple search string: [keyword] + dead link

For example, if you were in the investing space youd search for something like this:

Next, visit a page in the search results thats relevant to your site:

Hit ctrl + f and search for dead link:

Your browser will jump to any dead links in the references section:

Pro Tip: Wikipedia actually has a list of articles with dead links. This makes finding dead links in Wikipedia even easier.

OK. So once youve found a dead link, now what?

Well you could re-create that dead resource on your site and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with yours.

But that would only land you a single link (and a nofollow link at that).

Instead, I recommend tapping into The Moving Man Method.

This post will show you everything you need to know:

Now for our next SEO technique

Hit the play button to see how its done:

Last year I get an email out of the blue:

Turns out Emil used The Skyscraper Technique to achieve these impressive results.

Not only that, but Emil wanted to share his case study with the Backlinko community.

Thats when I had an idea:

Instead of writing a new post for Emils case study, why dont I add it to an existing post?

So thats what I did.

Specifically, I added Emils case study to this old post:

(I also updated the images and added some new tips)

The final result?

A new and improved version of the post:

To make sure the new post got the attention it deserved, I re-promoted it by sending an email to the Backlinko community:

I also shared it on social media:

The result?

A 111.37% increase in organic traffic to that page.

Pretty cool, right?

Its no secret that compelling title and description tags get more clicks in the SERPS.

(In fact, REALLY good copy can actually steal traffic from the top 3 results)

Question is: How do you know what people want to click on?

Thats easy: look at that keywords Adwords ads.

You see, the Adwords ads that you see for competitive keywords are the result of hundreds (if not thousands) of split tests.

Split tests to maximize clicks.

And you can use copy from these ads to turn your title and description tags into click magnets.

For example, lets say you were going to publish a blog post optimized around the keyword glass water bottles.

First, take a look at the Adwords ads for that keyword:

Keep an eye out for interesting copy from the ads that you can work into your title and description. In our glass water bottles example, we have phrases like:

Heres how your title and description tags might look:

As you can see, these tags include words that are proven to generate clicks.

What if there was an up-to-date list of blogs in your niche that you could use to find quality link opportunities?

I have good news. There is.

And its called AllTop.

AllTop is a modern day directory that curates the best blogs in every industry under the sun.

To find blogs in your niche, just go to the AllTop homepage and search for a keyword:

Next, find a category that fits with your sites topic:

And AllTop will show you their hand-picked list of quality blogs in that category:

Now you have a long list of some of the best blogs in your industry. And these bloggers are the exact people that you want to start building relationships with.

Lets face it: Most content curation is pretty weak.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Ive read enough top 100 posts you need to read lists for one lifetime.

So how can you make your content curation stand out?

By tapping into Benefit-Focused Content Curation.

Benefit-Focused Content Curation is similar to most other types of curation, with one huge difference: it focuses on the outcomes that your audience wants.

Im sure youd like to see an example.

Here you go:

This is a guide I put together a while back called, Link Building: The Definitive Guide.

This guide has generated over 116,000 visitors from social media, forums, blogs and search engines:

(I should point out that the guides design and promotion contributed to its success. But it all started with how the content itself was organized)

What makes this guides curation unique is that its organized by benefits, not topics.

For example, Chapter 2 is called How to Get Top Notch Links Using Content Marketing:

Note that the title isnt: Chapter 2: Content Marketing. And most of the other chapters follow the same benefit-driven formula.

Why is this so important?

When someone sees a list of curated links they immediately ask themselves whats in it for me?.

And when you organize your content around outcomes and benefits, that answer becomes really, really obvious.

In other words, answering whats in it for me? makes the perceived value of your content MUCH higher than a list of 100 random resources.

With all the talk about Hummingbirds and Penguins its easy to forget about an important Google algorithm update from 2003 called Hilltop.

Despite being over ten years old, Hilltop still plays a major role in todays search engine landscape.

Hilltop is essentially an on-page SEO signal way that tells Google whether or not a page is a hub of information.

So: How does Google know which pages are hubs?

Its simple: Hubs are determined by the quality and relevancy of that pages outbound links.

This makes total sense if you think about it

The pages you link out to tend to reflect the topic of your page.

And pages that link to helpful resources also tend to be higher-quality than pages that only link to their own stuff.

In other words, pages that link out to awesome resources establish themselves as hubs of helpful content in the eyes of Big G.

In fact, a recent industry study found a correlation between outbound links and Google rankings.

Bottom line:

Link to at least 3 quality, relevant resources in every piece of content that you publish.

That will show Google that your page is a Hilltop Hub.

Read the rest here:
21 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

Jitsi – OSTN – Guardian Project Open Dev

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May 212016

Jitsi Setup

Go to in your browser. Download the program onto your computer. Jitsi is an audio/video and chat application that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo! and many other useful features.

When Jitsi is installed, go to the applications folder and open it.

Select the SIP account type in the Network pull down in the new account window. It should look like this

In the Sip id box, add the username & server detail we sent to you in the email (for example

In the Password box, Add the password we sent to you in the email.

Click the Advanced box

Click the Connection tab. Fill out the form fields to match this screenshot

Click the Next button. Confirm the settings are correct on the next screen. Click Sign In

You should see it read “Registering” for a few seconds until the bar to the right of your account name turns Green and reads SIP ON Online.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed in.

You can fetch a package or subscribe to the repository.

For details on the current status with the official Debian packaging, please refer to Debian Bug report logs.

Known issues making a ZRTP initiation between clients.

Current successes for ZRTP: Jitsi OSX -> Groundwire / Ostel -> Jitsi OSX

Current failings for ZRTP: Groundwire -> Jitsi OSX / Jitsi OSX -> Ostel

Secure video calls, conferencing, chat, desktop sharing, file transfer, support for your favorite OS, and IM network. All this, and more, in Jitsi – the most complete and advanced open source communicator.

The ever growing use of Voice over IP (VoIP) and other media applications triggered a more widespread use of the Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP). Thise protocols is the workhorse for VoIP applications. Many VoIP applications send RTP data over the public Internet in clear, thus the data is not protected from eavesdropping or modification. Therefore most VoIP applications are regarded insecure today. During the last years several activities started to enhance the security of RTP.

The Secure Real-time Transfer Protocol (SRTP) enhances security for RTP and provides integrity and confidentiality for RTP media connections. To use SRTP in an efficient way VoIP applications should be able to negotiate keys and other parameters in an automatic fashion.

ZRTP is a protocol that negotiates the keys and other information required to setup a SRTP audio and video session

While it is important to look at the technology, the protocols and alike, it is also important to look at the implications a specific technology may have on its implementation, deployment, and usability. Usability is of major importance for VoIP peer-to-peer applications: these applications are mainly used by non-IT persons. Therefore the handling must be simple, easy to use, and shall not require special infrastructure or registration.

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Jitsi – OSTN – Guardian Project Open Dev

Rocket SEO | Affordable Search Engine Optimisation in …

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May 212016

Search Engine Optimisation

Speak to our experienced link building team about your SEO needs. We source and build a wide array of links from trusted sources to ensure your site gains natural backlink authority, safeguarding longevity and stability for your ranks.

Getting your house in order is vital to being correctly and properly ranked. Our on-site SEO team will check the nuts and bolts of your site and suggest proven changes that will bring you much needed traffic and increased organic ranks across the board.

Received a manual action notice from Google? Don’t panic, all is not lost! Our teams proven track record of successfully having penalties revoked by Google is second to none. Speak to us for help today and get your business back on track.

Social signals are more important than ever in your quest for online exposure. We know how to utilise social media to your best advantage for SEO and online reputation enhancement. If you want to get ahead, you need to get social!

Whether youre a small local business, a national brand or someone with huge global ambitions, we have the knowledge and capability to tailor an effective internet marketing strategy to suit your needs.

With so many internet marketing options out there, its easy to feel confused and frustrated about where to go and who to trust with your SEO requirements. Our message is simple judge us by our results!

Weve worked with dozens of firms just like you who had one common goal. That goal was to find more customers via the search engines.

We treat each of our clients with equal importance and dedication to ensure you feel that your trust and investment in us is valued. Thats why more and more businesses are turning to Rocket SEO because we deliver the very best results and return on your investment.

We want you to be happy so its our job to ensure that we provide you with a quality service that includes full transparency, detailed monthly reporting and that all-important friendly customer service.

We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients so when you work with us, you know you are getting a solid UK based search engine optimisation team behind you that is there when you need us.

Need a reputable and affordable SEO service? Speak to ustoday.

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Rocket SEO | Affordable Search Engine Optimisation in …

Is Facebook protected under the First Amendment? – May. 12, 2016

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May 172016

“If Facebook ignores this request they could receive a subpoena, so I suspect they will cooperate,” said Stephen Strauss, a former journalist who is now an attorney at Bryan Cave specializing in First Amendment issues.

He was referring to a letter sent by Senator John Thune to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seeking an explanation of how Trending stories are selected and whether any conservative stories were taken out of the list or liberal leaning stories were inserted.

Joe Larsen of Sedgwick Law agrees that it would be risky for Facebook to ignore the request.

“That’s just not a good idea, even where… I can see no clear legal basis for Senator Thune’s request,” Larsen said. “I expect Facebook will provide quite a bit of information.”

Related: Did Facebook suppress conservative news?

One piece of what Thune is seeking was revealed Thursday when The Guardian published Facebook’s manual for people who manage the Trending topics feature. Facebook confirmed the veracity of the 20 page document, which reveals that there is a lot of human decision making in choosing the stories on top of what the company’s algorithms suggest. The manual includes when stories can be “injected” into the Trending topics list.

The controversy began on Monday when Gizmodo published a report with anonymous allegations that former contractors had ignored Facebook’s algorithms for its Trending topics section and that links to conservative news stories were “routinely” suppressed.

Thune demanded to know exactly how Facebook decides what news stories to publish and to see a list of all the stories that were previously not distributed or manually inserted into Trending topics.

As a platform that’s used by over 222 million people in the United States, the company is able to influence the perceptions of a large chunk of the U.S. population, Thune said.

Facebook has denied that anyone improperly tinkered with the list or that they were instructed to do so. A company spokesman said, “We have received Sen. Thune’s request for more information about how Trending Topics works, and look forward to addressing his questions.”

Related: Facebook’s ‘trending topics’ spark debate

According to Strauss, Thune’s request was legitimate.

“I think that this situation is different than an inquiry into a news organization’s content,” he said. “In this case Facebook has a ‘trending’ feature, and Facebook affirmatively stated particular standards for this ‘trending’ feature, and now there is some question as to the veracity of those representations.”

Mark Bailen, a media attorney at BakerHostetler, disagrees. He argues that Facebook has the same right to distribute the news “without interference from the government” as any company or individual.

“It’s well established that the government has no role in dictating what is newsworthy,” said Bailen. “The idea that the government is going back and looking into and investigating [Facebook’s activities in distributing the news] conflicts with decades of jurisprudence under the First Amendment.”

Floyd Abrams, a prominent First Amendment attorney, compares Thune’s request to one issued by Congress in the 1970s when politicians sought to require CBS to turn over outtakes of a controversial CBS documentary, “The Selling of the Pentagon.” The network refused and eventually the inquiry was dropped.

“It was an example of a news organization that was prepared to take great risks to defend its editorial independence,” said Abrams.

Related: Senate demands answers from Facebook

“I don’t mean to suggest that Facebook must remain silent when it is under attack. But it should take care not to cede its own hard won authority about what articles to cite or recommend to Congress.”

One issue about this controversy that troubles some is the way that Facebook depicts its role in selecting what news is shown.

“It has always represented itself as an unbiased aggregator of news on its trending site,” according to Larsen. “That is, Facebook says it doesn’t have an editorial position.”

After the Gizmodo report was published, Facebook Trending manager Tom Stocky wrote that the company has “rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality.”

Those guidelines don’t allow reviewers to suppress or prioritize political perspectives or media outlets, he says. And these are the guidelines that Thune and others want to know more about.

The company’s official description of the feature is simply: “a list of topics and hashtags that have recently spiked in popularity on Facebook. This list is personalized based on a number of factors, including Pages you’ve liked, your location and what’s trending across Facebook.”

Until the Gizmodo report, many people weren’t aware that Facebook had a team to oversee the Trending Topics feature.

Suzy Fulton, a technology lawyer said that it’s possible someone might sue Facebook based on fraud or deceptive practices — but it would be hard to see what the damages would be, “even assuming you have a valid claim to begin with.”

“We are certainly a litigious society,” she said. “[But] you can opt out, you can go to Fox or some other conservative news media for your news if you feel Facebook is not telling the right story on its Trending Topics.”

CNNMoney (New York) First published May 12, 2016: 1:58 PM ET

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Is Facebook protected under the First Amendment? – May. 12, 2016

How to: Use Tor for Windows | Surveillance Self-Defense

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May 162016

What is Tor?

Tor is a volunteer-run service that provides both privacy and anonymity online by masking who you are and where you are connecting. The service also protects you from the Tor network itself.

For people who might need occasional anonymity and privacy when accessing websites, Tor Browser provides a quick and easy way to use the Tor network.

The Tor Browser works just like other web browsers, except that it sends your communications through Tor, making it harder for people who are monitoring you to know exactly what you’re doing online, and harder for people monitoring the sites you use to know where you’re connecting from. Keep in mind that only activities you do inside of Tor Browser itself will be anonymized. Having Tor Browser installed on your computer does not make things you do on the same computer using other software (such as your regular web browser) anonymous.

Open a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge and go to:

If you are using a search engine to look for the Tor Browser, make sure that the URL is correct.

Do not use any other source, and if you are prompted to accept alternative HTTPS (SSL/TLS) security certificates, do not proceed.

Click the large Download button, or scroll down to the Tor Browser Downloads section. Click on your desired language and OS version (Windows 32/64-bit).

Some browsers will ask you to confirm whether you want to download this file. Internet Explorer 11 shows a bar at the bottom of the browser window. For any browser, it is best to save the file first before proceeding. Click the Save button.

This example shows Tor Browser version 5.0.3 which is the current version at the time of writing this guide. There may be a more recent version of Tor Browser available for download by the time you read this, so please download and use the current version that Tor Project provides.

After the download is complete, you might get an option to open the folder where the file was downloaded to. The default location is the Downloads folder. Double-click on the file torbrowser-install-5.0.3_en-US.exe.

After double-clicking on the Tor Browser installer, a window will open with a warning about the origin of the software. You should always take these warnings seriously and make sure you trust the software you want to install and that you got an authentic copy from the official site over a secure connection. Since you know what you want, and you know where to get the software, and the download was from the Tor Project’s secure HTTPS site, go ahead and click Run.

A small window will open asking what language you want to use for the Tor Browser. There are several to choose from. Pick the language you want and click the OK button.

You’ll find a new window that will tell you where the Tor Browser will be installed. The default location is your desktop. You can change this to be a different location if you want, but for now keep the default.

The installation process is complete when you see a window that says you have completed the installation process. If you click the Finish button, the Tor Browser will start immediately and Start Tor Browser shortcuts will be added to the Start Menu and Desktop.

The first time Tor Browser starts, you’ll get a window that allows you to modify some settings if necessary. You might have to come back and change some configuration settings, but go ahead and try to connect to the Tor network by clicking the Connect button.

A new window will open with a green bar that illustrates Tor Browser connecting to the Tor network.

The first time Tor Browser starts it might take a bit longer than usual; but be patient, within a minute or two Tor Browser will open and congratulating you.

Click on the Tor Onion logo in the upper left of Tor Browser then the Privacy and Security Settings.

Some features of a normal web browser can make you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Other features have previously had bugs in them that revealed users’ identities. Turning the security slider to a high setting disables these features. This will make you safer from well-funded attackers who can interfere with your Internet connection or use new unknown bugs in these features. Unfortunately, turning off these features can make some websites unusable. The default low setting is fine for everyday privacy protection, but you can set it to high if you are worried about sophisticated attackers, or if you don’t mind if some websites do not display correctly.

Continued here:
How to: Use Tor for Windows | Surveillance Self-Defense

Los Angeles, California Tax Preparation Offices | Liberty Tax

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May 152016

Liberty Tax Offices

Send a Friend Referral Program: With paid tax preparation. Valid at participating locations. Referred friends must be new customers and have their taxes prepared at Liberty Tax. Cannot be combined with other offers or used toward past services. One coupon per customer and per return. Other exclusions may apply. Void where prohibited by law.

Liberty Online

Send a Friend: Get $10 for each qualified new-to-Liberty Online customer, and give your Friend a special invitation for 50% off their online tax preparation fees using Liberty Online.Your Friend will receive an invitation with instructions how to redeem their special discount offer. To qualify, your Friend must: (1) Be a new Liberty Online customer; and, (2) Access and file with Liberty Online using the unique link provided by the referrer.Discount is valid only for new Liberty Online customers who accesses using the unique link in their special invitation to file before December 31, 2016. Discount offer valid only for intended recipient, and cannot be combined with any other offer.Terms, conditions, features, availability, pricing, fees, service and support options subject to change without notice.

Liberty Accounting

Free Trial

Free Trial accounts available to new Liberty Accounting Customers. Trial use program is for limited time. At the end of the trial period, you may elect to convert the trial account into a standard account at which time regular [monthly subscription fees or however they charge] will apply. Service is provided as is during the trial period.

Liberty Tax School

Liberty Tax Service has been approved by the California Tax Education Council to offer Liberty Tax School (CTEC Course #2097-QE-0001), which fulfills the 60-hour qualifying education requirement imposed by the State of California to become a tax preparer. A listing of additional requirements to register as a tax preparer may be obtained by contacting CTEC at P.O. Box 2890, Sacramento, CA 95812-2890, toll-free by phone at (877) 850-2883, or on the Internet

Licensed by Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (OAR) 715-045-0033(6). Students must pass the Tax Preparer examination given by Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners before preparing tax returns for others.

In Maryland, additional instruction and requirements are necessary to prepare an individual for employment as a Registered Tax Return Preparer.

In Arkansas, Liberty Tax is licensed By the SBPCE State Board.

In Tennessee, students will be offered employment per satisfactory completion.

Liberty does not make any promise, warrant or covenant as to the transferability of any credits earned at Liberty Tax Service. Credits earned at Liberty Tax Service, may not transfer to another educational institution. Credits earned at another educational institution may not be accepted by Liberty Tax Service. You should obtain confirmation that Liberty Tax Service will accept any credits you have earned at another educational institution before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement. You should also contact any educational institutions that you may want to transfer credits earned at Liberty Tax Service, to determine if such institutions will accept credits earned at Liberty Tax Service prior to executing an enrollment contract or agreement. The ability to transfer credits from Liberty Tax Service to another educational institution may be very limited. Your credits may not transfer, and you may have to repeat courses previously taken at Liberty Tax Service if you enroll in another educational institution. You should never assume that credits will transfer to or from any educational institution. It is highly recommended and you are advised to make certain that you know the transfer of credit policy of Liberty Tax Service, and of any other educational institutions you may in the future want to transfer the credits earned at Liberty Tax Service, before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.

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Los Angeles, California Tax Preparation Offices | Liberty Tax

Blue Mesa Reservoir: Colorado Beach |

 Beaches  Comments Off on Blue Mesa Reservoir: Colorado Beach |
May 122016

Updated: 3/21/2016

True, Colorado is a landlocked state, but plenty of Rocky Mountain lakes and reservoirs offer miles of shoreline to swim in and sun yourself by each summer. Blue Mesa Reservoir part of Curecanti National Recreation Area is the state’s largest body of water, which means abundant recreation and lounge-worthy beaches.

As US Hwy. 50 winds through the pinyon-dotted, high-mountain desert between the rural community ofMontroseand the mountain college town ofGunnison, it opens up into a broad landscape of sparkling blue water and talus-sloped hills. Here is the Blue Mesa Reservoir, where the waters of the Gunnison River gather before carving through the steep walls of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Boaters love the 29-mile-long reservoir, which has several arms that lead into secluded canyons. The fishing is legendary, as its stocked with millions of fish each year, and it is home to the largest cokanee salmon fishery in the US.

Colorado’s Blue Mesa Reservoir, near Montrose and Gunnison, CO

And, with camping, windsurfing, waterskiing, hiking, horseback riding and boat tours also vying for attention, it takes a few days to experience it all.

While much of the shoreline is rocky, youll find good swimming areas at the Bay of Chickens, Dry Creek and Old Highway 50 beach. The water is always cool, and theres nothing more refreshing on a hot day spent in the high-altitude sun.

All of these Colorado beaches have plenty of camping nearby so you never have to be too far from the water during the hot summer months.

-Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve:Enjoy the sandy expanses at the base of the tallest dunes in North America nearAlamosa. In springtime, splash away in the gently flowing Medano Creek.

-Boulder Reservoir:One of the larger beaches in Colorado, the swim area is 300 yards of clean sand with views of the famously picturesqueBoulderFlatirons.

-Chatfield State Park:Nestled at the base of the foothills, this reservoir offers a recreation haven just 30 minutes from downtown Denver inLittleton.

-Jackson Lake State Park:ThisFort Morgan-area oasis on the plains is quite shallow, allowing it to warm quickly during the summer.

-John Martin Reservoir State Park:This low-trafficLamarlake offers a peaceful escape perfect for picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating.

-Grand Lake:This massive, glassy lake on the western edge ofRocky Mountain National Parkhas something for everyone and is popular with boaters, waterskiers, anglers and sunbathers.

Plan a two-day itinerary around Gunnison and Crested Butte >>

Discover more great places to drop a fishing line in Colorado >>

Photo Courtesy of the National Park Service/Lisa Lynch.

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Blue Mesa Reservoir: Colorado Beach |

Attack on Free Speech: CEI Subpoenaed over Global Warming …

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May 122016

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has just been subpoenaed, as part of Al Gores Climate Witch hunt. This is a move which so blatantly reeks of McCarthyite abuse of power, even some proponents of climate action are horrified at the attack on freedom which this subpoena represents.

The following is the statement of the Competitive Enterprise Institute;

CEI Fights Subpoena to Silence Debate on Climate Change

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today denounced a subpoena from Attorney General Claude E. Walker of the U.S. Virgin Islands that attempts to unearth a decade of the organizations materials and work on climate change policy. This is the latest effort in an intimidation campaign to criminalize speech and research on the climate debate, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and former Vice President Al Gore.

CEI will vigorously fight to quash this subpoena. It is an affront to our First Amendment rights of free speech and association for Attorney General Walker to bring such intimidating demands against a nonprofit group, said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. If Walker and his allies succeed, the real victims will be all Americans, whose access to affordable energy will be hit by one costly regulation after another, while scientific and policy debates are wiped out one subpoena at a time.

The subpoena requests a decades worth of communications, emails, statements, drafts, and other documents regarding CEIs work on climate change and energy policy, including private donor information. It demands that CEI produce these materials from 20 years ago, from 1997-2007, by April 30, 2016.

On March 30, 2016, Attorney General Schneiderman, former Vice President Al Gore, and attorneys general from Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont, as well as Attorney General Walker, held a press conference in New York City to announce an unprecedented coalition of top law enforcement officials committed to aggressively protecting and building upon the recent progress the United States has made in combating climate change. Schneiderman said that the group, calling itself AGs United for Clean Power, will address climate change by threatening criminal investigations and charges against companies, policy organizations, scientists, and others who disagree with its members climate policy agenda.

CEI has long been a champion of sound climate change policy, and opposed previous attempts to use McCarthy-style tactics by officials aiming to limit discussions between nonprofit policy groups and the private sector regarding federal policies. CEI is being represented in this matter by attorneys Andrew M. Grossman and David B. Rivkin, Jr., who recently founded the Free Speech in Science Project to defend First Amendment rights against government abuses.


The text of the subpoena is here.

Here is a response from Bloomberg, which frequently takes a pro climate action position;

Subpoenaed Into Silence on Global Warming

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is getting subpoenaed by the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands to cough up its communications regarding climate change. The scope of the subpoena is quite broad, covering the period from 1997 to 2007, and includes, according to CEI, a decades worth of communications, emails, statements, drafts, and other documents regarding CEIs work on climate change and energy policy, including private donor information.

My first reaction to this news was Um, wut? CEI has long denied humans role in global warming, and I have fairly substantial disagreements with CEI on the issue. However, when last I checked, it was not a criminal matter to disagree with me. Its a pity, I grant you, but there it is; the laws the law.

(I pause to note, in the interests of full disclosure, that before we met, my husband briefly worked for CEI as a junior employee. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.)

Speaking of the law, why on earth is CEI getting subpoenaed? The attorney general, Claude Earl Walker, explains: We are committed to ensuring a fair and transparent market where consumers can make informed choices about what they buy and from whom. If ExxonMobil has tried to cloud their judgment, we are determined to hold the company accountable.

That wasnt much of an explanation. It doesnt mention any law that ExxonMobil may have broken. It is also borderline delusional, if Walker believes that ExxonMobils statements or non-statements about climate change during the period 1997 to 2007 appreciably affected consumer propensity to stop at a Mobil station, rather than tootling down the road to Shell or Chevron, or giving up their car in favor of walking to work.

Prosecutors know the damage they can do even when they dont have a leg to stand on. The threat of investigation can coerce settlements even in weak cases.

Read more:

In my opinion, this hysterical executive overreach will be the downfall of the climate alarmist movement in America, just as outrage at the excesses of the McCarthy era brought an end to that dark period of American history.

You dont have to be a climate skeptic, to recognise that an attack on freedom of speech, in whatever guise, is an attack on everything which America stands for.

More than anything, this authoritarian, un-American attempt to silence dissent betrays the weakness of those perpetrating this attack on the CEI. In a Republic, people who have a compelling case to offer, dont have to intimidate their political opponents into silence, to win the argument.

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Attack on Free Speech: CEI Subpoenaed over Global Warming …

Inland Beaches | Public Beach | Travel Wisconsin

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May 062016

Wisconsinites know you dont have to be on one of the Great Lakes to find a great public beach. With literally thousands of lakes, Wisconsin is known far and wide for having some of the most pristine and beautiful inland beaches around. These inland beaches offer clean calm water, attractive atmospheres, and are truly great places to relax on sunny summer afternoons. Here are eight awesome options to explore with family and friends.

Naga-Waukee Park Beach Hartland

Located on picturesque Nagawicka Lake, Naga-Waukee Park offers 130 feet of sandy beach, a beach house with restrooms, and a great concession stand. The 414 acre park also features an 18-hole golf course, 8 miles of trails, and endless opportunities for fun. All just 25 miles west of Milwaukee!

Firemans Park and Swimming Beach Elkhart Lake

With a great sandy beach and crystal clear water, Firemans Beach is one of the best in the state. This fun park features a concession stand, picnic tables, grills, sand volleyball courts and shelters for rent. All for a bargain gate admission of $3 for adults and $1 for those under 12.

Friendship Lake Public Beach Friendship

Located in Adams County, Friendship Lake Public Beach is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. With an average depth of just 6 feet, Friendship Lake is great for family swimming.

Lions Beach Janesville

Who wouldve thought that there is a beautiful sandy beach just minutes from downtown Janesville? Lions Beach, located on a 5-acre spring fed pond next to the Rotary Botanical gardens, features a grassy picnic area and restrooms.

Memorial Park Shell Lake

Come play at the Memorial Park Beach on the 2,600 Shell Lake in Washburn County. The beach is located right downtown and offers a dock, swimming rafts, and lifeguards during the summer months. If the kids want to take a break from swimming, they can play on the playground equipment right within view of the water.

Hattie Sherwood Campground Green Lake

Hattie Sherwood is known for its beautiful scenery, sandy swimming beaches, and great fishing. When visitors arent enjoying the pristine waters of Green Lake, they can be found monkey-ing around on the jungle gym and exploring the many hiking and biking trails.

Keyes Lake Park Florence

With its crystal clear waters and world-class fishing, Keyes Lake Park is a true Northwoods treasure. The park itself features picnic facilities, a sandy beach, swimmers raft, and a water slide.

Shawano Lake County Park Shawano

Known far and wide as a great swimming beach, Shawano Lake County Park is just an hour drive from Green Bay, Appleton, and Wausau. Swim in the calm refreshing water, or rent a canoe and paddle boat to explore with a little more speed.

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Inland Beaches | Public Beach | Travel Wisconsin

Oregon Coast Information, Maps & Resources | Travel Oregon

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Apr 302016

If you brought a swimsuit to the Oregon Coast, dont worry, someone will loan you a sweater.

People dont come to the Oregon Coast to work on their tans. You wont see many bikinis on Cape Blanco or folks sitting idly with a book next to the Devils Punchbowl.

We dont even call it the beach. We dont come here seeking the sun. Sure, you might see it peeking through the old growth of Oswald West. But as soon as you hear the surf crashing into the cliffs, you stop paying attention to anything else.

Thats the moment you start to realize how big this all is. Troubles seem smaller and the little moments feel magnified. And as you splash in the tide pools, watch the whales, hunt for agates, explore lighthouses and wander all 363 miles of free and public coastline, you might be like, Im calling in sick tomorrow. Im learning to surf.

And someone will probably teach you, because Oregonians are just cool like that. Eventually you realize that your beach bod still looks pretty good under those layers of clothing.

Lots of places have a beach.

If you want to go to the Coast, you have to come to Oregon.

Bandon Beach

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Oregon Coast Information, Maps & Resources | Travel Oregon

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Apr 292016

Consider this: you are late for work and, in the rush, forget your cell phone. Only when stuck in traffic, or in the subway, you realize it. Too late to go back. You look around and see everyone talking, texting, surfing, even if not allowed to do so. You sense an unfamiliar feeling of loss, of disconnection. Without your cell phone you are no longer you.

People like to speculate about when humans will hybridize with machines, become a kind of new creature, a cyborg with a beating heart. Thats fun all right, but the reality is that we are already transhuman. We define ourselves through our technogadgets, create fictitious personas with weird names, doctor pictures to appear better or at least different in Facebook pages, create a different self to interact with others. We exist on an information cloud, digitized, remote, and omnipresent. We have titanium implants in our joints, pacemakers and hearing aids, devices that redefine and extend our minds and bodies. If you are a handicapped athlete, your carbon fiber legs can propel you forward with competitive ease. If you are a scientist, computers can help you extend your brainpower to create well beyond what was possible a few decades back. New problems that were impossible to contemplate or even formulate before come around everyday. The pace of scientific progress is a direct correlate of our alliance with digital machines.

We are reinventing the human race right now.

Traditionally, the quest for an artificial intelligence tends to rely solely on machines that recreateor so is expectedthe uniquely human ability to reason. We talk about electronic brains that will quickly surpass the human mind, making us superfluous. Then we speculate about what would become of us, poor humans, at the mercy of such cold-blooded brains-in-vats. Some fear that we are designing our doom.

What if this premise is fundamentally wrong? What if the future of intelligence is not outside but inside the human brain? I imagine a very different set of issues emerging from having us become super intelligent through the extension of our brainpower with the aid of digital technology and beyond. Its about artificially-enhanced human intelligence that amplifies the meaning of being human. We will still have a beating heart and blood pumping through our veins alongside electrons flowing through digital circuits. The future of AI is about expanding our abilities into new realms. Its about using technology to grow as a speciescertainly smarter, hopefully wiser.

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Beaches Near Indiana | USA Today

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Apr 282016

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Meg Jernigan, Demand Media

Indiana’s short northern border along Lake Michigan offers sandy beaches, dunes and marshlands. In addition, a number of lakes in the state have public and private beaches that provide a variety of water activities, including boating and fishing, and, of course, swimming and sunbathing.

Patoka Lake ( stretches into the Hoosier National Forest in southern Indiana. Part of a 25,800-acre collection of state recreational areas, the 8,000-acre lake is a destination for campers, boaters and anglers. Park interpreters lead programs on kayaking and the natural history of the area, which provides habitat for bald eagles and osprey. The park has an archery range, 10 boat ramps and a disc golf course. Marinas rent houseboats and sell marine supplies and fuel. Patoka Lake’s swimming beach has a bathhouse with restrooms, showers and a food concession.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore ( offers steep dunes, marshes, woodlands and 15 miles of beach on Lake Michigan. Hiking trails in the park connect the historic areas, parallel a bird sanctuary and wind over dunes and through bogs. A path leads to the top of Mount Baldy, a 126-foot tall dune. The park’s Artist-in-Residence program invites artists to live at the park and share their work. Only one of the seven designated beaches at the park, West Beach, has lifeguards and showers, and that beach charges a fee. All of the beaches have parking lots and restrooms.

Pokagan State Park ( in the northeast corner of Indiana, borders Lake James and Snow Lake. Stone and wood buildings constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps dot the rolling hills and wetlands of the park. Hiking trails ranging in length from just under a mile to over two-miles long wind through the countryside, and park rangers lead interpretive programs. Pokagan State Park offers accommodations at a campground, in cabins and at the Potawatomi Inn. A swimming beach with a free bathhouse on Lake James opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day or earlier, depending on the weather.

The 10,750-acre Monroe Lake ( south of Bloomington has two unguarded seasonal beaches with modern bathhouses with showers, restrooms and food concession stands. Nine boat ramps provide access to the water for fishing and water skiing. Four easy-to-moderate hiking trails explore the forest ecosystems that surround the lake. Fourwinds Resort ( in the Fairfax State Recreation Area offers rooms and suites overlooking the lake. The resort rents boats and has an indoor/outdoor pool for guests who don’t want to venture to the beach.

Lake O’The Woods Club ( near Valparaiso is a member-owned, family-friendly nudist club with a 20-acre private lake. Non-members pay an additional fee for the use of the club’s amenities such as the beach, swimming pool and clubhouse. Lake O’The Woods has campsites and camping cabins and sponsors planned activities like pancake breakfasts most weekends. Indiana Beach ( is an amusement complex on Lake Shafer near Monticello. The complex has more than 40 rides, including six roller coasters, restaurants and a swimming beach. Overnight guests can choose from cottages, standard rooms and a NASCAR RV park.

Meg Jernigan has been writing for more than 30 years. She specializes in travel, cooking and interior decorating. Her offline credits include copy editing full-length books and creating marketing copy for nonprofit organizations. Jernigan attended George Washington University, majoring in speech and drama.

Thank you for providing feedback to our Editorial staff on this article. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Travel Tips editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. All Fields are required.

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The eight beaches of the Indiana Dunes – NPS

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Apr 282016

The sandy Lake Michigan shoreline varies from dunes over 125 feet high to short marram grass topped dunes. Fifteen miles of national lakeshore shoreline may be accessed from parking lots that are open from 7:00 a.m. to 30 minutes past sunset. Bicyclists and hikers can enter at 6:00a.m. The 40 space waterside Lake View parking lot is the only one pulling night hours and it remains open until 11:00 p.m.

All beach parking is free of charge with the exception of a user fee at West Beach from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend in which a fee of $ 6.00 per vehicle or $30.00 per bus is accessed. The largest parking lot is West Beach and it rarely fills.

Decisions to enter Lake Michigan waters are at your discretion. Lifeguards are only offered at West Beach and the state park from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends. Waves, rip currents, and water quality are always changing in this fifth largest lake in the world. Rip currents can be created when waves extend to the horizon. If caught in one, do not swim against the current, but to the side and parallel to shore until free. Even a swimmer of Olympic skill cannot successfully swim against a rip current’s force.

Every beach access parking lot has restrooms. Showers are available at West Beach. Gas grills are permitted at all picnic shelters.

Some things are not permitted including:

All parking lots are located adjacent to the beach with a few exceptions. The Mt. Baldy parking lot connects via a one-half mile mildly strenuous beach trail and the Cowles Bog parking lot to the beach requires a five mile round trip hike. The one mile Dune Ridge trail off the Kemil Road Access Point showcases a variety of dunes habitats, but does not directly connect with the beach. Visitors must use the walkway alongside Kemil Road for one quarter mile to arrive lakeside. Parking at the end of Central Avenue is only a block away from the beach where the tall dunes saddle up closely to the lake. The new Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk parking is also only block from the water’s edge with picnic tables overlooking the beach and Chicago skyline. Accessible parking lots include West Beach, Lakeview, and Dunbar.

Please stay on the marked trails to preserve the dunes and remember to bring your sunscreen and insect repellent. Enjoy your visit to your dunes!

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The eight beaches of the Indiana Dunes – NPS

Portland SEO Expert | Search Engine Optimization Pros

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Apr 242016

To expand your business reach, you need to use effective and helpful methods. In the highly advanced world of today, websites are an effective medium that businesses use for promoting their activities and events. There are many things that you need to consider before you start to make use of search engine optimization services.

They include the following: your visitors interests, the scope and size of your business and much more. PDX SEO is a great option if you are looking to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website. We have an entire team of experienced SEO professionals ready to assist you. Our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization will help to set your business apart from your competitors.

The following are some of the major benefits that a Portland SEO Firm can provide to you:

Create a user-friendly and functional website:

PDX SEO assists business owners, particularly those who are new to creating websites, build a friendlier, faster and better website for their online business. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, it involves focusing on the quality of the user experience that your visitors have as much as it does to please the search engines.

When your visitors are pleased with your website, the search engines will also be happy. SEO involves the rearrangement of links and the architecture of the website to make navigating through the pages of a website a much easier thing to do. PDX SEO utilizes first-rate on-page SEO methods to improve your visitors user experience, which creates several long term and short term benefits.

Generate traffic:

One of the greatest advantages you will get from hiring a Portland SEO Company is all of the added traffic that is generated for your site. The main way this is achieved is through selecting the proper keywords. It has been repeatedly proven that it increases the amount of traffic to a website.

Our firms art of SEO also helps you convert your visitors into customers. The experts at PDX SEO ensure that they use only the finest and most effective Search Engine Optimization methods that can increase your website traffic significantly. The more traffic that you receive, the higher the sales will be for your business.

Stay ahead of your competition:

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get ahead of the competition is to optimize your website with help from experts in Portland Search Engine Optimization. Consider two businesses that are selling the same products and the same prices within the same industry. One has a non-optimized web presence, and the other one utilizes SEO.

With everything else being equal, the business that has an optimized website will be much more successful since it can obtain many more customers via Search Engine Marketing. This will allow the business to expand much faster.

Improve your brands credibility:

Obtaining the top rankings position will provide you with a significant number of impressions. That is why getting your website to the top spots in the results pages provides your website with increased exposure. There is a simple reason for this: everybody trusts that Google and other popular search engines will deliver results that are the most relevant to their queries.

When you hire Portland SEO services, it will normally result in your site ranking at the top of the search results. That means that the more high ranking pages you have, the more chances you have of your target customers seeing you and your brand improving.

High Return On Investment:

It will require an initial investment to have your website built and to hire a Portland SEO Agency for providing various SEO services. However, since those services can be expected to produce great results, you will be able to generate a great return on investment. Whether your site is a non-commerce or e-commerce website, PDX SEO can offer you a quantifiable result and will monitor your progress.

Therefore, you will not need to worry about gaining your initial investment back. They are equipped with all of the necessary tools for tracking virtually all aspects of the SEM services they are providing, including conversion rates, daily ranking changes and increases in traffic. They offer a comprehensive analytic program with the ability to drill down to see website metrics, demographic information and other types of engagement metrics, allowing you to have a clear view of the areas that you can improve upon.

Find potential customers:

When you hire PDX SEO, if you have the ability to target precisely the type of audience that you want, which is those people that are especially searching for the services and products that you offer. That will certainly lead to an increase in sales overall as well as profit margins.

Improve conversion rates

Portland SEO service companies ensure that your site is optimized well. That means that it is compatible with various mobile devices, is easy and convenient to use and that it runs fast. Another thing that will improve conversions is to have a mobile-friendly website.

Provides permanent results:

Unlike traditional advertising methods, Portland SEO services can deliver long-term results. The effects that you can achieve from SEO services that are of high quality will not stop suddenly after you stop using the services of the professional SEO firm. Some maintenance work will need to be done to make sure that your website stays in the top spot. However, if you get it into that position, there is a very good chance that other websites will have a tough time trying to surpass you in the rankings.

Long term results:

Unlike other methods such as PPC, you can enjoy ranking on the major search engines on a long term basis with assistance from Portland SEO. This can prove to be among the best marketing strategies that you can use since their services are so cost-effective and affordable.

If you are thinking about using Portland SEM services to take care of your business SEO needs, then there are a few things that you need to carefully consider. First of all, research the track records of several service providers to determine how capable the firms will be regarding the type of work that you need for them to do for you. Ask if they can customize their services to provide solutions to you that specifically meet your business needs. Also, be sure to compare the prices being charged by several service providers to ensure that the rates are reasonable. After you have completed this process, you can then hired Portland SEM services to help your business achieve its objectives.

PDX SEO is a great way to promote your services and products to a broad range o customers. It will provide your business with increased visibility, and each day of the year.

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Offshore Companies | International Man

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Apr 222016

You can use a limited liability company formed outside your home country as an international holding company. It, not you personally, would buy and hold the overseas investments you want.

An offshore LLC can be designed to be very unfriendly to your potential future lawsuit creditors, even more so than an LLC formed in the US. An additional plus is that while many banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and other financial institutions shun business from individual Americans, many of the shunners will welcome business from a non-US LLC even if it is American owned.

An offshore LLC owned by a single US person (or by husband and wife) can elect to be treated as a disregarded entity for US income tax purposes, which makes it absolutely income-tax neutral. Or it can elect to be treated as a partnership, which makes it almost income-tax neutral. The LLC also can be used for estate planning in the same way as a US LLC.

By the ratio of benefits to cost and complexity, an offshore LLC rates especially high.

Be sure to getour comprehensive guide on the best offshore company options.

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Offshore Companies | International Man

Beaches, Lakes & Boating – Visit Philadelphia

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Apr 202016

The largest lake in Southeastern Pennsylvania, accompanied by a 5,283-acre park

Offering more than 1,450 acres and four public launching areas, Lake Nockamixon is a popular spot for boating of all kinds, including catamarans and windsurfers. Anglers also enjoy this warm, expansive water lake, which is stocked with a variety of species.

The largest collegiate regatta in the United States

May 13-14, 2016 The Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta is a two-day race held on the Schuylkill River in beautiful Fairmount Park, one of the most famous and scenic rowing routes in the world.

An exciting, two-day race that draws fans from around the world

October 29-30, 2016 Enjoy a great fall weekend in Fairmount Park and take in a picturesque fall regatta at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, one of the longest running head races in the country.

A colorful celebration of an ancient Chinese tradition

Stroll up Kelly Drive along the Schuylkill River for an unusually colorful and dramatic regatta, the Philadelphia Dragon Boat Festival, Philadelphias annual celebration of an ancient Chinese tradition.

235 acres for kayaking, bird walks, pond tours and seasonal festivals

Silver Lake Nature Center features a butterfly garden, lakes, marshes, meadows, a bog and 4.5 miles of nature trails that highlight the diverse plant and animal life in the area.

Boat tours of the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers

Offering excursions along the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, Patriot Harbor Lines welcomes up to 35 guests on its reproduction of a classic 1920s commuter yacht.

Making waves

A premium hang on the northern edge of NoLibs, this swim club attracts an attractive crowd with tunes, drinks and chill space.

Full or half-day guided fishing trips

Get the most out of your fishing trip with a little help from experienced guides. Whether its trout or bass, salt or freshwater, Mainstream Outfitters can help you find your fish with one of their guided fishing trips.

Kayaking, canoeing and tubing along the scenic Brandywine River

Northbrook Canoe Company offers kayaking, canoeing and tubing along the scenic Brandywine River in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about an hour southwest of Philadelphia.

Whitewater rafting right here in the Delaware Valley

Whitewater rafting, with Class 3 and 4 rapids, right here in the Delaware Valley

Pennsylvanias largest remaining freshwater tidal marsh

With 1000 acres, ten miles of trails and many native wildlife and plants, the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum protects the largest fresh water tidal marsh in Pennsylvania.

Overnight equestrian camping amid wooded trails and gorgeous views

Lake Galena, at 365 acres, is a favorite recreational spot

Fourteen miles of trails are just one of the many outdoor activities that Peace Valley Park has to offer. Bring a picnic for a lakeside lunch, or paddle out onto Lake Galena and hook a bass, walleye, catfish, bluegill or carp. The bird blind at the Peace Valley Nature Center next door offers quiet observation of cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, titmice, sparrows and more.

A leisurely float down the Delaware, with lunch along the way

A leisurely float down the Delaware, with lunch along the way

Full, half-day and overnight fly fishing adventures on the Delaware River

Full, half-day and overnight fly fishing adventures on the Delaware River.

A 165-mile trail connecting waterways, rails and trails along a historic railroad path

A 165-mile trail connecting waterways, rails and trails along a historic railroad path

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Beaches, Lakes & Boating – Visit Philadelphia

SEO Tutorials |

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Apr 072016

Learn today’s online marketing techniques and find out how how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display.

Learn to customize filters, tags, segments, and even the data that flows into Google Analytics, to generate better reports about your web traffic and make more intelligent decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts.

Learn to develop a content strategy to analyze and shape the tone, voice, and visual style for your brand.

SEO for ecommerce is different. Get strategies tailored for optimizing an online store to improve page rankings and build traffic.

Investigates the anatomy of a link, how links affect page ranking, and the properties that make an excellent inbound link.

Walks step-by-step through the process of reviewing the content and markup of a web site to improve its ranking in search engine results.

Learn about today’s top SEO tools for technical optimization, content optimization, offsite optimization, and competitive research.

Learn how to use structured data to make your webpages more meaningful to search engines and web crawlers and provide a richer browsing experience to users.

Learn how to use SEO tools and techniques to research the competition online. Find out what keywords your competitors are optimizing forand then outrank them on search engine results pages.

Attract international visitors to your websites with these SEO tips. Learn how to determine target markets and optimize your website’s technical aspects and content for countries and languages around the world.

Learn how to manage your own analytics, user tracking, campaign tracking, remarketing, and other website code with Google Tag Manager.

Learn how to quickly expand your customer base using low-cost and innovative growth-hacking marketing techniques.

Master the foundational concepts of search engine optimization. Learn the strategy behind great SEO, including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, and SEO for ecommerce, local search, and mobile audiences.

Get practical techniques for writing for the web, including tips on front-loading content, avoiding jargon, and keeping your content up to date.

Achieve maximum visibility in search rankings with these local SEO strategies.

Learn the top five ways you can market your brand and earn revenue from your videos on YouTube.

Learn how to create a winning presence and earn revenue from your videos on YouTube.

Testing website pages to improve conversions is a core practice in digital marketing. These tutorials provide a detailed, actionable framework for all conversion rate optimization efforts.

Improve your conversion rate and lift your revenue, by putting website testing and optimization principles into practice with Optimizely.

Start here to learn how to become a successful affiliate. Learn effective, ethical affiliate marketing techniques and tactics.

Make sure your marketing campaigns keep up with the pace of mobile. Learn how to prep your website and emails for mobile visitors, launch SMS campaigns, advertise on mobile, and much more.

Learn how to craft compelling marketing copy to engage with your customers.

Learn the top 5 tips to writing search-friendly press releases.

Learn how to research keywords, apply them to your website, and create ad campaigns around keywords. Increase your site traffic and better understand your user’s intent with keywords.

Design a website that will better promote and sell your music. Learn how to balance looks and usability, incorporate SEO, and avoid common design mistakes.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd, make your content compelling, and build a significant market presence for your company in this talk with an Internet marketing insider.

Discover how semantics (the process of adding markup, microdata, and metadata to a page) makes websites more search engine friendly, more meaningful, and more future-proof.

Drive more visitors to your WordPress site by performing search engine optimization, or SEO, with the help of two powerful plugins.

Optimize your videos for search engines and convert the traffic to achieve your business goals.

Illustrates the basics of setting up a Pinterest account and aggregating inspiration from around the web.

Introduces web marketers, web designers, business owners, and executives to the world of online marketing.

Make web sites more accessible and search engine friendly through proper markup and web standards compliance.

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SEO Tutorials |

Beaches at Titusville, Florida | USA Today

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Famed as it is for the NASA complex, Titusville also has some fabulous beaches. (Photo: Images )

Titusville is a town on the east coast of central Florida. It attracts tourism primarily through its proximity to the NASA space complex and the nearby Canaveral National Seashore. The seashore covers 57,000 acres and stretches for 24 miles; it is the longest contiguous length of undeveloped beach on Florida’s east coast. Managed jointly with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and owned by the Kennedy Space center, it is one of ten National Seashores protected by the National Park Service in the U.S.

One and a half million people visit the Seashore every year, so it is vital each one respect the environment. To protect the fragile dune structures, use only the boardwalks to pass from the parking areas to the beach. The beaches are on a barrier island separated by the intracoastal waterway — here Mosquito Lagoon on the Indian River — from the mainland. The Canaveral National Seashore is 12 miles east of Titusville; take Interstate 95 exit 80 or 84, then State Road 44 to 402, then follow SR 402 to its end. As of 2011, the south beaches are closed to the public three days prior to the launch of a space shuttle, and all day on launch days. Other rocket launches can also affect access. Apollo Beach, near the town of New Smyrna Beach, is part of the North District; Playalinda Beach is part of the South District. Parking Area 1 serves Apollo Beach; Parking Area 2 serves Playalinda Beach. There is a per-person day-use fee, but children under 16 are admitted free.

There are no concessions, showers or running water at the Seashore, and lifeguards are only on duty from May 30 to Sept. 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only restrooms with chemical toilets are provided; everything else must be shipped in and shipped out again. Take sufficient water, sunscreen, insect repellent and a solution of 50-percent vinegar / 50-percent water in case a Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish is encountered. Leave only your footprints.

Playalinda is Spanish for “pretty beach.” Opening hours vary by season; contact the park service for current information. The beach is pristine, and seldom crowded. To ensure privacy, simply pick one of the many small parking lots with few or no cars, then use its dedicated boardwalk to access the beach. High tide leaves only a narrow strand in places, and ants are voracious near the dunes; taking a beach chair rather than a towel is highly recommended for sunbathing at high tide. Mosquitoes are also ubiquitous. Playalinda Beach is within Brevard County’s jurisdiction, so behavior is officially constrained by their nudity ordinance. However, the restriction is rarely and erratically enforced. The area of beach accessed from the final parking lot — “Beach 13” — is unofficially but universally accepted to be clothing optional.

Apollo Beach is in constant flux; each tide can deposit or remove as much as 10 feet of sand. The park service envisions Apollo Beach as having a much less dense population than Playalinda, even on the season’s busiest days; this is reflected in access problems. Parking is at only five coastal lots that, combined, can accommodate a maximum of 201 vehicles. There is one chemical toilet at each lot. The southernmost part of Apollo Beach is traditionally clothing-optional, accessed form parking lot 5 at the end of the road.

Rip currents, flowing seaward away from the beach, can be deadly. Rip currents are often an occurrence at the Seashore, where sandbars develop a short distance offshore causing water to rush outward through breaks in the underwater mounds. Storms are frequent, especially in the summer, and the Park Service advises that “Central Florida is the lightning capital of the world.” If lightning is observed, even apparently many miles offshore, take shelter in your car until the storm has passed. The Portuguese man-of-war can severely sting humans in the water and at the water’s edge. This huge drifting jellyfish extends feeding tentacles behind it, and these tentacles can be 50 feet long. Further, the body of the Portuguese man-of-war looks to children like a purple balloon, and even dead ones washed up on the sand can cause severe reactions. If stung, carefully remove any parts of the tentacle that remain on the skin, then treat the area with a 50 percent vinegar / 50 percent water mix and contact a park ranger for assistance. The parking lots are seldom monitored; leave valuables at home or locked securely in the safe at your accommodation.

The Seashore is a vital nesting habitat for loggerhead, leatherback and green sea turtles, predominantly between the months of May and August. Up to 4,000 loggerheads nest at the Seashore every year, but less than 300 greens and just a handful of leatherbacks do so. It is imperative not to disturb nesting sea turtles. During the nesting season, park rangers and skilled volunteers are on duty every night to screen new nests from predators. Do not disrupt any turtles that you see on shore, either by touching them or taking flash photographs; camera flashes can disorient their sense of direction as they climb up the beaches.

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