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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

The Third Circuit in U.S. v. Katzin, 2014 U.S. Dist. WL 4851779 (3d Cir. Oct. 1, 2014), reversed its prior decision of the split three-judge panel and ruled that “…when the agents acted, they did so upon an objectively reasonable good-faith belief in the legality of their conduct, and that the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule therefore applies.”

In the Katzin case, suspecting the defendants of committing various burglaries, police, without a warrant, installed a GPS onto their van, leading to their apprehension. Almost two years later, the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Jones, 463 U.S. 354 (2012) ruled that this exact conduct needed a warrant. A three judge panel of the Third Circuit then held that the Fourth Amendment requires a warrant to install a GPS device on a suspects car. U.S. v. Katzin,732 F. 3d 187 (3d Cir. 2013). Prior to Jones, the Supreme Court had ruled that installing surveillance devices was not necessarily a Fourth Amendment violation. See U.S. v. Karo, 468 U.S. 705 (1984) and U.S. v. Knotts, 460 U.S. 276 (1983). The question before the en banc panel, therefore, was whether the police in Katzin were reasonably relying on these precedents to justify the legality of attaching the GPS device. The en banc panel in Katzin relied upon the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Davis v. U.S., 131 S.Ct. 2419 (2011), which held that the good faith exception applies when the police were reasonably relying on binding precedent. Prior to Jones, the Supreme Court had ruled that installing surveillance devices was not necessarily a Fourth Amendment violation.

Ms. Lefeber explains that the Katzin decision effectively eviscerates any Fourth Amendment protection because it creates a good-faith exception to the suppression of ill-gotten evidence.

Judge D. Brooks Smith, similarly, wrote in his dissent:

“The majority’s good-faith analysis is flawed because it finds that, where the law is unsettled, law enforcement may engage in constitutionally reckless conduct and still reap the benefits of the good-faith exception. Fourth Amendment jurisprudence dictates a different outcome. When the law is unsettled, law enforcement should not travel the road of speculation, but rather they should demonstrate respect for the constitutional mandateobtain a warrant. Anything less would require suppression.” Katzin, Ibid.

About Hope Lefeber:

In practice since 1979, Lefeber is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia. As a former Enforcement Attorney for the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Lefeber uses the knowledge she gained while working for the government to best defend her clients facing serious state and federal charges related to drug offenses and white collar crime, including business and corporate fraud, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, financial and securities fraud, and tax fraud. A member of the invitation-only National Trial Lawyers Top 100, Lefeber has been recognized by Thomson Reuters as a 2014 Super Lawyer. She has represented high-profile clients, published numerous articles, lectured on federal criminal law issues, taught Continuing Legal Education classes to other Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys and has been quoted by various media outlets, from TV news to print publications.

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Third Circuit Allows Evidence from Warrantless GPS Device

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Oct 222014

What is Namecoin Bitcoin
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What is Namecoin Bitcoin – Video

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MadBitcoinsTV — Livestream — #003 — Oct 21, 2014 – #bitcoin #news #live #test
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Oct 222014

EBC 2014 Freedom Ride
First person view of the Homestead Freedom Ride Hosted by the Everglades Bicycle Club (EBC) in Southern Florida. This ride was in honor of our wounded veterans and it was truly amazing. The…

By: ljcsb1

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G1E Team Freedom VIP Call (ENG) – 10/22/2014 at 9am PST/12pm EST
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By: Team Freedom Inc.

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Religious Freedom is Good for Business
Religion is growing and will continue to grow globally, with about 9-in-10 people projected to be affiliated with religion in 2030 compared with 8-in-10 in 1970, according to the World Religion…

By: Family Research Council

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Liberty White Chronicles (Kortrijk Xpo – Belgium) 09 02 2013
Liberty White Chronicles (Kortrijk Xpo – Belgium) 09 02 2013.

By: BrugesBoy91

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Liberty Never Sleeps 10/21/14 w/ Laz (made with Spreaker)
Source: *Obama the Pariah… *Prepare for Amnesty… *Ebola Dying Down… Conservative talk show with Republican…

By: Thomas Purcell

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Liberty Never Sleeps 10/21/14 w/ Laz (made with Spreaker) – Video

Honoring the bravery of a girl who refused to be denied an education – and nearly paid for it with her life – 1,400 guests gathered Tuesday night under a white tent and tight security at the National Constitution Center to bestow the 2014 Liberty Medal on Malala Yousafzai, 17, the youngest recipient of the quarter-century-old prize.

Draped in a traditional Pashtun shawl of her native Pakistan, Yousafzai took the stage to wild applause.

“I thank the people, and especially the children of Philadelphia, for their warm welcome and their love and support,” she said, draping the red, white, and blue ribbon of the gold medal around her neck.

Touching a hand to her heart, she smiled appreciatively on a stage that included Susan Corbett, wife of the governor; Mayor Nutter and his daughter, Olivia; Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania; and Jeffrey Rosen, Constitution Center chief executive.

Yousafzai called for spending money on books, not guns, and said she was speaking up for children caught in crises in such places as India, Syria, Nigeria, and Gaza. “We cannot become a generation lost,” she said.

“I ask all countries all around the world: Let us say no to wars. Let us say no to conflicts.”

She said she would donate the award’s $100,000 prize to improving education and support for Pakistani children.

“Together we are stronger than fear, oppression, and terrorism,” she said. “History does not descend from the sky; it is we who make history. One book, one pen, one child can change the world.”

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Malala Yousafzai awarded Liberty Medal

The Secret Book Illuminati – Are you in search of the most recent illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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West Virginia Triangle UFO Sighting Oct 12 2014 . Rapture. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The 10 people seeing the UFO represent…

By: TheGroxt1

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Pharrell Williams – It Girl – A Video about Pedophilia EXPOSED Illuminati Pedophiles!
No one seemed to notice that in Pharrell's new music video for “it girl” he acts out a pedophiles fantasy! This should not surprise anyone who knows about what is going on behind the scenes…

By: The Vigilant Christian

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Future Islands – Sun In The Morning (4AD Session)
Future Islands' 4AD Session, featuring tracks from their album 'Singles' Samuel T. Herring – vocals William Cashion – bass Gerrit Welmers – keys Mike Lowry – drums Chris Tipton – guitar …

By: Future Islands

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Oct 222014

Salon PepTalk Oct 21
On Site SEO vs OFF site SEO. Google cares more about what “OTHER” people say about your business, than what “YOU” say about your business. One of the OFF site SEO is Google Reviews. If you…

By: PepTalk SalonGuru

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Seo Agency Deerfield Beach – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

Oct 222014

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Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

At a recent event hosted by Microsoft Bing, Bassem Ghali, Founder and Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus introduced the new Green Lotus SEO Tools for small and medium businesses. Providing an affordable, user-friendly and effective search engine optimization option to businesses who do not have the budget to hire a specialist.

Although designed specifically to help small business and start-ups, Green Lotus Tools can also scale to meet the needs of savvy internet marketers who manage multiple websites on a daily basis and want to save time, Ghali told the room full of SMBs at the event. Green Lotus Tools boasts simple yet insightful dashboards, SEO-driven insights and competitive research for the most productive SEO beginner and marketing guru alike.

During Ghalis presentation, attendees learned how to improve their companys search engine traffic in four steps using Green Lotus Social Media and SEO Tools:

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Step 4: Monitor SEO Progress & Keep an Eye on the Competitors: use the Competitor Keywords Rank Checker to check-up on the competition on over 370 search engines. Track organic rankings, paid ads and vertical results, including news, videos, images, maps and more. The Competitor Link Profile Tool measures the strength of site backlinks against competitors, and investigate where links originate.

If you dedicate half a day a week over the next 4-6 months to using these SEO Tools, I guarantee that youll see an increase in organic search traffic, says Ghali.

Not sure where to start? The Green Lotus SEO Tools also include a do-it-yourself checklist with over 200 detailed SEO tasks. Each task is described thoroughly, and the appropriate SEO Tool is identified to address the issue. Once a task is completed, simple check it off and the Tool with monitor progress.

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Green Lotus launches New SEO & Social Media Tools at Breakfast with Microsoft Bing Canada

New York (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

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Profit By Search Announces Christmas Discount on SEO Services

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