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Andrea Leadsom has held properties in a company rather than in her own name and made use of offshore banking services The new Tory Treasury minister Andrea Leadsom has insisted she received no tax advantages from making use of offshore banking services, holding properties through a company rather than in her name and creating trusts for her children. The moves are legal but Labour has raised …

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New Treasury minister faces questions over tax arrangements

2013-14 Freedom High School Wrestling Awards Banquet

By: Mafalda Callahan

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2013-14 Freedom High School Wrestling Awards Banquet – Video

Delegation from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers will investigate press regulation An "unprecedented" press freedom mission to Britain by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) begins today. Representatives of the organisation are holding a series of meetings in London "to investigate the British government's actions relating to newspaper …

Global media mission arrives to investigate press freedom in Britain

How To Service the Automatic Transmission 3.7L Jeep Liberty
In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to service your automatic transmission. This video is applicable to the 3.7L Automatic Jeep Libert. 2002 Jeep liberty KJ 2.5 Daystar lift install installation…

By: Brown Whitehurst

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How To Service the Automatic Transmission 3.7L Jeep Liberty – Video

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[ { "timestamp": "1397804400000", "date": "2014-04-18 :", "type": "Music | Rockabilly", "title": "Viva Las Vegas: Rockabilly Weekend @ Orleans Hotel-Casino", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/18/32338/" }, { "timestamp": "1397804400000", "date": "2014-04-18 :", "type": "Electronic", "title": "Deniz Koyu @ Encore Beach Club", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/18/36304/" }, { "timestamp": "1397804400000", "date": "2014-04-18 20:00:00", "type": "Pop", "title": "Foster the People @ Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/18/35961/" }, { "timestamp": "1397890800000", "date": "2014-04-19 10:00:00", "type": "Day club", "title": "Aloe Blacc @ Rehab", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/19/36259/" }, { "timestamp": "1397890800000", "date": "2014-04-19 11:00:00", "type": "DJ", "title": "Diplo @ Encore Beach Club", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/19/36303/" }, { "timestamp": "1397890800000", "date": "2014-04-19 18:00:00", "type": "Pop", "title": "Bastille @ House of Blues ", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/19/36242/" }, { "timestamp": "1397977200000", "date": "2014-04-20 :", "type": "Music | Rockabilly", "title": "Viva Las Vegas: Rockabilly Weekend @ Orleans Hotel-Casino", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/20/32340/" }, { "timestamp": "1397977200000", "date": "2014-04-20 11:00:00", "type": "Day club", "title": "Redfoo @ Encore Beach Club", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/20/36302/" }, { "timestamp": "1397977200000", "date": "2014-04-20 22:00:00", "type": "Clubbing", "title": "Will Sparks @ XS", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/20/36326/" }, { "timestamp": "1398063600000", "date": "2014-04-21 22:00:00", "type": "Clubbing", "title": "Diplo @ XS", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/21/36327/" }, { "timestamp": "1398063600000", "date": "2014-04-21 22:00:00", "type": "The Strip", "title": "Monday Night Karaoke @ Beauty Bar", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/4320/" }, { "timestamp": "1398063600000", "date": "2014-04-21 19:00:00", "type": "Music Concert", "title": "Human Experience at The Beat @ Beat Coffeehouse", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/11652/" }, { "timestamp": "1398150000000", "date": "2014-04-22 21:00:00", "type": "Music | Indie", "title": "Nickel Beer Night @ Beauty Bar", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/19640/" }, { "timestamp": "1398150000000", "date": "2014-04-22 19:00:00", "type": "Activities- Parties", "title": "Pub Quiz @ Shakespeare's Grille & Pub", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/18914/" }, { "timestamp": "1398150000000", "date": "2014-04-22 18:30:00", "type": "Poetry", "title": "Lee Mallory: Creativity and the Word @ Whitney Library ", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/22/36300/" }, { "timestamp": "1398236400000", "date": "2014-04-23 22:00:00", "type": "Clubbing", "title": "For the Ladies @ Palms Casino Resort", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/19594/" }, { "timestamp": "1398236400000", "date": "2014-04-23 22:00:00", "type": "Local Bands", "title": "Punk Rock Bingo @ Double Down Saloon", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/16401/" }, { "timestamp": "1398236400000", "date": "2014-04-23 19:00:00", "type": "Rio", "title": "Eddie Griffin @ King's Room", "description": "", "url": "/events/ongoing/17085/" }, { "timestamp": "1398322800000", "date": "2014-04-24 :", "type": "Food Special", "title": "Las Vegas Foodie Fest @ The Strip", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/24/36249/" }, { "timestamp": "1398322800000", "date": "2014-04-24 :", "type": "conference", "title": "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Allied Wellness Conference @ The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/24/35730/" }, { "timestamp": "1398322800000", "date": "2014-04-24 22:00:00", "type": "Concert", "title": "Sin City Sinners @ The Lounge at Palms", "description": "", "url": "/events/2014/apr/24/35977/" } ]

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Future Islands is weird, wonderful at Beauty Bar

Storming Beaches of Normandy
Get the full story by Clive Agran – here's the intro…'There is much to admire about France. It's un-crowded, the roads are excellent, the scenery is deligh…

By: GoGolfTV

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Storming Beaches of Normandy – Video

Goa Beaches India @ A Quest
Goa-meant for beach, known for famous beaches it is one of the smallest states in India (North Goa South Goa). Goa is a great place to explore different …

By: gauravm22

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Goa Beaches India @ A Quest – Video


CARMARTHENSHIRE beaches have once again been recommended for their excellent water quality.

This years Good Beach Guide saw 109 out of the 152 Welsh beaches tested during the summer of 2013 achieving the highest water quality standard.

Cefn Sidan beach, in Pembrey, is on track to be awarded the Blue Flag for a record breaking twenty-second time.

County executive board member for regeneration and leisure services Councillor Meryl Gravell said: Carmarthenshire is blessed with seemingly endless beaches at Cefn Sidan and Pendine, with several golden sandy gems in between.

These latest test results are great news.

Other beaches and attractions to have been recommended for their water quality include Llanellis North Dock, Ferryside, Llanstephan and Pendine.

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Beaches pass test with flying colours

SCOTUS HEARING: Anti War Protesters Say Secret Service Violated Their First Amendment Rights
April 16, 2014 C-SPAN ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $1.00 ONE …

By: wwwMOXNEWScom

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SCOTUS HEARING: Anti War Protesters Say Secret Service Violated Their First Amendment Rights – Video

Apr 182014

The Supreme Court often takes on difficult and controversial cases, ones over which reasonable people can and do disagree. But the case of an Ohio statute that bans campaign lies Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus is not a close call. The law is a direct affront to the First Amendment, and a matter that anyone who values free speech should be happy to see invalidated.

The case arose from a dispute between a one-time Ohio state representative, Steven Driehaus, and the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life group.

During Mr. Driehaus’ re-election effort, the group planned a billboard campaign accusing Mr. Driehaus of supporting taxpayer-funded abortions because he was in favor of Obamacare.

Mr. Driehaus moved to block the group from putting up the ads. The Susan B. Anthony List challenged the law, but was rebuffed because it could not show it had suffered harm.

Although the billboard ads didn’t go up, and Mr. Driehaus was not re-elected, the matter did not stop there.

The Susan B. Anthony List then sought to bring the matter before the Supreme Court, claiming its free-speech rights remain under threat because of the law.

The details of the dispute are interesting, but hardly matter. The simple fact is that laws restricting political speech are inconsistent with the First Amendment.

The Ohio statute see bars a range of election-related claims and speech, including false statements about a candidate’s military or educational record, or what professional licenses a candidate holds.

Those are easy claims to investigate, but how does one evaluate whether a campaign ad, sound bite, or debate claim violates the provision barring “a false statement concerning the voting records of a candidate or public official”?

America’s colorful political history contains many famous exaggerations and falsehoods, which usually haunt those who make them. But innumerable claims are grounded in political viewpoint, interpretation, and shades of meaning. It is impossible to gauge their truth or falsity.

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First thing, First Amendment


In the half-century since Berkeleys Free Speech Movement, the rousing oratory of Mario Savio and iconic images of mass demonstrations have come to stand in for the 1964 movement and its legacy. But all that makes for a very blurry snapshot, historian Felicia Viator, a Cal grad and visiting lecturer, told a gathering of students in Doe Library recently.

To really understand the FSM and the whole period one has to go deeper, she suggested. Broad brush strokes are not enough.

Her remarks were intended as words of inspiration to kick off HackFSM, a 12-day hackathon that, she said, shared the FSMs aim to create a free marketplace of ideas.

For HackFSM, organized by the Bancroft Library and Digital Humanities @ Berkeley, students were invited to develop a compelling user interface to the Bancrofts Free Speech Movement Digital Archive, a large trove of texts, images and audio recordings that the Bancroft digitized and published to the Web in the mid-1990s.The original online collection was one of the Bancrofts first forays into digital archiving, and a big step toward making primary-source FSM materials accessible to students and the public, notes Mary Elings, head of digital collections at the Bancroft.

By todays standards, though, the FSM Digital Archive is static and not very engaging. Researchers can download and read files one at a time, but theres no way to access the archive as a single data set as scholars in the digital humanities and digital social sciences are now doing harnessing computer power to look for patterns across bodies of text, carry out computational analysis or visualize information in new and compelling ways.

Throwing out a challenge

Students were tasked with developing features that would be helpful to a researcher whos just exploring the FSM; those might include topic modeling, visualizations, mapping or timelines, Elings said. Think of different ways you might want to come into the data if you were a humanist doing a paper.

As a human being I can look in an archive through a small amount of newspaper pages per day, said Andrea Horbinski, a grad-student digital humanist who helped organize HackFSM. But if digitized with the right program, I can analyze a newspapers entire publishing history in a few hours.

More here:
Student hackers design new ways to research the Free Speech Movement

'It's not libertarianism; it's anarchy'
The Bureau of Land Management has released the 400 cows it had taken from a Nevada rancher who had used federal land for 20 years without paying for it, according to the bureau. The rancher,…

By: TheOneSlayerKing

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‘It’s not libertarianism; it’s anarchy’ – Video

HENDRIX w- SKY CHURCH. “a FREEDOM JAM” (Jam Sessions-Outtake)
Another exclusive rarity. JIMI HENDRIX and SKY CHURCH. (202) Jam Sessions. SIDE A: Loose Jams. Radio Promo Spot. Freedom Jam. SIDE B: Young Hendrix Jam. Driv…

By: MusicSourcerer

Excerpt from:
HENDRIX w- SKY CHURCH. "a FREEDOM JAM" (Jam Sessions-Outtake) – Video

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at Uber’s headquarters March 23, 2014 in Washington, DC.Getty

Sen. Marco Rubio is questioning why a key State Department position that promotes religious freedom around the world has been left vacant for months, calling the delay a concern.

In a letter to President Obama Tuesday, Rubio, R-Fla., said he finds it troubling that no new ambassador-at-large has been appointed for the Office of International Religious Freedom since Suzan Johnson Cooks resignation six months ago.

The office within the State Department develops policies regarding religious freedom and monitors religious discrimination and persecution worldwide. The department also releases an annual report on international religious freedom, which discusses the state of religious freedom in every country in the world.

Rubio said these important tasks require a highly-qualified individual be appointed to the post as soon as possible. He told Obama it is essential that the U.S. continue to be a beacon of hope for all persecuted religious minorities.

In your speech to the National Prayer Breakfast you explained that promoting religious freedom is a key objective of U.S. foreign policy because it is in Americas interest to promote universal human rights, including with our allies, Rubio said. In order to display the United States dedication to religious freedom, we must have an Ambassador-At-Large in place to lead our efforts around the world.

At the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 6, Obama said is he looking forward to appointing a new ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, but gave no indication when he may do so.

Daily must-read stories from the biggest name in politics

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Rubio expresses 'concern' over still-vacant State Dept. religious freedom post

Liberty Hall The Movies With Jay Wachs: Grand Budapest Hotel
spoiler alert* The video is not my property nor did I create it. This is my review of the movie Grand Budapest Hotel.

By: Jay Wachs

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Liberty Hall & The Movies With Jay Wachs: Grand Budapest Hotel – Video

Gta liberty city stories#1
Like,subscrevam mes amigues.

By: Diogo Silva

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Gta liberty city stories#1 – Video

Illuminati NWO – They Control It All – Media, Politics Your Mind
Barney Winner Facebook page… Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowa…

By: Barney Winner

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Illuminati NWO – They Control It All – Media, Politics & Your Mind – Video


By: Leandro Lopes

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Ive definitely become obsessed with working out!” Kloe said in Cosmopolitans February issue.”Its funny, because my weight has always fluctuated, but recently so many people have been saying, You look so good, youve lost all this weight. Its actually been about a year and a half that Ive been making a lifestyle change. Theres no quick fix, I would say.

While Khloe, 29, may have lost weight, to many observers, it seems like she gained weight in her backside. During adinner date this week with rumored boyfriend French Montana, her curves looked more voluptuous than ever. However, a source close to her says the rumor is not true, and that she does not have implants, Rumor Fix reported.

Recently, Kim received the same criticism, and in 2011, she defended her famous derrire by getting a butt X-Ray on her reality TV show to prove that it wasn’t enhanced with injections. In November, she went on a Twitter rant denying that she had surgery to lose her baby weight.

“I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I worked out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!!,” Kim tweeted at the time. “I’m so proud of my accomplishment & NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports!”

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Khloe Kardashian Butt Implants? Reality Star's Derrire Looks Like Kim's During Date With French Montana

Future Islands Interview – KROQ Party House At Coachella 2014
Nicole Alvarez interviews Future Islands at the KROQ Party House at Coachella 2014. SUBSCRIBE HERE: FACEBOOK: http://www.fac…


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Future Islands Interview – KROQ Party House At Coachella 2014 – Video

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