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HD Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Kazuki Freedom (Episode 31) Subbed
Yay :) Kazuki's sng is very cl :) FREEDOM! :D Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live episode 31 Kazuki – FREEDOM nyaaa :3. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS!!! i could have sworn i uploaded this…

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HD Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Kazuki Freedom (Episode 31) Subbed – Video

Andy Murray struggled to hold back tears as he was granted the freedom of Stirling on an emotional return to his home town.

The Wimbledon champion was overcome with emotion as he thanked local officials for the honour during a ceremony held in his former school, Dunblane High.

Murray, 26, had to pause and wipe his eyes several times during his speech when he told those gathered in Murray Hall – including girlfriend Kim Sears – “It feels good to be home”.

Mother Judy, father William and both sets of his grandparents watched as Stirling Provost Mike Robbins handed the star a framed scroll with his full title, Andy Barron Murray OBE.

Murray, his voice cracking at times, told the audience: “I’m going to keep this very short because there’s a good chance I’ll get emotional.

“I’d like to thank the council for voting me in – I was expecting a few nos. I was thinking, ‘there’s got to be one of you who doesn’t like me’.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray signs autographs after he was presented with the Freedom of Stirling, at a special council meeting at his old school, Dunblane High, in his home town this morning.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray becomes emotional during a speech after the presentation of the Freedom of Stirling, presented to him at a special council meeting at his old school, Dunblane High, in his home town this morning.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray signs autographs after he was presented with the Freedom of Stirling, at a special council meeting at his old school, Dunblane High, in his home town this morning.

Andy Murray Cries As He Is Granted Freedom Of Stirling (VIDEO)

Our journey to freedom continues: 20 years after democracy, those who cant read or write are locked in a sinister struggle.

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Education round here is not yet uhuru

April 22, 2014: Zach Ewing and BVarsity live cover the Liberty versus Stockdale varsity basketball game held at Stockdale High School. Zach Ewing provides the commentary for all the play-by-play…

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BVARSITY LIVE: 5th Inning – STOCKDALE v. LIBERTY – Baseball – Video

RT's Erin Ade responds to being exposed as Illuminati
Erin Ade responds to the RT News Freemason/Illuminati Media video Black Child talks Tavistock Esalen Institute mind control.

By: Black Child

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RT’s Erin Ade responds to being exposed as Illuminati – Video


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Obama Sides With Japan In China Islands Dispute
Michelle Kosinski reports from Tokyo where President Obama has weighed in on a territory dispute between China and Japan. President Barack Obama confirmed America's support of Japan in an…

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Obama Sides With Japan In China Islands Dispute – Video

THE HAGUE , Netherlands, April 24 (UPI) — The Republic of the Marshall Islands, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, accusing nine nuclear powers of flagrant denial of human justice.

While not seeking compensation, it noted the harm it allegedly suffered because of the nuclear arms race. The suit contends nuclear powers are not abiding by Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty requiring nations to pursue negotiations in good faith, leading to the cessation of the nuclear arms race. The lawsuit explains the nuclear nations actions in modernizing their nuclear arsenals while avoiding disarmament negotiations.

The Marshall Islands was a nuclear testing site for the United States in the 1940s and 1950s.

Our people have suffered the catastrophic and irreparable damage of these weapons, and we vow to fight so that no one else on Earth will ever again experience these atrocities, said Marshall Islands Foreign Secretary Tony de Brum.

The suit said the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China continuously violate customary international law in failing to disarm. The four other nuclear powers — Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea — are not bound by the treaty but are bound by international law.

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Marshall Islands sues nine nuclear powers in international court

Internet Marketing On Fire Phoenix SEO EP.1 If you want to rank your local business in search engine results here are 10 tips to help you. Phoenix SEO is a competitive market that requires some effort to rank…

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Internet Marketing On Fire Phoenix SEO EP.1 – Video

3 Key Business Lessons In 30 Years – Haroon's Hangout, Ep 29
Khemeia Consulting – SEO Leeds | SEO Agency Leeds | SEO Company Leeds | Digital Agency Leeds Join Haroon as he shares 3 key business lessons he has learned in his 30 years on this earth that…

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3 Key Business Lessons In 30 Years – Haroon’s Hangout, Ep 29 – Video

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influence engine facebook tips for seo 4-24-2014 +1 408-390-4876 san jose – Video

CCRW Televised Forum – Mental Health, Second Amendment
Video Description – and like of the mental health issues, do I support more gun-control legislation? ****************************************************** A…

By: Derrick Grayson

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CCRW Televised Forum – Mental Health, Second Amendment – Video

Politics Campaign Finance

A federal judge in New York struck down the states limits on donations to independent political action committees, or super PACs, citing prior Supreme Court decisions with which he himself disagreed.

District Judge Paul Crotty ruled that New Yorks restrictions could not overcome First Amendment scrutiny given recent Supreme Court decisions, Reuters reports, including a ruling on campaign finance earlier this month and the 2010 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

We know what the Supreme Court has held, whether we like it or not, and Im bound to follow it, he said during a hearing in Manhattan federal court, according to Reuters.

The state had limited how much individuals could give super PACS, which are supposed to operate independently from a candidates campaign. A federal appeals court blocked the state from enforcing the limits in October, pending a final decision, and Crottys ruling will now allow independent super PACs in the state to raise unlimited funds.


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Federal Judge Strikes Down New Yorks Super PAC Limits

On Monday, April 28, the Court will hear oral arguments in Lane v. Franks on the First Amendment protections for a public employee who testifies in court. There are two respondents the previous and current presidents of the college in question and they disagree with each other on the First Amendment question. The Solicitor General will participate in the oral argument.


Central to the resolution of Lane v. Franks is the reach of Garcetti v. Ceballos, the Courts latest pronouncement on the First Amendment rights of public employees. Since Pickering v. Board of Education in 1968, the First Amendment has protected public employees from adverse employment actions when they are speaking as a citizen on a matter of public concern. In Garcetti, the closely divided Court held that, when public employees make statements pursuant to their official duties, such speech is not protected by the First Amendment. The employee in Garcetti was a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles who investigated a law enforcement officers affidavit in support of a search warrant and concluded it was false. The prosecutor wrote a memo recommending the case be dismissed; his supervisors not only vehemently disagreed but also allegedly retaliated against him. In an opinion by Justice Kennedy, the Court reasoned that when an employee is simply performing his or her job duties, there is no relevant analogue to speech by citizens who are not government employees.

In the eight years since Garcetti, courts have varied in their application of the doctrine. For some courts, Garcetti has seemed a broad mandate insulating public employer actions from First Amendment challenge by any employee. Other courts, however, have limited and distinguished Garcetti. The Court has denied certiorari in several closely watched cases, such as Jackler v. Byrne and Bowie v. Maddox, which both involved police officers and reached differing conclusions, arguably producing a circuit split.

The Eleventh Circuits opinion in Lane v. Franks is decidedly in the expansive mandate camp. Indeed, the opinion is a per curiam one, decided without oral argument and intended as non-precedential. In affirming the district judges grant of summary judgment to the public employer, the Eleventh Circuit described Garcetti as further restricting public employees protected speech. Relying on its own circuit precedent, including pre-Garcetti cases, the court of appeals ruled that an employee enjoys no First Amendment protection when the speech was made pursuant to his official duties, including if his speech owes its existence to the employees professional responsibilities and is a product that the employer itself has commissioned or created. This broad category included subpoenaed testimony. However, the Eleventh Circuit recognized, albeit in a footnote, that both the Seventh Circuit and Third Circuit had decided this issue differently, citing Morales v. Jones and Reilly v. City of Atlantic City.

Even as related by the Eleventh Circuit, however, the circumstances giving rise to Lane v. Franks paint a troubling picture of retaliation for a public employees failure to cooperate with political corruption and his resulting testimony. In 2006, soon after Edward Lane became the director of a program for at-risk youth at Central Alabama Community College (CACC), he looked at the programs finances. He discovered that an Alabama state representative, Suzanne Schmitz, was listed on the payroll. He also discovered she had never performed any work for the program. Edward Lane raised his concerns about Schmitz, but he was warned by the CACC president (a predecessor to respondent Steve Franks) and CACCs lawyer that terminating Schmitzs employment could have negative repercussions for both Lane and CACC. Nevertheless, Lane did terminate Suzanne Schmitz after she refused to report to work. Schmitz told another program employee that she planned to get [Lane] back for terminating her and that, if he requested money from the state legislature, she would tell him youre fired. The FBI began investigating Suzanne Schmitz and contacted Edward Lane for information. Lane testified before a federal grand jury and pursuant to a subpoena he testified at Schmitzs two federal criminal trials for mail fraud and fraud involving a program receiving federal funds. Schmitz was ultimately convicted, although a divided Eleventh Circuit panel reversed her convictions on some of the counts.

Lane was terminated after his testimony at the first criminal trial. In January 2009, Franks who had become president of CACC terminated the twenty-nine employees of the at-risk youth program, but soon rescinded the termination of all the employees except Lane and one other. Whether Franks terminated Lane due to Lanes testimony against Schmitz remains unresolved; an essential issue in the Supreme Court is whether it needs to be.

Arguments and analysis

The primary question before the Court is whether the Eleventh Circuit was correct in holding that Lanes testimony was categorically unprotected by the First Amendment, although there is also a secondary issue of whether Franks is entitled to qualified immunity from an award for damages.

There is little support for a straightforward affirmance of the Eleventh Circuit opinion on the First Amendment issue. Lane is not the only one to argue that the Eleventh Circuits categorical exclusion of First Amendment protection for subpoenaed testimony is incorrect: the Solicitor General, representing the United States as an amicus, agrees with him. More unusually, the Alabama attorney general Alabama representing respondent Susan Burrow, the current acting president of CACC also agrees that the Eleventh Circuit was incorrect to conclude that Lanes testimony was categorically unprotected by the First Amendment. Additionally, almost all of the amicus briefs agree with this position, including one from the National Association of Police Organizations, which is perhaps not surprising given that so many of the similar cases involve persons employed in law enforcement.

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Argument preview: First Amendment protections for public employees subpoenaed testimony

Arlington City Coucil 4-22-14 FREE SPEECH Part 2
Recorded with my Android Mobile Phone. – Captured Live on Ustream at

By: Daniel Wood

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Arlington City Coucil 4-22-14 FREE SPEECH Part 2 – Video

Gold bullion plunged 28 percent in 2013 as some investors lost their faith in the metal as a store of value. Photo: Bloomberg

Consolidation in the Australian resources sector is creating a serious shortage of investment opportunities, and some fund managers say it leaves them with no choice but to build portfolios dominated by offshore companies to gain exposure to commodities such as gold.

There is a real shortage of opportunity in this country and that is the problem with consolidation. That is the problem with the resources across the board in Australia, which is why we look globally, said Caledonia investment manager Chris Baker, adding that his view is despite recent falls in the spot gold price, which may make it more attractive to some investors.

Of the gold equities we own, 60 per cent to 70 per cent are listed outside Australia. We do that to enable us to find the best companies with the best assets.

The spot gold price dropped 0.5 per cent to $US1284.4 an ounce on Tuesday, touching its lowest since February as US equities rallied on the news of stronger corporate earnings results.


In many regards there are limited places to invest in Australia because in a relative sense the upside returns are not there, as compared to some offshore based companies, said Regal Funds Management head of Australian equities Julian Babarczy.

Broadly speaking, most Australian gold companies are relatively high cost. In fact, cost of production inflation has been higher than the actual gold price inflation which is reducing both profits and cash flows, he said.

There are a number of more interesting ones offshore, including Canadian gold company Detour Gold and Toronto-based gold producer Barrick however a potential merger with Colorado miner, Newmont Mining could muddy the waters.

The fall in the traditional safe-haven asset has been driven by improvements in the US economy and the belief that US-denominated assets are becoming less risky. However, the gold price has remained largely supported this year by consumer demand from China now the biggest buyer of the precious commodity and worries about the health of its economy.

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Golden opportunities lie outside Australia

Remembering a prizefighter who fought for freedom
In the early 1960s Rubin Carter earned the nickname “Hurricane” as a middleweight boxer who knocked out 19 opponents. But in 1967 an all-white jury convicted…

By: PBS NewsHour

Remembering a prizefighter who fought for freedom – Video

Apr 232014

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has said he is thrilled to be coming home ahead of receiving the freedom of Stirling and an honorary degree from the university where he trained as a boy.

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Freedom of the city for Murray

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty #26 – Zergification
Wings of Liberty is the first part of the StarCraft 2 trilogy, and the single-player campaign sets the stage well for what follows after. Join me and Jim Ray…

By: YOGSCAST Rythian

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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty #26 – Zergification – Video

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty All Of The Cutscenes
If you liked the Cutscenes, do subscribe to me :) . This is Starcraft ll: Wings of Liberty All of the Cutscenes. I do not own Starcraft. Website for Starcraft…

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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty All Of The Cutscenes – Video

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