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Feb 142013

Anonymous 2013 #OpGlobalFreedom –
#OpGlobalFreedom Part 2: Greetings all Anons and concerned Citizens of the World: This is Op Global Freedom. It has come to our understanding that some of us may not believe that America is worth saving. It has become apparent that some of you do not understand our cause. After all, why speak up? It isn't you… Yet. The Illuminati have nearly taken over the entire planet, with but a few Countries not yet under their control. In the United States, the Illuminati have a strong hold over their politicians through the power of central banking. Recently, countries such as Egypt and Iraq have recently fallen to their control as well because of central banking. In fact, there are only a few countries left that have the ability to resist them. Most of the world has seen their weapons taken from them along with their rights and freedoms. America, though it is compromised, is a bastion of hope. It is still founded on the belief system that MAN SHOULD BE FREE! Whether that is free to transfer data or free to own a firearm, our freedom is the topic. If we lose that spark in the world, we have already lost the fight. The Illuminati will win and we will be systematically eliminated until nothing is left but sheep. This is not about America and their guns. This is not about Left and Right wing politics, it is about a BELIEF. A BELIEF that we are ALL BORN FREE and we DESERVE to STAY FREE! So we ask, in support of our American brothers and sisters, will you stand up? Your …

By: Kevin C

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Anonymous 2013 #OpGlobalFreedom – – Video

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