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BattleShip Craft What's coming in 1.5
Small video showing a few new additions that will make a huge difference in gameplay. Phyzios sent the update to apple yesterday, we can expect it in the appstore in 1-2 weeks, this is going to drastically improve the way many users play the game. heres a list of all the new things to come :D ・New ready-made ships include refined battleships, air carriers and submarines ・Aircraft (fighter, bomber, torpedo) ・New parts (runway, flight deck) ・New weapon (anti aircraft gun,Mk45 5 inch gun) ・New engine (air carrier engine, gas turbine) ・New decoration (turret seat, angled mast, depth gauge for submarine) ・New Item (SPY-1 Radar for AEGIS destroyer) ・New Scene (Random Islands) ・Drill change above level 8 ・Torpedo power up ・Gun salute functionFrom:0shortland0Views:0 0ratingsTime:01:11More inGaming

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BattleShip Craft What’s coming in 1.5 – Video

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