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Dec 132012

Art Alas for Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County
A revitalized GOP in LA County will be one that is competitive in all elections. It will be done by implementing three simple strategies with you, my colleagues: 1) Rebranding our message. 2) Outreach to Latino and disenfranchised conservatives. 3) Grassroots organization. 1) REBRANDING: Respect, Reason, The Rule of Law Most Republicans agree that our message requires rebranding if we are ever to increase Republican registration in LA County. “Republican” has become a negative label and we need to fix this. “Republican” can come to mean freedom and prosperity to LA County voters if we effectively implement outreach efforts. Our message should be focused on these founding principles: Free Enterprise Limited Constitutional Government Individual Rights Standing proudly and firmly on these solid principles gives us the credibility and public perception we need to proceed with evolving and expanding the party to Republicans with similar values. We also need to give those who have left the party a reason to come back. 2) OUTREACH : Let's put the “serve” back into “Conservative.” Most Republicans agree that we are missing out on the fastest growing electorate — Latinos. Half of the population in LA is Latino. A language other than English is spoken in over 55% of LA County households. We need to expand our message to include this segment. The Republican message can be delivered without compromise on the most controversial issue of immigration. Here in a local news report, I …From:eleganzViews:4 1ratingsTime:00:46More inNews Politics

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Art Alas for Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County – Video

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